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Exclusive First Look at ADHD’s ‘Ultimate Anime Hero’ Sketch


Fox’s ADHD (Animation Domination High-Def) has provided Spinoff Online with an exclusive first look at its upcoming segment “Ultimate Anime Hero,” who, as the name suggests, has the combined powers of 25 anime heroes.

There are bits from Naruto, Samurai Champloo, Death Note, Attack on Titan, Speed Racer — but wait, where’s Bleach? Uh, fans of the popular action anime may want to avert their eyes and cover their ears: “He’s not no powers from the dude in Bleach, because Bleach is a terrible show …” Sorry, guys.

ADHD, Fox’s late-night animation block, airs Saturdays at 11 p.m. ET/PT.


  • Patrick Keely

    Whatever, I like Bleach, he’s missing out on some awesome powers.

  • floggingotter

    Thanks for not including bleach! Glad im not thd only one to think it was horrible :-)

  • Fullmetalchymist

    As Lanipator said about Bleach: “I liked that show better when it was called Yu Yu Hakusho. And I liked that show better when it was called Dragonball Z!