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‘Terminator’ Reboot Eyes Five For Kyle Reese Role

With actors already in place to play Sarah and John Connor, the makers of Terminator: Genesis are now looking to find the third member of the family: Kyle Reese, John’s father and Sarah’s lover from the future.

Variety reports director Alan Taylor and the producers have their eyes on five candidates to play Reese, portrayed by Michael Biehn in the first Terminator films, and later by Anton Yelchin in Terminator Salvation. According to the website, the actors are Boyd Holbrook, Tom Cocquerel, Wilson Bethel, Sam Reid and Jai Courtney. Of those candidates, Courtney is the best known, thanks to his starring role on Starz’s Spartacus series, and his work as John McClane’s son in last year’s A Good Day to Die Hard.

Terminator: Genesis already stars Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor and Jason Clarke as John Connor. Arnold Schwarzenegger is expected to appear as well.


  • mel

    I’d rather they make a movie that ends the series. Have Skynet go offline for good. But, that’s just me I guess.

  • Kabuce

    Remember the terminator TV series? Yeah, they should’ve finished that. Is the “Matrix” reboot next?

  • Mike McTighe

    It sounds as though it’s loosely connected. Like the Cyborg will go further back in time, and try to kill Sarah as a child. So it’s creating another timeline. Such is time travel.