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‘Batman Vs. Superman’ And ‘Justice League’ Rumor Roundup

justice-league-five-570x369 Despite the rumors flying fast and free, actual details about the Man of Steel sequel are shrouded in as much mystery as the titular character’s co-star Batman. Aside from knowing that Zack Snyder is directing a film starring Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Ben Affleck, Laurence Fishburne and Gal Gadot, there’s, frankly, not a lot we know about the project. Despite that, Hollywood and the Internet are can’t stop talking about the film.

Now, Latino Review has gathered together many of the rumors surrounding the project, including a lot of newer ones, with perhaps the biggest being that Dwayne Johnson’s DC-based project may very well be as the villain of Justice League.

Meanwhile, Latino Review also posits that the best way for WB to get Batman Vs. Superman and Justice League done on time would be to film them back-to-back, Lord of the Rings-style. The site notes the busy schedules of everyone involved, the increasingly large cast of heroes, the ability to deliver Justice League soon after the Man of Steel sequel to maximize on potential popularity and the supposed cliffhanger that leads from the former film into the latter.

The site also reiterated Jason Momoa’s comments that he’s not involved in the project and commented on ComicBookMovie‘s recent story about Josh Holloway’s potential casting in the movie. Sure, he’d be a great Aquaman, but does he have the time now that his show Intelligence is a big hit? We’ll see.

Batman Vs. Superman is scheduled to open on July 17, 2015 while Justice League will open in either 2016 or 2017.


  • Jonathan Wyer

    Intelligence did really bad in the ratings last night, so my guess is that Holloway’s schedule will be wide open.

  • Patrick

    I always saw Josh Holloway as Hawkman…

  • tenshi yuki

    I’m not sure why Latino review thought Dwayne Johnson as the villain, they were talking with denzel Washington about that, they were talking to Dwayne about John Stewart as John Stewart was mentioned in his tweet about meeting with the wb.

  • Dan Riedel

    Black Adam as the villain would be QUITE interesting, as Superman can’t fight anything “magical.” Perhaps we’ll get a Smackdown reminiscent of Kingdom Come :)

    It’s either that or Doomsday :D

  • Kenozoic

    I could easily see DJ as Amazo.

  • Thanos

    If they use Darksied as the Justice League villain I don’t see it being The Rock. The Rock needs to be some one with a little personality. But then again this is WBDC we are talking about so I guess the movie will be devoid of any personality. Doesn’t seem like the right fit for the Rock.

    As for Holloway, sure he looks the part but is that all DC cares about? What about what they bring to the role? Its like they are casting the rest of the Justice League as cameos. Its really going to screw them over in the long run when they want to do spin-offs.

  • Thanos

    Doomsday is a Superman threat. It shouldn’t take the entire League to take down Doomsday. Do we really want the first League movie to be the team fighting the Hulk? Very unoriginal.

  • C4darkmane

    yer its chuck without the fun

  • Dan Riedel

    Wrong. Doomsday is a GLOBAL threat. In his first appearance, he took down the entire JLA – with one hand tied behind his back. Superman was the only one who could stop him, and he died in the process.

    Read the comic before commenting, thanks. With your avatar name, it’s apparent you read more Hulk than Superman anyway.

    And Doomsday is just a mindless goon, so it would be better if he were a pet of someone bigger, like Brainiac.

  • Renaldo

    If they throw a Darkseid invasion off the cuff with DJ in that role, it’d be an epic blindside a la the NEW 52 JLA. I’d go see.

  • stephenmonteith

    Dwayne Johnson as Darkseid, but only because Jason Momoa is (apparently) not involved in the project. Either of them would be great as the God of Apokolips.

  • You are so lazy

    Wow, way to “report” on second-hand rumors. Ever try picking up a phone?

  • Patrick Keely

    Dwayne Johnson would be better as Kalibak than Darkseid. If they want to make him be a hero give him Orion.

  • Dave

    Rock aint playing Doomsday. It will be CGI. Doomsday just grunts, morons.

  • BrandonMMelendez

    I wrote an article over at Maglomaniac that outlines who the Rock should and should not play. I’ve long said that he should be Black Adam. It would be perfect casting…though he could be a good Hawkman as well, especially if savage. He should definitely not be John Stewart…and being Doomsday is a joke. That’s a CGI job for sure…and also Doomsday should not be brought out unless you plan on doing a Death of Superman story–this movie Superman is too new to be killed with an impact.

  • miranda

    I think denzel washington would make a great john stewart green lantern. Josh holloway would make a great aquaman.

  • Dan Riedel

    I REALLY hope so. Last time the WB tried to do a crazy villain without Nolan’s supervison, we got Jeep Swanson as Bane :/

  • wes

    What if The Rock is playing Lex Luthor? I know it might be a bit of a stretch but it worked in the animated series with nobody batting an eye (black Lex). And it would put his acting skills to use and cut the cost of trying to hire Bryan Cranston.

  • Quintin J Scott

    I was thinking that. He could totally do Amazo.

  • miranda

    I think bryan cranston would be a better lex luthor, or bring in michael rosenbaum from smallville to play lex. The rock like i said was born to play black adam. I think the rock could be a good darkseid.