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Johnny Depp Rumored to Have Met With Marvel About ‘Doctor Strange’ [UPDATED]

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UPDATE: Deadline has spoken up to downplay the Johnny Depp-as-Doctor Strange talk, saying that according to their Marvel sources, there’s “really nothing to this rumor.” Specifically, the site contends Depp was “approached eons ago,” but it didn’t go further than that.

Original story: If the latest rumor is correct, Marvel may not be finished with surprise major casting announcements.

Citing “a well-connected source,” Latino Review contends Johnny Depp has “taken a meeting” with the studio to discuss taking the lead role in Doctor Strange, which was confirmed last year as part of Marvel’s Phase Three plans. The same site previously reported the studio was thought to want Joseph Gordon-Levitt for the part, but the actor of course ended up signing on to produce The Sandman for Warner Bros., with the possibility that he might also star or direct.

Latino Review points to Depp’s cozy, and lucrative, relationship Marvel’s parent company Disney, for whom he starred in the blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, Alice in Wonderland (and its planned sequel), The Lone Ranger (nobody wants to talk about that, though) and the upcoming Into the Woods.

There have been numerous attempts to bring Doctor Strange to the big screen, with the rights passing through six studios over the past 25 years. Marvel hired Conan screenwriters Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer in June 2010 to take a crack at the script, whose details allegedly leaked last year.

If — if — the new rumor is true, we likely won’t find out before this summer, as Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has pledged to keep a lid on the plans for Phase Three, which kicks off in July 2015 with Ant-Man.


  • kbyrd3

    Hope it is true. All he does is strange characters in his movies so it would fit well.

  • Conner Kent

    BTW- The Lone Ranger kicked ass. I’m sick of hearing it.

  • JokersNuts

    please let this be true. I have wanted a Dr. Strange movie for a while and Depp would be great in the role.

  • Chookalana

    Avengers 3 starring Robert Downey Jr. & Johnny Depp…

  • Alex W

    I’m still worried about this movie just because of the screen writers. They’ve got a pretty bad resume.

  • zippityzzz

    This would actually be great casting.

  • Ben

    Please please PLEASE do not be directed by Tim Burton, and do not feature Helena Bonham Carter. Enough is enough.

  • S Jimenez

    Well that’s going to suck.

  • Ozymandas

    Actually that wouldn’t be bad. Dr. Strange’s corner of the Marvel U should look a bit different than the rest, askew & quirky, and Burton would definitely bring that. I don’t see Bonham Carter as Clea, though. Maybe Umar. Which leaves Lisa whatsherface as Clea. Eh. But maybe worth it to get Depp, as long as they’re not too strongly featured..

  • HEK

    All is left is Helena Bonham Carter being cast as Clea.

  • lewis4510

    Marvel is no doubt looking to replace Ironman in the rotation. But I hope they go with someone else for Dr. Strange.

  • Guest

    Depo doesn’t seem bad, but it is a bit expected. A lot depends on how Marvel wants Strange to fit in to the MCU. I’d rank this project as risky as Guardians…

  • hacman00

    After the Lone Ranger and Dark Shadows bombed he might come cheap.

  • demoncat_4

    i hope its true for johny has a knack for doing unique and kind of strange out side the box characters. and the good sorcer supreme would fit him. though my first choice if it was up to me would be bradly cooper

  • ID304

    Hmm that could work, but I still think that Viggo Mortensen would fit better in the of Dr. Strange.

  • ladyoctarina

    Please, by all that is sacred, no! Anyone but him! Depp has only been able to play drunken pirates for the past ten years (yes, even when his characters were supposed to be gangsters or serious writers, there was still too much Jack Sparrow in all of them, which has only gotten worse through the years), having him as Doctor Strange is the greatest disservice they could do to the character and the fans. Utterly ridiculous, nothing but that, and it’s been a while since Depp’s name in a project last was a guarantee of success.

    Mark my words: if this happens, it will be even worse than the 1978 movie.

  • batGRRRl4ever

    Lol, I think he just got interested because of the name, and really doesn’t know anything about the character.

  • DarthTigris

    Latino Review? Nopenopenopenope.

  • Angel

    Johnny Depp would be a mistake. The actor’s name would overshadow the character to such a point that it would make the story trivial. Every other actor has gotten famous AS these characters. Depp is already more famous than these characters. It wouldn’t really be a MARVEL movie. It would be a Depp movie.

  • John Vira

    This is great !! and you guys should make a super hero squad movie either animated with the voices (chris evans = captain america in etc) or have it like the avengers and havee all the same people

  • Aubrey Drew

    jason patric as doc strange nuff said