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Roberto Orci Talks ‘Spider-Man’ Spinoffs

Last month, Sony announced plans to spin off the Amazing Spider-Man franchise with new films focused on some of the superhero’s most popular foes: the Sinister Six and Venom, from the creative minds of Drew Goddard, Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and others.

In a new interview with IGN, Orci opened up about the spinoffs, and whether he thinks films about comic book “antiheroes” can work. “There are some antiheroes in this day and age,” he said. “There’s been examples of that even on TV — Vic Mackey on The Shield, one of the greatest antiheroes of all time. There are ways to milk that story. Audiences have seen everything. They’ve seen all the good guys who never do anything wrong. Is there a story in seeing the other side? That’s the challenge, and that’s the fun. I’m not sure how we’re going to do that yet.”

Orci stopped short of revealing story-specific details, but mentioned that Oscorp “plays an important part in how our villains get created,” including, potentially, Venom.

“Because Peter becoming Spider-Man came out of [Oscorp], rather than saying, ‘And then this alien came from space,’ or whatever, they’re doing human-hybrid, weird stuff at Oscorp,” he explained. “That’s where Gwen Stacy works anyway as well. So the idea of it representing the good and the bad of science, that it can do great things, but it can also mess you up and do weird things and transform people — as all science can be used good or bad. So it’s nice to have that organizing principal, but it wasn’t like, ‘We must keep it at Oscorp.’ It flowed naturally from the story development.”

However the films shake out, Orci doesn’t believe that the Spider-spinoffs are being eyed as replacements for The Amazing Spider-Man 4, already scheduled for a May 4, 2018 release.

“I think with Spider-Man 4, the intention is for it to be Spider-Man,” he said.


  • NOOOOOO!!!!!

    Venom should be from space! Don’t change Venom! You’ll ruin the character, just like Spiderman 3!

  • Dale Norvell

    Having grown up with the original space-parasite Venom and then the “ultimate” science-lab Venom (which was originally created to cure illnesses), my personal opinion is that Bendis’ “ultimate” version works much better in regards to adapting Venom for other media. Being created by Peter’s father also makes the creature a more tragic and personal enemy for Peter that he feels responsible for, going beyond the we-bonded-and-you-rejected-me-so-I-hate-you motivation of the original version.

  • BeastieRunner

    I like Ultimate Venom better but still can’t stand the character or concept.

  • thefinalword

    I still want the classic Eddie Brock Venom, but not played by the guy from the 70’s show. I can still cringe just thinking about how bad that was.

    Having read this article and most of the early Ultimate Spider-man issues, I can see they are basically going ahead with the Ultimate origin for the Symbiote. I never said to myself even once, I love this version of Venom. I just waited to see if anything interesting was done with the character. I’m not really familiar with any of his ultimate hosts, except the Venom from the Ps2 game Ultimate Spider-man, which I thought was extremely weird, hard to like, and non interesting. Shortly after Carnage was created Gwen Stacy was killed. I lost interest in the USM series. I liked her character redesign so much I was looking forward to seeing her in all the future storylines. I read the story long enough to see Carnage killed in a fight with Peter. I then resigned from reading Ultimate Spider-man and only looked back at it when the death of spider-man arc came out.

    I’ll watch the upcoming ASM movies and spinoffs to see if they are good. I think Andrew Garfield portrays Spider-Man a lot closer to the original version than Toby Maguire.was ever able to. Spider-Man cracking wise comments while fighting his enemies was always one of the main reasons I liked reading about him and Toby did it next to never in the Raimi trilogy. I hope the upcoming movies are written well with good casting and are a success for doing so. I had when bad films do well at the box office. *cough spider-man 3,*

    I also think that spider-man not using the symbiote over several films was a mistake and writing the third movie as a finale rather than an ongoing story is another reason why it was a letdown. No use complaining now, except for the fact we missed out on Bruce Campbell’s Mysterio role. Look it up if you’re interested.