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‘Dexter’ Spinoff Will Star … Dexter?

Thought Dexter was done? Get ready for Nexter.

Before last summer’s series finale, Showtime executives made it known they were mulling a possible Dexter spinoff. Many fans expected that show to center on Deb Morgan, Dexter’s adoptive sister, but, well, that’s not exactly possible now. In fact, it turns out the Dexter spinoff, should it ever go forward, would star one very obvious candidate: Dexter himself.

“It would have to involve Michael [C. Hall],” Showtime president David Nevins said at the Television Critics Association winter press tour (via IGN). “I think if we were to do it, I would only do it with Michael.”

Wouldn’t that make the Dexter spinoff less of a spinoff and more of a continuation? Let’s not get lost in the semantics: If Showtime wants more Dexter, the possibilities are certainly open, seeing as Dexter survived the finale and moved far, far away from Miami to start a new life. In fact, it makes you wonder if Dexter was left alive specifically to leave the door open for a continuation of his story.

“Honestly, it was never even discussed, the idea of killing him,” Nevins said. “They never felt like killing Dexter was the right end.”

Of course, all of this assumes that a Dexter continuation is going to happen, and that’s far from a sure bet.

“It’s something we continue to talk about. If we do it, we would have to have a very good reason to do it. It would have to feel like it’s a new show. I’m not interested in doing it if it’s just a continuation,” said Nevins. “There have been some light, ongoing conversations. It hasn’t really gone anywhere yet.”


  • alistaircrane

    Dexter should have been arrested, and the final scene of the show should have been him receiving a lethal injection as the ghosts of his victims (Rita, LaGuerta, Doakes, etc.) looked on.

  • Master Bumscratch

    That’s just as cheesy as the ending we got.

  • alistaircrane

    Wrong. Dexter deserved to be caught and held accountable for his actions. I was hoping they were finally going to have LaGuerta catch him, but they dropped the ball on that one…badly. Hell, even Dexter’s original showrunner believes he should have been executed! (Note: I am anti-capital punishment in real life, but it makes for good drama on television.)

  • Guest

    the ending scene should have been like the one he imagined but just opposite where he was ridiculed