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Aaron Paul Considers Scaling ‘The Dark Tower’

Fans of both The Dark Tower and Breaking Bad are likely to agree on at least one thing: Aaron Paul  is the right man to play Eddie Dean, the drug-addicted low-level criminal who joins Roland Deschain on his quest to find the Dark Tower.

Apparently, The Dark Tower director and producer Ron Howard also thinks he’s the perfect pick for his adaptation of the Stephen King books. Speaking with AICN, Paul revealed he’s met with Howard about joining The Dark Tower, and that he won’t turn down the opportunity to play Eddie Dean, should an offer come his way.

“I’ve had a ton of meetings on that,” he said. “I just had a general sit down with Ron Howard, who is a huge fan of [Breaking Bad], which is such a crazy thing to even think that Ron Howard even knows who I am. They’re definitely planning on making it.”

“I’m excited,” he continued. “Their goal is to do three films, but also have a television element to it, which will be very interesting. From what I hear, Eddie Dean is a pretty epic, iconic character.”

It certainly sounds like Paul has his fingers on the pulse of The Dark Tower, long in the works and highly anticipated by the book’s devoted following. Stay tuned for more news as it develops.


  • Thomas L. Knapp

    Love Breaking Bad. Love Aaron Paul. Love The Dark Tower. But I developed a mental picture the characters when reading the books, and that picture of Eddie Dean looks nothing like Aaron Paul.

    It will be interesting to see. I suspect the hardest part of acting a role already famous in text is replacing all those readers’ mental pictures with your own mug.

  • aspacecodyssey

    It’s really hard to make everyone happy, especially in cases like this where people have an idea in their mind. For me, he’d be a perfect choice. At the very least, hopefully people can agree that he’s a good actor.

  • aspacecodyssey

    I read the title, thought he was being considered for Roland, and thought “he’d be perfect for Eddit, but ROLAND?!”

    Glad to see my inference skills are subpar.