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Fox’s ‘Fantastic Four’ Expected to Test Actors By End of Month

fantastic four

X-Men: Days of Future Past screenwriter Simon Kinberg has reportedly finished his rewrite of The Fantastic Four, enabling Fox to begin testing actors for director Josh Trank’s franchise reboot by the end of the month.

According to Variety, Saoirse Ronan (Atonement, Hanna) and Kate Mara (American Horror Story, House of Cards) are still expected to test for the role of Sue Storm, while Game of Thrones stars Kit Harington and Richard Madden are among those eyed to play Reed Richards. Miles Teller (Spectacular Now, Project X), long rumored as Mister Fantastic, seemed to indicate as recently as Tuesday that he’s attached to the project, but sources tell the website he’s merely testing for the part.

There’s no mention of who might be under consideration for the role of The Thing.

That leaves perhaps the most most persistent casting rumor: that Michael B. Jordan, whose breakout role came in Trank’s Chronicle, is set to play Johnny Storm, the Human Torch. Variety writes as if it’s a done deal, saying he’ll “test with the actors to see which group has the best chemistry.” And judging from Jordan’s comments on Tuesday’s Late Show With David Letterman, where he was promoting the comedy That Awkward Moment, that could very well be the case.

“I mean, there’s a chance that I might be part of that film,” he told Letterman. “I’m a big comic book guy, and the director Josh Trank is a big buddy of mine. We did Chronicle together, which is another film that did well for me. If it happens … maybe. […] “It would be pretty cool to be the Human Torch. Yeah, it would be pretty cool. Yeah, it would.”


  • Robert Beachler

    What a joke! Casting a black actor in a role that should be white has always been Hollywood’s folly to try and appeal to the black viewer but it is just an insult and belittles actual black characters like War Machine, Falcon and Black Panther as not good enough. This movie will suck worse than the previous short franchise.

  • Thedude3445

    You guys are so racist in that you can’t possibly imagine that he was chosen to by the Human Torch because he is a really good actor. You just have to assume it’s some marketing stunt. Just look at Jordan’s resumé here. He was great in The Wire and Friday Night Lights, absolutely knocked it out of the park in Chronicle (which ALL superhero fans should see. It’s an amazing movie), and I haven’t seen Fruitvale Station but seriously guys, he was nominated for a ton of awards for that movie. He was actually getting Oscar talk back before nominations. He’s Johnny Storm because he can play the part. Not because Fox wants a token minority (which, if you recall, was the entire basis of the creation of War Machine, Falcon, AND Black Panther, back in their original comic appearances).

  • Robert Beachler

    It’s not racist to want a role to be filled as it was designed. If they made a black Superman (other than Steel) people would be outraged. Can you say if they redid Rocky and made Apollo Creed a white actor it wouldn’t bother you? Or cast a white guy in the role of Lando Calrissian? White actors as Jules and Marcellus Wallace in a Pulp Fiction remake? This has NOTHING to do with his acting ability, it is typical Hollywood casting to bring in black viewers. They do it all the time. In the Spawn film they did it in reverse and cast a white actor in the role of Terry. It was done so the movie wouldn’t appear too black according to Todd McFarlane. It was all marketing and it’s all ridiculous posturing by a movie studio. Todd himself hated that but the movie wouldn’t have gotten the budget it did otherwise. He stated that in an interview.

  • Phoenix

    Racism has nothing to do with it. Just because someone disagrees with a casting choice does not make them racist.

    It’s true what Robert said. It’s an insult to characters like Photon, Luke Cage and Black Panther who deserve the spotlight. No adaption of Johnny Storm has ever been black and these characters are being swept under the rug. If they casted a white guy to play Luke Cage it would be a total riot mind you.

    Regardless of this issue, the most successful movie adaptions have been the ones that remain true to the source material. Fox is once against fucking up their franchise.

    I HOPE this movie doesnt get made so the rights revert back to Marvel.

  • Thedude3445

    I can’t say that if Apollo Creed or Lando Calrissian ore Jules and Marcellus, were white it would matter at all. It shouldn’t matter to anyone, unless the character is explicitly tied to a certain nationality or ethnicity on the basis of story (Black Panther, the Invisible Man, a Confederate General, an Aboriginal character, Jesus, etc).

  • javier

    who gives a rats ass what race he is FF sucks kiddie characters Shit i love X men over at fox . marvel studios is to crowded and kinda getting boring and i like that universe. i know x3 and wolverine origins sucked but the wolverine and xmen DOFP is ganna bring the franchise back I think Bryan Singer hanna knock it out the park.

  • Curtis Lusk

    If this happens there is zero chance that I will ever see this movie it will be the worst FF movie ever Jordan isn’t that good of an actor anyways but if they wanted to make him a super hero he could have been in the movie as the Black Panther who worked with the FF . Some of the other casting choices aren’t thrilling me either they appear to making everyone a bit to young Reed Richards should be as young as they seem to want to make him,