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‘Fantastic Four’ Casting Call Hints at Big Changes

It’s clobbering time, at least for a certain section of Fantastic Four fandom.

Acting Auditions has posted an announcement about Los Angeles auditions being held for Fox’s Fantastic Four reboot, directed by Josh Trank. Along with the call comes a plot synopsis that’s sure to raise a few eyebrows:

Update: Although Trank insisted the “synopsis is definitely not the synopsis or anything close to the synopsis,” Fox has demanded the purported plot details be removed.

Assuming the description is accurate, the Fantastic Four reboot seems to be taking some cues from the Ultimate Fantastic Four comics, although even then, there are departures. Beyond the plot summary, the casting call suggests Chronicle star Michael B. Jordan is already locked to play Johnny Storm. Many have already expected Jordan to portray the Human Torch, but there’s been no formal statement from either the actor or the studio. Our advice: Wait for an announcement from Fox before considering anything about this project “official.”

The Fantastic Four reboot hits theaters on June 19, 2015.


  • Jeff

    Why does Fox hate the Marvel properties it has? So it already ruined FF twice and now it’s going to do it again?

  • Rockin69

    Guess what: it’s going to the a “dark”, “trendy”, slightly “hipster” version of FF. The previous films were bad but at least they were not trying to be anything they were not. FF is supposed to be a little silly…I’m smelling a “Man of Steel” take.

  • Rockin69

    By the way: if Fox goes ahead and makes Johnny Storm black, can we expect a “Nick Fury Jr.” spin on ol’ flamehead? I’m cringing

  • lewis4510

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Sue and Johnny are both mutants. They’ll be the linkage to the X-Men franchise.

  • Hutchimus

    So…they’re not making a new FF movie?

  • Michael M. Jones

    . . .
    because it’s so hard to stick to the original, tried-and-true family dynamic? I don’t care if they’re black, white, Hispanic, Muslim, or Smurf blue, but it would be nice if they at least stuck to the original origin.

    The Ultimate universe is not necessarily a recipe for success.

  • Brian From Canada

    And here is Marvel’s first huge misstep.

    Going the Ultimate way after decades of presenting the original origin (space mishap) — up to and including the recent films — will lead to confusion over the characters.

    Going with an African American actor for Johnny Storm will win Fox and Marvel plenty of attention for being diverse and more modernly representative, but will turn away fans big time.

    It worked for Kingpin because of the other physical limitations. It worked for Nick Fury because he was rare on film, and it was the Ultimate version. It worked for Heimdall with some questions. But it won’t work for a major lead character who’s been front and centre for decades AND always the same, blonde, blue eyed NASCAR fan

  • Conner Garry Sennett

    What’s wrong with taking cues from the Ultimate universe? I’d rather see that than a new version of what I’ve already seen.

  • percane

    they’re not going the ultimate way though. in the ultimate FF they all still got their powers together, just it was transport through the N-Zone instead of cosmic rays.

  • joncarpe

    Marvel has absolutely nothing to do with this. This is all on Fox

  • Conner Garry Sennett

    It’s not hard to see why comic fans are assumed to always hate everything. You can see it in all the comments. I, for one, am excited for this and if they take cues from the Ultimate FF I will be a happy camper.

  • Conner Garry Sennett

    I don’t see that happening.

  • Conner Garry Sennett

    The UU rocks.

  • The Dread Pirate Steve #812

    If every fan of comics stayed away from this new F4 movie it would not be a blip in sales. It’s the comics that are stuck being slightly misogynist and slightly racist to succeed. Movies don’t have to worry about that with a larger pool for an audience…

  • George Mitchell

    I think I’m going to be upset or mad about a movie that hasn’t even shot one frame yet.

  • percane

    also it worked with the kingpin because michael clarke duncan was awesome. it could very easily have failed (and daredevil didn’t exactly explode at the box office anyway…). also it worked for Fury because Sam Jackson is also awesome. this Michael Jordan kid? he’s no where near the level of those other guys.

  • MJ

    I think they should hire a black actress to play Sue Storm. If you’re going to switch things up, why not go for it?

  • percane

    i’m reading the first few issues of UFF right now, and it doesn’t sound like they are, other than having a younger reed richards. i think that the UFF would work VERY well on film. child geniuses as part of a government think tank, richards developing the N-Zone portal, Doom creating the accident that gives them all their powers, the mole man being a former instructor at the same think tank, etc

  • Billy’s Kingdom

    If you look at how much a monthly comic book sells, you’ll see a fans opinion on the movie matters pretty little. Justice league sold a million copies after 4 printings. If movies good people will see it, if it’s bad less people will see it. Either way fans will complain.

  • Alex W

    They aren’t even going the Ultimate route. Literally the only similarity is that the characters are younger. Everything else is completely out of nowhere.

  • jfarley1

    Ugh… don’t care if you change the race, hair color, eye color etc. But when you take away the event (cosmic rays, Negative Zone) that created their powers TOGETHER you take away the family aspect of the Fantastic Four. It just wont’ work.

  • Guest

    My reaction, too. No need for Franklin Richards now.

  • Conner Garry Sennett

    Definitely agree, it’s just an interesting concept. I mean, why go the same old route like the previous movies? If it’s a bit inspired by that, it could differentiate itself.

  • DisqusV

    And this will be the 4th time they mess up a FF movie.

  • Anthony Donovan Stokes

    Who gives a fuck what the story is they already made a traditional Fantastic Four movie

  • RobotShlomo

    They think “we know better”, and guess what? They DON’T!

  • RobotShlomo

    This isn’t Marvel’s “misstep”. This movie is being made by FOX. They had to do something with the rights before they reverted back to Marvel.

  • evader2014

    Another militarized comic book property, with of course the teen angle: “the boys.”

  • The One and Only

    Actually, Daredevil broke an earnings record on its opening weekend. It did quite well financially.

  • evader2014

    Yeah, why have any standards; just swallow what the boss shoves.

  • Krist Worthless

    from leaked studio email “… the last fantastic four movie didnt bomb bad enough. do you have any ideas how to lose us more money?” “re: fuck money why yes I have a few ideas. let’s drop the origin they know, and destroy the family dynamic. this way we can still try to make an original film but no one will care at all! also make one black. but not the girl. we dont want anyone thinking that wed be ok with a strong black female lead. also destroy any sense of adventure.”

  • TheGavGav

    Wow, this is a little disappointing. I was really excited too, I actually wouldn’t mind the Michael B. Jordan Johnny Storm; I just don’t want them to get their powers seperately. It’s a huge part of what brings them all together. I think they should go the UU route for the most part but maybe make them a little older than their UU counterparts. Like a late twenties/early thirties Ben, Reed and Sue with an early twenties Johnny.

  • Jeff Gutman

    This has disaster written all over it. Damn it – WHY can’t they just stay true to the source material? I don’t need total adherence to Stan and Jack’s creation but this is just a total different story. They should change the name from FF to something else. I thought Mark Millar was supposed to be in charge of the Fox Marvel interconnected Universe? Millar knows his history too well to let the studio go with something this drastic of a departure. Avi Arad should step in as well…

  • Krist Worthless

    no. roger cormans was DOOOOPPE

  • Stark Basterd


  • TheGavGav

    I was really hoping for a hard sci-fi film perhaps with a trip to the microverse.

  • Zarathos No Daimaōh

    The issue is that you guys act as if it was ever done right , using the regular FF team and old route . So while i’m still excited , i can see why others would be pissed . Here we are with a studio that keep making uneeded changes , when some of the source material only lightly altered could work with some proper visuals and actors . Instead they had an horrible yet ultimate FF inspired take for two movies , and then they get the full on Ultimate FF treatement for the reboot .

  • J.p. Ducey

    F%#* this. I won’t be paying to see this. What a shame. THAT is Not the Fantastic Four. Pray that one day the rights will revert back to Marvel/Disney

  • The Crazed Spruce

    I don’t see why they couldn’t just play off of the current corporate race for the first passenger flight into space. Have Reed Richards, maybe five years out of university, rush a shuttle into production, piloted by his college roommate, Ben Grimm. He’s so sure it’s perfect, he takes along his girlfriend, Sue Storm, and her teenage brother Johnny, S*** happens (probably due to Victor Von Doom (or Von Duehm, as I’d spell it in the script to make it more of a realistic name) sabotaging the launch for payback due to an imagined slight in college), they get hit by some weird cosmic radiation, gain superpowers, and the rest pretty much writes itself.

  • Zarathos No Daimaōh

    It also worked for Fury , because to begin with , his character and even the borrowed Samuel L Jackson look and persona , was already defined in Ultimate comics . It didnt feel random .

  • Drew Melbourne

    I think his point was that your standards are stupid and irrelevant.

  • Drew Melbourne

    Huh? Michael B. Jordan is a promising young actor who was in Oscar contention for his role in Fruitvale Station. He’s absolutely on that level.

  • Billy’s Kingdom

    “Standards” = Heath Ledgers Joker, Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, Organic webshooters, all made about films that hadn’t been released yet. Those films all did pretty well despite what fans felt. So my point is wait for the film to actually suck before you complain about a film that only exists on paper.

  • Billy’s Kingdom

    Not stupid just a little unnecessary as we’ve yet to even see a trailer.

  • Anthony Powers

    marvel has nothing to do with this. all fox.

  • Ryandel

    Nothing in that statement makes for great reading, but don’t forget that this is literally just the casting call plot breakdown. There’s a hell of a long way to go before this starts production proper.

    Personally, I wouldn’t mind if they went down the Ultimate route for the reboot, but I’d much rather Fox either release the rights to the Fantastic Four, or come to some sort of agreement with Marvel Studios that places the characters within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    Also, for what it’s worth, Michael B. Jordan is a very entertaining actor, but sometimes the race-swap really just doesn’t work. It was fine for Kingpin and Fury as they are not A/B-list characters like Johnny Storm. I didn’t see any problem with Idris Elba playing Heimdall in the Thor films, but a change like that just doesn’t fit well with Johnny Storm.

  • DrPhilter

    It will forever perplex me why studios want to make comic book movies then change them so far from the source that they are unrecognizable. If you want to make a sci-fi movie like this, fine but don’t call it Fantastic Four, it sounds like it has nothing to do with the comic book. Alternatively stick to the original content and alter it only to the extent you have to for the transition to film. For the love of god I hope this doesn’t get made and FF go back to Marvel.

  • Daniel Tiberius

    There’s a reason these comics have been successful for 50whatever years, because they don’t need to be changed around like this.

  • blurghs

    Michael B. Jordan is a solid actor who’s worked on quality if not fan-favorite projects, most notably one of The Wire’s most gut-wrenching characters in the first season, and the lead in the ridiculously powerful Fruitvale Station. I’d be more worried about how the other potential actors stack up to his level.

  • Five Dollars

    1. Why do most of these franchises — Marvel, DC, Star Trek, etc. — must start from the hero(s) childhood?

    2. I can understand altering the original comics origin given that it may be difficult to shuttlejack NASA with only four people. Five, if you want to bring in Doom or the like.

  • Kaine Morrison

    So…. Reed only becomes a Genius AFTER being transformed!??!!????
    What the F’ity F?

  • moviefan

    i have no hate to jordan but i really hope he isnt johnny. There is no point to radically change the family dynamic of the storms. Second i really wish this film wasnt happening. I rather fox give it back to marvel already.

  • Cosmo#1

    That’s not the case the government did get reed to work for the government in a think tank and then he meet sue and johnny so you are indeed incorrect.

  • Kaine Morrison

    Why stop there?
    Make Reed and Ben Black too, but make sure that Black Panther is White.

  • Ryan Lewis

    Ok. Two problems.

    1- They don’t all get their powers at the same time?! What.

    2- Reed “becomes a scientific genius” because of his powers?!

    The rest is fine. It doesn’t matter what race the actors are.

  • AirDave

    The good news is, Marvel has published so many comics telling and re-telling the origin of the Fantastic Four that I don’t need to waste my money seeing a Fantastic Fail film. Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four, anyone?

  • tenshi yuki

    Lmao at all the comments regarding Johnny storms race change, it’s hilarious and reminds me of the still backwards mentality of the comic book community in comparison to other medias. The same comments were given to King pin, heimdall, Lawrence fishermen, hell even miles morales, that was some of the worst I’ve seen in the comic book community. I definitely don’t mind it at all and I hope they go with the interracial family angle because we definitely don’t see that often in movies.

  • Chris smith

    He wasn’t blonde in the last 2 movies though.

  • Richard Casey

    Wow. SO not only are they changing the origin, as well as the powers (Reed gets smart as a super power now?) it also seems like they’re gonna “put their own spin on it”. Yay. Can’t wait for the inevitable moment of realisation on Fox’s part and they finally realise they’re NEVER gonna make it work.

  • mason

    … soooo if reed and ben are older and sue and johnny are brother and sister, does reed still have a relationship with sue?this will really change the whole dynamic of the group. did reed go to college with dr doom? why not scrap the name too. it will really change the storm kids. they were the privleged white kids. sounds bad all the way around.

  • uatu13

    This movie sounds like a colossal turd! Screw you Fox. Hopefully it will bomb and marvel can get the rights back like DD and Ghost Rider!

  • Logan

    Is this a joke?

  • arsg

    Well, this is going to be terrible.

  • DisqusV

    I agree 100% especially about the token Black. Johnny and Sue are supposed to be family, so make them both Black – Kerry Washington? One of the WWE Funkadactyls (Naomi or Cameron)?

  • twincast

    It rock*ed*.

    (Damn you, Loeb and Quesada.)

  • Project Casting

    If you want to work on this movie visit We have the production details on the project.

  • twincast

    Yes, and I’d be totally fine with a UFF take, but they didn’t get their powers separately, which is what makes me want to puke all over the place.

  • Kyle Rayner

    The Four don’t go into outerspace and gain their powers? *takes deep breath* Booooooooooooooooooo

  • JoePav

    I’m sick of Hollywood putting their twist on comic book movies.

    Let’s have a black Shang-Chi.
    A Chinese Black Panther.
    A female midget playing Giant-Man.
    A cat playing Crypto.
    A fat white guy playing Luke Cage.
    Instead of the Baxter building, how about the Baxter Trailer Park.

    Is this enough of a shake up and twist for you Hollywood? Scum bags.

  • Peter

    DAAAAMMMNNNN ITTT FOOOOOX! Just accept that there will never be a better FF movie than “The Incredibles.”

    (As wonderful as The Incredibles was, however, the lack of a correctly-done Dr. Doom on the big screen kind of hurts – same with Galactus, Psycho-Man, Annihilus… there are so many ways to make a good Fantastic Four movie, and this seems to be ignoring all of them)

  • agentkooper

    In UU he worked for the government BEFORE he got powers, and he did it willingly. He wasn’t owned by the government. Get your your facts straight before you go correcting other people.

  • Ken

    Okay…this is about to be REALLY bad.

  • Derek Metaltron

    Really? Cause I didn’t see Franklin and Valeria anywhere in those movies, or any of the classic villains which defined them.

  • Derek Metaltron

    So no combined origin, presumably some major shift in the relationship that Johnny and Sue, some drivel with Reed and Ben captured by the govenment and of course all this means no true family of heroes and thus no chance of Franklin and Valeria ever getting on screen.
    And of course we KNOW they’ll pull out that stupid Ultimate teen Goat Leg Doom wannabe out of their butts, won’t they? I have little to no hope for this project if that synopsis is true. The sooner Marvel gets the rights back to the FF the better. Cause we’re not gonna get anything as faithful with Fox.

  • Brian from Canada

    Then you’re one of the few. Comicbook fans are not “backwards”: we just don’t see the point of making a chance to fit diversity when the existing character can be played by someone else. Especially when there are many diverse characters in comics that COULD be for those heroes.

    Kingpin gets away with it because it’s hard to find an actor of that size to play the role without CGI. And the one white guy who could have done it was busy doing this thing called “Harry Potter.”

    But Heimdall is a Norse god. Norse. As in Norway. Scandinavians for centuries are white, and predominantly blonde.

    Lawrence Fishburn as Perry White was an INSULT to the character and the franchise. You want a black editor? Name him something different. There are *plenty* of qualified actors of that age who would have been much better in the role. (And don’t get me started on “Jenny” Olsen!)

    As for Miles Morales… you don’t get it. Peter Parker was bitten by a spider. Peter. Parker. Unless Miles gets bitten by a spider too, he’s not Spider-Man. He’s some guy pretending to be like Spider-Man. That’s where they went wrong.

    When it comes to Johnny Storm, he’s the typical American of the country’s centre: apple pie, jock, NASCAR. That’s not African American culture, that’s white trash culture.

    Quite frankly, I’m INSULTED when people say the need is diverse. If a white actor were to play a part in an African American-centric film, there would be none of this “accept it” idea.

  • Brian from Canada

    The rights will never revert back to Marvel. Fox owns the FF and X-Men in perpetuity. They licensed Daredevil and gave it up.

  • demoncat_4

    in other words to make sure they keep the rights fox is just throwing out most of the origin of the ff no cosmic rays this time. a whole new reboot.

  • Brian from Canada

    Media will still call it Marvel. They do with X-Men and Spider-Man. Hence the Marvel misstep. Elektra, Punisher, Ghost Rider and then this: maybe someone will wake up and realize Marvel’s not so perfect after all.

  • guest

    *sniff sniff* Do you smell that? That’s the smell of a complete failure waiting to happen. This isn’t Fantastic Four. I’m all for taking creative liberties, but this is too much. This is only Fantastic Four in that they share names with characters that are in comic books. Was already disinterested when I heard they changed human torch, even more so now.

  • yaboi


  • DisqusV

    Thoughts on Marvel simply exploiting the film medium? IMO, most of their movies stink but seem to make money particularly if there are lots of characters, with a twist or two, in it.

  • guest

    Please tell us what else you see in your magic crystal ball? I’ll tell you what I see in mine: the abysmal failure and the crap movies the actors who star in this will feature for the rest of their lives.

  • mulon

    Piece of crap

  • Frank Castle Rock

    Actually Fox owns X-Men in perpetuity. Fantastic Four’s rights could have reverted back to Marvel by fall of this year, had they not gotten a film in production by a certain date this year, hence this movie beginning it’s filming soon. Back when Marvel declared Chapter 11 Bankruptcy (reorganization) in the late 90s, they sold off some film rights. The biggest of them was for X-Men and they took a flat-fee deal in selling it to Fox (who had previously enjoyed great success with the X-Men animated series in the early 90s and were pumped to get the rights to make movies). Fox will most likely never give that property up, but the rights to FF aren’t as locked in perpetuity as X-Men. Presumably, IF this movie tanks and Fox thinks they just can’t do anything with it, THEN they may sell the rights back to Marvel. But if it’s a hit? Look forward to more FF out of Fox.

    This production seems to be heading down the same path that the never seen FF ’94 film did when it’s producers (same ones that are on this new film) pushed a movie into production in order to keep the film rights, never intending to show the movie in theaters as they said they would and inevitably shelved it (only way to see it is on bootleg or you can see it off of YouTube.). Does that mean THIS new one will be shelved never to be seen like that old one? Not at all. They’ll probably show it. As for my stance on this movie, it’s all wait and see what happens. If it’s good, cool, but if it’s not, I’ll somehow find a way to live my life (sarcasm Haha!).

  • Hypestyles

    I hope that the film has plenty of action but also good dialogue and character development.

  • Dezz

    I don’t have anything against Jordan, it’s just a situation where he’s betting on the wrong horse. The GA doesn’t care and more than half the fandom wanted this franchise to revert back to Marvel well before these lame casting rumors.And the fact that Fux is rushing this so close to the suspected deadline makes this crap fest that much more aggravating. I hope this film tanks badly!

  • Dezz

    That’s a legit forecast..

  • Silver age guy

    So, it looks like the Hollywood types insist on screwing up a franchise that has been successful for the last 62 years. My original excitement for this reboot has completely evaporated, I suspect that many others feel the same way. The Fantastic Four is a family, not a group of friends. It is truly sad to see such a legendary American mythos so radically altered as to be unrecognizable for the sake of “political correctness”. The leftist Hollywood influence continues to destroy everything it touches. I definitely won’t be wasting my time or money on this mess.

  • Zarathos No Daimaōh

    Or you just can’t even admit you were flat out wrong . How the hell can it be any kind of wake up call , when it’s not their movies . And please , media and most people have easily made the difference between Fox movies based on Marvel franchise and Marvel studios movies

  • Silver age guy

    The fans stayed away from the last two Fantastic Four movies and it was a HUGE blip in sales. Those films didnt come any where near the box office takes of the more traditional Marvel studios films of Iron Man, Thor, or Captain America. If you can’t attract the fan base….your movie is a flop. You can take that to the bank!

  • Silver age guy

    Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created Johnny storm as a white teen ager with Sue Storm as his sister. Why is it necessary to change the work of the two greatest giants in modern comic book history just for the sake of making a racial statement? How about Fox making a movie of the Black Panther but instead of having him be an African King, have him be a white Jew from Palm Beach? The one idea is just as silly and absurd as the other. Just quit using Marvel’s iconic characters to make ridiculous racial or political statements….it’s a slap in the face of the men who originally created them as well as to the loyal fans who grew up with them. Racism has NOTHING to do with it! Just leave it as it is…it has worked for over 62 years.

  • Silver age guy

    We would all be better off if the ultimate universe ceased to exist. Hopefully, Galactus will make that happen. It appears that Marvel is taking steps to move away from, or at least reduce its ultimate titles. From a marketing stand point, the ultimate universe just serves to dilute the brand and create confusion.

  • Cosmo#1

    In the case of the series they were monitored at all times, restricted to the building most of they’re lives at the baxter building, quarantined at times, and they’re researched was immediately share with S.H.I.E.L.D so owned.

  • Silverage guy

    Loose the fan base and the movie flops…it really is that simple.
    You cant show me a block buster super hero film that did not bring the fan base into the theater.

  • Brian from Canada

    Your timing is off.

    X-Men and Fantastic Four were sold before the Chapter 11 restructuring.

    Fox gave back the rights they had licensed for She-Hulk, Black Widow and Nick Fury, burning off the one telefilm in the summer because Marvel was counting on that revenue in order to stagy afloat.

    There is no deadline on FF and never was — which is why Marvel offered to trade an extended license for Daredevil for the right to use Galactus in its own features.

  • dnwilliams

    I’m too stunned to rage right now.

  • dnwilliams

    Those movies were actually trying really hard for the kind of tone Avengers had, come to think of it, only Tim Story is no Joss Whedon…

  • Brian from Canada

    If it has the Marvel brand at the beginning, it’s their movie. Spider-Man and X-Men are talked about as Marvel properties just like the Avengers, which are now Disney and not Marvel. Chalking it up to licenses versus own material doesn’t mean that the film was still a poor adaptation of a Marvel comic and not an enticement for furthering the franchise.

    Hollywood is NOT comicdom. It works on completely different levels, as does its relationship with the media and licensing agreements.

    The wake up call is for those who think Marvel can do no wrong, which they clearly can. DC went through the same shining moment at the height of the 80s Batman craze, when all the other competitors were failing as well.

  • StaticShox480

    Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm? I’m getting real tired of Hollywood changing the race of comic characters that have been around for decades for the sake of ‘equality’. As a black man, I find this more offensive than a racial slur. If they’re using characters from an existing universe (like Nick Fury from the Ultimate universe), that’s understandable. But Johnny Storm has never been a different race (or even a different hair color) in any incarnation of the FF.

  • Teeth

    This comment is hilarious because no one knows what a hipster really is, they just use it as a substitute for something vaguely distasteful. It certainly isn’t generic Hollywood garbage.

  • tenshi yuki

    Oh yeah, you’re definitely black, stop lying, to say this is more offensive then the n word clearly indicates you’re not black.

  • Rockin69

    I think Michael B. Jordan it’s a great actor, I saw him in Fruitvale Station. However, and go ahead and call me racist, the only thing more annoying than a cocky blonde fratboy with superpowers is a black cocky fratboy with superpowers, because you know he will be speaking hip-hop slangs and be even extra cocky.

  • Alex W

    Does it say Reed joins a think tank? No, it says he’s used as a weapon and that he got his intelligence along with his powers. You are indeed not even reading the article.

  • out_of_exile

    It barely made over a 100 mil on a 78 mil budget… Most films arent considered successful unless they at least double their budget in sales.

  • out_of_exile

    Being an african king is integral to Black Panther’s character. There is nothing integral about johnny storm being blond & white.

  • StaticShox480

    That was a joke dumbass. I’m saying I don’t like how Hollywood is forcing this change for the sake of not seeming racist or something. How are you going to tell me what race I am? I’m a black man from the south, you can Skype me to verify.

  • y’know?

    I would care if they were Muslim. Their HQ would only be standing for so long.


  • Felwithe

    He probably meant hipper. No true hipster would be caught dead at a comic book movie.

  • YeahNo

    Sorry man, but the “media” and general public take care to distinguish Marvel films from non-Marvel ones, just as everyone can distinguish a Pixar film from a non-Pixar film, etc.

  • chien_clean

    Sounds like shit. I’m glad they’re doing this cause this will finally have people get up and say enough is enough on the damn token black crap.

    I DARE Fox to do this. I double DARE you.

  • David Fullam

    All hope is lost :(

  • tenshi yuki

    Lmao, sure man, whatever you say, after all, we all know a black man doesn’t support that “equality” Lmao

  • StaticShox480

    I support equality but not if they’re trying to force it on movie audiences. Instead of changing the entire dynamic of their white characters, why not make films that raise the popularity of Marvel’s actual black and latino characters like Black Panther, Silverclaw, Triathalon, Night Thrasher, White Tiger, and so forth? It worked on the Justice League cartoon. Or even create new characters like Miles Morales and John Diggle from Arrow? No need to change someone else’s work because Hollywood is too lazy and/or scared to focus on already spectacular characters.

  • Kevin Christensen

    This has nothing to do with Marvel.

    Fox owns the property. It’s a Fox misstep. Same with the Daredevil movie. I mean, Marvel has Daredevil back now and I really hope the Netflix show works out, but the first Daredevil film and all the X-men and Fantastic Four stuff is owned, produced and crapped on by Fox.

    Marvel probably wants all their properties back, since they’re more successful than anyone else at making movies out of them.

  • Kevin Christensen

    You are indeed a snarky jerk.

  • Theo

    Let me fix this for you

    Going with an African American actor for Johnny Storm will win Fox and
    Marvel plenty of attention for being diverse and more modernly
    representative, but will turn away BIGOTS big time.

  • seksivitez

    He meant hipster. And hipsters will get caught dead at any comic book movies if it is hip to do so.

  • Pickarace

    Is your race integral to you being you? But you say it’s only a fictional character….so, let’s just flip the race, sexual orientation, et of any non-white character and see if you approve. Blade? White guy. Storm? Gay Irishman with a beard. Spawn? He was Latino the whole time. And a transsexual. The
    Falcon? That’s Captain America’s blonde, lesbian midget friend. Those who are all for this race-bending of white characters into others races are the same who would call it racist if you turned a minority character into another race. They say the race of those characters is integral to them, yet not for any white character.. And that itself is racist. How can you not see this?

  • newjerseykills

    Trank said this synopsis is completely wrong.

  • Chris DePoy

    yeah, because Chris Evans and Jessica Alba obviously had a unsuccessful career because of their venture into the Fantastic Four.

  • Patrick Husser

    here the thing brian its not a “misstep” from marvel it would be a mistake from FOX,

  • Perry Constantine

    Josh Trank, the director, just debunked all this as BS:

  • Melwing

    You just made a bunch of racist statements and then summed it up with ‘Racism has NOTHING to do with it!’.

    Not judging, agreeing, or disagreeing; I’m just pointing that out.

  • Roger Grant

    Aren’t you all the same people who complained that you had to watch Spider-Man’s origin a second time in The Amazing Spider-Man? Is it REALLY that important to see them bombarded with cosmic rays? YOU’VE SEEN IT, it isn’t going to look any cooler or truer to the comics than the first movie. Not enough to justify telling the same origin story over again. Jesus.

    And wishing the rights to FF reverted back to Marvel — WHY? ‘Cause The Avengers was so good? (I’m talking quality, not financial success). I wanted to love Captain America, but the director did such a bad job. Iron Man 2 was a turd. C’mon, people. Perspective.

  • Guest

    So, your point is…… I HAVE OPINIONS AND YOU DO TOO!!1 RAWR!!11!, basically?

  • Roger Grant

    My point is: if the story synopsis with the revised origin story is true, this could still be an awesome FF movie, so people should not be so quick to skewer it or wish it was in Marvel’s hands. Although I think that was all pretty clear in my first post.

  • RY33

    When people ask why I don’t see as many movies as I used to this is why. Hollywood couldn’t create an original property if their goddamned lived depended on it but they think they can show everyone how to do characters that have been around for 50 years right. Fuck you Hollywood.

  • Brian H

    They may as well hire a Hispanic woman to play Sue Storm while they are at it.

  • Bradley J. Timm

    This seriously makes me want to cry, I’m a grown ass man and I am gonna cry.

  • Oerwinde

    The Marvel Studios movies are still done by Marvel Studios, they’re just distributed and marketed by Disney. Thats something DC needs to think about doing. Start their own studio so they can call the shots on their movies and just have it distributed/marketed by WB.

  • Zoid Fery
  • tenshi yuki

    Well the answer is simple, the comic book audience doesn’t support minority lead books, as such the amount of story telling material is miniscule in comparison to their white counterparts because their books are constantly cancelled. Look at your list, out of all the characters you named, the only one that has a solo somewhat successful book is miles. Black Panther is in New Avengers and the remaining characters are in limbo. The studios at marvel do not want to make a storyline entirely from scratch. They want to take an establish plot and twist it to fit moviegoers, and the amount of storylines for the characters you mention are too small for consideration. In the end, until things changes in the comic book reading demographic which I highly doubt it, than movie studios will continue to twist the products of comics to fit the modern audience, something comics is far behind with. Which in a way makes sense seeing as 90% of the reading comic audience is over 28 years old white males.

  • tenshi yuki

    LOL, dude just stop, your response is all types of wrong.
    1) Kingpin was given the same amount of flack as the other characters you mention. While you may not have had a problem with Kingpin, he still had a major backlash upon casting by the comic book audience, even though the general audience didn’t care.
    2) Stop talking about miles, as it’s clearly evident you haven’t picked up a miles morales spider man book. If you had, you would know miles was bit by a spider, just like peter. So no, people had a problem with miles because he was black. Period.
    In the end, many within the comic book audience won’t understand the need to diversify, afterall, the comic book audience is over 90% white males, there’s no reason to change what isn’t broken in many eyes. But the movie audience is much more diverse than it comic book counterpart, and the 1960’s approach that comics are stuck with won’t fly in the movies.

  • Tommy Rankin

    Oh wait…

  • Tommy Rankin

    Minor changes like Spider-man being bitten by genespliced superspider instead of radioactive one or tying Doom’s origin together with FF’s were actually pretty good in my mind but changing the whole origin this much is kind of annoying… What’s the point? And changes like turning Kingpin, Perry White and Nick Fury black were also succesful as it fit without completely altering everything but if they change Johnny black then it alters the whole dynamic of FF by having to make Sue and Johnny either adopted siblings or both black. These changes seem stupid and I’m not even much of a FF fan.
    Why fix it if it’s not broken? Why even use the whole FF name if your not really interested in making a movie about them?! But then again this is Fox we’re talking about… They have no clue about anything when it comes to turning comic book properties into movies

  • blurghs

    I wasn’t commenting on the racial aspect, only the fact that Michael B. Jordan isn’t a slouch. On that, though, you’re assuming that it’s a political or racial statement, not one based on either the actor’s ability or a broader demographic appeal.

    And to be frank, race isn’t intrinsic to the Storm characters. And the last two Fantastic Four movies haven’t worked — for a litany of reasons, sure — but movie-making is not comic-making. Devotion to canon won’t drive droves of bodies to theater seats; better talent and a broader audience appeal might.

  • Tommy Rankin

    Yep, I’ve always seen that token black character as kind of racist in itself if I’m being honest…

  • Jay042

    I still say the Thing needs to be CGI and be voiced by John Goodman, I can’t think of any other actor who can sat “IT’S CLOBBERIN’ TIME!” with the appropriate gusto.

  • DatHomieSilverSurfer

    lolz dude the ultimate universe has actually been having solid stories again (other than ultimate spider-man, which has always been solid) People forget that the ultimate universe helped bring marvel back, with some of the top sales for a few years, and helped put bendis on the map, leading to his Avengers revamp and striking more creativity into the 616.
    Post-Cataclysm also looks interesting, and it allows for actual character development in that Universe.

  • DatHomieSilverSurfer

    the first two movies were almost nothing like UFF

  • Brian H

    Or they could have different mothers.

  • DatHomieSilverSurfer

    such a bizarre response man, it changes nothing if Johnny and Sue are black, they just have to be attractive haha T’Challa and his entire character is based around his heritage and ancestory. Thing would also be a mistake as he has a developed jewish background. Sue, Reed, and Johnny…doesn’t matter at all

  • DatHomieSilverSurfer

    I love seeing everyone get so upset….It’s not like any of the other superhero films have been totally accurate in their characters origins. No Donald Blake finding Thor’s hammer/stick and fighting the Stone People? Very different portrayal of Tony Starks personality in Iron Man? No 05 X-Men in X-men? Guardians of the Galaxy looks like it is played very loose from either the 60s-90s team or the DnA team.

    They have all been mostly a pastiche of Ultimate Universe trappings with 616 mood/atmosphere. As long as they give their characters the correct powers and personalities that define them then I’ll be ok. Genius, absentminded Reed that truly loves Sue. A hot-headed, celebrity type character for JohnnY with more depth than meet the eye. The Thing with his blue eyes and Big Heart. And a Sue that is devoted to herfriends and protecting it at all costs.

    Also, they have A LOT of time to mess around with the movie, that synopsis is hardly final.

  • meta

    It seems a reasonable recipe to follow considering the combined successes of movies based on Ultimate universe marvel books, movies based on Mark Miller books and movies inspired by Warren Ellis books.

  • meta

    If Marvel (the company) could be said to have made any ‘misstep’ in relation to this film it would have to have been in their sale of the licence in the past, before the earlier films were made.

    Without the early sale of movie properties they may not have had the impetus, or cash, to develop their own movies. They may even have gone bankrupt.

    I’m sure if they had any choice in the matter they would try to get the rights back as a Marvel studios helmed FF film would have a lot of potential.

    As for Johnny Storm, a ‘blonde, blue eyed NASCAR fan’ isn’t an easy sell internationally during a recession. Michael B Jordan would be ideal casting for a slightly less rich-boy-entitled version of the character.

  • LightningBug

    I love how many people here talk about licensing rights, terms, and conditions with authority as if they’d read the contracts themselves. The likelihood that anyone on this site actually knows a single relevant thing about these licenses is minuscule. Also, Josh Trank’s twitter account is denying these rumors. Who knows if its a genuine twitter account, but hopefully it is…

  • LightningBug

    @Brian From Canada
    I love how you lead with “comic book fans aren’t backwards” and then say crazy backwards things. Perry white was an insult? Casting a veteran actor, esteemed by his peers and audiences alike, is an insult to the character? Ok… Also, who is to say that Johnny Storm’s casting is to “fit diversity” (whatever that even means)? Perhaps Michael B. Jordan just had the best audition, and has a really great take on the character. As for Heimdall, MCU norse gods are aliens. As far as I’m concerned it wouldn’t be inconsistent if they decided to make them purple. And besides, Idris Elba is one of the most badass and awesome talents out there. Quit being so backward.

  • metama

    Isn’t Banshee an Irish Male version of storm? Loki was a woman in the comics at the time of the first Thor film and a child when the Avengers came out. People seemed fine with it.
    Theres a lack of significant black characters in he marvel universe, partly because it relies on properties invented in the 60s that used space aliens and blue skinned mutants to explore race. Attempts were made to introduce a wider range of characters later but only a few have the same level of intellectual property value as those from the beginning. Since the one line description of JS would be ‘he’s sue’s sister and he goes on fire sometimes’ it wouldn’t compromise the story to change his race. You couldn’t change Thor being a viking, captain america’s being a soldier, Peter Parker being raised without parents or The Black Panther’s race as they are integral to the story. You could do the same for Falcon, though you would loose some of the character in doing so, but you’d still have the basic story of ‘a flying man who pals around with captain america sometimes’. The reason no-one would is that there’s is no motivating reason to. There are already plenty of white characters, too many for a film set in modern new york with a population less than 50% white.

  • LightningBug

    So you’ve read the script? which “hip-hop slangs” can we expect him to be speaking when he’s being extra cocky simply as a function of being black? Go ahead and call you a racist? I don’t know you, but you sure can post like one.

  • LightningBug

    The horrible plot revisions, or the unabashed, and totally unselfconscious racism all over this page?

  • out_of_exile

    lol… what does johnny storm being a blonde, blue-eyed white dude add to his character? nothing. the integral parts of his character are: youthful, jock, confident, smart-ass who can transform into a being of fire. that’s all that is essential to his character.

  • TheDon

    Banshee was around for several years before storm cam into the books.

  • Jenevieve DeFer

    WTF, they take established relationships and toss them out the window for some stupid reason. The nicest part of the Ultimate FF was that Susan Storm was revealed to be just as smart as Reed. That they were working together as part of a thinktank. Sue has a Brother Johnny who is the typical late teen- twenty something male. All about getting women. Ben is Reed’s Roommate from college. Fox has no fracking clue what they are doing. They are going to make another crappy FF film and then blame the property when it underperforms, and not their shitty decisions and changes to the IP. Idiots.

  • Jenevieve DeFer

    Loki was originally a White guy. Most casual fans know him as a white guy. The Current incarnations of Teen Girl wouldn’t make sense to the current audience. Also Banshee is NOT an irish male version of Storm. Storm’s powers are actually closer to Thor’s. except for the Belt of Strength and Huge Hammer
    I wouldn’t mind the Race Change thing as long as him and Sue are blood siblings. Heck Reed falling in love with an African-American woman would make a big statement. esp If it was done without making a huge deal out of their Racial differences. I am mostly annoyed that they have decided to ditch all of the established friendships etc for something that makes no sense. I love that the FF are a group of friends that gain powers and then go to live together and fight crime together. That group/family feel is what makes the FF so special and so different from any other supergroup in Comics.

  • Craig Miller

    there is something to be said for source material, and to racially alter a prominent character in a storied franchise to draw a crowd is very wrong . the point of not enough racially diverse heroes / villains in comics is true. The ’70s bred some heroes / villains that made it through but not enough to matter. I guess my point is turning Johnny Storm black , is as correct as making Captain America Asian, or The Red Skull a Jew. Why change these things…it is silly.

  • Spacedog2k5

    This is not meant to be a racist or racially-inspired remark, but I think what I’ve just read here is a bad idea. Instead of rebooting characters, changing their ethnic origins, why not create original ethnic characters? Hell, I would far more apt to want to see that then a multi-colored FF on the big screen. Maybe next one we can get from Marvel is a hispanic, transgendered Punisher! :S

  • Kevin Cline

    …….It’s not been called “Official” but it has a Theatrical Release date?

  • Slartibartfatsdomino

    Exactly! It’s amazing to me that they are scrapping the entire emotional dynamic of what makes the FF the FF and all a bunch of I’m-not-racist-but people can complain about is that they are making Johnny Storm black.

  • StaticShox480

    Very true. The same thing can be said when I hear women complaining about their lack of prominent characters, I was hoping DC Comics’ New 52 would prove a good move when Static Shock came out since he’s one of my all time favorite characters. Too bad it got cancelled after 8 issues to make way for bullshit titles. Well at last some of them are getting attention on team related titles. White Tiger and Luke Cage even get a little exposure in Ultimate Spider-Man. Still don’t want them to change Johnny Storm’s skin color. As much as I want a little more equality, I wanna keep history intact.

  • DaveACIM

    how about….sticking to the original FF story!!! which made them one of
    the top superhero comics of the last 50 years!! (and the most racially progressive, incl introducing the first black superhero, named Black Panther no less)…how about…sticking to
    the original characters, some of the most iconic and well loved of all
    comic history instead of ridiculous and insulting pandering to PC thinking? (they are basically an all white family, btw) — just a thought–oh, and have the real Dr Doom (the one
    Darth Vader was based on, scary as sh*t, ruler of a country, super-genius, mad as a hatter, hates Reed from college, egomaniac), and how about the Black Panther, too, if we want to really look at a great and organically “black” character–and a King, too, for that matter??? please do
    this right–oh, and Miles Teller is NOT Mr Fantastic–Mr F is more like a classic leading man–hoping Trank reads read the FF books
    that made them great–the Lee Kirby ones, issues 30ish -80ish—maybe
    the best 50 comic run in history–I would so love it if they got this right–oh, the John Byrne story where they are all kept in Latveria, with amnesia, would be a great one–

  • DaveACIM

    thank God Disney and Marvel are making good Marvel films, so Fox and this mess is not all there is–at least there is hope, they have re-signed Singer to fix the mess they made of the X – films–hoping Millar knows what he is doing here

  • chien_clean

    It’s the foolish Hollywood Exec. saving their ass to make people think they are multicultural.

  • The Dread Pirate Steve #812

    Seriously? The sales of the best selling comic wouldn’t account for an hour’s sales of the worst viewed theatrical release of the year…

  • Tommy Rankin

    If they want to make so many changes to fundamental basics of FF then why do they even bother making it an FF movie? Why not just make an entire movie from scratch if that’s what they want to do anyways?

  • Tommy Rankin

    It’s not necessarily about being a bigot, it’s just that some changes are stupid!
    Alicia being black in previous FF movies was just fine
    Nick Fury worked as a black guy because UU version is black and he’s played by Samuel Motherf*ucking Jackson and nobody could fit that role as well as he did
    Kingpin was originally in comics supposed to be black and besides Duncan was just perfect for that role
    Perry White being black was fine and Fishburne is a great actor
    Heimdall was just fine. Of course it did feel weird that one of Scandinavian gods was suddenly black while all the others are white (except for a single asian guy). But it was whatever and I was fine with it even if it was kind of weird.
    But changing Johnny Storm would change too much. He’s not a supporting character. He’s also one of four main characters who have always been white in every incarnation. And there are many actors who could fit that role who match the character more closely in looks so it’s not that. It feels weird and I personally dislike the whole token black character because it’s actually just as racist in its own way and with all these other apparent changes it looks like Fox isn’t even interested in making a movie about FF really so they’re changing everything

  • Melwing

    $179 million worldwide.

  • out_of_exile

    76 million dollars in foreign markets. which the studio has to cut a lot of middlemen in on. DD didn’t do “quite well financially.”

  • Melwing

    I didn’t say it did. I said that you only quoted the earnings in the US, which is hardly “how much it made”. :-)

  • Yvette aldaz

    How can I cast?