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Five Animated Team-Up Films Marvel Has to Make


On top of their massive movie output and their steadily increasing roster of television shows, Marvel’s also pushing their animated output into new territory. Following the release of Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United and the announcement of Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher, it looks like Marvel’s animation department shows no sign of slowing down. The recently announced Black Widow & Punisher even demonstrates that no character is off limits when it comes to this line of animated films; high-profile Avengers can team up with grim-and-gritty comic book heroes.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with five more pairings that we want to see brought to life via Marvel Animation!

Avengers Prime

Since coordinating Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Hemsworth’s jam-packed schedules for a live-action team-up film would be nearly impossible task, Marvel Animation should take on the challenge and give fans a version of this Cap/Thor/Iron Man adventure. This limited series from 2010 by Brian Michael Bendis and Alan Davis took Captain America and Iron Man on a trip to their old buddy Thor’s homeland, Asgard. This epic adventure pulled the Avengers’ powerful trinity closer together than ever, as they went up against Hela and her deathly forces.

Captain Marvel & Spider-Woman


The Carol Corps – and pretty much every Marvel fan – wants more Carol Danvers. While rumors of a solo film constantly run amok online, the Black Widow & Punisher trailer shows that she will appear in the animated movie. With a precedent for animated inclusion set, it would make sense for Marvel Animated to have her co-headline a feature alongside her frequent partner-in-dinosaur-punching, Spider-Woman. And while we’re not exactly sure where Jessica Drew’s live-action film rights lie since Sony owns Spider-Man’s, Marvel has retained animated rights to all of its characters, meaning that animation may be the perfect place for Spider-Woman to fly high.



Of all the big screen Avengers, ol’ Clint Barton’s gotten the least amount of screen time, causing many casual observers to dub Hawkeye the least important Avenger. Marvel Animated should fix this problem of prominence by putting the Avenging archer front and center in his own film, and there’s no better status quo to animate than the one currently set up in Matt Fraction and David Aja’s Hawkeye. Portray Clint as the wise-cracking and down-on-his-luck protector of his Brooklyn apartment building, fending it off from heavily armed and tracksuit wearing gangsters. This being a team-up movie, the film would have to include his co-star in the comics, the fiercely independent and rebellious Kate Bishop.

Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine


Due to head-scratching complicated legal issues, characters like Spider-Man and Wolverine will not be able to appear in Marvel Studios live-action films for the foreseeable future. But Marvel fans should not fear, for the characters are fair game when it comes to animation. With that being the case, Marvel Animation should turn their sites towards this pairing – and hopefully this specific limited series by Jason Aaron and Adam Kubert. The wall-crawler and claw-slasher team up to stop a bank heist only to be pulled through the far reaches of time. Sure they have to fight off some bad guys, but the real conflict takes place between these two polar-opposite heroes.

Hill & Fury


The opening act of Marvel’s The Avengers only hinted at the totally bad-ass depths contained within S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Maria Hill. Fans of Marvel’s superspy organization would flip out over an animated feature devoted to Hill and Director Nick Fury, one that could play with a lot more of the high concept Jack Kirby and Jim Steranko creations that are hard to pull off on live-action projects. Maria Hill’s early days with the organization would make great fodder for an animated film, perhaps if they focused on the mission that cemented her as Nick Fury’s right-hand agent.


  • Joey

    Avengers Prime would make an INCREDIBLE live-action movie. It’s a shame, really.
    The rest sound great though! And I would be totally happy with an episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. with Maria and Nick. That would be great!

  • Derek Metaltron

    Doctor Doom and Doctor Strange, just in time for his live action movie, an adaption of that storyline where Victor, recognising Stephen is ‘as good’ a sorceror as he is, enlists his help to take on Mephisto and redeem his mother’s soul.
    Alternatively, an collection of short adaptions of the various A + X team ups would be awesome, especially the Iron Man and Kitty Pryde, Captain Marvel and Wolverine, Thor and Iceman, Black Widow and Rogue, Hawkeye and Gambit or Spider-Man and Beast ones.

  • Lyle

    What? No Power Man and Iron Fist?

  • Max Steel

    What about Ghost Riders (Blaze & Ketch)?,it would be the ultimate badass movie!

  • Brian White

    I agree and since these three are already established it would be feasible, but live action takes too much resource and backing

  • Thedude3445

    Woah I forgot about Avengers Prime. That was a great series, especially coming directly after Siege like that. Maybe eventually we’ll get to Avengers 7 or something and it’ll be Dark Reign and Siege and we’ll get an Avengers Prime movie in 2028 :P

  • Jeff

    What I would really love to see Marvel animated tackle is FAITHFUL adaptations of major storylines. For instance with Avengers you have The Kree-Skrull War, the Celestial Madonna, The Serpent Crown, The Korvac Saga, The Siege on the Mansion, Assault on Olympus, etc. all begging for adaptations.

    Iron Man Armor Wars. The Captain America Secret Empire storyline, like 30 Lee/Kirby or Simonson Thor stories, not to mention The Eternals Saga.

    Obviously on the X-Men side the original Xavier’s Nightmare/Phoenix Saga, the World Tour, the Dark Phoenix Saga, DoFP and the 80s crossovers …

    And of course Spidey. Doc Ock wins would be brutal in animated form and the Lifeline Tablet would be cool, but what about a truly faithful adaptation with Gwen’s death, starting with Peter’s trip to Canada and Harry’s relapse, causing Norman to become the Goblin again and ending with the Goblin’s death (not to mention Conway’s Clone Saga and Harry’s first time out as the GG, Wein’s GG story, the original Stern Hobgoblin stuff, the Alien Costume Saga, the DeFalco “Flash accused of being Hobgoblin” stuff and of course, Kraven’s Last Hunt.

    Wouldn’t you guys just love to see some Marvel animated flicks that stayed close to the source material?

  • Kenozoic

    The next cartoon series (or an ongoing animated movie series) should just be called “Marvel Team-Up”.

    Problem solved!


    We’ll get to see 2/3 of Avengers Prime this year in Iron Man & Captain America: Heroes United. It’s a sequel to Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United, if they continue the series they might come up with a Avengers Prime Animated film.

    Not overly anxious to see another Wolverine/Spider-Man tho. We’ve seen a lot of team ups recently featuring both heroes. Ultimate Spider Man episodes Freaky & Game Over. The Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes episodes New Avengers & Avengers Assemble.

    Love the idea of Hawkeye being the main focus of a animated movie, since he didn’t get a lot of exposure in the Live Action Film, On the animation front tho, hes gotten a lot of exposure in recent years. Including: Iron Man: Rise of the Technovore. Avengers Assemble, Ultimate Spider Man, The Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes, Iron Man Armored Adventures, Avengers United They Stand.

    Haven’t seen Jessica Drew’s Spider Woman on tv for years, itd be a nice change to see a movie/series which the main focus is women.

    Couldn’t care less about a Nicky Fury & Maria Hill Movie tbh. Can’t avoid SHIELD if u tried.

  • Shudddap

    Some of us don’t watch cartoons that play on the Disney channel… So it would be nice to see some of these characters portrayed in a manner more suitable for someone who isn’t 8 years old.

  • The Spider Wasp

    Two Words:

    Secret Wars

  • Guest

    I’m disappointed there’s no Avengers vs. X-Men here. Not that I’m dying to see it, but it seems like an obvious production on the part of Marvel, given both movie franchises and the A v. X comic event.

  • Guest

    I’d bet you could get Jeremy Renner to voice Hawkeye in an animated flick.

  • Derek Metaltron

    Thing is that Iron Man/Hulk wasn’t all that well received and the animation style was pretty bad. The Marvel Anime films with Iron Man and Black Widow/Punisher seemed better to me. I would honestly love it if Marvel goes back to making animated movies similar to what Warner has done with DC via Flashpoint, Dark Knight Returns and Superman Unbound. An adaption of a big Marvel event of a arc of an ongoing would be nice. Someone suggested Secret Wars, that would be amazing!

  • Nelson

    Get Troy Baker (Voice of Clint Barton in various Marvel cartoons and video games) and Ashley Johnson (The waitress from 2012 Avengers film) to voice Clint Barton and Kate Bishop in the Hawkeyes movie because it would be great to see a reunion of The Last of Us!

  • Man King

    Marvel doesn’t know how to make animated films anymore, after lions gate expired.

  • Tiago Andrade

    Iron Fist and Doop is perfect for a short. Silly fun and action-packed.

  • Kyle Rayner

    Won’t probably be necessary because of the Netflix deal.

  • David Young

    With Sif guest starring on A.o.S., I’m hoping to see her and May size each other up a bit, which leads me to thinking that Sif and Black Widow might make an interesting team up for some type of Earth-bound adventure. Their skill sets would be nicely complimentary. (And with Sif recently losing her slot in Journey Into Mystery [bastards!] she’d obviously be free.) Yeah, yeah…shutup…just go with it.

  • O.T.O

    Cable and Deadpool.

  • The Mithril Guardian

    I would DEFINITELY like to see a Hawkeye movie – but I would rather it featured Hawkeye and Mockingbird rather than Hawkeye and Kate Bishop. Kate’s an interesting character, but I think Mockingbird has always been Hawkeye’s match in terms of combat skills and whiplash barbs. That could be a good movie, whether it was animated or live action.

    As for the other suggested team ups – I DO like the idea of a Sif/Black Widow team up. I couldn’t care less about a Fury/Hill film team up; I’m not a big fan of either character. Spidey and Wolvie have both teamed up several times already – but a Cap and Wolverine team up would be interesting. I have no idea what Avengers Prime is/was about, but I think the current Avengers live action franchise is working just fine. It will work better if Hawkeye can get a little more screen time, but that’s up to Joss Whedon.

    On the whole, I vote for a Hawkeye movie. I would prefer that such a movie featured Mockingbird as his co-star, but beggars can’t be choosers. Whether it was an animated or live action film is inconsequential – as long as he got good, decent screen time that didn’t turn his character inside out, I would be happy.

    The Mithril Guardian


  • penguintruth

    If DC can (somewhat) do it, I don’t see why Marvel can’t try.

  • Derek Metaltron

    Yeah I missed those traditional animated films, after we got Planet Hulk I was sure that there might be ones for Civil War, World War Hulk or Siege but no such luck.

  • Dre Day

    Rogue and Carol Danvers.

  • Robert Barton

    Still waiting for an animated Deadpool movie

  • GurtX

    it will all be crap cgi