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‘Snow White’ Director Helming ‘Ghost in the Shell’

ghost in the shell

DreamWorks is finally moving ahead with its adaptation of Masamune Shirow’s manga turned anime Ghost in the Shell. After years of hanging out in development limbo, the film is moving forward the addition of Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders.

According to Deadline, Sanders will work with a script written by William Wheeler (The Reluctant Fundamentalist, The Cape). The story revolves around Public Security Section 9 members who deal with cyber crimes in a future where people have various levels of connectivity with machines ranging from basic interfaces to full brain replacements.

Ghost in the Shell debuted in 1989 as a serialized manga before growing into a full-fledged media franchise, reaching into television, film, video games and prose. DreamWorks acquired the film rights in 2008.


  • Alex W

    anticipation shattered

  • Statham

    Guy gets to have an affair with an actress with an already unfairly bad reputation, she takes the blame and no-one really hires her any more. He gets to adapt one of the best serials/tv shows of all time. I don’t really rate the original movie at all – they should adapt Stand Alone Complex.

  • Daniel Alaniz

    Well. Stand Alone Complex is an excellent series. That much can be said. I really do think that the adaptation of the 1997 animated thriller should by all means have a justified live action counterpart by now, I own the 1997 animated film and watch it often. It really is at the top of my list for cyber punk anime. All of the effort and labor that was put into making it, really is mind boggling. There are so many other movies and series that owe their entire existence to some of the technologies that were first developed and used for Ghost in the Shell. It really is one of the greatest anime films of all time. Despite being made around ten years after? AKIRA is in the same category of anime. Attention to detail and a lot of other elements make the connection for me. It just seems that Mamoru Oshii knew exactly what he was doing from the start. He tried to emulate in the ways that really mattered, without overdoing any of the stories elements that would have just clouded the overall feel. It’s an unusual combo, for an animated movie to visually enthrall to such a degree. As well as provoke some real thought. What I like most about the movie? Is that it takes place in a POSSIBLE future. That’s really what I think makes it so special. What will also have it remain for some time.

  • Statham

    I just think the two movies should stay what they are. They’re stunning animated movies and I just don’t think it’d be necessary or possible to recreate what they do. I love SAC, on the other hand – more than the films – because it has a lot in common with the original manga and because of the approach. You could make a great, different kind of police procedural show out of SAC, live action.

  • K52LT

    For the love of humanity, please fine a REAL director for this potential masterpiece. It is an epic animated series and deserves at least a chance to be the same as a live action movie.

  • Scott Gregson

    Please PLEASE don’t get Kristen Stewart to be in this. PLEASE.I’ll even see it in 3D. Just for the love of whoever you hold to be holy, DO NOT LET HER NEAR THIS MOVIE! *dies a little inside*

  • Alex W

    Well I don’t think you have much to worry about there. After the big affair I doubt they’ll be working together again for a while. Nonetheless, they still picked a horrible director and from what I’ve seen on imdb the screenwriter isn’t particularly impressive either. Looks like another great franchise is about to be dumbed down and ruined for my retarded generation.