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M. Night Shyamalan, Bruce Willis to Reteam For ‘Labor of Love’


M. Night Shyamalan is kicking it old school with his next project, Labor of Love. Not only was this one of the first scripts he ever sold but, according to Deadline, the filmmaker is also looking to reteam with his Sixth Sense and Unbreakable star Bruce Willis.

Shyamalan actually sold the Labor of Love script to Fox in 1993, but it didn’t get made because he wanted to direct the feature.

Willis will play a man who decides to walk across the country after losing his love. Feeling guilty about not being affectionate enough while she was alive, he uses this journey from Philadelphia to Pacifica, California, as a way to prove his love for her posthumously.


  • BoilingMan

    When is Hollywood going to wake up and realize that this dude is a one hit wonder…

  • Guest

    NEVER. Because he’s NOT a one-hit-wonder.

    M. Night has written and/or directed at least SEVEN SUCCESSES—EIGHT if we believe his claim of writing She’s All That—No matter what bad movie he makes, doesn’t change the fact that he’s made good-to-excellent movies. We fans respect him because we acknowledge his great movies. His good-to-excellent movies will never be erased from existence, and no amount of bad movies will take away the brilliant potential he’s already proven himself to be capable of. The Sixth Sense alone is enough to earn my respect. Thankfully that’s NOT THE ONLY great movie he’s made.

    I look forward to any more movies made by M. Night. He’s the best.