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‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Image Teases Pint-Sized Scarlet Witch

x-men days of future past empire quicksilver scarlet witch

Empire still has a few more morsels from director Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past. Flickering Myth has scans of several images from the magazine, but these two are certainly the most intriguing: Above you can see Quicksilver (American Horror Story star Evan Peters) and, we assume, his sister Wanda, and below Fan Bingbing as Blink. Both characters scored their own covers of the U.K. magazine.

Opening May 23, the Fox sequel also stars James McAvoy,Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Halle Berry, Peter Dinklage, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore, Daniel Cudmore, Lucas Till, Omar Sy, Booboo Stewart, Adan Canto and Josh Helman.

x-men days of future past empire blink


  • BeastieRunner

    Quicksilver looks really … odd. Fan Bingbing as Blink is fantastic, though. I never thought I’d see Blink in a movie, let’s hope her appearance is not like her name.

  • uatu13

    They look like bad cosplay costumes.

  • Tue Sorensen

    The essence of Quicksilver is to be HAUGHTY. This guy is nothing remotely like that. He looks like a typical clueless high schooler who dreams of growing up to be a DJ.

  • Colossal_X-fan

    NonononoNNNOOO!!! They’re supposed to be TWINS!!! oh god…I’m gonna be sick… interest waning…

  • unpaidpundit

    This will certainly confuse non-comic fans if they see Pietro and Wanda as twins in Avengers 2.

  • Darrell

    My interest waned the moment they announced that they were trying to bridge the two movies. I liked First Class a LOT more than I thought I would, whereas the third X-men film left an incredibly bad taste in my mouth and turned me off of that vision of the X-men. Now this movie, which OF COURSE focuses on Wolverine AGAIN, looks to be growing into a gigantic bloated mess.
    (And yet they still can’t seem to find a way to shoehorn in Psylocke and do her RIGHT this time …)

  • demoncat_4

    quicksilver looks like they are going with the young version and guess like marvel fox even just as a cameo as part of flashback for qucksilvers part in days of future past. looks like they are using wanda too before she becomes scarlet witch

  • Alex Hayden

    Quicksilver looks more awful in every picture released.

  • AJ

    Just embarrassing.

  • Justinius Phoenix

    Perhaps its not The Scarelet Witch, perhaps its his younger sister Polaris

  • Garrettsgonewild

    Maybe he has some weird aging since he is a speedster? Like that’s why he looks like really young and lame?

  • hacman00

    Fox who try to distance themselves from comics as much as possible will call him Pietro and Wanda. Disney/Marvel will call them Quicksilver and Scarlet With. Problem solved.

  • fasdfasd

    i thought she was being held by her mom, this quicksilver sucks big ass.

  • bieler

    Polaris has green hair.

  • akachris

    it would like of make some sense if Quicksilver/Pietro was physically older [accelerated aging] due to his superspeed abilities.

  • James Penny

    I’m probably biased as Psylocke is one of my favorite characters in the comics, but how they brought her character into the movies has made Ratner unforgivable in my eyes.

  • James Penny

    Agreed on Blink. That is how you bring a comic character to life. I thought the skin tone would be an issue but it’s extremely light and heck I may even be imagining it….very well done on that design Fox.

  • Torrey Davon Green

    Blink’s eye look so fake and ridiculous! The more pictues I see, the worse I feel about this movie. Everything looks cheap!

  • alistaircrane

    I am so excited for this movie! It will be nice to see the ORIGINAL X-Men cast back again. I didn’t care for First Class. Excited for Bryan Singer’s return!

  • Voice of Reason

    Like DC’s Impulse.

  • Teytey

    yes because they tend to keep weird hair colors… couldn’t even keep white hair for Pietro and they turned it gray…

  • Billy’s Kingdom

    Without incurring any rage, isn’t that sort of the point? I get that everyone’s mad about the costume, but isn’t Quicksilver supposed to be a massive prick? He definitely looks like one in the pictures.

  • Bobby Denim

    i was just thinking the same thing!

  • Ben Peterson-Stevens

    I know right! I just want them in one film only! and personally, I want them in X-Men..

  • penguintruth

    Let’s hope it’s not Ultimate Quicksilver and Ultimate Scarlet Witch.

    Boy would that be an awkward theater experience.

  • ItsAnt

    Because I respect the source material and know that Pietro & Wanda are twins, I’m just going to assume that he/s babysitting until I see the actual movie!

  • Living Silver

    I suspect they’re not even going to make him Magneto’s son.

  • Living Silver

    Too late. He’s already introduced as “Quicksilver” on the front of Empire Magazine’s cover.

  • Living Silver

    Technically the x-gene doesn’t express itself until puberty. Maybe Polaris’ hair didn’t get green until puberty.

  • Living Silver

    Interesting idea. Although, I don’t think I would care much for a bratty 4 year old Pietro.

  • Living Silver

    Leave Blink alone: she’s the one new costume design that’s true to the character/comic.

  • Torrey Davon Green

    Maybe, but the eyes still look awful. They are supposed to glow green, the entire eye, Like Cyclops’s eyes glow red. She should not be wearing poorly made, cheap looking green contact lenses. It just looks silly! I would have preferred her natural eye color.

  • Living Silver

    Eyes with no pupils are spooky on screen, and even when they’ve been used in the past, they’re not used all the time (e.g. Storm). I’m impressed that they got the green eyes part correct!

    Don’t be one of rigid comic geeks that the rest of the world mocks because they expect the movie to be exactly like the comics.

  • Justinius Phoenix

    Or could have been that Polaris just liked to dye her hair lmao, Dont think it was ever said that her hair color was tied to her powers… lol And this wouldnt be the first time this series took liberties with characters appearances

  • SmokingFrog77

    Don’t forget though, that the third movie was turdinated by The Bratner, Singer didn’t direct. But he did produce First Class. As far as I’m concerned we’ve had three X-Men movies and one Wolverine spin-off; this is the next chapter leading on from the good, or at least halfway-decent X-films. As for them not being twins, I must admit I had the same reaction when I saw the pic, but then I thought, “Does it matter if they’re not?”

  • Torrey Davon Green

    I don’t expect the movie to be anything like the comics actually. What I expect is if billions of dollars are being spent on costumes and special effects, that they not look cheap and fake, as these do.

  • PretenderNx01

    But he looks…slow. Quicksilver isn’t any kind of slow.

  • PretenderNx01

    They could add some sort of glowing effect, these look like set photos so there could be some lighting and color adjustment in post-production. Or not, I don’t know.

  • PretenderNx01

    I’m still going to see it and am over-all looking forward to it (but Quicksilver is not my favorite design choice they’ve made)

  • Godabed

    No, i am going to say No to all of this..

    Even though Bryan Singer didn’t direct or write in the third one, the writers from the previous movies did write it. So you can’t use it as an excuse. Bratner was just continuing the garbage that was in the sequence it was done.

    And None of the x-men movies have been good. I think people need to get over the hype of seeing the characters in a live action film. The first three movies were more about Wolverine than they were about the X-men. Killing of Professor X and Scott in the continuum, then bringing them both back in Wolverine: origin along with emma, then Putting Wolverine in the same time line as first class makes no sense at all!!!

    Emma was in her late 20’s and Cyclops didn’t exist. They changed a lot of things they didn’t need to, Putting Sebastian Shaw in a nazi war camp with Magento… really, while taking the scene from the first x-men movie frame for frame… come on!

    And Quicksilver doesn’t have accelerated aging… if he did he would literally have no way of stopping it from aging… that was never part of his powerset, you just need to stop. They are twins, no matter how they try and spin this in DOFP it’s going to be stupid.

    Also i think Magneto would have known if he was James Bond, because that’s what hey made Fassbender out to be, an bond with magnetic powers. And Professor X isn’t bald… They simply need to give the rights back to Marvel and Fox needs to stop making these movies.

  • Godabed

    Thank God Marvel is putting them in their movies, because I’m sure Marvel will make sure their storylines make sense.

  • Godabed

    Only Magneto knew that Polaris was his daughter, Quicksilver and Wanda didn’t know that until much later

  • SmokingFrog77

    Magneto is Bond? Xavier isn’t bald? Not sure I’m following that last paragraph at all, and yes I know that accelerated aging isn’t part of Quicksilver’s powerset in the comics, I was speculating about the film, and yes I expect that if they did do something like that then it would be unstoppable. If you didn’t like any of the X-Men films then you’re probably not going to like this one, no matter what they do. And while I agree with you on the stupidity about Origins: Wolverine, why does it make no sense to show characters who died in X-Men 3 in a prequel, set many years before they died? X-Men 3 was a pile of shit, and was the first Wolverine ‘solo’ film.

  • Godabed

    No it wouldn’t because his powers don’t work like that. the only time his powerset was changed was after he lost his powers, and tried to get them back from the terrigan mist from the inhumans, and i am pretty sure that Fox doesn’t have the rights for that.

    Plus it would change his abilities so that quicksilver time travels and doesn’t have superspeed…. So no it wouldn’t make sense at all.

  • Godabed

    in x-men first class, which DOFP, will be in that universe. magneto was literally hunting down and killing nazi in a jame bondish way. The whole action scene with him in the bar with the knife… come on …

    Xavier was bald, in college and when he met Magneto.. Mcavoy won’t cut his hair for the part. But furthermore, in the flashback of Magneto and Charles going to recruit their first group of mutants and visiting jeans house both Charles and magneto were younger, and Charles was bald.

    If it were a prequel then that would make sense, but it does not fit with it’s own timeline and continuum at all. In the first x-men movie it was stated that Cyclops and Jean were among his first students, that is not the case here at all. It was also stated that Charles were old friends, but in first class they weren’t really friends at all. They were simply thrown together this mutant squad…

    No all of those movie were a pile of shit, because they were centered around Wolverine, and the other characters were not flushed out like they should have been.

    What i really can’t forgive Singer for, is he didn’t make Bobby Funny…. how the heck could you not make Bobby funny???

  • SmokingFrog77

    Well the over-focus on Wolverine is probably a valid criticism, but he’s the most popular character Marvel have, which is why he’s in so many comics now. I mean, Marvel themselves have probably been more guilty of overly focusing on Wolverine than the movies have been.

    But Magneto hunting down and killing Nazis – how is that James Bond-ish? It’s hardly a portrayal of one-man vigilante justice that is unique to the Bond movies, in fact it’s got less in common with the Bond films than with many other examples of someone out for revenge against people that wronged them, and hunting them down. Really it’s just the globetrotting and being set in the Cold War, i.e. the classic Bond Era, that creates any similarity.

    The fact that Xavier was bald when younger in the comics, and then wasn’t in First Class doesn’t really make a huge difference to anything as far as I’m concerned, so I don’t get why it’s important. The fact that First Class clashed with X-Men 3’s flashback, and with the first Wolverine film, was a great thing in my opinion; because it made it easier to dismiss those pieces of crap out of the timeline. I’m not a completist when it comes to the X-Men films, and given the vast gulf in quality between First Class, X-Men + X2, and Xmen 3 + Origins: Wolverine, I find it very easy and satisfying to pretend that latter 2 simply don’t exist. The Wolverine was ok, but it was so unrelated (aside from the Jean flashbacks and the after-credits scene) I really don’t consider it a part of the series.

    But “amongst the first students” doesn’t mean “They WERE the very first students”, and if you were meaning to comment about Charles and Eric being old friends, then I think that First Class did a very good job of portraying a tense but close bond between the two. But hey, whatever dude, if you didn’t like them you didn’t like them, taste is taste. And if conflict with the source material is enough to ruin it for you, then I most likely care less about the source material than you, and that’s cool too. I hope that one day someone makes an X-Men movie you do like, fans like you who didn’t like the existing films deserve to get some payoff eventually!

    Take it easy :)


    I thought the same thing. Why can’t they keep Bryan Singer away from Superhero movies?

  • akachris

    First, the movies have never followed the comic books exactly in terms of story, character or powers.

    I was suggesting a plausible scenario/explanation for age difference between Pietro/Quicksilver and child who is possibly Wanda/Scarlet Witch in the photo if they were still twins which other posters have agreed with or suggested themselves.

    And I don’t know how you made the jump from super-speed and accelerated physical aging to time travel. I never said or mentioned time travel. If you’re going to troll, be accurate about what you criticize.

  • Godabed

    source material, it’s conflicts with it’s own continuum. Could i literally nitpick the entirety of X-men apart, not even considering the comics or long running x-men cartoon… yeah i really could.

    The first four were suppose to be in the same timeline, however x-men first class was suppose to be a reboot of the franchise, now is being tied to the other movies. Which in itself make the series makes no sense at all.

    80’s 90’s, Wolverine was not in seemingly all comics, it was after the x-men movies that he became the face of the x-men. literally the 2000, when he was being pushed by Fox, he got his own animated tv show, which spun off into Wolverine and the X-men comics, arc and storylines in the 2000’s. So trying to state that Wolverine was the flag ship character for marvel because marvel pushed him is false, Marvel was simply capitalizing on the movie franchise that pushed Wolverine to the fore forth in it’s plots.

    Magneto wasn’t jetting setting around the world hunting down Nazi? Gathering intel before he was caught in the crossfire, and the whole stunt with him at the bank and the infiltration with the boat, wasn’t bond like… oh come on you are in denial. They painted magneto not as the intelligent scholar who battled wits with Charles and head of his field of magnetism but a counter nazi agent out for blood.

    I always find it interesting how people who blindly support the films can openly admit to disregarding what they know are things wrong with a film, so they can watch 2+ hours of mind numbing cgi. It’s people like you who are the reason they won’t stop making crappy movies, with under developed characters, and no real plot or sense for actual storytelling. This is why man of steel was what it was, garbage.

  • Godabed

    Also i would like to say that Marvel studios doesn’t seem to have a problem with connecting it’s continuum on multiple media fronts, and it’s coherent, and cohesive, and the stories and characters are entertaining, without being dumbed down and condescending to the audience, with great actions as well.

    Will you be seeing Winter Soldier?

  • SmokingFrog77

    Oh dude, you clearly don’t respect my opinion, because you’ve just turned to denigrating it and blaming “people like me” for the terrible state of the film industry. Somebody call the WAAAAAAAAMBULANCE!

    Wolverine was Marvel’s most popular character before the films, that’s why they focused the films on him and why the films did so well. It’s not like Fox forced Marvel to then put Wolverine in everything, they’re as guilty as Fax for milking the Wolverine love.

    Magneto WAS an intelligent scholar who battled wits with Charles, and he was clearly the “head of his field”, but he also started out as a young Jewish man who was out for Nazi blood as many were at the time. Try reading up what happened to Adolf Eichmann. Presumably you thought Spielberg’s Munich was a Bond ripoff too?

    Magneto’s experience of the Holocaust was also a central part of his character development, and the reason why he so violently reacted to fear and hatred of mutants. It’s called character development, explaining the roots and causes of a character’s later actions. And First Class was always intended to be a prequel the Singer’s original films.

    I happily acknowledge the plot holes and logic flaws in the X-Men films, even the ones I like, but conflicts with your perceptions of what’s important in the source material (e.g. Charles having hair vs not having hair when younger) just mean jack shit to me, because it’s not important. I find it interesting how fanboys can so blindly devote themselves to one version of a story that they will utterly dismiss other versions or interpretations. At the end of the day it’s your loss, because you spend your time being so resolutely dissatisfied, you don’t get to enjoy the movies and you waste your time complaining about it.

    Just like I happily ignore the X-Men films I don’t like, why don’t you just ignore the films completely and go back to the comics? “People like you” choke up the internet with your bitching. Oh and Man of Steel fucking rocked :)

  • SmokingFrog77

    Connecting the continuum doesn’t necessarily equal good films, and if you thought that Iron Man 2 & 3 were good, then I’m sorry but your blind love of the Marvel BRAND has clouded your senses. Yep, I’ll be seeing Winter Soldier, and I thought the first Captain America was good, and The Avengers was fantastic.

    Tell me, how did you cope with The Mandarin being reduced to a punchline?

  • Godabed

    Well Marvel got a lot of backlash from that, but since they explained that part of the story as being a ruse, it was fine, it’s the way Misdirection is suppose to work, you’re not suppose to be expecting it. Unless Star Trek into the Darkness where they kept saying it wasn’t Kahn, but it was, and everyone already knew it was. That was a misdirection fail.

    Besides marvel has stated that the real Mandarin, didn’t like his name being used and will make a response to what happened in Iron Man 3. This goes back to continuum and storytelling, they actually take the time to make these details important, especially with Agents of shield, and the upcoming netflix exclusives, that will most likely tie-end with the current Marvel movie storyline. As i said before Marvel has done really well with execution of how they want to present their marvel universe.

    Also i don’t really remember too much about IM2, but I enjoyed the way extremist was interpreted in this series. Another thing that Marvel did, is blantantly made their universe not the canon 616 one from the comics. So this gives them a lot of freedom in interpretation of their characters and how they want their world to work. Fox certainly hasn’t done this well, and I honestly don’t think Time Warner will do this well either.

  • SmokingFrog77

    I’m not sure how Fox haven’t made it clear they’re not doing a literal adaptation of the 616 continuity, and you don’t expect that in any film adaptation of an existing property. Liberties are always being taken. And I’ve yet to see where Marvel have clearly said that we haven’t seen the real Mandarin – certainly there has been a lot of speculation, and granted I haven’t seen the new one-shot about Trevor Slattery in prison, but if they do decide to make Aldrich Killian NOT the real Mandarin, it is overwhelmingly likely that it is only in response to the backlash. And the Mandarin’s “big reveal” being a ruse somehow justifying shitting all over the character from the comics? I don’t think so. That’s like saying that Tony Stark being revealed as Ultron THE WHOLE TIME would be ok, as long as it was an unexpected piece of misdirection and cleverly done. Of course they wouldn’t do that, but then you wouldn’t think they’d reduce Iron Man’s arch nemesis to a joke either.

  • Godabed

    “Man of Steel fucking rocked”, this proves you are clearly delusional. LOL.

    As far as the “people like you” comment it’s was in response to what you admitted which was this “I’m not a completist when it comes to the X-Men films, and given the
    vast gulf in quality between First Class, X-Men + X2, and Xmen 3 + Origins: Wolverine, I find it very easy and satisfying to pretend that
    latter 2 simply don’t exist.”

    For any comic book fan, you have to go into these films and detach yourself from the comicbook version, going in, you know certain liberties will be taken to change them, however. The storyline continuum that was created doesn’t stand up to the plots, characters, storylines that were created, you have to stand up and call “bullshit”. But don’t disregard the things you don’t like about the films, and be dismissive or openly optimistic about something you shouldn’t be. So when i say “people like you”. I mean people who has watched these films, know the characters, no the problems with them, and simply dismissed them to suspend belief in the next plot or storyline the studio is given you. This is why those movies keep being made, and none of the mistake they keep making with them are ever corrected. I don’t have to point to a comic nor a cartoon to point out the very plentiful mistakes with this series. It could literally be picked apart movie by movie and compared with it’s own material.

    So yeah i do respect your opinion about the matter, but it is what it is. The histories of Charles and Magneto don’t mess with the first three movies at all. The history of the first x-men don’t mess at all, Wolverine’s history in origins, with first three films, origins, and first class don’t mess at all. And you can go into other characters. Like how storm is in all of these series in some form, but that doesn’t make sense either.

    According to first class it was due to the holocaust but mostly Sebastian Shaw. Killing Nazis was understandable, however the way Magneto went about it was very bond. Spielberg has nothing to do with this conversation.

  • Godabed

    so wait i am confused, so are we now suppose to be comparing from the comics?

    “That’s like saying that Tony Stark being revealed as Ultron THE WHOLE
    TIME would be ok, as long as it was an unexpected piece of misdirection
    and cleverly done”

    Marvel never said the actual Mandarin would be the main villian, nor in any TV spots i saw did they say they were going to cover the extremist plotline, which was the true story. The trailers stated the mandarin was in the movie and people just assumed, so yeah their misdirection i believe worked the way it was suppose to.

    If we are in fact, comparing it to the comicbooks now, The Main villian was suppose to be the female doctor. And I don’t know why Marvel didn’t want to go with a female villain.

  • Godabed

    They have already said he is going to have superspeed as a power, so there is no assumption there.

    And i know what you were trying to say with your speculation about rapid aging. But mutant powers happen when you come into your teen years, as established in the other movies. If they are truly twins and that Lil girl doesn’t look like she’s in her teen it doesn’t seem feasible that he somehow accelerated via mutant power. What you are saying is a big jump, but it’s fox, they could try this.

    as far as the superspeed to time travel… it wasn’t actually time travel it was manipulation of his own time, kind of how Verlacidad, or Zoom does, which give the illusion of superspeed but accelerates aging. This was to explain how his powers could work to accelerate aging..

    Sweetheart if i wanted to troll you i wouldn’t give you facts. Learn what trolling is.

  • SmokingFrog77

    The way Magneto went about it was very much like all the other Nazi hunters that have operated in the years since WWII. Mossad used the same tactics to hunt down the Palestinian leaders responsible for the Munich massacre. To call it “Bond” is like saying that Thor is very Superman because he has a red cape and flies.

    The movies keep being made because people go and see them, pure and simple. If all the people who watch the X-Men films suddenly called bullshit on the continuity errors and stopped going to see them, we simply wouldn’t get any more films – the studio wouldn’t go “lets see what the fanboys are saying on the interwebs then make a new movie that addresses their concerns”. I wish they would, but they don’t give a shit – they make movies for the general population. If you’re a lucky comic fan then they might hit a right note for you, but often they don’t.

    I’ve been a fan of Superman comics for years, and I loved Man of Steel. Maybe that makes me delusional to you, it certainly makes me delusional to a lot of other Superman fans, but I also know a lot of Superman fans who loved it too. It all comes down to taste, and how able you are to compartmentalise the irritations in any adaptation (and there are always some) and enjoy the rest of the movie. Being able to do that isn’t being part of the problem, it’s just enjoying life for the imperfect mess that it is.

  • SmokingFrog77

    Well you complained at the very start about the departures from the comics source with Quicksilver, so yeah I thought that comparison to the comics was a part of the discussion. I don’t disagree that the misdirection worked the way it was supposed to. If they turn around in Age of Ultron and make it that Tony has been a robot since the first film, you could equally say “Well they never said it was the actual Tony Stark, they just called the movies Iron Man and everyone presumed…”. It could conceivably be a cool twist, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t shit on the character – and regardless of how brilliant Ben Kingsley was as Trevor Slattery, much of a nerdrage is about the fact that The Mandarin as a character was turned into a joke. Similarly, if they had a big reveal like that about one of the heroes, people would go batshit.

  • Godabed

    Jarvis would have known if tony was human, it monitored his vitals in several of the films, also Tony took a lot of damage that would have warranted a scan that would have shown he wasn’t human. On top of that Tony himself when he was trying to save his own life did several x-ray scans that would have shown non-organic parts.

    But with the upcoming Ant-man movie, we can all sigh with relief, that Tony won’t be ultron, but if he was a jocasta type character i would be happy if he turned into vision… i would die for glee.

  • SmokingFrog77

    Jarvis is in on it, in fact, he’s been manipulating Tony the whole time, positioning him to eventually spearhead a new AI revolution. Also, the computerised components are all contained in Stark’s brain, while the rest of his body is organic – and therefore comes up normal on scans.

    But seriously man, it’s just a hypothetical example of what they could do if they wanted to. The fact that you can pick plot holes in the idea doesn’t mean they couldn’t possibly do it, or just put it down to the MCU equivalent of “a wizard did it”.

    My point was simply that it would piss people off, like they did with the Mandarin twist. And the reason it pissed people off so much is because, as the honest trailers guy said (seriously, look up “Honest Trailers Iron Man 3″ on youtube, it’s hilarious!) “this isn’t just ignoring the comic, this is dropping their pants and wiping their butt with them!”.

    So while I am perfectly cool with making changes along the way in any adaptation, e.g. The Mandarin is not a Chinese “Fu Manchu” stereotype that was already offensive 30 years ago, there are some liberties which some will say go to far. I’m sure you’ve got examples from the X-Men films and that’s cool – I was more into Iron Man as a kid, so the Mandarin was mine.

  • Living Silver

    it’s dyed? I never knew that. Hmm. Learn something new every day.
    [btw, source?]

  • Godabed

    which is completely understandable, which is why the misdirection in Iron Man 3 worked so well.

    I know it’s a hypothetical, it would be an interesting one, but Marvel hasn’t shown any real bad story telling, and considering how they have pushed these movies out in phases and very well planned at that in the execution, i doubt they would try that form a misdirection.

    I know when i saw the trailer i was like, cool, the Mandarin, i loved him in the Iron man cartoon, but i still wasn’t disappointed, and i enjoyed the other iron man movies.. i’m not a big fan of iron man or thor for that matter so both movies impressed me because i had low expectations for them.

  • Godabed

    i can seriously believe this, because Singer is a moron.

  • Cherry Blossom

    I read on CBR that he IS going to be Magneto’s son. at least they got that right.

  • SmokingFrog77

    I happily give Marvel a huge amount of credit for the way they’ve planned their cinematic onslaught, they haven’t really made too many mistakes in terms of forming a cohesive shared universe – in fact I’d say they’ve set the standard in that regard. I don’t however feel that the movies have all been of the same quality.

    I was never a Marvel reader as a kid, aside from a few Iron Man comics (which happened to feature the Mandarin) which I picked up by chance, so I haven’t really gone into any of the films – X-Men or MCU – with any expectation; except for Iron Man 3. I enjoyed the first Iron Man and Captain America a lot, the Norton Hulk movie and the second Iron Man not so much. Iron Man 3 had a lot of promise but blew in in a few ways – the Mandarin ‘reveal’ being one of them, in my opinion. A well-played piece of misdirection to be sure though, I’ll give you that.

    And just today much stronger hints from Marvel that “The Real Mandarin” is still out there. Interesting.

    I actually enjoyed the Thor movies most of all, very, very good films. And it almost goes without saying that The Avengers was awesome. I don’t think any of the MCU movies have sucked as badly as X-Men 3 or the first Wolverine spin-off, but I also liked X-Men, X2 and First Class more than most of the MCU films, so while there certainly hasn’t been that cohesiveness you get from Marvel Studios, I think the overall quality of those three good films was on par with the best of the MCU – in my opinion.

  • Godabed

    See i told you, the Real mandarin will make a showing, so he does exist.

    Dark World surprised me it was really good, and i don’t like thor at all. Iron Man is the low rent version of batman to me and i have never really been to impressed with him But the movies of his are good. I did like the cartoon but i couldn’t really get into his comics.

    The X-men films are horrible and Fox just simply needs to give up the rights, they are doing horrible things to the characters… i won’t go on a rant about it but they just are.

    My biggest concern as far as Casting was Chris Evans, and he knocked it out of the park, it helps when the actors are fans, and the Director doesn’t tell them not to learn about the characters they are playing. Singer is such a horrible Director.. not gonna rant.

    I really liked Norton’s Banner and Hulk, i am a big Hulk fan and he got it spot on. Ruffalo… was a horrible subsitute for Norton. And as i mentioned before i enjoyed IM three, but Mandarin rubbed a lot of people the wrong way because they wanted him to be the villian, i didn’t really have that expectation going into the film. I also really like how they are tying all of the films into Agents of Shield, they are really covering their bases on this. Marvel has done it smart, and Sony (who owns Spiderman), Fox (who own X-men and FF4) and TimeWarner (All of DC) need to take serious notes on how it’s done. But Due to the casting of MOS2, X-DOFP i can’t say that TimeWarner, and Fox are listening. Sony is doing really good with Spiderman 2, and I am already impressed with Michael B Jordan’s casting as Human Torch for the FF4 reboot. he is an amazing actor.

  • SmokingFrog77

    Well we’ll see in terms of the Mandarin, I remember in interviews after IM3 came out and the director was saying “See, there is a real Mandarin, Aldrich Killian – that’s why he had the dragon tattoos, to kinda show that he had some kinda Far-East-influenced badassery or something”, or something like that. I take their claims that they planned for a Real Mandarin to be out there “all along” with a grain of salt, but either way it doesn’t matter IF they do him properly and do him well.

    The Thor movies shocked and surprised me that I liked them so much, I always thought that Thor was a silly idea for a superhero that didn’t fit with the rest of the Marvel heroes I knew when I was a kid. However watching the movie I realised why I liked it – he’s much more of a DC-style hero. Regardless of DC/Marvel preference, I’ve always thought that DC’s strength has been the use of allegorical and mythological archetypes in their characters – the whole mythology of the superhero, the hero with a thousand faces kinda stuff – and Thor fits right in with that type of paradigm on heroes.

    I agree absolutely on Chris Evans too, I was just thinking that the other day! When he was Johnny Storm I just wanted to punch him in the head, and I thought it was crazy when they cast him as Captain America. But he was fantastic, and he was great in Scott Pilgrim too!

    I didn’t like Norton as Banner, but I don’t particularly like Norton as an actor, but I thought Ruffalo was fantastic – and it was the first thing I’d ever seen him in. I don’t have much history being a fan of the Hulk though, so I didn’t have expectations either way. We’ll just have to agree to disagree on Hulk, X-Men and Bryan Singer! :)

    Marvel has certainly done it smart and set the standard, but I wouldn’t be too quick to write off MoS2 just on the casting, I think people may be very happy, or it could go the other way. Casting announcements aren’t a good guide in my experience, as good actors will usually surprise, but bad actors rarely disappoint. I’d say the same thing about DOFP, but I think you’ve already made up your mind there! :)

  • amanda

    im hoping it’s not a real photo from the film just look at that hair not anything like Pietro at all. Although Evan Peters is a really good actor from everything I’ve seen him in, he just doesn’t fit the image of quicksilver at least not yet but I hold out hope.

  • Waterman Sphynx

    This comic strip captures my feelings EXACTLY when it comes to Quicksilver’s new costume:

  • Michael Collins

    Whats he supposed to look like?? Ive seen the movie, he’s incredibly fast, and he was great in the movie… the scenes with him in them were the best of the movie.

  • Michael Collins

    Have any of you people complaining even seen the movie??? I just seen it, I really liked it.. the best scenes in the movie were the ones with quicksliver in them.. he didn’t wear a uniform, he was incredibly fast, did a great acting job, and his movie character was awesome!! I wish he had a bigger part in the movie that was my only complaint.

  • Michael Collins

    Man of steel sucked!! One of the worst movies Ive ever seen in my life, the fight scenes were long, lame, boring,and sleep inducing!! I hated everything about the movie.. the only thing even remotely good about was the trailer which they put more work into, making you think it was gonna be a good movie only to end up sucking.. Hated how krypton wasn’t covered in ice.. and using the gladiator guy was a horrible choice.. the villains were horrible choices, the original ones were so much better.

  • Jonesey

    Here’s the thing: that girl, whoever she is, looks under 10 years old, and in the movie, Magneto had been in prison from 1963-73. Now it’s possible she IS 10-11, and Erik conceived her before he was incarcerated for a decade, but hopefully we will find out in Age of Apocalypse since I’m sure at least Quicksilver will return, being something of a “fan-favorite” now.

  • Jonesey

    Whoever she is, she looks under 10 years old, and in the movie, Magneto had been in prison from 1963-73. Now it’s possible she IS 10-11, and Erik conceived her before he was incarcerated for a decade, but hopefully we will find out in Age of Apocalypse since I’m sure at least Quicksilver will return, being something of a
    “fan-favorite” now.

  • Living Silver

    If you look at the posting dates, almost all of these comments were made before the movie. A lot of people were skeptical of the film, but Quicksilver was such a badass in it that everyone either changed their mind or shut up. Most people now agree that Evan Peter’s rocked the role.

  • GreenTatsu

    That little girl ISN’T Wanda! As most probably know, Wanda is Pietro (AKA; Peter or Quicksilver) TWIN and that girl obviously isn’t. Also, Bryan Singer revealed this is simply his younger sister, not Wanda.