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Which (Seemingly) Dead Character Will Return to ‘The Walking Dead’?


With AMC’s The Walking Dead set to return on Feb. 9, predictions are running wild in terms of what’s in store for the survivors in the back half of Season 4. While characters most certainly die on The Walking Dead, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re gone; case in point: TV Guide revealed that fan-favorite villain The Governor, played by David Morrissey, will reappear on the show, despite his demise in the bloody midseason finale.

Not only does TV Guide guarantee that fans “will see [him] again,” it goes on to note that the midseason premiere will focus on Rick and Carl following Rick’s savage beating at the hands of The Governor and the aftermath of the prison’s destruction. That said, The Governor definitely got the worse end of the deal, getting stabbed in the back by Michonne before getting shot by Lilly.

It’s likely that Morrissey appears as one of Rick’s hallucinations. After all, the drama has used flashbacks and hallucinations to bring back dead characters in the past — most notably Sarah Wayne Callies reappearing as Lori Grimes following her death in Season 3. If the comics are any indication, Rick is about to go through a long period of recovery before he’s able to get back to the business of survival. It’s anybody’s guess what the future holds, but one thing’s certain: The Governor might be dead, but it doesn’t mean he’s gone.



  • Caz

    Yeah it will more than likely be either in a flashback or in one of Rick’s hallucinations. It’d be cool to see Amy, Andrea, T-Dawg, Lori, and others to come back in hallucination form! :)

  • Tyler Thomas

    Please, let it be a flashback. I haven’t watched it in a while but all that Lori appearing was bullshit in Season 3. Learn from your mistakes, and make something else happen to make him look crazy.

  • Roger Means

    lori thing wasnt bs at all it was basically same thing that happened in the comics cept it was all over the phone lol so learn from their mistakes?

  • Josh Dobson

    The show and the comic are not one in the same. And it was a huge mistake having Lori come back. She was hated by all of the viewers. Most of us sighed in relief when she died. Then they bring her back? By the way they fired the writere form that season and picked up new ones for this season because of how shitty season 3 was. I agree with Tyler 100%

  • Masked Man Issue 1
  • batGRRRl4ever

    Ug, this show is SO awful! It went into the toilet after the excellent first season under Darabont. How this badly written show keeps continuing is a mystery to me.

  • RJ

    I hope S4b starts off with walkers tearing the governors body apart. Maybe next time he won’t kill Santa and Merle e_e.

  • seksivitez

    Dude… get that smudged gif on the left side of the page the hell off of here!

  • seksivitez

    Or the governor comes back as a zombie… or that dude they left under the tree in the first season.. who knows.

  • seksivitez

    lol ‘hated by all the viewers”

    You hysterical drama queens.

  • DeadKev

    Luckily you don’t watch it any longer so it doesn’t affect your life or your positive outlook. The continuation of this top-rated show should no longer influence your television watching choices as there are hundreds of shows from which you can choose. Why you’d read an article and then make such a negative post about a show you no longer care about (and I assume no longer watch) is beyond me.

  • batGRRRl4ever

    So I take it you really, REALLY like it, lol. Don’t get so defensive. And I can comment as anyone because I did watch the show and enjoyed the first season. It’s just such a pity the show took such a nose dive after that first really good season. And the opinion of that is fairly mixed, as in there are more than a minority who agree with me on that.

  • The Man With No Name

    Why is it that only female characters get the mass hatred from fanboys? Betty Draper, Skylar White…

    Scared of strong women?

  • alistaircrane

    NOOOOOO!!!!! It’s bad enough he wasn’t killed off at the end of Season 3, but this is ridiculous. There is no character on TWD that I have hated more than the Governor.

  • Try again

    Maggie seems to be universally loved and Carol wasn’t hated? Both strong women in the show?

    Maybe it’s just that Lori was an utterly hateful bitch devoid of any reason or sympathy. Same with Andrea. People were waiting for them to die every show because their contribution to the show for the most part was bipolar, irresponsible and thoughtless actions.

  • Hector Lugo

    I think maybe he thinks you may just be intent on spreading your negativity about something you don’t even watch anymore. He may be wondering why you feel the need to rain on other people’s parade when you’ve already left town to avoid it.

  • anon

    Yes he will be briefly seen, as will multiple other deceased characters in some form. No he won’t be a ghost, hallucination, dream or zombie. Sometimes the correct answer is the most logical one.

  • The Walking Dead

    I cant wait to see the new characters. Check the walking dead comics here.

  • Roger Means

    andrea was a hateful bitch she was at first but with reasons she snapped after her sis died and when she seen woodbarry or whastever it kind of brought her humanity back but also made her blind to what was reallly happening.

  • Roger Means

    No they are not the same but the show does borrow alot from the books and also retells from the books in away the show is a reboot from the book series you should try and read the series before thinking you know it all. season 3 shiity nope not at all season 2 was the most hated of the 3. keep in mind the series is a drama not a high octane zombie hack and slash fest so if you dont like drama s go do something else.You are part of a EXTEREMELY vocal minority on the internet.

    matter fact look at the rating section on show you just how full of crap you actually are! Now if the ratings were dipping then i would say you know what you are talking about.

  • The Man With No Name

    Andrea is hated, there you go. Yet the Governor has actual fans.

    She was one of the most realistic, sympathetic characters on the show. She was a bitch at first, but in her last season her sole purpose was to prevent a war. She was a peacemaker. Pretty laudable if you ask me. Sure, maybe she shouldn’t have stayed at Woodubury, but can you really
    blame her for wanting stability, comfort, and the illusion of love?

  • balboa316

    Hope Shane comes back in flashbacks or hallucinations same with the governor!

  • ggfadf

    how could 2nd season be the most hated if it had Shane in it? season 3 was a snore fest.