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Grant Gustin’s ‘Flash’ Will Survive Even If Show Fails

Grant Gustin raced into Arrow viewers’ hearts as Barry Allen over the course of two season two episodes, “The Scientist” and “Three Ghosts.” In fact, as of now, it’s full speed ahead on a full-fledged Flash series, with casting well underway for The CW’s latest superhero pilot.

Still, even if Flash doesn’t move forward, that won’t be the end of Barry Allen — at least not according to Arrow executive producer Greg Berlanti.

“Fingers crossed we don’t screw it up and he gets his own show,” he told Digital Spy. “If he didn’t, I don’t think we would ever want to let Grant go. He’s too valuable. That would be our hope, I think – no matter what, to keep Barry part of the universe.”

It’s reassuring news for fans of Gustin’s charming turn as Allen, but of course, keeping that charm alive for a show all its own remains Berlanti’s priority. As for the differences between a series like The Flash and the veteran Arrow, Berlanti said it all comes down to the two lead characters.

“We often talk about how Oliver comes off like a pessimist, but deep down he’s an optimist and has hope,” he said. “Barry lost his mother at a very young age, his father was sent to prison for murdering his mom, he went through a lot of stuff – on the surface he’s bubbly and upbeat and seems like an optimist, but deep down maybe there’s no hope left.”

“So they’re a really nice contrast to each other and the show functions in that way, I think,” he continued. “Certainly in the pilot script Barry has an effervescence and a lightness, but there’s still a dark well beneath that.”


  • batGRRRl4ever

    Barry is blond, not brunette. It’s like making a blond Superman, it’s inaccurate and dumb.

  • Just sayin’

    Tell that to Hitler…

  • Kyle Boyarski

    Or like a brunette Oliver Queen. How silly would that be?

  • Jason M Bryant

    Just tell yourself that this show takes place on Earth 29, a world very similar to Earth 1, except with more brunettes.

  • oblivious247

    It’s hair color. It doesn’t matter.

  • batGRRRl4ever

    A number of you are saying that, but I bet the second there is a blond Superman, Batman, or Wonder Woman most of you’d get apoplectic.

  • J.p. Ducey

    I love ARROW, but I thought Grant Gustin came off as more Peter Parker than Barry Allen. I’m more than willing to give FLASH a chance due to ARROW’s success.

  • sunwukong86

    The Flash and Batman have a mask, hair color doesnt mean much.

  • Jason M Bryant

    If you’ve watched the show this far, you’ve already accepted that Deathstroke and green Arrow were buddies who lived together for a while, Count Vertigo is a drug dealer, and that Black Canary and Dinah Lance are two different people who are sisters.

  • Brainlock

    or brunette Lana and ginger Lois.


  • Jason M Bryant

    Also, the main reason we care about the characters you mentioned being brunettes is because they’ve already been in movies and TV and we’re used to seeing them that way. The first Wonder Woman on TV was blond and that was hardly the biggest problem that TV movie had.

    People did complain that Daniel Craig was too blond to be Bond, then he was awesome an they stopped caring. There are still a few people who complain about Hugh Jackman being too tall to be Wolverine, but most of us ignore them because he is terrific in the part.

    If the show tanks, I’m sure a few people will blame the hair color. If it is good, we’ll just remember that the best actors got the roles.

  • Jason M Bryant

    I agree to an extent. He did feel like a departure from the Barry Allen I knew from the comics. However, I don’t think Barry has a particularly strong personality in the comics and I really liked what I saw from this actor.

  • Hank

    Bruce Wayne has always been depicted as having black hair, Christen Bale has brown. People freaked out about Daniel Craig being a blond haired blue eyed Bond.

  • PietroMaximoff

    of course there’s still hope within him… i mean he became a Blue Lantern…

  • Jake

    If you’re complaining about his hair color you must HATE Arrow.

  • thesnappysneezer

    There was a blonde Wonder Woman, it was a disaster.

  • thesnappysneezer

    I think Hugh is too pretty to be Wolverine.

  • Alex W

    Wasn’t Val Kilmer blond?

  • Jason M Bryant

    Yeah, I know there was a blonde Wonder Woman. I said that.

    Like I said, her being blond wasn’t even remotely the problem with that TV movie.

  • Jason M Bryant

    Yes he was. Nobody talked about it much because they were too distracted by the nipples on his Bat-suit.

  • Kitch

    This article is super depressing…

  • Jason M Bryant


  • Mike

    “[…]I don’t think we would ever want to let Grant go. He’s too valuable.”

    Really? I mean, I thought he did ok and all, but really? He’s “too valuable”? Because there’s NO ONE else that could play the role?

  • rigmutton

    They did? What people?

  • thesnappysneezer

    The costume was wrong too and the character, personality, origin, background. Pretty much everything that seems to be the deal with the coming Wonder Woman movie. This Flash series seems to be on an ok track though. While I do not like the costume I saw online, it was ok compared to that Wonder Woman costume.

  • J.p. Ducey

    Truth is I grew up with Wally West as my Flash, so i’m not nearly as familiar with Barry other than what I’v seen and read recently.

  • demoncat_4

    in other words if the flash tv series does not happen fans could maybe expect future appearances maybe of the flash on arrow.

  • Alex W

    thought that was just clooney

  • Kitch

    Because it mentions with would happen in the show fails.

  • supermutant

    I hope it fails. I’m not a fan of Barry and the character in Arrow was not exactly something I wanted to see a star of it’s series.

  • Alex Hayden

    Ugh. I want a Flash show to be good, but I’m unconvinced to watch this actor continue to play Barry after his Arrow appearances. I’m not an Arrow fan, anyway. The stories, dialogue and acting have improved, but are only just good enough. I was actually looking forward to the episodes with Barry and was sorely disappointed. I think he’s the worst part of Arrow so far. I didn’t like his acting or presence at all. Too valuable? No. Not really.

  • Jason M Bryant

    Don’t let that get you down. Everything we’ve heard about the show’s progress has been positive. Having a backup plan isn’t a bad omen, it’s just good planning.

  • oblivious247

    I would give a shit if hair color played into any of these characters’ personalities. They don’t. It’s entirely irrelevant. If I want it to look exactly the same as the comics, I’ll open a damn comic.

  • Leon Bright

    Good point, but there’s an argument that more people care about what Batman and Superman look like in and out of costume FAR MORE than they do The Flash. You can have more wiggle-room with characters that aren’t HUGE multimedia icons (aka characters that aren’t big money makers like Bats and Supes). Outside of people like us (core comic book readers) no one knows (or even cares) about who The Flash is underneath his tracksuit. Also, in live action form, The Flash has always been brunette.

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  • Hunter Rose

    Hair for me doesn’t matter at all. As long the person does a good job and do his part well, that is all that matters.

  • flash-fast

    who cares i mean Grant act awesome as Barry Allen