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Will Smith Most Likely Not In For ‘Independence Day 2′

independence day will smith It looks like director Roland Emmerich will have to find someone else to punch aliens in the face for Independence Day 2. Deadline‘s sources tell them that blockbuster star Will Smith will most likely not appear in the sequel to the 1996 film that helped launch his career.

Reports about Smith’s involvement have flip flopped over the past year. Back in June, Emmerich said the actor would be too expensive to appear, but then in September he said a meeting between himself and Smith had been set up. As it stands, Deadline notes that Smith probably hasn’t actually told Emmerich in person he’s not doing the film and he might still change his mind again.

Emmerich and his writing partner Dean Devlin reportedly wrote two different scripts, one featuring Smith and another without him. Perhaps the second version of the film is the one Michael B. Jordan was rumored to have a large part in last fall.

Independence Day 2 is schedule to debut on July 1 2016, nearly 20 years after the first film bowed.


  • Eamon McGrane

    Is it set 20 years later because it’s… 20 years later? Just a thought.

  • David Fullam

    How about no crap sequel to a crap movie at all?