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‘Arrow’ Actor Joins ABC Pilot ‘Clementine’

arrow kevin alejandro sebastian blood

Here’s a bit of casting news that might hint at upcoming events on Arrow. Deadline reports that recurring villain Sebastian Blood might be on the way out, as actor Kevin Alejandro has signed on to play a major part in the upcoming ABC pilot Clementine.

The project focus on a woman named Clementine, who happens to be a psychic. Alejandro will play her ex-boyfriend and the father of her daughter Charlie Madsen.

Throughout the second season of Arrow, Alejandro’s Sebastian Blood — who also goes by the alter ego Brother Blood — has been putting on a good public face, but behind the scenes continues to further his own evil plans while also working for Slade. If the actor is looking around for other work, it could imply that Blood doesn’t fare so well as we get closer to the end of Season 2.


  • Simon Is

    No real surprise – the character may survive but he’s mainly one of the villains for this season.

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