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FX Beaming Up John Scalzi’s ‘Redshirts’ as a Limited Series

redshirtsFX will expand its lineup with an adaptation of Redshirts, the comedic sci-fi novel by author John Scalzi.

The book, which tackles tropes from the original Star Trek series, follows the adventures of Intrepid ensign Andrew Dahl, who quickly realizes he and his ilk are basically cannon fodder. The novel gets meta from there, as Dahl and company discover they’re actually characters on a TV show. The novel won a Hugo Award in 2013.

Deadline reports the series will be produced by Jon Shestack (Waiting…, Disturbing Behavior), Ken Kwapis (The Office, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) and Alexandra Beattie (Outsourced). Kwapis will direct the first episode.


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  • Kevin

    A few thoughts: It’s a book released more than a year ago. If you haven’t read it yet, sorry. Second, the fact that the protagonist and others are characters in a TV show isn’t really that big of a spoiler. In fact, it’s pretty obvious early in the book and the official reveal comes about halfway through the book. Third, there is no guarantee that this part of the plot (actually TV characters) won’t be changed/revealed even sooner in the TV adaptation.

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  • axebox

    I’m sorry, this was an epic spoiler. Fucking lame.