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‘Star Wars Rebels’ Introduces Force-Sensitive Young Con Artist

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Mere days after the introduction of Star Wars Rebels‘ “cowboy Jedi,” TV Guide has the first look at another character from the upcoming animated series: Ezra, a teen con artist living on his own on Lothal, where he’s only beginning to understand how to use his mysterious new powers.

“To survive, instinctively every now and then when he’s in a jam he uses the Force,” explains executive producer Dave Filoni. “He doesn’t call it that. He doesn’t know that’s what he’s doing. He thinks he’s got some abilities that are a little strange every now and then, but they help him out. It’s instinctive, it’s reactionary.”

Debuting this summer on Disney Channel as a one-hour special before moving to Disney XD in the fall, Star Wars Rebels is set in the Outer Rim territories about 14 years after the events of Revenge of the Sith. Voiced by Taylor Gray (Bucket and Skinner’s Epic Adventures), Ezra will be drawn into the fledgling rebel alliance as the Empire strengthens its grip on the galaxy.

“With Ezra we see how a kid is reacting to this imperial rule,” Filoni tells the website. “That becomes a big question: What is imperial rule like? We’ve seen it in the movies with a big rebellion that ends up blowing up the Death Star, but do we just assume that when the Empire took over in Revenge of the Sith it was seen as a bad thing? I would challenge that. It wasn’t this terrible thing that came in and was cruel to everyone all at once. It was slow to build its power base and spread out, and then we get to see the rebel alliance it affects, and the repercussions of that tyranny.”

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  • James Hannan

    Huh, this is my first “FIRST!” Feels odd. Anyway, “Ezra Bridger”, “Kanan Jarrus”, and “Chopper the Astromech” have finally been introduced. That all that has been left to be revealed are “Zeb Orretios” and “Hera Syndulla”. I wonder what those two are like? So far I am liking the good cast guy (its nice to finally see them after months of waiting anticipation) and The Inquisitor looks to be an impressive threat. It so good to be back the original (and BEST) Star Wars trilogy’s attitude of being on the side of quirky underdogs fighting against all the odds.