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Has a Major ‘Captain America’ Twist Been Revealed?

WARNING: Before we go any further, let it be known that there are potentially MASSIVE SPOILERS ahead. Proceed at your own risk.


Still here? Last chance to turn away — if true, the following rumor is a doozy.

On the extremely off chance that it’s not on your radar already, Captain America: The Winter Soldier arrives in less than two months. Ahead of the Marvel sequel’s premiere, it appears one of the its biggest secrets may have been revealed — all thanks to an action figure and soundtrack listing.

At Toy Fair this week in New York City, merchandise for The Winter Soldier revealed a strange addition to the lineup: a Red Skull action figure. Are Marvel and Hasbro simply offering up a familiar character to boost the toy line’s sales, or is it a signal that Steve Rogers’ No. 1 nemesis is a part of Winter Soldier after all?

It might be easily dismissed as the former — after all, movie tie-ins frequently toss in extra characters, battle suits and gizmos to make more money — except for the now widely reported soundtrack listing whose title seems to confirm the big secret of Robert Redford’s character: that Alexander Pierce is the Red Skull.

Perhaps it shouldn’t come as a big surprise, considering that before Marvel began billing Pierce as a senior S.H.I.E.L.D. official and an old comrade of Nick Fury, Redford revealed he’d be playing “a villain.” However, few likely suspected that villain. Still, it would be a riff on a twist from Ed Brubaker’s Captain America run, which included a villain who was secretly possessed by the Red Skull.

Whether or not Red Skull winds up in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, we’ll find out the answer for sure when the film arrives on April 4.

(via MTV News and HitFix)


  • AirDave

    Huh. Imagine that.

  • Redd

    Yet they don’t list the name of the track in this article…

  • steph dumais

    aw that was dissapointing

  • jfarley1

    No… why isn’t Hugo Weaving the Red Skull? Johann Schmidt had similar Super Soldier serum, doesn’t age in real time, so…. I’m calling shenannigans.

  • Jim

    Weaving doesn’t want the part, anymore.

  • John

    the soundtrack thing is fake. if you stumble across it online you’ll notice four of the seven tracks are names from the police academy movies.

  • Michael Harwood

    This figure wasn’t revealed at Toy Fair… He’s been on the shelf for a few weeks. And Hasbro typically releases non-movie characters in their movie tie-in lines for Marvel. The Avengers line had a Skrull, Iron Man has had his classic comic book looks… So far, this figure doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

  • Joshua Seth Lambeth

    I had this thought when Redford was 1st announced joining Captain America Winter Soilder that he would secretly be Red Skull in disguise. In the Marvel Avengers cartoon a there was a government official (wasnt shield & I dont remember his name) that came to power that secretly set up the Avengers to look like bad guys. Winter Solider was involved as well then. Captain America figured out that something with him was very bad and he uncovered it was Red Skull in disguise using Winter Solider to distract them while Red Skull in disguise torn the Avengers down. I know the movie isnt avengers but I think this Captain America movie closely related to the Ed Brubaker series & the mini series on the cartoon.

  • Greg

    I think the Red Skull’s body was destroyed on the plane in the first movie. Maybe his consciousness took possession of Pierce. In the comic the skull did this same thing but to someone else.

  • Foogos

    Re: toys. Big deal. Crossbones (a major Cap villain) was a part of the toy line tied into the first Captain America movie.

  • Kevan James Lawrence

    I kinda guessed this when it was revealed he was involved. If you read the Winter Soldier story arc you’ll see that The Winter Soldier was, in fact, working for a man possesed by the Red Skull, (via the Cosmic Cube in the comics but who know what’ll be the case here). I kinda figured this was where it was going. Still pumped though

  • Derek Metaltron

    He has exactly the same first name as the character who was possessed by the Skull – Alex Pierce in the film and Alex Lukin in the comics. So it could very well be the case. I mean we have Crossbones in the film who is regularly a minion of Red Skull. I seem to recall at one point that Toby Jones was meant to reprise his role as Zola in this movie too.

  • Philip

    It makes sense: Redford is a Nazi after all.

  • Guest

    Yeah, Skull’s disappearance into the tesseract very easily explains his change in appearance. I do wonder if another actor will be in the makeup— difficult to imagine Redford doing those bits.

    The real surprise might be more in just how the Red Skull escaped the tesseract, or where it took him. Since the tesseract has been deemed an “infinity stone,” there might be a Thanos connection to precisely how Schmidt made his return.

  • Xericho Invictus

    Hugo Weaving’s Face was a mask, it’s possible that wasn’t even his original face. also, there was a storyline where the Red Skull used the name of ALEXANDER Lukin

  • General Tekno

    I’m skeptical here – the Marvel Legends figure is a comic Red Skull and the movie toyline one looks to be reusing parts from the Skull they did a couple years ago.

    Guess time will tell.

  • Adrian Echo

    In the Red Zone storyline from Geoff Johns run on the Avengers comic, the Red Skull posed as US Secretary of Defense Dell Rusk. They can be using elements of this for the movie.

  • Kitch

    I’m taking that into consideration. In fact, I hope it does happen mainly because then it’d be an incredibly faithful adaptation to the comic arc. Either way, I’m not disappointed I read this.

  • Daniel

    Interesting twist. Might not be true, but pretty cool if it did happen

  • Beast

    It’s fake. The track list turned up as a joke on a Blu-ray forum discussing the upcoming Cap 2 movie.

  • OriginalBryGuy

    I was hoping to see Red Skull in Asgard hanging out in a cell next to Loki…then an escape! That would have been cooler. lol

  • batGRRRl4ever

    Please, I thought this the second I heard Redford signed on for the role. Does anyone actually think that an actor of his caliber is going to sign on just for a small support role of little to no consequence?

  • Michael Garling

    The soundtrack listing that you’re referring to was 100% fake – it featured a bunch of Police Academy movies as song titles…

    Not only that, but the ‘spoiler track’ in question, ‘Alexander Pierce is the Red Skull’, was a mere three seconds.

    It’s bogus people, 100% bogus. Anyone falling for that crap is an absolute idiot.

    As for the figurine, it’s probably nothing – the figurine line for Cap 1 featured a Winter Soldier figure, as well as ‘Ultimate Captain America’ varients etc. The Avengers figurine line featured a space costume, and some black-and-blue varient. None of that came to pass in the film.

  • Michael Garling

    Toby Jones is confirmed as back; he claims he’s in flashback scenes only though, but time will tell.

    He’s officially listed in the press releases.

  • John E Cupach

    I could tell that from the trailer. It reminded me of that red dust storyline in the Avengers.

  • andrew11

    I think it’s pretty evident that his character is the main villain, but that doesn’t make him the Red Skull. That would be hugely disappointing if it were true.