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CW’s ‘Supernatural’ Spinoff Lands Its Stars

Lucien Laviscount, left, and Nathaniel Buzolic

Lucien Laviscount, left, and Nathaniel Buzolic

The CW has tracked down the two leads for its planned Supernatural spinoff.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lucien Laviscount (Episodes) and Nathaniel Buzolic (The Vampire Diaries) will star in the backdoor pilot for Supernatural: Tribes, which is set to air April 29 as an episode of the network’s long-running drama Supernatural.

Penned by Supernatural writer/producer Andrew Dabb, the pilot is involves mafia-like monster families who secretly run the Chicago underworld and the new hunter who’s trying to rid the city of all of its supernatural elements.

Laviscount stars as Ennis Roth, who becomes a hunter after his fiancee becomes a victim of the monster war. Buzolic co-stars as David Hayden, a shapeshifter from one of the ruling families who gave up the monster life to live as a human.

Dabb will executive produce alongside Supernatural creator Eric Kripke and series veterans Robert Singer, Jeremy Carver and McG. Carver serves as showrunner, while Singer will direct the pilot.


  • J. Walter Swartz

    Fighting monsters in Chicago? Harry Dresden?

  • J.p. Ducey

    Love SUPERNATURAL, but i think “Tribes” will be a hard sell.

  • Ninjajp

    ha!! you remember!! too bad harry is the detective lance now on arrow.

  • Ninjajp

    Tribes wont be a hard sell, we have to remember that there are hunters EVERYWHERE, and they all have issues sam and dean cant keep up with. if Sam and Dean found out there were monster mafia families killing people?, they would NEVER leave chicago, so let the small hunters get the small fry, Sam and Dean are making sure the planet stays in one piece.