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Rupert Friend Suits Up in First ‘Agent 47′ Photo

agent 47 rupert friend

Feast your eyes on the first image of Homeland actor Rupert Friend as the title character in Agent 47. IGN scored the above image from a source on the European set, where the Fox International film is shooting.

Friend stepped in to replace Paul Walker after the actor’s untimely death. Timothy Olyphant played the character in 2007’s Hitman, which takes its name directly from the IO Interactive video game franchise.

Earlier this month, Zachary Quinto signed on to play a part in the film, which is directed by Aleksander Bach based on a script by Skip Woods and Michael Finch. The film doesn’t have a set release date.


  • Patrick Maloney

    I forgot who Rupert Friend is but now that I remember who he is I’m very excited. That’s not to say Timothy Olyphant didn’t make the most of wha was given to him.