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Five Villains for Fox’s New ‘Fantastic Four’

fantastic four logoAfter years of development, Fox has finally revealed the identities of the next quartet of actors chosen to portray Marvel’s first family on the big screen. In 2015’s fresh start film, Miles Teller will play Mr. Fantastic, Kate Mara will be the Invisible Woman, Michael B. Jordan will flame on as the Human Torch and Jamie Bell will become quite familiar with a MOCAP suit as he tackles the Thing. This youthful casting matches up with early reports that have singled out the Ultimate Fantastic Four series – which features young adult versions of the characters – as the source material.

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Now that the four main characters are out of the way, all attention will now turn toward finding out exactly who they’ll be going up against in this new franchise. Considering the four actors cast in the film, here are our guesses as to which bad guy will be striking fear into the Fantastic Four’s hearts.

Female Doctor Doom


Rumors have persisted about the reboot series reimagining the Fantastic Four’s most prominent foe, Doctor Doom, as a woman. With Michael B. Jordan’s casting as Johnny Storm, it’s apparent that this version of the Fantastic Four is up for taking some liberties with the source material. Considering how few female super villains have made their way into comic book movies, this could be a welcome change as well as another move toward diversifying the film.

Dreamy Doctor Doom


But if Doctor Doom remains a man, it’s obvious from the four actors already cast that the good doctor will definitely medal in the Heartthrob Olympics. Just look at the dapper Brit they cast as the rough and gruff Benjamin Grimm, a role previously owned by non-teen sensation Michael Chiklis. Could this be Zac Efron’s way into the fantastic film, which already stars his That Awkward Moment co-stars Teller and Jordan?



With longtime Fantastic Four fans scratching their heads over the casting, Fox might try to win back their interest by bringing a deep cut bad guy to the big screen for the first time. As the absolute ruler of the Negative Zone, the inclusion of a comic-accurate portrayal of the ruthless Annihilus could go a long way toward satisfying old school FF fans – as well as downright terrifying every newcomer in the theater. Because Annihilus is creepy.



The Skrulls most likely exist in the same gray area between Fox and Marvel Studios that also includes Quicksilver, meaning that the shape-shifting aliens could find their way into the film. As a tortured race of devoutly religious warmongers, the Skrulls would make for a compelling onscreen threat. And with their shape-shifting power set, their involvement could allow for the talented cast to show off their acting chops should any of the aliens assume their appearance.

Marvel Zombies


There still doesn’t seem to be a cure for the zombie craze that’s had a death grip on the entertainment world for the past half dozen years, and the Fantastic Four filmmakers might take that into consideration. It’s clear from the casting that this film is going after a young audience, an audience that still rewards AMC’s The Walking Dead with crazy ratings on a weekly basis. If Ultimate Fantastic Four really is the film’s inspiration, then they might be drawing from that series’ “Crossover” story arc, which introduced an alternate reality filled with zombified Marvel heroes. While Fox doesn’t have the rights to the entire Marvel Universe, this might be a smart way for them to show off exactly which characters they have the rights to, thus kicking off speculation about which of Fox’s heroes could get the non-zombie film treatment.


  • Lyle

    What, no Super Skrull? I have felt for a long time that Annihilus would look great on the big screen. The Avengers, Earth’s Mightiest Mortals cartoon did a great job of making him creepy.

  • PaulL

    How about a giant smoke monster? It really made the last FF movie exciting :p

  • samuel

    Would love to see Mole man as the main villain
    then maybe Annihilus and the negative zone for the sequel.
    the Rock as Namor when they discover Atlantis
    If we’re doing ultimate FF where the Baxter building serves as a think tank, Doom could be member of the cast constantly feuding with Reed over the existence of magic and fusing it with magic (which scared his face!) and not until the 4th film we see him turn evil using Mark Waid’s unthinkable plot, to destroy Richard’s who mocked his brilliance

  • Drew Melbourne

    Doom is one of the all time great villains, across all media. Like Lex Luthor in the Superman comics, I think he also transcends mere villainy to be an essential part of the Fantastic Four ensemble.

    That said, I’d love to see a Mole Man movie with subterranean kingdoms and giant monsters.

  • N

    I think the biggest villain is the director

  • Joey Ramone

    How cute, another article praising the potential “diversity” of the film (yay a female Dr. Doom how “diverse”), while taking a huge crap on 50+ years of solid tradition that is the comic.

  • SherlockHommes

    I hope they do a good job on this. Great villains define good teams and movies. I really don’t get why folks get so hot and bothered by having a black Torch or a female Doom. As a long-time fan (35+ years of reading), it would be great to see something fresh.

  • penguintruth

    There’s already a villain, the casting director.

  • Dez

    Ugh. What a phobic list. My picks would be either a gay Moleman or else a transexual Galactus. Anything else is just reactionary churchgoer Christard GOP RACISM.

  • the truth

    I think this movie will be so bad, not only am i not seeing it in threaters……

    not only will i not buy it on dvd.

    i will wait for the free tv version

    thats how bad this movie will be

  • AirDave

    I’d love to see the Mole Man, too. Then the Skrulls. Then the real, menacing Doctor Doom. Then the Negative Zone.

  • Jeremy Lee

    Fox is making a FF spoof film? Gotta be a parody, there’s no way anyone can take this seriously. Fox just needs to stay away from super hero movies all together, they have no idea what they’re doing!! I wouldn’t watch this if it were free, my time is better spent watching paint dry……

  • LatverianBaker

    No one wants this movie to exist. Toss this shit into the Negative Zone and give the fucking rights back to Marvel so we Fantastic Four fans can finally see the concept done correctly after 3, soon to be 4, failed attempts.

  • Laurence J Sinclair

    Mole Man. One does not open what you hope to be a franchise with the biggest villain.

    Plus,all those Kirby-beasts will make for an awesome trailer.

  • The Griffinator

    Fox already alienated most of the south by casting a black Johnny Storm, as well as a large faction of the north that doesn’t care about race but DOES care about remaining true to the source material, whatever it may be.

    By the time this movie comes out, the only people it won’t offend are the people who worked on it. I’m sorry to say, but this movie will be just as cursed as the previous Fox Fantastic Four movies. You can only go up at bat and strike out so many times before the fans lose interest.

    It’s time for Fox to give up. And if it’ll take another $200M disaster to make that happen, then we’ll just have to wait this out.

  • Wharton

    Wait, so you’re saying that people in the South won’t see this movie because there’s a black guy in it? WHO THE HELL CARES?

    As for the people who are whining that they’re changing the source material, they’re not destroying your comics, they’re creating their own version of it. See it, don’t see it, it’ll probably make a lot of money and introduce classic, lovable characters to a new generation who may even seek out the original comics.

  • Cellism

    So not only can the characters not be portrayed in a way that you personally dislike but no one is allowed to even like the idea of them being portrayed that way? And if they do then they’re obviously not a ‘proper’ fan or they’re stupid?

    Feeling the love round here.

  • thesnappysneezer

    The biggest supervillain of all Fox.

  • thesnappysneezer

    There s no love for you.

  • The Griffinator

    “See it, don’t see it, it’ll probably make a lot of money and introduce classic, lovable characters to a new generation who may even seek out the original comics.”

    You mean like the previous 3 Fantastic Four movies Fox produced? Yeah, let’s all just shut up and let them make more gems like those. :)

  • John Northey

    uatu13 – you remind me of guys in the old comic shop I used to frequent. The ones who complained (loudly) about the X-Men not wearing spandex in those movies, about Rogue being a child, about Wolverine being too tall, etc.

    Comics and movies are two separate mediums. If you try too hard to force the comic onto the movie it will be a disaster. The key is to keep the core intact and the core has nothing to do with gender or race, or at least shouldn’t. Back in the 60’s when the FF and many other Marvel titles started women were background and non-white characters were jokes up until the Black Panther arrived and even then they were ‘Black’ this or ‘Black’ that for about a decade or so with rare exceptions (Power Man being one, but boy was he a stereotype in other respects for years).

    I say let them go nuts. If they want to have, say, Reed and Ben in a more than friends relationship then go for it and I’ll judge the movie as a movie, not as ‘oh no they are ruining the comic’ since the comic has been changed/shifted drastically many times over the past decades. And this is from a person who bought every last FF and has a near full set from around #20 to #400 plus a few pre-#20 (regret not getting that dog eared copy of #1 for $100 when I had the chance) before I finally gave up the ghost (just got too silly for me to justify the cash outlay).

  • John Northey

    I wonder if they’ll try to find a way to do the Inhumans. Fox would love to find a way to spread the franchise around I’m sure and the Inhumans as the villain to start then learning they are actually good guys (could mix in Mole Man or someone else manipulating the situation). Wonder if they could claim Namor since he was an early FF villain and love interest for Sue? Doom isn’t a franchise waiting to happen but Inhumans and Namor both are.

  • Joseph

    I want the Skrulls and Zombies in the Fantastic Four reboot movie.

  • seksivitez

    This reminds me of how terrible the Land of the Lost turned out to be. It ended up being a comedy because the end result was nothing like the series strived to be with it’s low tech and lousy budget.

    I think the main thing that bothers most people is how young Reed is going to be. Just another generic, young Hollywood hunk. I mean the casting is like what happened to Brian’s book on Family Guy. lol

  • randomizer9870

    That wasn’t a smoke monster, that was an intergalactic storm front

  • randomizer9870

    Mole man should be in this movie. But Fox would probably fuck him up anyway

  • Tophman

    Fox only made 2 before it ran out of steam. The 3rd movie featuring Galactus never saw the light of day.

  • Cellism

    Sad face.

  • Cellism

    Some really good points here. Not to mention the really obvious fact (which I haven’t seen brought up anywhere yet) that when people critique Michael B Jordan’s casting as Human Torch as a ‘gimmick’ that they’re basically saying ‘You were only hired because of the colour of your skin. You are defined by your ethnicity alone and neither your talent nor ability.’

  • Miles Goodison-Fearon

    Part of me really wants this movie to bomb so Marvel can get the rights back as this casting looks like rejects from a High School musical. Plus having too many villains is basically what hurt the Joel Shumacher Batman films, X: 3 and Spiderman 3, so I really don’t have faith that Fox won’t mess this up again.

  • devil leonx

    I say use the frightful four! Get the Wizard, She-thing, , Thundra and Dragon man! 4 heroes vs four villains!

  • Devil_Dinosaur

    Thanks, both of you, for contributing to give fanboys a bad name. I’m beginning to think “comic book purist” might be an even worse accusation than “racist.”

  • Cellism

    Changing one of the 98% of Caucasian characters within the Marvel canon to a ethnic minority vs. Changing one of the very few notable ethnic minority characters to another ethnicity for no justifiable reason?

    It’s not like Johnny Storm’s personal narrative is intrinsically white (unlike Shang Chi and Black Panther who are, somewhat regretfully, defined by their ethnicities). There’s no massive story arc where Johnny Storm achieve a greatness only reachable through his astounding cultural privilege. If anything this might actually give the character some grounding and the audience something to empathise with.

  • Cellism

    Well yes but I’m not a racist.

  • Cellism

    You seem rather obsessed with scatalogical imagery, is there a reason behind it? Because if I was against white things being made brown, I don’t think I’d repeatedly bring up the idea of shitting on them.

  • Kent

    Congrats, Griffinator. You’re racist.

    Please feel free to pick up your complimentary white hood and Rebel Flag on your way out.

  • Cellism

    I believe one was made in the 90s to retain copyright but never released.

  • Cellism

    *sticks up hand* If you don’t care about race then why are you so upset about Michael B Jordan? Did you care about Jessica Alba because she’s Hispanic?

  • John Northey

    Heh. Obviously you are a Fox news addict. I mean, mealy-mouthed PC retard? Sheesh.

    Last I checked movie companies are in the business of ‘gasp’ making money. They have noticed that non-white males do go to movies (honest!) and that they want to see characters who look like they do.

    So watch out for the eventual Inhumans movie with former white characters being other skin tones, some of the Avengers to not be lily white (already done with Nick Fury although that was in the Ultimate comics first), and some male characters getting a gender change. Hopefully your brain doesn’t explode when that happens.

  • John Northey

    Wonder if you felt the same way about Michael Keaton as Batman (too wimpy), Hugh Jackman as Wolverine (too tall), Anna Paquin as Rogue (too young), Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury (not the ‘real’ Nick Fury who was a white WW2 vet), Idris Elba as Heimdall (black), and so on. Probably complained loudly about the X-Men not being in colourful spandex, Electra being in black for the Daredevil movie, and so on.

    Fanboys always complain and luckily the movie industry has learned to ignore surface arguments but pay attention to core arguments (such as personality of character which I see as far more important than skin tone or gender).

  • DissidentFish

    Well, are you just as worked up that mixed race, dark-skinned Brazilian Sunspot is being played by a white, 100% euro looking Mexican? If not ask yourself why?

  • DissidentFist

    Nobody said Anna Paquin was too young for X1. Rogue was young in the comics when she arrived. People were bummed that she didn’t have her Ms Marvel power set and wasn’t “sexed up” enough.

    Fans have gotten all the sexed up part they could want in True Blood, but I still wish we’d had a chance to see the ass-kicking Rogue. But that’s not casting…

    In any case it isn’t the casting of Jordan, it is the age off all but him. “It’s like that in the Ultimate universe” is saying “it’s like that in the vastly inferior and less original universe with 1/10th (maybe 1/20th) the fan base”.

  • DissidentFish

    Geeeeeeeeeeez, man. Come on down for a visit — Charlotte, Asheville, Atlanta, Biloxi, New Orleans, Charleston, Richmond, Nofolk, Nashville, Little Rock, Louisville, Memphis, Tampa, Gainesville, Orlando, Miami or any town in-between. Even Texas. We’ll treat you nice. We’ll feed you. And you’ll learn something about the south. We’re just people down here. We’re white, we’re black, we’re hispanic, we’re asian, we’re native american. It not 1950 an we haven’t said “I won’t see no movie with no [n] much since then.

  • jb223

    That’s very true, all the more reason to prolong his appearance. Since they are obviously taking a different route towards the ff.’s origin it could easily be tied to the Negative Zone and similar to Fox’s Spidey reboot having all superpowers related to Oscorp, the discovery of the Negative Zone could be the catalyst that sparks not only the FF but all villains possibly involved. So they should cast Victor for sure, and like you said he needs to be some part of the ensemble, but not the big bad right out of the gate. FF has so many classic villains they could utilize, I’d personally like to see Annihilus & maybe Blastaar in the first movie dealing w/ the origins, Mole Man & Doom for the second for a movie dealing w/ Kingdoms & Dictators, leading into a post credits scene featuring the Watcher foretelling the coming of Galactus for the third where Doom will have to help the FF. Might be too similar an arc to the first two flicks for Victor but maybe it can be done effectively this time.

  • tangolas


  • tangolas

    reed richards got hit with the ‘infanto-ray’ & johnny storm is now travon’s ‘hoodie’…and ben grimm aye yai yai

  • Noam

    how about Galactus but not a cloud.

  • brodusgay

    i would love to see galactus and silver surfer done right in this series

  • ziza9

    Why use a recognizable group name and make something so far removed from the source material? Why call it Fantastic Four at all? The backlash would be non-existent if this was called The Posthumans or something. It would be an original concept that pays slight homage to the source. “Hey that chick looks kind of like Dr. Doom.” Instead of the comments you see now. Like the Incredibles.

  • Uncomfortable Movie Goer

    Well, we have precedent with this studio. The last crop of FF movies were atrocious. At least they can’t get worse….. Can they?