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New ‘Captain America’ TV Spot Teases Major Death


Although certain major Captain America: The Winter Soldier rumors appear to have been a sham, there’s one big new secret that’s out of the bag — unleashed by none other than Marvel’s own marketing team.

The latest TV spot for Joe and Anthony Russo’s sequel features the apparent demise of a fan-favorite character. If you don’t want to know who it is, I suggest you don’t watch the video below:

Based on Cap’s comment about “Fury’s last words,” it sure sounds like the one-eyed S.H.I.E.L.D. director is about to meet his maker. That seems like a pretty big bombshell to drop in a 30-second TV spot, so perhaps there’s more to the story than meets the eye — there almost always is, where Fury’s concerned.

What do you think will happen to Samuel L. Jackson’s long-running Marvel character? Will he really die in The Winter Soldier, or will he fake his death, as Fury has done numerous times in the comics?

Arriving April 4, Captain America: The Winter Soldier also stars Chris Evans as Captain America, Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow, Sebastian Stan as Winter Soldier, Anthony Mackie as Falcon, Cobie Smulders as Agent Maria Hill, Frank Grillo as Brock Rumlow, Georges St-Pierre as Georges Batroc, Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter, Toby Jones as Arnim Zola, Emily VanCamp as Agent 13, Maximiliano Hernández as Agent Jasper Sitwell and Robert Redford as Agent Alexander Pierce.


  • Frankie Addiego

    It wouldn’t be the first time someone appeared to die or was supposed to die, but didn’t.

  • Rodrigo Diaz

    He is alive. Don’t worry.

  • FredII

    uh, really? You took that as Fury dieing? I assume we’ve all read comics before right? Even if Cap thinks Fury is dead, it is likely the old fake death switcheroo. But more than likely, it’s Fury going underground, and these were Fury’s last words to him before disappearing. Not really news guys…come on.

  • boneranger

    I find it hard to believe they’d give that away in a trailer. Why can’t it simply be “his last words” spoken since in a coma?

  • kbyrd3

    He’ll fake his death. The comic fans know this is a swerve (in wrestling lingo).

  • lockelamora

    it’s always a LMD

  • Adam Komar

    Considering the “freedom versus fear” motif they’re giving this movie, sounds like a setup for Civil War.

  • Xericho Invictus

    he will “die” to prove another point, his LMD anyways

  • Charles Ray Hilt

    i think he meant the “last words he told him before he was attacked ” i dont think he got killed but they could pull a colson on us again

  • bibbinsthebaggins

    I hope sam jackson really does die. I am sick of seeing his ugly coon face.

  • J C

    Trust no one, even Fury when he says he’s dead.

  • jay Razanov

    Wow, just wow. Bet you get invited to all the “good” parties. You racist waste of skin

  • David

    Coma or something similar, most likely. Look what happened to Coulson.

  • Phil Clark

    The “line” in question sounds to me like it was edited. As if it was two different lines, or a longer spoken line that had the middle bit cut out for the spot. It could be “that last thing Fury said before they took him into surgery were to not trust anyone”.

  • Rex DeLaCoeur

    Fury’s last words…. before being replace by Redford’s character as head of SHIELD for the rest of the movie….

  • Goodwin675

    Remember how Nick Fury died almost every year? And then, he would appear well and alive, LMD and shit. Don’t worry, Sam Jackson will be just fine.

  • John Constanine

    Even if he does die he’s not going to stay dead when Samuels contracted for more films.

  • zakizakaria

    Btw, who is that weird guy in the middle of Widow & Cap?

  • demoncat_4

    he will fake his death stating in avengers two age of ultron the fury who died was a lmd it was a set up to smoke out the bigger threat aka ultron. and once again get the avengers motivated to do what needs to be done.

  • Guest

    Faking his death to prepare for ultron or secret invasion. I bet my LMD butt on it

  • Derrick

    Life Model Decoys, it’s all I am saying if anyone reads the comics and knows about Nick Fury…..

  • Cory Barber

    It’s Nick Freakin Fury. He’ll be back. He’ll be pissed. It’ll be awesome.

  • Patrick Dean

    The full context is “Right before he went to Applebee’s last night, Fury’s last words were…”

  • darktoosie

    i think it might be falcon

  • Keane Amdahl

    I’d like to note that in several of the earlier trailers, we’ve seen Fury post explosion, all beat up, and telling Cap that, “It looks like you’re giving the orders now, Captain.”

    Just saying.

  • Sponge Bob No Pants

    Nick Fury Death is a tribute to the original Hulk TV Series. Same as the epitaph of the Path of the Rightous Man on his grave stone.

    David Banner is believed to be dead, and he must let the world think that he is dead, until he can find a way to control the raging spirit that dwells within him.