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Kevin Spacey and Michael Rosenbaum Weigh in on Jesse Eisenberg as Luthor

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In the month since Jesse Eisenberg was announced as Warner Bros. and Zack Snyder’s sequel to Man of Steel, the Social Network star has faced his fair share of detractors. However, he also has some surprising sources of support — namely, two actors who previously played Superman’s arch-nemesis.

Ex-Lex Kevin Spacey, who played the character in Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns, tells Empire that Eisenberg is “a remarkable actor. He’s just going to fucking own it. I think it’s a great idea and I wish him the best with it.”

Smallville veteran Michael Rosenbaum, meanwhile, says Eisenberg doesn’t “need any advice from me, he’ll do his homework.”

“Jesse’s a good actor. He’ll do it his own way and that’s the best way,” he said. “If you can do it your way, if you succeed or fail, you succeed because you are being original. If you’re trying to emulate someone, you’ll always be compared. That’s why I didn’t want to be compared during Smallville. I didn’t watch any of Gene Hackman as Lex. He’ll be fantastic. Great actor, no problem with it.”

We’ll see if Eisenberg has any problems as Lex when the untitled Man of Steel sequel drops in May 2016.

(via Dark Horizons)

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  • Jacob De Paz

    Rosenbaum didn’t see the original Superman?

  • Ninjajp

    Hardly matters, anyone can be Lex. Im just wondering WHICH VERSION of LEX he is going to model himself after. Gene hackman did the earth 2 lex luthor, rosenbaum played the Man of steel version of luthor mixed in with some worlds finest elements. So we will see. i think eisenberg will do fine.

  • Cory M Huff

    He didn’t say he never saw it. Just that he never looked to it for character inspiration.

  • Alex W

    Don’t know why these articles are bothered with. Is anyone expecting them to say something bad about him?

  • zevitorsantos

    I’m sorry, but Eisenberg is an overrated actor. My opinion.

  • J

    So the only reason to “bother with” the article would be if Spacey and Rosenbaum had bad things to say about Eisenberg? Is that really your opinion – that it’s not worth the bother to hear people say positive things about other people? Your question says much, much more about you than it does about the article.

  • Michael Pullmann

    But what does the best Luthor, Clancy Brown, think?

  • RG

    Gene Hackman had nothing but horrible, vicious things to say about Jesse Eisenberg when interviewed for this article, and we see how that went.

  • beefsquatch

    I keep trying to hear Kevin Spacey when I read this, but only hear his Buddy Ackerman character. Weird. =)

    I think that Eisenberg will be fine. I know that he comes off as Bizarro Cera most of the time, but he CAN act. If they play up Luthor as the eccentric and xenophobic wunderkind that he’s been portrayed as at times in the comics then I think that this might be well within Eisenberg’s wheelhouse. If they try to power suit Luthor or turn him into another real estate craving scammer then it’ll fail.

  • Peter Parker

    I’ve always wondered why he isn’t considered for the role. He’s a good actor and has done a masterful job voicing Luthor.

  • czuga1

    In an interview he said, basically, he thinks Eisenberg will do great.

  • syvyn11

    Gene Hackman’s Luthor was a over the top character. He was just there and evil, no backstory. Rosenberg gave Lex a heart, rotted through and through, but a heart none-the-less.

  • Fuzz1304

    Gene Hackman was lex Luther end of.

  • Alex W

    Is that you Jesse? I just think it’s funny that the question is asked when more often than not we already know what the answer will be. Whether it’s positive or negative it has no relevance to the progression of the film. And news worthy or not, which do you think would get more attention?

  • Alex W

    Is that you Jesse? I just think it’s funny that the question is asked when more often than not we already know what the answer will be. Whether it’s positive or negative it has no relevance to the progression of the film.

  • Huh ?

    Who cares what these 2 say ? One Luthor was fired. The other Luthor was a TV actor and left this beloved series (to do what exactly ?) way before it ended. Jesse is really listening. What does he care ? Jesse is LEX LUTHOR 2016 !

  • Thedude3445

    I would be more impressed if he didn’t, considering how great a Lex Luthor he was.

  • A M.G.

    RosemBAUM, dude, Rosemabum.

  • GalacticChicken

    So no one is shouting about Ben Afflick or Gal Gadot anymore? Maybe Meryl Streep should have been cast as Lex.

  • JD

    Totally agree, the way he delivers lines is just cringe-worthy.

  • WTF

    Jesse Eisenberg is awful. An awful, awful actor. With extremely annoying mannerisms.Can’t say for sure why the ass-kiss from Spacey but Spacey is full of it.

  • Ajit

    Jesse Eisenberg is Jewish and success is being thrust upon him just for that reason. He is a butcher of acting. Kevin Spacy has to kiss every Jewish anus to stay afloat in Jewish Hollywood.