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Five New York Heroes Ready For Netflix


After years spent on the West Coast or in the far reaches of Asgard, the Marvel Universe is returning to its roots for an extended stay. The House of Ideas recently revealed that their upcoming Netflix original series – including Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fistwill all be filmed on the streets of New York City, the same city that’s played home to Marvel’s many adventures since the universe’s inception over 50 years ago.

But those four soon-to-be Defenders aren’t the only heroes to call the Big Apple home. With 60-ish hours of television to fill, odds are there will be room for some truly Marvel-ous cameos on these Netflix shows. Now that we know for sure that these new adventures will take place in New York City, we’ve come up with a list of five heroes (well, four heroes and one villain) with strong New York ties that deserve some attention.

New Warriors


This team of young adult do-gooders re-defined super heroics for the early ’90s. Thanks to their skateboards, heavy metal hair, extensive bandana collection and major ‘tudes, the New Warriors were super cool and super New York back in their day. Street level heroes like Night Thrasher and Rage would fit in perfectly with the world Netflix is building, and characters like Silhouette and Namorita possess power sets that could easily be pulled off with a TV budget. But really, Marvel should consider adapting the New Warriors because both their age and diverse cast make this team perfectly suited to tell new – and truly New York – types of superhero stories.



The big screen Thor franchise has proven that audiences like to mix mythology and super heroes together, creating a metaphorical Reese’s cup of Norse and comic book action. Marvel might be curious to see if that recipe for success could work on television, but Chris Hemsworth and company are all, well, movie stars. Marvel might want to switch gears and introduce their take on Hercules, along with the rest of the Greek pantheon. But the budget-conscious shouldn’t worry about the logistics of showing Mt. Olympus on a regular basis, for Hercules proclaimed himself the protector of Brooklyn! A Hercules cameo in Luke Cage would bring some of that Asgardian-in-New-Mexico magic that made Thor a surprisingly hilarious movie. Heck, we wouldn’t say no to a whole series built around that set-up either.

The Hood


While he’s not a hero, that shouldn’t keep the Hood out of consideration for a role in the Netflix series. Audiences love an anti-hero, and Parker Robbins could very well become Marvel’s Walter White. This low-level criminal ran afoul of a cloaked demon, which happens a lot when you live in Marvel’s NYC, and emptied a clip in the evil being. That was his first mistake. Mistake number two: stealing the demon’s cloak and trying it on. From that moment on, Robbins became the Hood – a super-powered criminal mastermind with invisibility and energy blasts. From a no-name hoodlum to a major player in Marvel’s criminal underworld, this is one character arc that would be fascinating to play out in long form.



Sure there’s already one lawyer on these Netflix shows, but there’s room for one more – even if that “one more” is a seven-foot-tall jade powerhouse. Daredevil might even be the perfect place to introduce Marvel’s other most notable practitioner of law; we all want to see a misunderstanding lead to Matt Murdock going up against Jennifer Walters both in the courtroom and on the streets of Hell’s Kitchen. Plus, as a powerful party-going professional, Jennifer Walters would be able to lead the viewer into parts of Manhattan that a Daredevil series would otherwise avoid.



Odds are we’re not going to see big name movie stars in these Netflix series on the reg, but if there’s one crossover character, it should really be Falcon. As soon as Sam Wilson got super powers, he appointed himself as Harlem’s protector and began looking out for all the residents of his neighborhood. It depends on the character’s status quo following Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but it might be possible for Cap’s wingman to enjoy a lengthy Harlem homecoming – maybe one that lasts for 15 episodes or so. Anthony Mackie’s made it clear that he loves the character, so maybe he wouldn’t be able resist an opportunity for Falcon to take the lead.


  • Thanos

    New Warriors would be cool if it involved Nova getting his helmet from Rohman Day after Guardians of the Galaxy

  •!/ David R. Schmitt

    Moon Knight, Punisher, Ghost Rider, Elektra, Daughters of the Dragon, Shang-Chi. So many urban heroes to choose from.

  • Jaxson

    LOL the Falcon? No one would watch that, hate to break it to you. If Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. can barely survive, a Falcon show has no shot even if on Netflix.

  • J.p. Ducey

    If they’re going to do more netflix shows than the previously announced ones, maybe they should expand outside of New York. I dont think the 5 characters they’ve picked out are the best choices though. Punisher might work better as a television show that can build around a baddie for 13 episodes or so showing how ruthless the baddies is and how relentless Frank can be.

  • NS317453

    If you’re doing the Marvel Knights as the “Defenders” then do the full Marvel Knights lineup. I’m talking Punisher, Moon Knight, etc… They’d both carry a decent series.

  • J.p. Ducey

    Definitely agree on Punisher, Elektra, and Moon Knight. I think Colleen Wing and Misty Knight would be better as supporting characters on Luke Cage/Iron Fist. I’ll also throw Blade’s name out there. I know he had a tv show once before but that was on SPIKE and they didnt know what to do with it.

  • Ava6581 .

    Powers don’t come from the helmet. I much rather have Rich be in his own movie or Guardians sequel.

  • Mike James

    Moon Knight?No “powers” necessary, perfect for TV

  • Minh

    The Punisher, Moon Knight, Ghost Rider, Blade, Spider-Woman

  • Tophman

    Although not based in NY, the “Runaways” will translate very well on the small screen and their nation-trotting adventures could lead them to NYC where they encounter these Netflix Defenders.

    I also agree with J.p. that Misty Knight and her “Heroes for Hire” could work as well. When done right, TV series with strong female characters do fairly well and give the small-screen Marvel U (like its silver-screen counterpart) some much needed estrogen and ethnic diversity. ;)

    My vote’s with Jen Walters/She-Hulk, Valkyrie (for another aspect of the MU’s Norse world and ties with Misty Knight), and to a certain extent Shang-Chi (though he’d probably work as a foil with Iron Fist in a “my Kung Fu is better than your Kung Fu” throwdown; -perhaps a roving warrior monk type deal like the old Carradine series?). Who knows? Netflix Wave 2?

  • Tomi Hanzek

    1. Punisher
    2. Punisher
    3. Punisher
    4. Punisher
    5. Punisher

    Based off of Garth Ennis’ MAX run, of course. Barracuda, Slavers, Valley Forge, all that good stuff.

  • Mauricio Guaura

    …This is an article on these characters making cameos on the Netflix shows, not for them to get their own shows. Read the damn thing.

  • FredII

    I don’t know if She Hulk works on the Dare Devil Series, but Jen Walters definitely does. I think they should introduce Jen who has earned the nick name in the court room of She Hulk after successfully suing Shield and the United States Military for the destruction of Harlem and allowing for its subsequent rebuilding. A human rights lawyer who has corporations shaking in their boots (hey it’s a comicbook fantasy give us some leeway here) and she crosses wigs with Matt Murdock after she is hired by International Philanthropist Wilson Fisk whose charitable works are being harassed by Nelson and Murdock. Of course she realizes the truth, and switches sides, after Matt agrees to help her in her biggest quest, finding out where SHIELD has hidden her beloved cousin, whom she hasn’t seen since they disappeared him when his gama radiation research got too controversial for the powers that be (so she assumes).

  • Darth Weevil

    Maybe I’m crazy, but I’m thinking New Warriors could make a really awesome mockumentary/fake reality show-type series. I know people tend to like that run of the group least (not least because it fed into the whole Civil War nonsense), but I think it could really work, and the “talking head” moments could really help to distinguish between the characters. Plus, it would be a dramatically different feel from the other Marvel cinematic properties, which could be nice.

  • PietroMaximoff

    “As soon as Sam Wilson got super powers” lol HUGE MISTAKE!!
    when did Falcon got powers? was that before of after being a pimp?

  • FredII

    I’m not quite sure when it happened, but he’s basically the Aquaman of birds now, controlling all birds in the city, seeing through their eyes, and commanding them to chase down various villains Hitchcock style.

  • John Garretson

    Anything New Warriors would be AMAZING! But I think the team lends itself more to an animation series, maybe along the lines of Ultimate Spider-Man, but with a somewhat darker tone.

  • UKFan

    Some of those choices are horrible. Why not stick with the street motif? Where’s Moon Knight? Cloak & Dagger? Cardiac? Knightwing Restorations? Hercules would be better in a Thor film, ditto She-Hulk in a Hulk movie, and the Falcon is already established as a movie character.

  • Lexiconquerer

    Matt Smith as Daredevil on Netflix….. I’m not a HUGE Doctor Who fan but I don’t hate the idea.

  • sladewilson

    First off, more than likely the Falcon the movie is using is Ultimate Falcon, not Marvel 616 Universe. I would actually go with Punisher, Moon Knight, Elektra, Kingpin, and Ronin (not Hawkeye. Make the identity a surprise for at least the first season with the season finale being the reveal)