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Humans Take Spotlight in New ‘Godzilla’ Photos


As the marketing campaign, to say nothing of anticipation, has increased over the past couple of weeks for Godzilla, we’ve seen a poster, an earth-shaking new trailer and, finally, an Empire cover revealing the King of the Monsters in all his glory. And now the magazine has debuted some behind-the-scenes photos featuring director Gareth Edwards and stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

There’s also a handy size guide for Godzilla’s various incarnations over the years. It should come as no surprise that the version debuting May 16 from Legendary Pictures is the biggest of the bunch.



(via Collider)


  • Murraypalooza

    Judging by the posters and scale shown in the preview, he’s more like 500 meters.

  • ThomasFRobertson

    i cant wait to watch the new godzilla.

  • Erik Christensen

    Nope. Gareth Edwards said he’s 350 feet.

    500 meters is like 1500 feet

  • Murraypalooza

    I get that.

    But like I said, judging by the posters and footage in the previews, he’s more like 500 meters. They’re on top of skyscrapers shooting flares at him :)

    Regardless, I’m in!

  • Erik Christensen

    He’s only that big in the poster for artistic reasons..

    The shark in Jaws wasn’t as big as it was in the poster

    And in the previews, they’re not on top of skyscrapers shooting flares.. they’re on top of small buildings..