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Jason Sudeikis in Talks For ‘Fletch Won’


After several false starts, Warner Bros.’ plans to revive the Fletch franchise have sprung back to life, with Saturday Night Live alum Jason Sudeikis in talks to star in Fletch Won.

Chevy Chase memorably played investigative reporter Irwin M. Fletcher in the 1985 comedy Fletch and its 1989 sequel Fletch Lives, based on the popular novels by mystery writer Gregory Mcdonald. Fletch Won is based on his 1985 novel, a prequel that follows the character as a fledgling reporter on the trail of the murderer of a crooked millionaire.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. had problems finding the right approach to the screenplay until Mcdonald estate representative David List took a stab at the adaptation (Mcdonald died in 2008). The current draft is described as a gritty action comedy that falls more in line tonally with the source material that the Chase movies did.


  • Kenozoic

    I can get behind that. Thank god it’s not going to one of the Apatow mopeys

  • Jota Sprout

    Fletch Won is about twenty years older than 2002. I hope this film is even a fraction as great as the book.