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Maggie Grace Gets ‘Taken’ Yet Again

Maggie Grace is about to be Taken again — again.

At least, she’s about to return to the Liam Neeson action franchise for the upcoming Taken 3, Deadline reports, reprising her role as Kim Mills. There’s no word on the plot, although Neeson is back on board, and Forest Whitaker has a part to play as well.

In other Grace news, the actress has landed a starring role on an untitled new CBS drama focused on the fast-paced and power-hungry world of Wall Street. She’ll star opposite Charlie Cox as a legal counsel named Jaime, described as “smart, ambitious, savvy and has a conscience.” Basically, all of the things Shannon wasn’t on Lost.


  • joe85

    Of course, the title is a little misleading. According to Liam Neeson, NOBODY gets taken this time. He told the studio he’d be happy to do another one as long as nobody got taken, so the story is going in another direction. Will be curious to see what it is.