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5 DC Characters That Need to Appear on ‘Gotham’

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Fox’s upcoming Gotham pilot is moving along faster than a speeding Batmobile: With primary casting out of the way, the DC Comics-inspired series has released an overview and appropriately cold and gray logo. The drama will focus on a young Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and his relationships with both Detective Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue) and the 12-year-old Batman-to-be Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz). The overview also name-drops a few other notable Gothamites, including younger versions of the Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) and Catwoman (Camren Bicondova), but those aren’t the only two Bat-Baddies slated to appear on the show: The overview also mentions the yet-to-be-cast Riddler, Two-Face and the Joker by name.

However, even with a dozen characters already in play, there are a few others we suspect will get “Gotham”-ized before the 2014-2015 season ends.

flying graysons-gotham

The Graysons
With Bruce Wayne himself being just 12 years old, odds are his eventual sidekick Dick Grayson hasn’t even been born yet. That doesn’t mean we should rule out an appearance from the future Robin’s parents. Perhaps their circus act will swing through Gotham for an episode, and maybe we’ll meet an attractive couple of acrobats who will casually mention that they want to start a family. After seeing countless similar Easter eggs in comic book movies, there’s no way this doesn’t happen before 2015.

ras al ghul-gotham

Ra’s al Ghul
Unlike some of the bad guys already cast, Ra’s al Ghul has an extensive and action-packed history that predates the Caped Crusader. Thanks to his life-extending Lazarus Pit, Ra’s maintains a youthful appearance despite his centuries-spanning life. Gotham might follow in the footsteps of the Christopher Nolan trilogy and exclude some of the source material’s more fantastical elements, but that doesn’t mean Ra’s al Ghul can’t unleash his League of Assassins on the city.

gotham-lucius fox

Lucius Fox
Thanks to Morgan Freeman’s excellent performance in the aforementioned Nolan films, Lucius Fox has become one of Batman’s best-known supporting characters. If he doesn’t show up in Gotham eventually, we’ll be incredibly surprised. The series overview states that Thomas and Martha Wayne’s murder will be the first case Gordon and Bullock try to solve, which means the Wayne family will be front and center. So with Thomas Wayne out of the way, who will run Wayne Enterprises? It seems like Fox’s inclusion as CEO of Gotham’s biggest company is a no-brainer.

harley quinn-gotham

Harley Quinn
If popular characters like the Joker, Two-Face, Catwoman and Penguin are going to pop up, then Harley Quinn has to be next on the list. She may be a relatively new addition to Batman’s rogues gallery, but she’s easily become one of the most popular. Her comic book series is a bestseller, she’s a cosplay favorite and everyone who was introduced to her 20 years ago on Batman: The Animated Series has now hit the age when nostalgia trumps everything. Harley’s going to show up.

Gotham Central

Gotham Central
When it was announced Fox was developing a drama named Gotham that focuses on the Gotham City Police Department, a lot of comic book fans assumed it would focus on the cast from the acclaimed comic series Gotham Central. So far that hasn’t really panned out – unless you go to the show’s IMDb page. There, a number of extremely unconfirmed castings are listed that lead us to believe Gotham really might be more like Gotham Central than the overview lets on. After all, Gordon and Bullock can’t be the only cops on the show; characters like Renee Montoya and Crispus Allen would be welcome additions.


  • Knightwing19

    I wonder do the people on this site actually read Batman? If so this article and stupid ones just like it wouldn’t exist.

  • Fenoli

    How old is Harley going to be on the show? 3? 4? Bruce is a little kid…. Same with Joker, I keep seeing people say Joker for this show (as well as other Bat villains) who should be around the same age as Lil Bats.

  • Víctor H. Luyo Saucedo

    Bruce is 13 and Catwoman is 13 too. Joker must be older. Maybe 20. And The Pinguin 30?. But Harley must be a baby because all the actual events ocurrs 30 years later, i think.


    err what. this show sounds awful.

  • numberthirty

    If Gordon is a new detective, are any of the Gotham Central characters even cops yet?

  • Hypestyles

    I guess we’ll see how her origin is handled here. Harleen Quinzel was a 20-something new PhD when she first met the joker in the cartoons.

  • Dawnell_do

    Actually Bruce is 12 and Selina is 14. We don’t really know if Joker will appear in the show.

  • demoncat_4

    dick don’t see showing up till cllose to the end of the show when bruce finaly puts on the bat suite but mostly never Rhas proably has a better chance to show up on Arrow given the League of assains are running around. harley quin can see as her days of shrink before she crosses the jokers path.

  • AirDave

    Gotham is to Batman what Smallville was to Superman. I’d like to see reporter Jack Ryder. Maybe a young Vicki Vale or Julie Madison.

  • Tommy Rankin

    Gotham is to Batman what Smallville would have been for Superman if he was 12 years old in it. That sounds pretty limiting… Bruce is going to be 12, Selina 14 and most of Batmans rogues are going to be 10-30? I’m not sure how much they can do with this premise if they follow the ages in comics closely. We’ll have a cop show with Gordon and Dent is still going to be in law school or is a rookie lawyer… Sounds kinda off for a show based on superhero comics to be an ordinary cop show. It’s hard to imagine Gordon going against supervillains after all and there can’t be that many big bads before Bruce is old enough to become Batman. And when people hear that this show is based on Batman comics they’re going to expect to see Batman and his bad guys and might be disappointed by not getting to see them at all or just barely. That’s kind off what many consider to be a problem with AoS atm. The lack of actual Marvel comics chaacters and superheroes on a show based on superhero comics! But then again this is a DC show and they’ve shown us that they pretty much rule the tv where Marvel rules the the big screen and they’re obviously going to use that now that they’ve noticed it with so many DC shows in development right now

  • SomethingThatIsNotNecessarrry

    Are you kidding me? Joker, Poison Ivy or any villains like that won’t pop up. It’s to early! These villains come because Batman brought them in the wild. If we do see anyone it’ll probably be Dr. Johnathan Crane, Red Hood, Black Mask, etc. T

  • omethingThatIsNotNecessarrry

    Yeah you’ll see how baby-Harley. She’s an infant in the series!

  • Keith Clardy

    I think a lot of people keep forgetting that Harley Quinn was a psychiatrist before becoming the costumed criminal she is today. To get a medical degree in psychiatry (because Harley is an MD, not a PhD), it takes about twelve years (not including about six years of specialty training). Realistically, if Harley started college at 18 like most people, she’d have received her doctorate around age 30. I would assume she probably became Harley during her specialty training, so that would put her age between 30 and 35. So, keeping all that in mind, Harley is probably the same age as Bruce and Selina or maybe a little older (I always assumed that the Joker was in his mid to late 40s) so if she were to appear on “Gotham” she could easily appear as a classmate of Bruce.

  • Tophman

    I suppose we keep forgetting that this is an entirely new universe (just like Smallville did for Clark Kent’s TV world).

    That said, I am concerned about the classic Bat-villains being introduced before Bats’ emergence. Of course, the studio doesn’t really need to use “Penguin”, “Riddler”, “Two-Face”, or “Joker” (only for casting) but instead use “Cobblepot”, “Nigma”, “Dent”, or an anonymous pseudonym for The Joker. The writers can then introduce these miscreants at the start of their careers (perhaps in their late teens or early 20s, before their spiral into craziness when Bats finally shows up).

    Lucius Fox should be in the show even in a supporting capacity. As for the Gotham Central crew, I feel Montoya would be too young even as a rookie fresh of the Police Academy. Crispus Allen would be perfect though as a rookie and could work to enhance the supporting cast.

    I’d love to see the parental Graysons as some form of mentors to Bruce. Just some way to create a bond with them to solidify why Bruce so readily took in Richard when he lost his parents.

    I love the potential for “Gotham”. I just hope the writers don’t go too far off the cannon rails in trying to make it ‘hip’ or ‘accessible’. Needless to say, I’ll be watching it to see what they do (it can’t get be as bad as “The Flash”‘s TV costume :p ).

  • Elias Algorithm

    This really does sound like bad fanfiction.

  • Jak

    Dr Leslie Thompkins should be in it; Bruce looked up to her as a mother figure growing up. She and Alfred cared for him after the Wayne murders. Bruce’s classmates should include Zatanna Zatara, Tommy Elliot and Harvey Dent. We definitely don’t need a young Harley Quinn at this stage, she’d be like 5 years old, same as Dick Grayson. Jonathan Crane should be an Intern at Arkham Asylum, under Jeremiah Arkham. Professor Hugo Strange should work there too, as well as being a police consultant. Maroni, Falcone, Zucco and Thorne should be the main adversaries before the freaks like the Joker, Poison Ivy and the Riddler ever appear. They shouldn’t be in Gotham until Bruce is Batman. Gotham should be heavily corrupt and dirty.

  • scifielements

    ra’s al ghul is licensed to arrow on the cw for television. they essentially stole the league of assassins from batman for tv. even, katana will even be appearing on arrow for season3. gotham central would be really nice,especially since this show is essentially a cop show, not a batman show. harley quinn doesn’t make sense; she would be just a kid, like in 1st grade; her psychotic break doesn’t happen until adulthood. i LOVE harley&would love to see her on tv or in film,but it just doesn’t fit for this ‘Gotham Kids’ tv show. gotham producers told me they only plan to hint at the Joker mid-season,he’s not meant to be a main character. catgirl, penguin & riddler will be more prominent. also minor appearances of ‘ivy pepper,’ future poison ivy, name change from ‘pamela isley.’ netflix bought the streaming rights already & may plan to pick it up if fox cancels it.

  • scifielements

    that’s why they created mob boss villainness fish mooney taking over crime in gotham, jada pinkett smith’s character.
    marvel has daredevil coming winter 2015 on netflix, which is really the defenders, featuring luke cage, iron fist & jessica jones & more tv shows in development. agents of shield will hv mockingbird and more superheroes this season, as well as an 8episode break for agent carter, which become it’s own spin series.

  • scifielements

    red hood is jason todd robin &20yrs younger than bruce wayne. i agree with you, but poison ivy has been cast already for the show. scarecrow would be really cool to see, oh i hope so, and black mask too.

  • Brian Patrick Lewis

    thank you plus if she did show up at all she would be a normal person because she has not met the joker

  • angelena

    Can you give me audition papers for harley quinn?i have few talents but i dont know about acting or stage fright.while your doing joker,2 face,etc. i can practice be aware im only 11.