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First Teaser Trailer, Images Arrive For ‘Peanuts’ Movie

peanuts 1

Fox Family Entertainment and BlueSky Studio have debuted the first teaser trailer and images for the CG-animated Peanuts movie. Scheduled for release on Nov. 6, 2015, it will be the first time Charles Schulz’s beloved characters have appeared in a feature since 1980’s Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (and Don’t Come Back!!).

“It’s long overdue,” Schulz’s son Craig, who’s producing the film, tells USA Today. “The fans have been asking for a long time, but we held off until the time was right.”

Peanuts is directed by Steve Martino (Ice Age: Continental Drift) from a script by Craig Schulz’s son Bryan and his writing partner Cornelius Uliano.

“We’re going to fly with Snoopy in his fantasy world,” Martino explains. “We have a bigger canvas. Bill Melendez got Snoopy off the ground in the TV specials. We’re going to take it a step further.”

peanuts 2


  • Banon


  • alistaircrane

    Why not?

  • Brutal2D

    Is there some sort of problem?

  • Daeleus

    As long as they get it right, Why not?

  • dc_gothamite

    looks promising. Even in CG, I love how they kept a very simplistic, “jerky” style of animation, reminiscent of the old specials. I also love how the facial expressions are independent of the head shapes. very nice.

  • akkadiannumen

    I like CGI but this is one of those cases where it simply doesn’t feel right. Oh well…

  • The Doctor

    That looks so cool! :)

  • the_Hold_Steady

    That worked way better than I ever thought it would. They didn’t overdo the CGI or try to make it too “3D”

  • joe79

    I love Peanuts. I just hope they don’t screw it up and make it suck like most of today’s kids movies. I already sort of fear the Pig-Pen fart jokes and dog urine gags.

  • Trey_C

    Based on this trailer I don’t think it looks too bad. They kept the same style just CGed it. If the humor is the same then I think it could be pretty good. That’s a big if though.

  • George Mitchell

    That’s a pretty good assessment there Mr. Bill Frist.

  • Paul Little

    Boy, this looks awful. The next time I want to illustrate that “2D 3D” is a bad idea 100% of the time, I’ll just link people to the Peanuts movie. In that respect, I suppose I’m glad they made this.

  • Batman

    Very very nice. Love the animation.

  • Irabbit75

    Agreed, I think it really captures Schultz’s style. Can’t wait to take my kids to this one.

  • Oscar Daniel Castillo

    I just keep thinking… smurfschipmuckssmurfschipmuncks over and over again.