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Liam Neeson’s ‘Taken’ Gets ‘Tooken’ Away in New Parody Movie

“Now, Taken, listen very carefully: You’re about to be Tooken.”

The Liam Neeson action franchise is the latest movie series to come under the heavy fire of the Hollywood parody machine. Deadline reports Elevative Entertainment’s Kelly Noon and Cameron Van Hoy are set to launch a Taken parody called Tooken into production this summer. It’s described as “a Naked Gun-style take on the action/revenge drama.” Sounds like whoever came up with that idea could use a rendezvous with Bryan Mills’ very particular set of skills.

John Asher wrote the Tooken screenplay and is set to direct as well. No casting announcements have been made yet, but based on the title, one can assume Asher and producers are looking to find an authentic Took from The Shire for the lead role.


  • Jason Kauffman

    Oh, Dear God in Heaven, please no! If there’s someone in Hollywood that has the wherewithal and the pull….ANYONE…that has a shred of humanity within them, you’ll please PLEASE stop this!