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Pixar Set to Produce ‘Cars 3,’ ‘Incredibles 2′


Fans of Pixar’s existing franchises, get pumped: The studio is working on new installments of both Cars and The Incredibles.

According to Variety, Disney CEO Bob Iger announced plans to develop a third Cars film as well as a sequel to 2004’s The Incredibles during the company’s shareholders meeting in Portland, Oregon. The Incredibles director Brad Bird is on board for that sequel, but no details on the production team were announced for Cars 3.

The third Cars film would make it the second Pixar property to become a trilogy — the first being Toy Story — although the franchise is actually Pixar’s largest in terms of film count: The first Cars debuted in 2006, with a sequel arriving in 2011; Planes, the Cars direct-to-DVD spinoff, was released in 2013, and already has a sequel in development. By contrast, The Incredibles will be the fifth Pixar film to receive a direct sequel, behind Toy Story, Monsters Inc., Cars and Finding Nemo.

Pixar had previously announced plans for a theatrical re-release of The Incredibles and Ratatouille in 3D. Other films the studio has in development include Finding Dory (the Finding Nemo sequel); Inside Out and The Good Dinosaur.


  • Ted

    Planes ran in theaters. It was planned to be direct-to-DVD, but was given a theatrical release.

  • Minuteman

    An Incredibles sequel?!

  • lewis4510

    This is the first time I’ve heard that Brad Bird was on board for an Incredibles sequel. In the past he’s been hard to pin down. And has said that he would only do it if he came up with the right story/script.

    I guess the right story must have fallen out of the sky.

  • batGRRRl4ever

    In my mind it will only work if they jump anywhere from 5-15 yrs into the future. If it only takes place say like 6 months later, I’m not sure that’s an interesting enough story for having to wait over a decade for the sequel.

    Having said that, I’m pumped because I LOVE this movie!

  • Brently

    Shared 1300 times, but they can’t make a correction to the Planes bit? Yeeesh.

  • PietroMaximoff

    the incredibles will be awesome!!!
    cars is just meh for me. couldn’t stay awake for half an hour

  • Jimmy

    monsters inc second movie was a prequel not a direct sequel

  • Grimace

    Cars 3? Planes 2? Incredibles 2? Count me out. These are the lamest Pixar movies. I was already shamelessly fooled into seeing Cars 2 and regretted it afterwards. Why would I want to see any more poor quality stories?

  • Mike

    I like the idea of an Incredibles sequel as super heroes lend themselves very well to new stories without rehashing the original movie. Cars 3 …ehhh….I didn’t really care for Cars 2 it felt like a direct to DVD type movie and I didn’t really enjoy it. It’s a shame Pixar is going to waste that years Pixar movie with another Cars movie. If I remeber right wasn’t Cars 2 the only Pixar film not to get Best Animated Oscar??

  • Mike

    I don’t think Planes was a Pixar release was it??

  • John Sheldon

    So, dont. Bam, problem solved.

  • Ian

    Planes was a Disney movie, not Pixar.

  • Navin Nedraw

    Disney owns Pixar.