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Singer Teases Possibility of Nightcrawler and Gambit in ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’


Bryan Singer has already said X-Men: Apocalypse will be “more of a First Class sequel” rather than a direct follow-up to Days of Future Past, with the focus once again on the younger versions of Professor Xavier, Magneto, Mystique and Beast. But in an interview with Mexican entertainment website Cine Premiere, he reveals a couple of fan-favorite mutants could be added to the mix.

“I’m considering a Gambit and potentially a young Nightcrawler for Apocalypse,” Singer said. “[I was] going to have Nightcrawler appear [in Days of Future Past], and even wrote a scene, but I felt that we were forcing too many mutants known history.” Chalk the shaky syntax up to Google Translation.

That scene might explain why James McAvoy last year mentioned Alan Cumming, who played Nightcrawler in 2003’s X2, while rattling off a list of actors involved in Days of Future Past. (Cumming quickly nipped the rumor in the bud.)

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  • AirDave

    So…this is Age of Apocalypse? Gambit and Nightcrawler had pretty interesting roles to play in that…

  • chai xiong

    hmmm, let me guess. Since Cyclops is not there, Gambit must be the guy they are going to use for whining and complaining to make Wolverine much manlier.

  • HoodFace

    An “Age Of Apocalypse ” could be a way better movie.Personally i can’t think an Apocalypse movie without Cyclops,Cable,Gambit,Nightcrawler,Sunfire,Archangel and Sinister.

  • HoodFace

    You guess wrong.Gambit was never a whiner,neither Cyclops.Guess you don’t read comics much.

  • ComicBook Coby

    that would be awesome!!!

    just, please, please, PLEASE, don’t bring back Taylor Kitsch!

  • Jak

    Bring back Taylor Kitsch, one of the only decent things about X-Men: Origins. Apocalypse is meant to be set around the same time as that movie so it would make sense. If they use Channing Tatum for Gambit they will lose my interest for sure.

  • The Walking Cuban

    That would be Uncanny. Seriously, I want Ben foster to return but blue and with metal wings, and then he could be in x force. They have GOT to introduce Cable in Apocalypse. Obviously RR as Deadpool, but here are my candidates for Cable and Domino: Steven Lang and milla jovovich.

  • The Walking Cuban

    Who could play a good Mr. Sinister?

  • The Walking Cuban

    I don’t dislike Tatum anymore. I used to. But I still prefer some continuity.

  • Bleak5170

    Seems like Singer still has zero interest in having Angel appear in his movies. :(

  • HoodFace

    Lets see…..Sean Bean is a good option to me.Josh Brolin too.Michael Wincott fits perfectly either.

  • HoodFace

    Kitsch wasn’t bad as Gambit.

  • The Walking Cuban

    Wincott! Genius! If it’s not him, I will not watch it! Lol, seriously his voice was the best thing in… well in everything he’s ever played in! And his face is right, so just add the makeup (please, Singer, don’t mess this one up) and give him a few lines, dude, all I hear is the Mr. Scroop from Treasure Planet. My daughter used to be scared of em. It was great lol!

  • chai xiong

    I’m not talking about their characters in the comics. I am referring to the atrocious way Cyclops was portrayed in the films. He never appears in more than two or so minutes in the films, the only time he appears, he was either whinging or running away. Xavier says he is meant to be leader of the X-men, but the film never even bothered to show him doing any of that. I’m not sure where you got in my previous statement that I had indicated the comic version of Cyclops and Gambit were whiners or complainers.

  • Ridgecity

    I rather wish they let Marvel handle an Age of Apocalypse movie. Fox will f*ck it up.

  • Vedder

    I sincerely hope Taylor does get the role because he is much more pleasing than Channin Tatum will ever be

  • The Walking Cuban

    That sucks. Wasted as a throwaway character.

  • The Walking Cuban

    I liked Giovanni Ribisi in Contraband. Not so much Cajun as just straight up New Orleans, where I’m from. That’s a more natural sound if he’s gonna be from the streets. I just can’t see a street savvy card playing thief sounding like Troy from Gator People. Although I’d pay to hear him say “choot um, Bichup”, I think he should sound less country and more city. Ribisi looked and sounded just like my cousin who has about 4 left on his 9 year sentence for B&E. Yeah he’s ugly, they both are, but that confidence is key to playing Gambit.

  • The Walking Cuban

    There was so much they could have done with Cyke. Slim! They really dropped the ball. Man, no schism, no utopia, or him with Emma, or him as a badguy! He’s way more interesting in the comics.

  • RSmith

    No young Cyclops? Or Cable? In a movie featuring Apocalypse!?

    That sounds tragic.

  • JusticeBringer

    You do realize all of that stuff happened after X-Men 1 and 2, right? By the third one, he was going to do Superman Returns instead. So, they killed him.

  • ryanclark83

    This is just great news all around to hear about all this.. growing up gambit was my favorite so bringing him back into the films is an awesome idea since he is a main character and deserves his part in rise of apocalypse. I mean taylor kitsch played a pretty good gambit if you ask me so why would you make a change? Hmmm im just highly exv ited about all of this so let’s trust the director and film crue to bring us an excellent film! Definitely been waiting patiently for this one…

  • Ryan Clark

    Hearing about this is awesome news! Bringing gambit back possibly taylor kitsch is awesome since he is a main character and deserves his roll in the film! Remy Lebeau is the man! Highly excited for this..

  • HoodFace

    You;re right about Cyclops not been portrayed properly in the film,but that doesn’t make him a whiner.

  • HoodFace

    Unfortunately it won’t be the AoA.

  • BigDrink

    Um what about Cable……

  • WarrenWII

    young Cyclops will be in it, Singer already teased that, same with Jean. So the team will be much bigger this time around

  • chai xiong

    Nope, from what I recalled, he barely had any screen time in the first movie. When he did have screen time, he was written horribly. I didn’t bother to see part two but from what a friend says, he only appeared at the beginning just to get captured and then only appeared at the end only to be rescued. I can see why he would want to leave for a role in Superman Returns. The only X-men movie I found tolerable was X-men first class. I don’t begrudge Singer or Fox for doing what they think will sell tickets which is basically a Wolverine and the X-men story. Eventually they’ll probably reboot at some point and hopefully then they will have a true X-men story. I’ll praise them then.

  • sickboy365

    Well they right royally screwed up cable by killing ss and jg. Probably end up using ultimate cable (yay more wolverine). Might have young Scott and Jean but then you’ll end up with wolverine sleazing on teenagers