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5 Pieces Of ’80s Canon We Gotta See In “X-Men: Apocalypse”


Following in the footsteps of two of its predecessors, 2016’s X-Men: Apocalypse will be set in a decade that’s long past. X-Men: First Class brought the ’60s to life, at least half of this summer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past will take place in the ’70s, and Bryan Singer recently confirmed that the currently in pre-production sequel will take place in the 1980s. Yep, the mutants will slip into Members Only jackets and use their powers to solve Rubik’s Cubes – that is, if there’s anything left of America following the possibly time-stream shattering events of Days of Future Past. The subtitle Apocalypse doesn’t make this version of the 1980s sound all that pleasant.

Still, longtime fans of the X-Men should welcome this setting with open arms, since it means that the film will be set during the decade that saw the X-Men claw their way to the top of the charts. Under Chris Claremont’s guidance and flanked by some of the best artists to ever put pencil to paper (John Byrne, Dave Cockrum, Paul Smith, John Romita Jr. Marc Silvestri, and Jim Lee just to name a few), the X-Men hit epic heights that few comic book properties ever hit. If any ’80s ideas are going to make their way to the big screen, we really hope its one – or all – of these.

Return of the Queen

Robin Wright

Emma Frost made her comic book debut at the dawn of the ’80s and then spent the rest of the decade as one of the X-Men’s most competent and deadly adversaries. You didn’t really get that vibe from January Jones’ deadpan portrayal in X-Men: First Class, did you? Emma Frost is absent from Days of Future Past, but there’s no reason why she can’t show up again in Apocalypse as an older and deadlier version of her previous self. If you’ve seen even one episode of Netflix’s House of Cards, then you know this is a role tailor-made for ice queen Robin Wright.

The Outback


Following an act of heroism that led the world to believe they were dead, the X-Men set up shop in the Australian outback. From there, they used the abilities of a teleporter named Gateway to get the drop on their enemies. This status quo might have only took up the last couple years of the decade, but the remote setting and funky lineup has stood the test of time in the hearts of fans. So far the X-Men films haven’t strayed too far from the X-Mansion’s grounds in Westchester, New York. Maybe it’s time the team took a little trip down under.

Mohawk Storm

Lupita Nyong'o

Director Bryan Singer has already teased that fans will get to see young versions of familiar faces, meaning that fans might finally get to see the version of Storm they’ve wanted to see on the big screen from day one: punk rock Storm. Sporting a Mohawk haircut and an outfit pulled directly from Joan Jett’s closet, Storm reinvented herself from an untouchable goddess into a tough-as-nails street fighter. Academy Award winner Lupita Nyong’o, whose natural speaking voice sounds like what Halle Berry was trying to accomplish in X-Men, would crush it in this role. Seriously, Singer, it’s time we got a bad ass Storm.



Even if disco was already close to death when Dazzler debuted in 1980, the character was still quintessentially ’80s. Her fashionable costume, pop star talent, wild spirit, and flashy super power make her seem like an anthropomorphized version of the decade that spawned her. She has to be included in the film, and she can be patterned after ’80s icons like Madonna or Cyndi Lauper if disco is deemed too ’70s.

The Brown and Tan


Wolverine spent pretty much the entirety of the 1980s with his classic yellow costume crumpled in a ball under his bed. Instead, he sported a brown and tan look that gave him a much more stealthy and animalistic look – at least compared to the canary colored costume her previously wore. Fox’s Wolverine has yet to wear a costume reminiscent of either of his main two comic book looks, and it would be great to see that change in “Apocalypse.” No, we don’t yet know how Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine will factor into X-Men: Apocalypse. Logan joined the team for the first time in 2000’s “X-Men,” that is unless there were a lot of lies and mindwipes happening behind the scenes. Therefore, he can’t have been a member of the X-Men in the 1980s. But if Days of Future Past resets the timeline, then its entirely possible he’ll be a main player. Details aside, we just want to see Wolverine wearing a mask of some sort, and it should happen in Apocalypse.


  • Mike

    Sorry about the typo. But yeah… ARCHANGEL, Man! ;)

  • Hypestyles

    I’d like to see a young Storm; but I want Lupita to be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so she can make more than one appearance. Shunting her to the FoX-Men franchise would semi-doom her to a one-shot appearance

  • Rockin69

    I had never seen that picture of the Outback team before and I grew up with them…it is so awesome…I may be bias on this but I think the X-Men were never as cool as they were in the mid-late 80’s.

  • Kim Kemp

    No to Mowhawk storm, never liked it

  • Rockin69

    You are wrong mrs. Glory to punk mohawk Storm.

  • Dave

    for what it’s worth, I believe they’ve already said that Future Wolverine is on a one-way trip to the past where he amalgamates with his past incarnation, changes his path (presumably post weapon plus project, as pictures have him with metal on his claws again) and most likely stays with the X-Men since he meets up with them in the 70’s this time instead.

    If they already had the idea for the 80’s movie in mind, it explains why they changed the story to be Wolverine going into the past instead of Kitty so they could make sure there’s a Wolverine in the next movie too.

    We’ll still never see anyone wearing their usual costumes though, Fox is pretty much stuck on making the X-Men cool with leather instead of iconic with costumes.

  • Jason

    yeah good luck getting any of that

  • MB

    If you want ’80’s cannon, they should recon Rogue’s movie story and make it from Avengers Annual #10 forward. Rogue get’s the Ms.Marvel powers and Carol Danvers get’s introduced on to the big screen. (Is Carol an Avenger owned by Disney?)

  • Justin

    I really hate the X men movies. Bryan Snyger and his ideas for the X Men are horrible. All these movies set in the past are such utter crap. Until the X Men movies are rebooted and have no connection to Singer and Fox, I have no hope for the franchise.

  • Realistic

    DOFP needs to turn a profit first. And now thanks to its bloated budget it need to record a worldwide gross that no X-Men movie has come close to in the past.

  • Bmoney

    Isn’t Dazzler, Singer’s favourite character being played by Lady Gaga in DOFP?

  • Zorianff9 .

    One thing we gotta see in X-men Apocalypse is: Sinister and the union of a Summers (Cyclops) and Grey (Phoenix) able to produce a genetically superior mutant capable of defeating Apocalypse (Cable).
    In other words, we need Cyclops as the REAL main character of X-men, and his girlfriend Jean whom he was meant to be united with.

  • J.W

    Seriously: Robin Wright was born to play Emma Frost. But she’s a character actress and is famous for being very picky: she turned down lots of mainstream movies, even more so if the role is based on a cartoon. But who knows, if they give her chew scenery material and tons of money maybe she says yes, I hope so!

  • samuel

    100 times yes about Storm!
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Wolverine is not in this film be nice to focus on other characters then him, Charles and Magneto

  • Erik Galston

    Carol is definitely an Avenger owned by Disney…

  • PietroMaximoff

    another Lupita Nyong’o cast as storm…
    please don’t
    at this point in her career it would be an utterly stupid for her to get involved in this mess.

  • Outback

    That’s a poster that Jim Lee did back when he was drawing the book. This version has had modern coloring applied to it however

  • OTAP

    Iman (David Bowie’s wife) would be the ultimate Storm in my opinion. And please, directors/producers: Storm has blue eyes!!!

  • Glasswalker64

    I guess I’m the minority that hated that stupid mohawk.

  • Ronnie

    Iman is 58 years old now (yet still beautiful). If they were actually making this film in the 1980’s, I’d agree with you. Unfortunately, I think her time has passed.

  • John E Cupach

    The Brood

  • The Walking Cuban

    80’s xmen, hmm…..
    Stallone as wolverine, Lundgren as omega Red and Sabretooth, Schwarzenegger as colossus and Cable, Grace Jones as Storm, Van Damme as Cyclops, Carl Weathers as Bishop, Adrian Paul as Gambit, Michael Wincott as Mr. Sinister, and of course Patrick Stewart as Prof X. He’s the same age now as he was then anyway.

  • Thiago Santos

    Kim, the thing about mokawk Storm is more like her attitude than her looks. Her appearence only reflects the “badassness”. It would be nice to see but it’s more important to get the character’s atitude right.

  • Seth

    I dont read comics, but still agree that Hugh Jackmans isnt the best Wolverine. I still think Terrance Stamp would have been the best Magneto.

  • OTAP

    I’ll agree with you on that. If thus was around the time of her appearance in Star Trek VI…

    How about Zöe Saldana? She’s been blue (Avatar), green (Guardians of the Galaxy) and red (shirted, in Star Trek).

    Also, I think Bollywood diva Bipasha Basu could do a great Storm too!

  • Rockin69

    I’ve never seen this one, I even saved it. Brought back so many memories.

  • Rockin69

    Meh, who even remembers? It’s a whole generation out there, I say retcon big hair Rogue for the 80’s with Ms. Marvel powers and just don’t mention Ms. Marvel. Just say it’s her mutation and that’s it. Everybody who watched the 90’s cartoon thought so anyway.

  • Rockin69

    It’s all we got and all we’re gonna get for the near future. Expect a different take on the X-Men maybe in oh, 2022 or something.

  • Rockin69

    Only thing is I think Robin Wright is a bit too old to play Emma at this point. She’s 47 and when they do these movies they want to do multi-picture deals…so Robin cannot play Emma again at 53. Sorry but I seriously doubt it, they’ll go for a younger actress who’s young enough to carry many pictures. That’s why they went for Jennifer Lawrence for Mystique.

  • J.W

    I guess you haven’t seen her in House of Cards, specially when she takes her clothes off. She has a better body than most of 20 something starlets. Check it out, If you don’t believe me. Again, being a serious actress, I doubt she will sign for more than one picture. But who knows?

  • Rockin69

    It has nothing to do with how well she looks. Point is, there’s no denying she’s over 40 and generally they go for someone who looks 30ish at the most (Fassbender, MacAvoy, Jackman and Berry in the first movies). I’m just telling you how the suits behind the studios think.

    Robert Downey was different because we always felt that Tony Stark was older, in the same way we perceive Reed Richards to be older. But the reason I gave you is the reason they went for Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans for their roles. They’re young enough to carry this for 10 years at least.

  • brian

    Yaaaass. Mohawk Storm, Robin Wright (or Sigourney Weaver) as Emma Frost, and an 80’s inspired Dazzler.

  • Kim Kemp

    Always preferred the goddess look. Storm is badass regardless, they don’t need to give her a punk image to do that.

  • mkr022586

    Accept for the episode about rogue getting her powers.

  • Matt

    The Brown and Tan..i mean who wouldn’t love to see this man…we need hugh jackman again…

  • Eric

    I’m sure Robin is a great actress but come on, why does everyone think Emma is old? She’s younger than the First Class of X-Men (Jean, Scott, Beast, Iceman, Angel) so her actress should be younger than them too. (Proof) at this point she was about 15 whereas the rest of the original X-Men are 18-19.

  • Eric

    How old do you think Emma is? She’s younger than Scott, Jean etc

  • William Avitt

    I like the X-Men movies and I don’t mind Wolverine being a main character. He hasn’t hurt any of them. The movies that do have major faults, Wolverine isn’t one of them. That said, I would like to see Hugh Jackman focus on a kick-ass Wolverine 3 that lives up to the sequel and sit Apocalypse out. Wolverine 3, then retire from the part. He’s starting to show his age and he’s had a good run. First Class did just fine without Wolverine and he isn’t really the star of DoFP, Xavier kind of is. We know these movies don’t require Wolverine. He’s had a good run, time to move on (after his last solo film, which should be called Wolverin3)

  • William Avitt

    Also, since Apocalypse is supposed to be the end of the First Class trilogy, I would like to see Cyclops, Storm and Jean introduced, but as new students. Supporting characters. Then, focus the next trilogy on them and set the entire trilogy in the 90s. Cyclops, as much as he’s been shafted, deserves his own trilogy, not just a movie. Also, we know from the end of DoFP that while the timeline is changed, some things have to still have played out the same. Rogue would not have been an X-Man if she didn’t meet Wolverine in Canada. They shouldn’t go out of their way to say “Hey, the timeline is different so we can do what we want”. Star Trek failed in that. They should consider the original movies to be loose canon. Try not to completely discard them, but don’t be beholden to them either. Basically, use the Cyclops trilogy to get the X-Men to where we meet them in X1, but don’t worry so much about “Does this line up”. Does that make any sense?

  • William Avitt

    Not according to X-Men: First Class. But it doesn’t matter because she won’t be in this movie because she was killed between First Class and DoFP, along with Azazel, Banshee and Angel

  • William Avitt

    check and check

  • Drigo Arze

    No no no Bring back Emma Frost but with Charlize Theron playing her, not that old ugly actress..Besides telepathy, Emma’s power is her beauty