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Rumor: Disney Could Replace Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones


Is it time for a new actor to don the famous fedora? If certain scheduling needs aren’t meant, it’s possible Disney will replace Harrison Ford for the fifth Indiana Jones film.

That’s according to Latino Review‘s anonymous sources, who contend that if the 71-year-old actor isn’t on board by an unspecified deadline, the studio is prepared to recast the iconic role with a younger star. The rumor is that Bradley Cooper is high on the list of potential replacements, and that Frank Darabont (The Walking Dead) has pitched an idea for a script.

Disney purchased rights to the Indiana Jones franchise in December, more than a year after the studio acquired Lucasfilm and Star Wars, so clearly there are plans for the character. And Ford isn’t getting any younger, making many of the stunts associated with the role less likely (or at least less believable).


  • Guy Incognito

    Replacing Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones is the worst idea in the history of the Indiana Jones franchise. And after Crystal Skull that’s saying something.

  • movieartman

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  • LightningBug

    Nothing is sacred in hollywood when there is money to be made. Disney would be crazy not to recast the role and keep making these movies. I’d prefer they leave it alone, but I’m not going to lie, if they put out a recast Indiana Jones movie, I’ll be in the audience. Bradley Cooper is a compelling choice. If they go ahead with this, I just hope they do it well. They’ve been good stewards of the Marvel properties, so I have no doubt they’re capable of coming up with fun Indy stories.

  • Slappy

    Nathan Fillion

  • Harrison Fan

    Harrison for has said more than once that he will keep making Indiana Jones movies until he dies if they ask him to. No way they will replace him.

  • Alex W

    Nothing lasts forever.

  • akkadiannumen

    I hope this becomes reality instead of being just another rumor. As I’ve said before, they should have made Crystal Skull earlier or not at all with Ford. He could make one final Indy but it should be what Crystal Skull should have been and wasn’t: the story of his final days and his death during his last adventure showing him old and decrepit defeating enemies with his brain, luck and the help of his allies.

  • LightningBug

    Is kinda fat and old..

  • Chris Inman

    No, just…no.

  • Brtutal

    Bulls Eye! My God … why would they ever consider anyone else.

  • joe86

    Yeah, I just don’t see this actually happening. Disney wouldn’t be THAT stupid to try something like that. I mean, I like Bradley Cooper and I could see him playing an Indy-esque character. But Ford is in amazing shape and can clearly still do a lot, so if they don’t drag their feet and can get a fifth film off the ground within a few years, casting shouldn’t be an issue.