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What Roles Will the ‘Man of Steel’ Sequel’s New Cast Members Fill?


As its 2016 release date draws near, the cast list for the still untitled and Batman inclusive Man of Steel sequel continues to fill out. It was announced last week that a trio of actors will join Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck and the rest in DC’s first mash-up movie: Holly Hunter, Tao Okamoto and Callan Mulvey. Director Zack Snyder’s already tried to squash fan speculation about which DC Comics characters this trio of actors could be prepping to bring to life, revealing instead that they will all play characters “newly created for the film.

Not so fast, Snyder! You don’t get to turn off the speculation machine that easily! Even if these three actors are playing all-new characters, there’s still a chance that they could fulfill familiar roles from the comics. Heck, Snyder could be trying to Trojan Horse some DC characters into the film, just like Christopher Nolan did with Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s totally-not-Robin character John Blake. With that in mind, here’s who we would like to see each actor play.

Holly Hunter


Hunter’s casting adds some real name value and Oscar power to the film. An actress of Hunter’s caliber could easily play an Amazon from Themyscira, ifGal Gadot’s Wonder Woman has a big enough part to warrant dipping into her backstory. If Hunter has to play a more down to Earth character, she could easily play the owner of the Daily Planet; yeah, let’s see Holly Hunter boss Laurence Fishburne’s Perry White around! There’s also the possibility that Hunter won’t be as heroic as her character in The Incredibles. She could always work for Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor.

Tao Okamoto


With this role, the Japanese model-turned-actress is now poised to become a double threat in the comic book world following her fierce portrayal of Mariko Yashida in 2013’s The Wolverine. Okamoto could become the latest in a long line Lex Luthor’s bad girls, following other original characters Eve Teschmacher (1978’s Superman) and Kitty Kowalski (2006’s Superman Returns). Okamoto proved to be quite a versatile actress in The Wolverine, meaning that she could pull off playing either Lex’s sassy sidekick, or possibly a fellow journalist at the Daily Planet. And if Snyder wants to sneak in another super hero, he could always make Okamoto an unnamed astronomer, thus paying homage to Dr. Light.

Callan Mulvey


We’ve already speculated about which comic book villains Callan Mulvey could play in the sequel, but Snyder’s revelation that these are original characters seems to have taken those fancasts off the table. After seeing Mulvey’s go against Captain America and his allies in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, it’d be easy to peg him as Lex Luthor’s muscle. After all, if Mulvey can throw down with Captain America, he can hold his own – at least physically – against Superman. But let’s not pigeonhole the 300: Rise of an Empire actor just yet; Mulvey could be playing a Steve Lombard-esque character at the Daily Planet, someone that’s a foil for Clark Kent instead of Superman.


  • Dave

    While Kevin Feige says to stick with source material, Zack Snyder tells the fans to F off with these new characters. Go Captain America 3 in 2016!

  • Oliver Queen

    I think Hunter is gonna be a Metropolis version of Commissioner Gordon, Okamoto is gonna a love interest for Bruce Wayne or a scientist at LexCorp and Mulvey will end up playing a comic book character and my guess is Metallo but they might be covering it up.

  • Mel

    Funny did kevin Feige stick with the source materiel when handling the mandarin in IM3

  • Dre Day

    Yeah, because the so-called Mandarin in Iron Man 3, a 70 year-old Hank Pym who’s never been an Avenger, and Quick Silver and Scarlet Witch NOT being mutants all= “sticking to the source material”. (sarcasm) #batmanalwayswins

  • Dre Day

    If Tao was playing Kimiyo Hoshi (Dr. Light), I don’t think that Snyder would keep that a secret. Tao Okamoto is as tall as Gal Gadot. I’m sure she’ll be an Amazon. Calvin Mulvey could perhaps be some dude that becomes Parasite. Holly Hunter more than likely will be a LuthorCorp employee or a S.T.A.R. Labs scientist.

  • Dre Day

    There’s nobody else I’d want directing this film, other than the GREAT Zack Snyder. I love how underrated Affleck and Snyder are. It’ll make it that much cooler/funnier to see them prove the doubters wrong.

  • MichelleHughey

    Heck, Snyder could be trying to Trojan Horse some DC characters into the film, just like Christopher Nolan did with Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s totally-not-Robin character John Blake. With that in mind, here’s who we would like to see each actor play.

  • AJ

    I think they should go a step further. Make Holly Hunter Commisioner Gordon! I know I’d dig it.
    Or you know, Maggie Sawyer would be cool too…

  • Lulu Grandiron

    Dear Holly Hunter: Thou shalt not play my dear Hippolyta.

  • Matches Malone


  • Jeff

    Maggie Sawyer is pretty much the Metropolis version of Gordon. Id be cool with that

  • RussBurlingame

    That, and the half-dozen Iron Man villains who “appeared” in IM3 as generic Extremis goons and then got killed off. Just saying the same names doesn’t meant you’re adhering to the source material.

  • RussBurlingame

    I woudln’t worry much. My money is on Lex’s mom.

  • AJ

    Plus, she’d serve as a nice link between Metropolis & Gotham. Which could help lead into a Gotham Central TV show. Cool, cool, cool.

  • Michael Singer

    Let’s not forget Aldrich Killian not being like his comic book counterpart, Whiplash actually being a combination of Whiplash and Crimson Dynamo, Justin Hammer being young and goofy instead of old and menacing, Malekith being practically nothing like his comic book counterpart, and not looking like him either, Heimdall being black, Frigga actually being Thor’s birth mother, a lot of stuff from TWS, etc. I’m not even saying that most of those changes are BAD (although some of them were), but this notion that Marvel doesn’t make changes from the source material when they deem it necessary that some people keep pushing, is flat out wrong. They’ve made A LOT of changes.

  • Michael Singer

    Holly Hunter=Maggie Sawyer or some government official.
    Tao Okamoto=Lady Shiva or Mercy Graves.
    Callan Mulvey=Metallo.

  • PietroMaximoff

    well, i suppose if they 100% accurate to the source material, there wouldn’t be any surprises for us, right? or controversies..

  • PietroMaximoff

    this list was soooo random… i mean, they could be anyone, right?
    the people who clean the toilets at the Daily Planet, Clark’s neighbors in Metropolis, some grown-ups Smallville students, circus staff who got kidnapped and killed during Bruce Wayne’s trip to Metropolis…
    i mean, literally anyone…
    this was pointless.

  • Bibbo

    So because he can throw down with Cap means he can hold his own physically against Superman? Do you realise the difference in power levels between those characters? Seriously?

  • Jeff

    Well we’re already getting the Gotham TV show. So a Gotham Central Show is Unlikely.

  • Richard Casey

    The owner of The Daily Planet? Yeah, because the involvement of The Planet in Man of Steel wasn’t a big enough waste of time.
    Lets not forget, everyone thought Luthor had been cast in Man Of Steel and it turned out the actor was playing a bit part soldier. it wouldn’t surprise me if most of these actors end up being inconsequencial bit parts at best.

  • KvinlonWeldon

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  • This Person

    If anyone wants my guess, Tao could be Mercy Graves, Lex’s Amazonian bodyguard from the comics/animated series.

    Also, there’s already a Steven Lombard in Man of Steel. I like the Metallo theories though.

  • Tophman

    I’m guessing ‘physically’ was literal… as in physique. The actor’s in pretty good shape & could definitely stand side-by-side with Cavill shirtless (if you’re into that sort of thing) -Just giving Brett the benefit of the doubt. :p

  • Tophman

    Sadly I doubt that the DC Cinematic Universe will be tied to its TV counterparts. Even the CW DCU (with “Arrow” & “Flash”) is unlikely tied to the world of Fox’s “Gotham” or the planned NBC John Constantine “Hellblazer” series. Would be nice but DCE is nowhere near how Marvel Studios is structured.

  • Tophman

    Not to mention film adaptations have done it before… like “Sin City” and it was mediocre commercially (even though I loved it). Same holds true (for the most part) for Snyder’s “300” & “Watchmen” (both I loved as well). Doing direct source-to-film translation doesn’t work out. I have no problems with changes as long as they respect the core of the source material imho.

  • Tophman

    Even “Captain America” had changes, like the Howling Commandos & Nick Fury himself. “Winter Soldier” (understandably) had major alterations from Brubaker’s story (still have mixed feelings about that). So no. Feige has not stuck to the source material as you claimed, Dave.