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Netflix’s ‘Daredevil': Michael C. Hall ‘Would Definitely Consider It’

michael c hall

Michael C. Hall’s days as Dexter are well behind him, but could the actor have another high-concept television series to look forward to?

Recent rumors have linked Hall to the role of Matt Murdock on Daredevil, the first of five live-action series announced in December as part of an unprecedented deal between Marvel and Netflix. But according to the actor, they’re just rumors. That doesn’t mean he isn’t interested in playing the Man Without Fear, however.

“I’ve heard them, but that’s all they are — rumors,” he told Vulture. “Don’t misunderstand, I would definitely consider it … but I can’t tell you any inside information, because I think they’re nothing but rumors.”

Hall went on to describe his current mindset on selecting projects, which includes signing onto stories that have specific end points.

“I really am enjoying mixing it up a little bit, and I’m committing to things that have a foreseeable end in sight when I start them,” he said, “but I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of [a new series] happening at some point. But I’d have to read the script!”

With Daredevil set to begin production this summer in New York City, casting news should be on the way sooner rather than later.


  • Dean_Winchester

    Dang I miss Dexter. Even the worst episodes of Dexter were better than 99.99% of TV out there. I could definitely see him as Murdock.

  • LightningBug

    Yes please. Hall is an awesome actor. Sure ‘Dexter’ had it’s dips in quality, but it was never ever a function of this dude’s acting chops. He has just the right intensity and vulnerability to embody Matt Murdock. Also ‘Dexter’ is reportedly one of the most watched shows on Netflix, so he’s definitely got plenty of fans who are already subscribers who might not have tried the whole Marvel ecosystem yet. This just makes way too much sense, so I hope there’s some truth behind the rumors.

  • Mike McTighe

    Terry Crews as Luke Cage and Michael C Hall as DareDevil. Yes please.

  • Lockwood Millar

    Hall would be a great choice for MM/DD!

  • TheGavGav

    Marvel, offer him this role!