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David Goyer Says ‘It’s Too Early’ For a Cohesive DC Cinematic Universe


With Marvel even further strengthening the narrative ties between its film and television properties, many fans are clamoring for Warner Bros. to take a similar cohesive approach to its DC Comics characters on the big and small screens. Considering the popularity on The CW’s Arrow, and anticipation for the spinoff The Flash, diehards are looking for links between those superhero dramas and the upcoming Man of Steel sequel, which will introduce not only the new Batman but Wonder Woman.

However, David S. Goyer, who wrote Man of Steel and its follow-up and is producing NBC’s Constantine, says it may be a little too soon to plot such a tightly interconnected DC Cinematic Universe.

“I mean, it’s too early. I know that Warner Bros. would love to make their universe more cohesive,” he tells IGN. “There have been a lot of general conversations about that, but it’s really, really early. I’m not sure. Marvel has had enormous success, but I’m not sure that everybody should try to emulate them either. It’s just been vague conversations so far.”

Indeed, Warner Bros. has a great many DC Comics-based properties in the pipeline. In addition to the Man of Steel sequel set for 2015, a Sandman film is currently in development. Television projects include the aforementioned Arrow, The Flash and Constantine along with Fox’s Gotham series and the adaptation of Vertigo’s iZombie at the CW.


  • Erech O!

    In other words, the way they’ve scattered their shows around, it wouldn’t work and they aren’t going to bother trying.

  • Ftcfg

    WTF!!! Fuck you Goyer & WB!!! i’ve had it with these guys! Thats it…All Hail HYDRA

  • David

    Too early? WB should have been working on this more than a decade ago. You can’t say it’s “too early” when you’ve been fucking wasting time for all these years

  • gwangung

    Yeah, I think the decision should have been made already. Either you do, or you don’t–there’s a good argument either way, but decisiveness is a virtue in this scenario.

  • William_Spike

    Stop hating on Goyer. he only tells you how it is. He doesnt call the shots , Warner is. You cant blame Goyer for something he has no control over. If Warner takes their time, then that is not Goyers fault. he isnt Warner. he is just hired by them to do what they tell him to do. Dont shoot the messenger.

    I would love for Arrow and the movies to connect, even if its only so I can get a Deathstroke movie with Manu Bennett :P

  • tdickinson

    Funny, I was thinking “Too late.”

  • Comeon

    Yeah, the problem is that they can hardly connect shows when there’s barely a cinematic universe in place. Of course, this is not to say that WB aren’t a bunch of clueless jackasses who crank out a barely decent film in the time it takes Marvel to make 5, however.

    Sorry, my frustration with WB grows when I read articles like these. Enough excuses — you’ve been “teasing” a Supes/Batman team up for the better part of a decade. How long are we going to keep reading “…Warner Bros. has a great many DC Comics-based properties in the pipeline.”? It’s getting laughable.

  • todd

    I agree with him when he says not everyone has to emulate the Marvel way because they don’t. If DC wants to do a Superman/Batman movie then Justice League, then other solo films then let them. Everyone loves the DCAU and only Batman and Superman had solo cartoons, but it didn’t stop everyone from enjoying the rest of the characters in Justice League.

    As for Arrow and Flash being part of the DCCU I kind of don’r want them to as it could limit possibilities for the plots of both shows, but it would be cool to the the tv Arrow and Flash on the big screen. I think WB is holding off on saying anything until they start writing Justice League and is Agents of SHIELD gets better. If Agents of SHIELD starts to get better and they feel like it would be better for more Superheroes in Justice League to already be established instead of the Trinity then I see Arrow and Flash being part of the DCCU. Also Marvel would just have a show about SHIELD with guest appearances from heroes while DC would have tv shows with with 2 heroes from Justice League every week.

  • Ronald Chris Schmidt

    Oh, an adaptation of iZombie, i.e. take the name, recycle the plot from Dead Like Me, throw some brain eating in the mix (I hope the actress isn’t Vegan.)

  • David Speranza

    Hail HYDRA!

  • grin

    it’s a good day to be a marvel fan.

  • David Speranza

    They should’ve start it with Batman Begins.

  • thesnappysneezer

    cowardice and hackery.

  • Marshall McRae

    I believe taken there time is a good. I rather for them to get it right the first time & not make an mistake.

  • PietroMaximoff

    so…. this Man of Steel and Batman might get rebooted once more??
    that’s it! i’m not gonna pay a cent in a movie which will get rebooted in a couple of years…

  • Dr Skeleton

    Excuses, excuses, excuses. I’ve just given up all hope a while ago.

  • Ian

    They are probably doing the new 52 justice league so it would make sense for there not to be a bunch of heroes already. And in the new 52 half of members appeared for the first time ever during the origin of the Justice League.

  • Kaine Morrison

    DC said, just before TDKR that not only was TDKR going to be the final Nolan Batman movie, but that it was getting rebooted right away. They also said in the same interview that The next Stand-Alone Batman, which at the time would be before the Superman Sequel, would not be the same Batman as in the JLA Movie.

  • penguintruth

    Says the guy putting Batman and Wonder Woman in the next Superman movie.

    But yeah, he’s pretty much right. You need successful stand-alones before you plunge into something that big.

  • penguintruth

    Says the guy putting Batman and Wonder Woman in the next Superman movie.

    But yeah, he’s pretty much right. You need successful stand-alones before you plunge into something that big.

  • matthuliz

    This is only Goyer’s opinion.

    We’re already getting a DC Cinematic Universe on 2016.

    What WB should concentrate on is getting the right people on board their DCCU. They should learn how to avoid their mistakes on Superman Returns and Green Lantern movies.

  • TL

    Outside of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman and maybe Green Lantern, how many solo DC movies will make for profitable properties? Outside of there top 4 DC does not have as many strong characters that the general public can get behind.

    But then again if Guardians Of The Galaxy is successful? Then WB has no excuses to make there other hero movies and give it a try.

  • Chuck777

    Who would have thought Marvel/Disney could turn Thor, Cap and Iron Man into hugely successful franchises? Even to this day, Spider-Man and X-Men generally beat out the Avengers properties (and especially the Avengers solo) comics.

    Having said that, I do not think DC could pull it off because they won’t take chances the way Marvel/Disney did/are. They want the billion dollar movie series without putting the work into it.

  • Chuck777

    I think DC could pull off a separate Cinematic and TV universe.

  • Chuck777

    Decisiveness is something the WB is not known for. They are afraid to fail.

  • LightningBug

    Looking forward to Batman/Superman, but seriously, there’s not even a game plan in place for a shared DC cinematic universe?! These guys should be hitting the ground running with a slate of movies to last them into the next decade, but as usual, it appears that Warner would rather hedge its bets. It’s pretty sad really. Oh well, in the mean time I’ve got GotG, Avengers 2, Avengers 3, Cap 3, Ant Man, probably Thor 3, Doctor Strange, and maybe Black Widow (not to mention the many other’s they’ve yet to drop hints for) to look forward to, so I can’t say that it’s any huge loss.

  • JohnSmith1993

    WB/DC are so spooked by the failure of the Green Lantern that they’re afraid to take chances. They have no confidence in their properties, no passion, no faith, no vision and no plans. They deserve to be left behind in the dust. If the same people behind Disney/Marvel were running WB/DC, we’d probably have movies of Zatanna, Captain Carrot, the JSA and the Legion of Superheroes already, after a JLA trilogy. Marvel’s going to own the summer with a talking raccoon.

    That being said, WB/DC has been doing well on TV; maybe they should forget about films and focus on the small screen – as they seem to be doing with the Flash, Gotham and Constantine. I’d rather watch a 22-episode season of Constantine than a 2.5 hour Doctor Strange movie.

  • Majid

    Then after 20 years dc would make crises on infinite earths movie nd merge all their properteies into single show/movie then gain after 20 years infinite crises flash point movie to reboot their movies and television, iam sure they evn it nolan batman in this. While marvel will just cast new actors for heros whwn old ones retire.

  • Mark Halstead

    for 10 grand I will write you a JLA mini Series and connect the shows and I will do it with in 120 pages. this is BS, WB is wasting their money

  • Nawri least he’s confessed that Marvel’s done a good job and rather implying they’ve beaten dc/wb to the punch. thus, now..HE is not up to the task in being rushed to catch up with marvel.

  • CudaBiro

    “The next Stand-Alone Batman, which at the time would be before the
    Superman Sequel, would not be the same Batman as in the JLA Movie.”

    That is REALLY strange. Why would you want two Batman’s on the big screen?

  • Vizator

    Too soon? What exactly has WB been doing since Iron Man 1 came out? DC has the most recognizable character in Superman and the biggest franchise player in the world in Batman but it’s “too soon”? Whoever has been sitting on their hands since Iron Man 1 came out should be fired. Marvel has made 9 movies to DC’s 1. And as far as the ridiculous, asinine comment about not emulating Marvel, yeah they have proven that fomula doesnt work havent they? What a moronic thing to say.

  • DaMak

    The problem is DC makes up maybe 5-7% of the WB’s films. I’m pretty sure that they have other film projects on their plate to worry about other than DC. And because of that there’s no urgency for it.

    What The WB need to do is simply separate their DC brand into it’s own Studio and allow one person to spear head it all like Kevin Feigi has done with Marvel. This way there wouldn’t be any inconsitency and WE can get the DC films every year as well.

    P.S. Author…
    Where have you been? DC have moved the date of MOS2, 2 months ago. It’s currently scheduled for a 5/6/16 date, Which happen to be the same day as Cap 3. Keep up Mr Sunu.

  • DaMak

    In other words the film franchise is no different than the comics. No Consistency

  • Victor Acosta

    ““I mean, it’s too early. I know that Warner Bros. would love to make their universe more cohesive,” he tells IGN. “There have been a lot of general conversations about that, but it’s really, really early. I’m not sure. Marvel has had enormous success, but I’m not sure that everybody should try to emulate them either. It’s just been vague conversations so far.”
    How in the hell does any of that make sense?!?!?!?!
    Oh hey, let’s not emulate a proven winning formula that could makes us a ton of money. Mr. Goyer is right!
    If the Warner Bros. execs are actually thinking like this, they should all be fired immediately!

  • DaMak

    Well… Techincally since Iron Man 1, DC has dropped 6 films (counting Watchmen) You’re probably forgetting them because they were sucessfull. LOL

  • Victor Acosta

    TOO EARLY!?!?!?!?

  • Crmsn

    He’s referring to 1 movie in DC’s Cinematic Universe.

    Also in what world are movies like Green Lantern and Jonah Hex Successful.

  • Guest

    Warner’s are too eager to imitiate Marvel’s success, not understanding that quality trumps quantity.

    Marvel churn them out. DC has made some of the most memorable comic book movies ever made. Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Richard Donner Superman films, Batman ’89, Batman Returns.

    What DC needs is someone who actually cares about the source material enough to make excellent movies out of their properties. Someone like Bruce Timm, who has made critically and commercially acclaimed adaptations of DC characters in other media.

  • inherent

    Yeah, DC’s had a known track record of inconsistency that spans decades. And for the life of me, I’ve never been able to decipher why. Perhaps a fundamental business model? Or a lack of communication between writers/editors? It’s just so immensely disappointing, because DC’s characters are the real icons.

  • amyk_712

    Why does DC have to automatically have a cohesive movie/television universe? Just because Marvel has one? I definitely agree that DC has floundered in their cinematic universe, but not solely for the reason that they haven’t been able to “keep up” with Marvel or create a cinematic universe as cohesive as Marvel’s. Both companies have had good and bad films. I thought Man of Steel was a good movie. Not great, but definitely a good start to actually begin developing Superman’s character more. Despite the controversial casting for the sequel, I’m really excited for Superman vs. Batman film and will definitely give them the benefit of the doubt. Simply put, I like DC’s characters more than Marvel’s, so DC comes first in my book.

  • DaMak

    I didn’t say they WERE successful. Then again you may have responded JUST before I made my correction.
    But I see what you mean.

  • Alex Hayden

    This is why we can’t have nice things, WB. Get rid of guys with this limiting mentality.

  • Sarcasm Detected

    They shouldn’t try to copy Marvel? So they can’t have several movies, television shows, mini-sodes, and online shows that all tie in to the same universe? What are they supposed to do?

    I think Batman is the only big property that DC has that can stand on its own (well, Green Arrow too. Same vein). If you bring in people with actual powers like the Flash or Wonder Woman, etc., you almost have to acknowledge the broader universe and eventually dig into it.

    It’s “too early” for a connected DC cinematic universe?? Marvel did it 5-10 minutes after RDJ said “I am Iron Man.”

  • Mike Clifford

    The REALLY sad thing is that the New 52 was supposed to solve that in the comics. But it’s just as bad, if not worse, than before.

  • Mike Clifford

    That is WHY they fail.

  • Mike Clifford

    DC has to have their heroes on TV. They have nothing in the movies except for Superman and Batman. Marvel is saving all of their heroes for the big screen

  • Mike Clifford

    I would agree in taking their time, but only if it’s to further an already established plan, like Marvel did when they released the first Iron Man. Clearly, WB/DC have no plan and is resting ALL of the hopes of the DC movieverse on the Man of Steel sequel.

  • Mike Clifford

    What interview was this, Kane? Do you have a link?

  • Mike Clifford

    That’s what Marvel did.

  • Mike Clifford

    I wouldn’t. I’d LOVE to see Strange on the big screen!
    BUT WB/DC had their comic to movie guru but turned down Joss Whedon. Now look at them. They’ve put the entire hopes of the future of the DC movie verse in the hands of David Goyer and Zach Snyder. Not a good move.

  • alton

    Marvel has flopped so far with Shields narrative ties. Last 6 episodes still to be seen. Are we talking about the up coming Netflix shows?

  • Mike Clifford

    COMPLETELY agree with this about DC and WB. I’ve been saying that same thing for months now. The only problem is, who does WB put in charge of the DC solo studio? Finding another Kevin Feige would not be an easy task.

  • Mike Clifford

    Being a HUGE Marvel supporter, I would actually LOVE to see Bruce Timm be put in charge of the DC movie verse.

  • Mike Clifford

    Because a shared direction and a cohesive plan breeds good movies. The way WB is going, you get a good movie, then a horrible one, then an ok movie, then a bad one. And NONE of them building to something bettere. Just using the 70s, 80s, 90s model of each character trying to build up it’s own tentpole franchise. Marvel did that with their own character’s solo movies, but also building all of them to a big payoff in each of their “phases” of movies.

  • Mike Clifford

    Somehow, I think the suits over at Disney are extremely happy to have MEGA profitable movies and one struggling tv series as compared to DC, who has one semi-successful Man of Steel movie and a hit tv show on the CW.

  • The Walking Cuban


  • The Walking Cuban

    Which is why marvel is killing the big screen and DC the small screen. Inverse square law, chest and bi’s, back and tri’s.

  • The Walking Cuban

    I actually remember hearing that. Sounded stupid then, sounds stupider now.

  • Noi118

    you rock

  • Noi118

    cmon Dc stop copying Marvel and get a life..seriously i mean in the 80 and 90 the only movies DC made were Batman and Superman, Batman and Superman..geeez kinda boooriiiiiiinnnggg everytime batman and superman. but now that Marvel brought a lot of comic characters to the big screen Dc universe got jealous and they try to do it :D i dont think that ever a JL movie will be made so All HAIL HYDRA

  • Guest

    I am a huge admirer of Bruce Timm’s work and I think it is solely and squarely because of him that DC has managed to triumph in the one area where Marvel has failed, television.

    Why is this? Because Bruce Timm actually reads and cares about comics and he brings that passion with him and turns it into great TV shows.

    There is practically no one working on superhero films, either for Marvel or DC, that have that kind of passion. To the movie people, comic books are just a means to an end. A medium with exploitable IPs that will guarantee them massive profits. Of course, this is far more apparent with DC and Warners, as evidenced by Man of Steel.

  • The Walking Cuban

    You forgot to say HAIL HYDRA.

  • Schnitzy Pretzelpants

    The real problem I think with Warner compared to Disney – and I think Disney plays a huge part in why the films for Marvel have worked as well as they do – is that from their inception Disney has be in the business of controlling brands: first it was Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, and now Thor, Iron Man and The Avengers. They have balanced this against their corporate needs.

    Warner by comparison – since the late 1960’s – has been owned by Kinney, and is essentially just another arm of a big corporation, a corporation that cares greatly about profit (as it should) but seemingly knows and cares little about brand management.

    I think there would have to be some major reshuffling of the chairs at Warner/DC and restructuring for them to treat their IP’s (Superman, Batman, etc) with more care towards the brand.

    I loved Nolan’s Batman films, but I think we can and will end up considering those pre-DC Entertainment (even though the company name was there, Nolan was the driving force behind them, and because they were successful
    they left Nolan alone to pursue his vision), Green Lantern, and now Man of
    Steel are films that I consider the start of Warner-driven films, and I don’t
    believe for a second that if those were Marvel properties that those films
    would have had some of the problems they had.

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I don’t think Marvel can’t do a misstep, I felt the first Thor movie was pretty bland – not bad, just bland – and while I liked the first Captain America film, CA: Winter Soldier emphasized the gulf between the two films in terms of ambition and scope. But that’s just it, when Marvel missteps, the result isn’t harmful to the brand – at least so far a ‘bad’ Marvel film feels only ‘meh’, and NOT wrongheaded the way Green Lantern and Man of Steel (MoS in some places) do. If Disney owned Superman, I think it highly
    unlikely we’d have that neck-snapping scene, or at least if we had it, we’d
    have far more on-screen justification for it.

    I think Goyer is being coy in the quote, because it seems to me – given all the casting we know about – that S/B is going to be exactly the lead in to a JLA that Goyer’s indicating it isn’t. The question is whether the finished film(s)
    have the kind of forethought put into them that the Marvel ones do.

  • amyk_712

    Oh I agree that a shared direction and cohesive planning makes for a good franchise. I’m referring more to the people insisting that the television shows should be part of that just because Marvel has their S.H.I.E.L.D. show. I’m all for keeping the movies and television shows separate to get different takes on the characters. Plus the people thinking DC should be keeping pace with Marvel’s huge turnout of films…if DC wants/needs to take more time to put out a film, or isn’t quite ready or willing to expand their universe to include lesser known heroes until they have a solid foundation of the big hitters like Batman and Superman, that’s their prerogative and shouldn’t be indicative of “sucking” compared to Marvel. Assuming they are going to reboot Green Lantern for a Justice League film in the same way Marvel revamped Hulk for Avengers, DC’s current shared cinematic universe basically consists of only Man of Steel, compared to the Iron Man 1-3, Thor 1-2, Captain America 1-2, Avengers, etc. I want to see how DC’s fairing two or so more movies in before I make any strong comparisons to Marvel other than Marvel beating DC to the punch. For all we know DC’s shared universe will be just as impressive as Marvel’s in five or so years.

  • ted

    This blows….. How is it that DC can’t get their s#!t together and put together a cohesive universe that obviously works for their competitor? It’s what the fan’s want…. and it sells. Goyer is an idiot and WB has put CU in his hands???

  • LightningBug

    I think Kevin Feige appreciates and loves comics in the same way that Timm does. They come at it from different professional angles, but in some ways, I think they’re cut from the same cloth.

  • LightningBug

    I think if one thing is clear from reading this thread and others, it’s that no matter what hesitant misgivings Warner has about creating an expanded cohesive DCU in the vein of Marvel’s cinematic universe, it’s exactly what the fans want. No, they don’t have to tie the TV stuff in, but fans want these studios to be bold, and operate with some confidence. That’s what has payed off for Marvel, and that’s what will pay off for DC/Warner. It is flabbergasting to me that amidst such ardent fan desire to see this happen, and a clear model of success to emulate, that Warner isn’t much farther along at this point.

  • tevii

    People need to stop blaming DC. Its ALL Warner Bros. fault they they cant get their act together. I wish WB had a great reason to sell off DC…. DC has the greatest pantheon in comics and yet WB wants to be reactive to everything. those vision less morons

  • tevii

    They are so busy trying to figure out a way to re-inivent the wheel, they are missing out on millions if not billions of dollars. Suck up your pride, do it the marvel way, make tons of money and make the fans happy… its a pretty simple win/win scenario

  • TheGavGav

    Bruce Timm, of course. With Scott Snyder and Jeff Lemire as consultants.

  • ahtif

    i believe dc can do a cinematic universe but they need to believe their can do it

  • Kaizokuman

    DC properties besides Batman and Superman were absolutely NOT a priority for WB back then. It’s not like they were making Harry Potter and any number of films that weren’t DC.

  • Kaizokuman

    Do you really think they aren’t coming up with something now or won’t have come up with something 2 YEARS from now?

  • Brian from Canada

    Marvel didn’t have a “proven plan.” They had a hail mary. If any of the first films failed, they’d lose ownership of the characters FOREVER. And given the percentage of less than spectacular responses in those days (Ghost Rider, Punisher, Elektra), it wasn’t a sure thing — but it was a necessary thing to get sold.

    Remember people: Marvel Studios is now like Disney Animation and Pixar — put on a regular schedule to keep the product flowing or else people get fired. In the 80s, Disney nearly shut down the entire animation studio because all they had was a Tim Burton concept they would not release. Disney also shut down their previous comics division when it wasn’t generating the necessary profit (CrossGen, anyone?).

    WB is different. WB is a mega-conglomerate who not only has a number of major franchises in its holdings, but goes actively seeking a variety of projects. Heck, once Miramax was sold off, Disney basically stopped being contenders for Best Picture — something WB won’t do.

    Goyer is right that it’s too early: WB rushed the announcement of intentions when Green Lantern was released and it collapsed. (Man Of Steel was only made because of a court case!) Now, the general philosophy is to go slower, do individual films that are strong, build the momentum slowly… but, in doing so — and the New 52 relaunch — they are hoping to attract attention to writers/directors who previously shunned the idea of doing a superhero film for WB when they can do other things.

    (Disney ran into this problem in the 80s with PG-13 movies, which is why they opened Touchstone: too many directors didn’t want to be connected to Disney and thus stuck with the “G” rating tag.)

    It’s also a lesson WB learned from TV. They rushed ideas when Smallville hit, but Mercy Reef and Birds Of Prey failed. When the show neared its end, they threw out ideas for Amazon, Deadman, Raven, a spinoff Justice League with the same actors and a spinoff Green Arrow BEFORE deciding on Arrow. Arrow took its time in laying out the land before they tried The Flash, and they shopped around ideas until other networks bit.

    (Marvel, by contrast, couldn’t get a single network to bite, which is why they are going NetFlix.)

    Take away Marvel’s four movies per year, and Disney’s down to 1 animated feature, 1 ride-based film, 1 sports movie and 1 Lucasfilm project. Take away DC from WB, and you still have a lot coming (including three prequels to this little franchise called “Harry Potter”). It’s a different company and a different philosophy.

  • Kaine Morrison

    I don’t. It was so long ago. I’m sorry.
    Also, it is Kaine… You forgot the “i”

  • Kaine Morrison

    Because DC/WB is really stupid…
    Also, they most likely are playing it safe…
    Batman tanks DC says, “well that’s not this other version of Batman that we have over here.” and visa-verse…

    Just like they did with SmallVille and Returns, for why they didn’t use Tom in Returns. If one crashed and burned, which Returns did, then it wouldn’t impact SmallVille as much.

  • PietroMaximoff

    not even himself has faith in what they r doing.

  • TruthJusticeAmericanWay

    Warner Brothers bought DC Comics in 1969. It’s not “too early.”

  • Dre Day

    This Batman/Superman movie featuring Wonder Woman IS a cohesive DC Universe. The decision to include The Amazonian Princess, opens everything up. It’s not about emulating Marvel Studios, it’s about trying to make money off of awesome characters and stories that are currently collecting dust on the DC Comics shelf. Despite what Goyer “said”, they’re workin’ on it. There’s too much potential, not to be.

  • roundthings

    The good thing about making Afleck Batman is that it will be easy to know who to root for. Superman

  • doc

    DC Cinematic Universe? I think the problem is now that marvel has shown them how to do it successfully WB/DC doesn’t want to copy the formula but doesn’t know how to do it differently either. Here’s a scenario: “I have a great idea! Maybe we can integrate Arrow with an upcoming movie and have them tie-in somehow. What, AoS is directly tied into Winter Soldier and is happening concurrently? And it makes sense and the show might actually be good going forward? SHIT! Now what?”

  • doc

    Spell check much?

  • Clay Christopher Harris

    DC Comics/ Warner Bros could pull it together in ONE BOLD STROKE …..if they had the balls. and they don’t have the balls yet. im a DIEHARD marvel fan, and I would RUN 2 the theater if they made this movie: KINGDOM COME. the motion picture. dc comics get busy…..

  • Felwithe

    Hey, a connected DC universe wouldn’t hurt me, it’d just give me more stuff to watch.

  • malexandria

    I don’t think DC needs a cohesive universe, not every company has to copy each other. But the idea that it’s too “early” seems silly. That’s the whole point, you are building something. Marvel didn’t wake up one day and magically have “cohesion” they decided on a direction and was patient enough to spend a few years to establish it. This comment shows a lack of understanding on Goyer’s part which is what’s wrong with the DC Film Universe.

  • malexandria

    Yep! And keep Nolan, Zac and David Goyer away. Otherwise every film and character will be “dark and grimm” and just like Batman.

  • Michael Salt Thompkins

    They’ve had decades to build a cohesive universe. They’re only moving now because Marvel Studios’ plan is successful. They’ve basically been half-assing it for decades

  • Marcus

    Yeah !
    Let’s go with AoS and Guardians of the Galaxy !
    The long time Batman and DC fan that I was has taken too much with TDKR and the stupidity that was MoS.
    Hail Hydra !

  • Marcus

    I’d agree. Except that MoS was already pretty bad.

  • Marcus

    And MoS.

  • Marcus

    Two big hacks. Goyer is a terrible writer (TDK was mostly rewritten by Nolan and TDKR was full of plotholes and/or stupid lines) and Snyder is good at aesthetic but that’s it.
    No wonder MoS was just meh.

  • Marcus

    I think Joss Whedon has this passion. He cares about the characters and has written excellent comic books in the past.

  • Marcus

    Watch the last episodes now that’s (finally) tying things up !
    And avoid internet spoilers. It would just lessen the experience.

  • Marcus

    I agree. Disney isn’t better than WB. And taking its time to make good movies might be the way to go.
    But MoS was pretty bad and if Goyer and Snyder are the ones chosen to build the DC cinematic universe then I don’t think it’s going to be any better.

  • Marcus

    Somewhere AoS writers are watching their reactions and screaming “Hail Hydra”.
    Honestly, AoS took risks but boy, did that pay off.

  • Marcus

    Goyer ?
    I can agree on that. Man doesn’t seem that bright a writer.

  • Ray Lopez

    Warner is just being plain stupid if they do not tie the tv and movie properties together, If we were talking animated series on tv, That would be completely different. But using Arrow and Flash to build towards movie climaxes every couple of seasons would be perfect, If they make a Flash movie with a completely different cast and story, It will tank. After why why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free.

  • Matthew Litteral

    except bruce was garbage as a crime fighter in those and wouldn’t stand a chance against even a low tier meta, he went down to dogs.

  • multiverse

    Well, DC exists in a multiverse so no surprise here. They could connect anything at anytime in anyway they want.