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Multiple ‘X-Men’ Spinoff Films May Be In The Works

xmen days of future past jennifer lawrence

Ever since the X-Men movies became a monstrous hit in the box office, there’s always been murmurs about which characters could get their own spinoff film. Everyone’s favorite adamantium-clawed Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) received two, but a couple more mutants may be able to bask in the movie spotlight in their own solo films.

The all-powerful X-Men movie franchise producer Lauren Shuler Donner recently spoke with EW about possibly green-lighting multiple spinoff films for audiences to see. “There was a regime [at the studio] that didn’t see the worth in [spin-offs], and the current people who run Fox understand, embrace it, and we’re going to do right by it. I’d like to do Gambit. I’d like to do Deadpool. We’ll see. There’s a lot of really great characters.”

Donner’s words could explain why spinoff films on Magneto, Deadpool and Gambit never came to fruition. However, with the shift in regime, there’s certainly a chance Jennifer Lawrence will don the blue makeup at least a couple more times in the near future — at the very least, she’ll be back for X-Men: Apocalypse. Producer Simon Kinberg mentioned how an X-Men: Mystique film may not be too far off. “I love what Jen[nnifer] Lawrence has done with her, and I feel like because she is in such a crowded ensemble, there’s so much more opportunity if you were to follow her solo.”

At this point we could see the fantastic Rhett Reese-written Deadpool script finally turn into a movie, or maybe audiences will get to know even more about the Ragin’ Cajun with a solo Gambit film.

X-Men: Days of Future Past is out in theaters on May 23, 2014.


  • J.p. Ducey

    Gambit, Deadpool and Wolverine are the most marketable X-Men Characters that could have successful spinoffs. I would also say Cable but I’m curious to see if he shows up in X-Force or X-Men: Apocalypse. Besides X-Men and First class, X-Force & New Mutants would also be good ideas.

  • JV

    x-factor movie,or feature the x-factor team in apocalypse,please

  • Hypestyles

    I want to see showcase movies for: New Mutants, Nightcrawler, Bishop, Storm, and Psylocke.

  • oknow

    Multiple X-Men spinoffs have always been in the works

  • ZPR

    I’ll believe it when they actually star filming it/those. Hell, it’s been almost a decade since they announced the Deadpool and Gambit movies and neither of them has left production hell.

  • Dezz

    FOX is so damn clueless. What are they having a fire sale now…? Throwing random crap together was the reason they’ve lost ground in the first place. Just let go of the F4 franchise since I’m sure Marvel can still salvage that in the next phase.

  • coalminds

    Days of Future Past does not look very good, just way too melodramatic so far. First Class had the same problem along with a lot of really bad acting by folks like Jennifer Lawrence and I just don’t know how they got a pass for that.

  • Statham

    Superhero films are ALWAYS melodramatic. The big emotional conflict at the center of the Winter Soldier – ‘I thought you were dead/you have amnesia?’ is ripped straight from a soap opera. Superhero movies are arguably soap opera for boys, though to a lesser degree than say, WE wrestling.

  • Thedude3445

    Jennifer Lawrence… Bad acting?

  • Marc

    Mystique?! She never had a following. Love Jennifer Lawrence but I don’t think many people are going to turn out for a movie about Mystique. Might as well make a movie about Toad or Destiny.

    I would go to see a Kitty Pryde & Lockheed movie though.

  • coalminds

    What was your favorite part of her acting in Xmen First Class? I’ll wait.

  • Tommy Rankin

    Hahahah, that’s a good one! Fox always cracks me up with their dilutions. Somehow I don’t have much faith in XM:DofP. I wonder what Fox is going to do if it does fail since they’re so damn certain that it won’t. Then again it’ll probably at least make it’s budget back and that is going to be enough for them so seeing them try a reboot is likely not gonna happen for a long time.

    And Lawrence wasn’t that amazing in FC. I haven’t seen her in anything else but she seems to get a lot of praise so maybe she can act and since I didn’t fall a sleep watching her like I did watching January Jones I think that she just wasn’t a great fit for Mystique’s role. She doesn’t have what it takes to play a character like Mystique. Maybe in few years once she gets more experience and so.

    Right now I wouldn’t care about Mystique film if she headlines it. Actually, I’m not interested in Mystique flick period. X-Men don’t have THAT many characters who can actually pull off a solo film. And Fox should be concentrating on making the main x-men films strong before they start daydreaming about spin-offs for characters that don’t have what it takes.

  • Tommy Rankin

    Well there’s the difference. Marvel does stuff competently most of the time while Fox does stuff incompetently most of the time.

  • akkadiannumen

    A Mystique movie with Rebecca Romjin would have been awesome. Lawrence simply doesn’t do it for me.

    Gambit should be relatively easy to do as long as they get the right actor (the right script, director, etc. would help too :p). Definitely not Channing Tatum. Gah…

    I hope they make Deadpool but it will be very tough to get it right. If they do it will be awesome. If they don’t it will probably be a major crapfest. Given the nature of the character there won’t be room for anything in between.

  • XSpectreGreyX

    As Mystique, Jennifer Lawrence is average at best. I bet Fox are relying on her legion of fans for that one, because, seriously, I found her Mystique underwhelming.

    Meanwhile, what about an X-Factor Investigations movie (or TV series, which seems more fitting)? Or New Mutants?

  • jade laby

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  • sowat

    The great thing is they won’t need to salvage anything. I bet they’ll completely ignore the Fox Movies and do their own thing with the FF.

    As it is, Fox is working on their own 2nd version of the franchise. Spider-Man’s on his 2nd film franchise. Batman’s had 2 modern film franchises, and since the Universe established by Man of Steel isn’t in Knolan’s Batverse, we’ll be seeing a 3rd modern take on Batman. Audiences are we’ll aware and used to these things getting rebooted (something us comic fans are incredibly familiar with). I can’t wait for Marvel/Disney to get FF.

  • Dezz

    By “Salvage” I was speaking of the F4 name itself not adapting anything FOX has already done to it. Keep hope alive that FOX will realize that they won’t make a profit on the $100M they’d be investing in that half @ssed reboot which is shaping up to be even worse than the first 2.

  • Dezz

    Fans waiting for DeadPool or Silver Surfer films at this point will have better luck waiting for Santa Claus!

  • Tommy Rankin

    Yep, they’re planning Mystique solo only because Jennifer Lawrence is such a hot name at the moment and they want to utilize her for all she’s worth. So they are planning a Mystique movie to target the Hunger Games fanbase which pretty much tells you everything you need to hear to know how that’ll turn out to be if it does get made…

  • Tommy Rankin

    Theyr’re obviously doing it intentionally, they just want to make the worst possible FF film, one that’s even worse than the unreleased Roger Corman movie. They failed to be worse the first two times so now they’re rebooting and changing the whole premise, even more than Corman’s movie did. They are determined to be the biggest failures

  • JM

    Is anyone thinking that if they make a Fantastic Four reboot it’ll have to be set in the 60’s or whenever first class is set unless the first class team go to the present at the end of days of future past in order to make their dream cohesive universe? In essence they are planning to once again mess everything up.
    Imo, they should close the new film and reboot for a 3rd time alongside the new fantastic four and pray for the best. I enjoy the other fox films I just think if they have this plan they should at least think about it to make it work

  • Tophman

    I second the X-Factor Investigations TV series (even 13 episode seasons to test the waters would be great) where Madrox & his dysfunctional crew solve mutant-related mysteries every week. This could be a lot of fun and if done without taking themselves too seriously it could be huge (like Supernatural for mutant kind). — Fox, just don’t forget to hire Peter David to consult. ;)

  • Tophman

    Not necessarily. Fox can always use the FF reboot to show the repercussions of the events of 60’s X-series, a world where mutants are registered deadly weapons.

    Besides, ‘cohesive universe’ doesn’t mean ‘crossover’ (and it shouldn’t just for the sake of it). FF should stand alone but keep the mutant-aware world visible in the background –they can even have the whole anti-mutant movement rear its ugly head.

    If FF can get off the ground, perhaps the 3rd can have Reed & Sue deal with the mutant condition when Franklin is born (who they’ll want to send to Xavier’s School). Though with the young cast attached to the upcoming FF reboot… guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  • Dezz

    Fox knows the real money is in keeping this franchise away from Disney until they fork over some cash. If they happen to make a profit on their low budget, last minute project then that’s all fine and well. But there clearly is no real concern for this reboot. Trank is their knight and that terrible cast are just pawns sacrificing their young careers.

  • Mwildo

    Iceman Movie – he’s the best character and has been overlooked too long!