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‘X-Men’ Director Bryan Singer Accused of Sexually Assaulting Teen in 1999

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Bryan Singer, director of such films as X-Men: Days of Future Past and Superman Returns, is accused in a new lawsuit of sexually assaulting a teenage boy about 15 years ago.

In a complaint filed Wednesday in federal court in Hawaii, Michael Egan III alleges that in 1999, when he was 17, the filmmaker gave him alcohol and drugs, including cocaine, Xanax and Rohypnol, and forcibly sodomized him at estates in Los Angeles and Kailua. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Egan, now 31, and his attorney have scheduled a press conference today in Beverly Hills.

Singer’s attorney Marty Singer denies the accusations, telling the website, “The claims made against Bryan Singer are completely without merit. We are very confident that Bryan will be vindicated in this absurd and defamatory lawsuit.  It is obvious that this case was filed in an attempt to get publicity at the time when Bryan’ s new movie [X-Men: Days of Future Past] is about to open in a few weeks.”

The lawsuit states that Egan moved from with his family from the Midwest to Los Angeles when he was 14 or 15 to pursue a career in acting and modeling. In 1998, Egan’s classmate Scott Shackley introduced him to his older brother Chad Shackley, who lived with Marc Collins-Rector at a $4.2 million mansion in Encino, California, dubbed the M&C Estate. The two were co-founders of Digital Entertainment Network, an early multimedia/online video-streaming company that abruptly collapsed in 2000 following the settlement of a lawsuit accusing Collins-Rector of having a three-year sexual relationship with a minor. Collins-Rector, Shackley and their 18-year-old business partner Brock Pierce resigned from the dot-com, and turned up in Spain. Collins-Rector was eventually extradited to the United States, where he pleaded guilty in 2004 to transporting minors across state lines for sex.

Wednesday’s lawsuit echoes reports from years earlier of “sordid parties” at the M&C Estate. Egan claims he was sexually assaulted by Singer, a DEN investor, both there and at the Paul Mitchell estate in Hawaii. The plaintiff alleges he was threatened by Singer and others that they could make or break his hopes for a career in Hollywood.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages for intentional infliction of emotional distress, battery, assault and invasion of privacy by unreasonable intrusion.


  • Steven O’Neill


  • Shogunate

    It would be horrific if this were true

  • Jaime A. Garcia

    Whether these allegations are true or not is irrelevant. Just making something like this public is enough to ruin a man’s career. I hope the allegations aren’t true, and the timing of it is a bit too suspicious, if you ask me.

  • HoodFace

    So…He did(if he did)such a horrile thing back in 1999,and they accuse him now,after 15 years later?…..Something is definately wrong.

  • HoodFace

    Timing is indeed way too suspicious…..

  • imacdvguy


  • lewis4510

    Well that’s the same time frame for a lot of the Penn State case victims. If there’s more victims that come forward, Singer is screwed and not in a good way.

  • coalminds

    Let’s hear about how noble he is and how impressive and groundbreaking the social messages in his movies are now. SMH this is the same thing as the “Banging Elmo” dude and I can’t wait to see the same back tracking from the liberal hacks who propped that guy up.

  • akkadiannumen

    Nah, it’s not unusual for sexual abuse victims to come forward years after the crime took place, even after the case can no longer be prosecuted. It’s more common when the victim is underage.

  • coalminds

    Hm… why didn’t people say this when Woody Allen was accused?

  • Superman

    Wouldn’t surprise me in the least if this turns out to be true.

  • braunrodman

    I hope one of the things he asks for is a restraining order against Singer and super hero films…

  • Superman

    I think the problem was that he screwed someone else, and not in a good way.

  • ZeoVGM

    Nothing you just said made any sense.

  • ZeoVGM

    Yes, we’d hate to have more great movies like X-Men and X2 get made.

  • ZeoVGM

    Based on…?

  • sky2002

    Everyone please boycott the x-men movie

  • demoncat_4

    it would be bad for bryan if the charges are proven true plus the fact since michel said the assault took place fifteen years ago the statue of limitations to file would surely be expired by now. not to mention the case gets filed as bryan is in the spotlight for x-men days of future past. we will have to see if michel gets some justice for the crime committed against him. and if bryan is the baddie who will have to pay for that.

  • tevii

    Why? We dont know if its true, it hasnt gone to court so he hasnt been determined to be guilty, and there are many other people involved with the production of a movie beyond the director

  • Gary Dwayne

    Didn’t seem to hurt Polanski career or Woody Allen’s.

  • Kit Walker

    The only evidence we have right this minute is the fact that the accuser is filing a lawsuit (I.E, none). It’s terrible if its true and Bryan Singer would most likely be ruined by it (and rightfully so). HOWEVER, it is highly unlikely that this will go to trial before the movie opens. Calling for a boycott because someone has been accused of something is jumping the gun, in my eyes, because there’s still a chance the claim is baseless. Singer’s already been paid for THIS movie and I doubt there’s anything that could get Fox to bring him back for another if these allegations turn out to be true. So just…be reasonable, ok internet?

  • jarrod

    Sometimes you have to take it in the ass if you want to make it in Hollywood. Probably bitter cause he wasn’t cast as Iceman.

  • braunrodman

    they were awful

  • Billy’s Kingdom

    But with a month till the films release date? And it’s a lawsuit as opposed to just going to the police? If he’s guilty no argument here, but it feels like they want him to settle quickly so it doesn’t reflect badly on the film

  • Simon DelMonte

    Could be true. But could also be a convenient target, since Singer is one of the few openly gay directors of note. Maybe easier to say “he’s gay, so he must be a perv.”

  • ZeoVGM

    X2 was “awful?”


  • ZeoVGM

    Yeah, everyone! Boycott the movie because of something that we don’t know for sure!

  • Scratch89

    Well, that was a useless comment.

  • braunrodman

    I thought it was a superficial and paint by the numbers movie that just so happened to have to star mutants. It was what I imagine the kind of movie made by people with a cursory understanding of the X-men but without love for those characters would looks like

  • Tommy Rankin

    Whether this is true or not it’s still pretty awful. Timing is pretty strange. Hopefully it’s just some idiot making stuff up.

  • PietroMaximoff

    do they really need a press conference??
    can’t he be treated like an individual first and as a film director later?
    is it necessary all this bad publicity?
    if it’s true this would be a shame, but the timing is obviously convenient…

  • CortherX

    i wonder if this Michael Egan guy is gay or straight?
    IF this really happened, and he IS gay, my guess is the two partied together and had consensual sex, but now Singer is a big name and Michael is looking to cash in on the fact that it was technically ‘rape’ because he was under age. as a gay man myself, i know that when I was 17, i slept with a few older men. there were some age gaps – though never 17 years – but i wouldn’t ever call it rape. i may have been 17 but i was fully aware of what i was doing.
    IF this really happened, and Michael is straight… then yeah Bryan probably doped him up and got some.
    IF it really happened.

  • Cyborg6971

    I urge everyone to boycott this statement.

  • AL

    GUILTY !!

  • Cyborg6971

    If you’re going to rail on liberals at least be coherent.

  • LoveInsanity

    This^^ If you’re running around “sordid” parties at 17 years old where there’s obviously a bunch of young guys and rich older entertainment execs, you’re no angel. If you’re an unsuccessful actor starring in low-rate web series and attempting a money grab from something that happened 15 years ago, you’re desperate (also still no angel).

  • YoYoMa

    Sorry…I’m still going to see it

  • Petrina Jacob

    I am still going to watch the film to support the cast of actors and actresses that have nothing to do with this accusation.

  • Opus

    Coalminds states that the accusations against the actor playing Elmo in Sesame Street were a quick monezgrab by the accusers and have resulted in annihilation of the actor, which I think either settled or the charges were dropped.

  • herocookie

    Yeah man, dude raped his own daughter and everyone seems cool with it… …


  • NoNameJ

    Based on the fact that us humans are truly capable of both good,and in this case,disgusting acts,his not being surprised is something i agree on,but the timing makes the claims doubtful if you ask me

  • NoNameJ

    Sure… ’cause the timing doesn’t affect your opinion on the matter,even on the slightest bit? i say we wait for something more solid on the subject before going all teen angst on singer

  • Superman

    The truth is, if this incident is true, it’s very likely a result of the decadent, amoral lifestyle of those in Hollywood gay culture. I’m sure countless incidents like this occur, but because they have the money, Hollywood actors and directors can hire lawyers to keep it out of the news and keep them out of prison. The leftist media is very likely paid to collude with these coverups, and our pop culture is now saturated with pro-gay propaganda and content. If anyone holds a belief outside of that of the Hollywood/Liberal Elitist machine, they’re branded bigots and overwhelmed with hypocritical, hateful vitriol. It’s because of the current status of Hollywood and our culture that I believe Singer could very likely be guilty, yet I’m sure he’ll come out of this relatively “unharmed” in the context of his professional life.

  • Hypestyles

    Bizarre. I hope it’s not true but I have no frame of reference one way or the other. Obviously, no rational, moral person endorses the manipulation and exploitation of children/teens. Since Mr. Singer is gay, this scandal bolsters the stereotypes about gay men and ‘casting couch’ Hollywood. I guess we’ll see how this plays out in court. Hopefully the full truth will come out, whatever that is. My hope is also
    that the actors who are involved in this film are not smeared by association,
    before this case reaches its conclusion. In the immediate future, I can see the actors getting probed on this topic while doing their press tours—I don’t envy them. Even if they don’t personally believe it, there’s always a tacit risk of coming across as insensitive or dismissive to the general topic of pederasty, etc.

  • Lee James Gannon

    I guess you never heard about Jimmy Saville then?

  • nailsin

    It took him 15 years to realize he was raped?

  • ZeoVGM

    Doesn’t change that it was a huge success that also happened to get great reviews.

  • Heath Holcomb

    Sounds a lot like you are blaming the victim…

  • LoveInsanity

    It would sound like I’m blaming the victim, if there was a victim. The guy was a willing boytoy in a harem of boytoys. Yes, he was 17 and not 18. His intentions weren’t any different because of his birthday. Having sex with a minor is a legit charge. Assault is not. The two of them went to Hawaii together on vacation after already having sex. What did the guy think was going to happen in Hawaii? Reading Shakespeare and talking about boobs?

  • Ozymandas

    I dunno. Singer is a pretty busy director. It seems that at any time his defense could point towards whatever he’s got going on at the time. I have no opinion as to whether this rape happened or not. Singer’s attorney probably did the right attorney thing pointing towards X-Men. The accuser’s probably did the right thing with his timing, whether it’s a true or false accusation.

  • Randall Floyd

    “Liberal hacks who propped that guy up.”
    Let’s see, the people that propped him up the most since post-Usual Suspects was Fox with the X-Men films he’s had a big hand in. Fox are more known to slant mostly very much upon the overt-staunch conservative side of things. :-/

  • ZeoVGM

    That’s lovely and all but it isn’t proof of sexual assault or being a pedophile.

  • Randall Reynolds

    This is just about money. 17 is legal in the vast majority of 1st world countries—including Europe, Mexico, Canada & South America.

  • Randall Reynolds

    Shouldn’t ruin the career. 17 is not a child.

  • JusticeBringer

    LOL. As opposed to just going to the police? It’s been 14 years since he turned 18. The statue of limitations expired on that.

  • JusticeBringer

    I gave this an upvote because I’d like to get the X-Men franchise away from Fox.

  • gregghierholzer

    That is what kind of sent up the red flags. I hope it isn’t true but why did Egan wait 15 years to file a lawsuit. Seems just like a money scheme because now that Singer is in making a big deal then this guy shows up to get his piece of it. I don’t think this is going to fly unless he has some really hard (no pun intended) evidence. 15 years is kinda long to wait.

  • gregghierholzer

    They did but there wasn’t the social media network in place back then like there is today. News today spreads like wild fire. Back then it was up to local journalists and news bits.

  • gregghierholzer

    but on the off chance, what if it never did happen? and why wait 15 years?

  • gregghierholzer

    And look what Happened to Michael Jackson. He went to court several times. Everyone had suspicions but nothing was ever proven (legally). And in all honesty I don’t think the charges ever hurt his fan base. Millions still kept buying his music.

  • gregghierholzer

    Why, I am paying to see the characters, and what happens if the director didn’t do what is accused? if you don’t like the movies don’t go. I personally like the movies, but I go for the break away from daily stress, not to psychoanalyze a director or character.

  • gregghierholzer

    well something is up with this Michael Egan. most 14-15 years old Males don’t leave home in the Mid West travel all the way cross the USA to make it big in Acting in Hollywood. Something seems afoot here!!!

  • gregghierholzer

    Is he truly a victim or a money digger. I don’t think anyone knows anything about what may or may not really have happened back then. It was 15 years ago. Why didn’t he file this lawsuit when he was in his 20’s when Singer was less known, why now?

  • Stephen

    The guy probably was afraid to do anything. The timing of the allegations doesn’t change what Singer did or didn’t do. And, besides, wouldn’t you want to bring something like this up at a perfect time to destroy the fucker that sexually abused and threatened you?

  • Scruffy

    He’s not claiming statutory rape. His allegation is full on Singer forced him against his will rape.

  • Scruffy

    Perhaps. But sexual assault is horribly traumatizing and can take people years to come to terms with it. Especially for men. We live in a society that sees rape as acrime that really only happens to women, outside of prison of course.

  • drowbot0181

    Faux News watching bigot ^^^

  • drowbot0181

    Stop fucking using “SMH”. It makes you sound like an idiot and it is lazy. It is so stupid that my brain rejects knowledge of it and I have to look it up every time I see it to remember what it means. Throw “FML” out while you are at it. I am sick to death of the Interwebs sounding like Diablo Cody wrote the dialogue.

  • Superman

    Thank you for illustrating my point. By the way, I don’t watch Fox News.

  • drowbot0181

    Oh wow. So you are an ignorant, bigoted, piece of shit all on your own? Congratulations, your parents must very proud.
    What point were you making, exactly? It’s a little hard to wade through all the anti-gay, paranoid conspiracy theory bullshit and find one.

  • Opus

    Please ignore detractors. You are right. The mere fact that this were reported in 2002 and ignored tells you something. by the way if you do a 15 minute search you find out all about Sinfger and his companion circle. They still use the same tactic of employing barely of age *personal assistants* while traveling around the World. Homosexual sites regurarly have reported about his and Emmerich parties and gonings on from that circle, and there is palenty of photographic evidence of boys that acompany them. They use their influence to stifle everything that happens under the veil of silence.

  • Opus

    Remember how the gay propaganda machine hide the fact that those hompohobic attacks last year and that waitress getting harangued and that gender confused kid from school who reported raping were all construed by the very *victims*, and so much more? They will make this go away. Nothing can be permited to show homosexuality in negative light.

  • sTome

    FYI: The alleged victim told his mother at seventeen. He alleges the abuse began earlier. Second, Singer partied with the founders of DEN, and was an original investor in DEN. (You can look it up). Finally, his civil action may seem late, however, his mother had contacted LAPD, whom in turn contacted the FBI. Somehow the FBI just quietly dropped the case. So actually the family tried their best as soon as they found out. (From the outside-in this looks like another case of the elites just protecting themselves and our laws being in existence only to control the average joe. LIKE the FSU case or Marynville MO) I can’t jury convict this guy based on the news out there, but it looks bad. Hey, he may just rapelesburger his way out of it. The one percent.

  • todd

    If only people thought that way with Ender’s Game too lol.

  • fred2

    Many victims of pedophile Catholic priests have waited at least that long because of the trauma and shame caused by their assaults.

    The same factor could be at play here.

  • fred2

    Great point!

  • fred2

    Actually, we live in an age were it’s wrong to cause homosexuality perverted.

    Just ask the former CEO of Mozilla Firefox.

  • fred2

    To be fair, Hollwyood isn’t above covering for pedophile filmmakers.

    Roman Polanski, anyone?

  • fred2

    In regards to conservatism:

    Fox News – Yes

    Fox Movies – Not so much.

  • fred2

    If Singer were a Catholic priest, you’d likely be siding with his accuser.

  • fred2

    Very true.

    Rape is rape no matter the gender of the victim.

  • gregghierholzer

    No I wouldn’t as I was raised Catholic. And being a Catholic Priest is probably the lowest paying jobs on the planet. But being a movie director one of the highest (once you break into the business). So again, why wait 15 years. Seems like a gold digger.

  • fred2

    To be fair, Hollywood isn’t above covering up the evil acts of pedophiles if they’re acclaimed directors.

    Exhibit A: Roman Polanski:

    That’s why so many commentators on this thread are not completely dismissing Singer’s accuser.

  • Sentry616

    Sounds to me like two blokes got high and had sex. One was so into it he went back for seconds, going so far as to go to Hawaii to get it. Now he sees a way to make a quick buck.
    Pretty hot either way.

  • Arion

    I finally decided to post something about this whole situation here:

    Feel free to check it out.