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Canon We Will And Won’t Miss In The Star Wars Expanded Universe


The moment that Star Wars fans have been dreading finally came to pass this when Star Wars Rebels producer Simon Kinberg revealed that the forthcoming Star Wars sequels won’t adhere to the expanded universe canon that’s been in place since the second Death Star met its end.

“You know, it’s not off-limits, and it’s certainly inspiring — I’m working on an animated show for [Lucasfilm] as well, Star Wars Rebels, that will take inspiration from everywhere, but — I know for the movies, the canon is the canon, and the canon is the six films that exist,” Kinberg told IGN at WonderCon. This doesn’t come as a big surprise, as no one expected the first new Star Wars films in almost a decade – and the first ones ever to take place after Return of the Jedi – to bend over backwards to accommodate every bit of canon concocted in everything from young adult novels to role-playing games. While we’re upset about some things in the EU canon disappearing, there are more than a few things we’re happy to forget. Here’s a list of the canon we will miss – and the canon we won’t.

We won’t miss all the evil and/or dead kids

Evil Kids

As the Star Wars Universe kept on expanding, all the primary characters continued to age – and so did all of the children they had that were introduced in the early EU installments. Getting married and having kids immediately ages characters out of the range where a lot of the intended audience can relate to them – just ask Spider-Man. So Han, Luke, and Leia all had children, and as time went on, their journeys became even more convoluted than their parents’. Jacen Solo went evil, took on the name Darth Caedus, and died at the hands of his sister Jaina. And Jacen wasn’t the first of the Solo kids to die; that “honor” goes to the youngest son of Han and Leia, Anakin Solo. Listen, any deck-clearing exercise that gets rid of the major bummer of having two dead Solo kids is a good one.

We will miss Jacen and Jaina Solo


That being said, Jacen and Jaina Solo mean a lot to many Star Wars fans. As the first major new additions to the Star Wars ensemble way back in 1991, the Solo twins acted as the entry point characters for an entire generation. As the stars of the Young Jedi Knights series, they also helped introduce the concept of an ongoing and expanded Star Wars universe; it’s not a stretch to assume that a lot of today’s adult Star Wars fans spent a lot of middle school following Jacen, Jaina, Lowbacca and the rest on adventures. They’re a popular pair – aside from the overwhelmingly tragic way their story ends.

We won’t miss Chewbacca’s death


As Artoo and Threepio learned, you always let the Wookiee win. Someone didn’t clue in the Yuuzhan Vong to that fact, which led to Chewbacca losing his life during the New Republic’s war with the Force-immune aliens. Chewbacca went out like a champ, howling defiantly as an orbiting moon crashed into the planet he was stranded on, but that makes no difference. You can’t have a Star Wars Universe without Chewie in it, and that’s exactly what we’d have with Episode VII if it adhered to continuity and took place 30 years after Jedi. Peter Mayhew needs work, and we want to hear that Chewbacca growl again.

We will miss Mara Jade

Mara Jade

The Star Wars Universe as seen on the big screen has a severe shortage of bad-ass leading ladies. Princess Leia was undoubtedly a feminist trailblazer, and Padme proved herself formidable right up until her heartache-induced death. Episode VII needs Mara Jade, period. She’s the most prominent female Jedi, has a completely distinct look, and has a number of ties to the original trilogy that make her seem like a character that’s been around from day one. Sure, if she were included in Episode VII, she’d have to be closer to Mark Hamill – her onscreen husband – in age. That’s fine, J.J. Abrams; Meryl Streep’s only two years older than Hamill.

We won’t miss Jaxxon

Because of the Marvel Comics’ dubious place in Star Wars EU canon, we weren’t really having this giant green bunny thrown in our faces all that much to begin with. Jaxxon’s inclusion on this list can be seen as a placeholder for every embarrassing corner of the EU – anyone else remember Ken, the Jedi Prince? – that now makes no sense thanks to context and hindsight. There is, however, another layer to this entry, because Marvel Comics will reclaim the Star Wars comic book license next year. We wouldn’t be surprised if Marvel marks the occasion by trotting out new editions of their original Star Wars series, meaning that a whole new generation of readers could be introduced … to Jaxxon.


  • Mr November

    Won’t Miss: the whole Dark Empire nonsense. the idea of the emperor returning from the dead only to be finally destroyed another surviving jedi (How many surviving jedi where there?) who looks like modok is just stupid. seems counter logical the idea that luke and vader where destined to destory the emperor and free the galaxy in the return of the jedi.

    Miss: Jedi Outcast games and the idea of Han and Leia getting married and having kids (but im sure we’ll see that in the new films)

  • Gerlof Lutter

    I liked Jaxxon … He could be the new Jar-Jar :)

  • MrkMllr

    You shut your mouth about Jaxxon.

  • LorrieKR

    I read a few Star Wars novels way back when. Anakin and Jacen Solo die? They were just cute little kids in the books I read. I’m glad I didn’t keep up with those books because they sound depressing.

  • Bedknobs_and_Boomsticks

    Jaxxon and Amaiza are great. Phooey on you.

  • Michael Pullmann

    Screw that, I hope they bring Jaxxon back.

  • Tyrell Archer

    Thank you very much for bringing up Dark Empire. Although many fans loved it, I strongly disliked the idea of resurrecting the Emperor so quickly and easily – it took away from the drama and, frankly, the point of the end of ROTJ. There was a terrific line in one of Zahn’s novels from Mara Jade: “Honestly, I don’t think it was him.”

  • Jay042

    Jaxxon would kick Jar Jar’s ass.

    But then a malfunctioning repair droid and a dead frog kicked his ass, so I guess that’s not really that much of an accomplishment.

  • KevinSumlin

    I liked the Marvel Star Wars stuff from Claremont (when he was still good and on speaking terms with John Byrne) and just about everything from the era. We got some obscure but latter heavy hitter characters like Lumiya pulled from there into the novels.
    But I think some stuff before the Clone Wars animated series is fair game is in continuity until its erased latter on with new stories.. And what about the prequel EU tie-ins or concepts like Darth Plagueis? I wonder how they will deal with all that since its so tied together into those movies.

    I can see the new movies and new “in canon” fiction stories trying to revamp old concepts and people say, “oh they just ripped that off from this author” and its not original. With Star Wars, there is so much EU material that even Lucas was pulling concepts like Coruscant into the prequel movies.

  • Todd

    Chewie’s death (along with what happened to the Solo Twins) is the reason the Expanded Universe Post-Jedi has got to go. Too much to explain to a mainstream audience for a new movie.

    I hope Mara Jade stays. She’s easy to explain. Here’s how:

    Luke: Here is my wife, Mara Jade.


  • Chuck777

    SPOILER: Jacen fell to the dark side. He killed Anakin and then fought his sister in a duel to the death.

  • disqus_bJpR4pOn3M

    It’s been a while but I’m pretty sure Anakin died because of the Yuuzhan Vong, which was years before Jacen went to the dark side.

  • Bandersnitch

    Spoiler … Jacen did not kill Anakin. Anakin Solo gave his life fighting against the Vong while the other Jedi Apprentices escaped the ship that bread Jedi Killing creatures.

  • Matthew Fey

    New Marvel one-shot: Jaxxon vs. Rocket Raccoon.

  • BradRZ

    The Marvel stuff (including Jaxxon) has already been reprinted by Dark Horse, several times, if IIRC.

    History moment: Lucas so hated Jaxxon that he personally had Roy Thomas removed as writer from the comic, despite Thomas being the one who strong-armed Marvel into taking on the (then unproven) license after Stan Lee turned it down.

  • Pat Dilloway

    I’ll miss Thrawn and Talon Karrde and other characters from the Zahn books.

  • Mitch Cumstein

    Heard that too. Thank God he created respectable and interesting characters like Jar Jar later to make up for the Jaxxon nonsense.

  • Dandru

    That’s because Tim Zahn is an arrogant dick who thinks his writing is more important than that of other authors. Dark Empire was a brilliant miniseries, whereas Mara Jade was just a ridiculous Mary Jane character who I, for one, will not miss.

  • Dandru

    Um… no, Jacen did not kill Anakin. Where did you get THAT idea?

  • Jack Zon

    I’ll miss all the wonderful source materials from writers like Dan Wallace, Jason Fry, Abel Pena, Rich Handley and others who consistently proved that they knew how to tell good Star Wars lore so much better than George Lucas did.

  • Scott D

    Too much to explain? How about a one liner from han “I still must the big guy. But at least he died valiantly.” oh…there it goes.

  • RighteousBrother

    Although to be fair, there was always supposed to be an imperial planet in ROTJ – I’ve seen the concept drawings and paintings for it. I don’t think it was referred to as Coruscant though.

  • patricia666

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  • Fury

    will miss the excellent X-Wing novels
    won’t miss the craptastic Corellia trilogy

  • Dswynne

    I don’t think the new status quo means that the the EU-verse is off-limits. In fact, on the Wookiepeedia site, EU stuff is placed under the “Legends” category. I think it means that the people handling Star Wars materials will pick-and-choose those elements that CAN fit into the revised timline outside of the films and the cartoons (“Clone Wars”, “The Clone Wars” and “Rebels”) that had been released. So, I wouldn’t be surprised that sometime down the road, we will get our EU characters back, in some fashion.

    And yes, “The Holiday Special” DO count…unfortunately. :P

  • demoncat_4

    really hope if they don’t ever bring back jacen and jaina or the other kids added. they at least fix it so chewie never died as for Jaxon fans will never have to worry about him since one Lucas hated the character and proably by now told disney he stays in the lucas vault like the holiday special for good never ever get used.

  • william parcell

    Why are you guys acting like the EU is going anywhere? It’s not like the books are destroyed, you still have them, and they haven’t announced it’s cancellation, it looks like there at least going to continue the novel series, at least for a while.

  • GrimJack

    Spell check.

  • ChrisIII

    Yeah, what became Coruscant was “Had Abbadon” (I think). I think in the draft that featured it, Endor was actually it’s moon instead of some other system. As for the name, I think Zahn picked it out from some list supplied by Lucasfilm and by TPM it was the official name for the planet.

  • ChrisIII

    The new novels will reportedly tie into the new continuity (and possibly the new trilogy as well). For instance, there’s a Tarkin novel, but I don’t think it’ll use the somewhat tangled history of Tarkin and the Death Star from the novels-stuff like Maw Installation, Admiral Daala etc (From the Jedi Academy trilogy). It’ll probably tie in with the Clone Wars episodes featuring Tarkin as those are still canon, and probably streamline the Death Star history to what we mostly know from the films.

  • Kevin Wong

    Yeah I won’t miss any of the Kevin J Anderson stuff.

  • Kevin Wong

    RETCONNED SPOILER: Jacen killed Mara Jade.

  • Tophman

    That’s the beauty of the CU not keeping the EU canon… Chewie doesn’t have to die and if Disney has any sense (considering the fan blowback from the book) he won’t die in episodes VII, VIII, or IX.

  • demoncat_4

    nope for chewie will just do like in the original story have more adventures with han and help the new characters depends on how much chewie is going to be used in the new films.

  • Florence

    Ironically, it seems to me like the Holiday Special is more canonical than the Thrawn Trilogy right now.

    Take from that what you will.

  • Florence

    Seriously, they don’t even have to explore her backstory in the movies too heavily, leave that for new novels and stuff.

  • Florence

    Well, you’re in a tiny, tiny minority with that one, friend.

    Then again, I hope I don’t miss her either, because I’m still hoping she’ll be in the new canon. They’d be idiots NOT to include her.

  • darthNihilus

    Fuck you disney, george lucas, lucasfilm and all others who are applauding the death of the EU for the shit disney is about to release. After 37 years of star wars fandom I can promise you that you will not see a dime of my money on the stinking pile of garbage that you have put out since the 3 pre-quel movies whose only redeeming character was Qui Gon. It was hard enough getting used to the EU and shelling out all the coin for every single book, comic and video game. When star wars got reinvented for 4 year olds (phantom penace to NH) I ignored all such material from cartoons to books that took place during that period. I hope you clowns come to your senses and allow the continuation of the expanded universe so that our characters can tell the stories that have already begun. The only positive I see in the canning of the canon is perhaps better writers who don’t need 9 books to tell a story that could be told in 2 and making reading as exiting as tooth pulling.

  • Lavallois09

    I think not seeing the Zahn books made into movies has disappointed me greatly. The storytelling was very compelling. Thrawn was the bad guy, but while reading the book, you couldn’t help but to grudgingly respect his tactical brilliance.

    Its things like that which held so much weight in the EU that I think will be lacking from the new films.

    My favorite book was I, Jedi. (With Corran Horn). That too was a nice little treasure whos elimination from Star Wars lore makes no sense.

  • Lavallois09

    Things gradually get darker and darker. The galaxy, 30 years after the first death star, gets caught up in a genocidal, existential war with a extra galactic species. Tons of people and places die. The book series is called “the new jedi order” ,and once it concludes, its like the whole galaxy has been shuffled into something else.

  • harry j

    won’t miss: mara jade.