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5 “X-Men: The Last Stand” Mistakes We Want “Days Of Future Past” To Fix


The mutant heroes of X-Men: Days of Future Past have a lot more than just mutant-hunting robots to fight against; they have the legacy of one of the more reviled entries in the X-Franchise to contend with. Screenwriter Simon Kinberg surprisingly admitted 2006’s X-Men: The Last Stand‘s shortcomings in his appearance on a panel at WonderCon.

“It’s our attempt to right the wrongs of the past,” said. “We probably should have done better with Dark Phoenix, so this is our attempt to do better with Days of Future Past.” Every X-Men fan in existence knows that the word “probably” should be exchanged for the word “definitely” in order to accurately convey both how important “The Dark Phoenix Saga” is to the mythos – and just how horribly the film handled it. But at least the people behind this May’s X-Men: Days of Future Past know what they’re fighting against, and as another fan-favorite ensemble cast franchise taught us, knowing is half the battle.

So what egregious errors do we want to see X-Men: Days of Future Past rectify? We narrowed down the long list to these five.

Cyclops’ death


Love him or hate him, you have to acknowledge that Cyclops is one of the most important characters in the X-Men’s universe. He’s their leader, he’s their glue, he’s the driving force that puts Charles Xavier’s dream of co-existence into action… and he got killed off in a five-minute scene. The X-Men without Cyclops is like the Avengers without Captain America; Scott Summers often gets saddled with the “bland” adjective only because he’s morally unwavering in his devotion to the cause. Without Cyclops, the X-Men feel unmoored and aimless. His return to life means the X-Men have a direction again.

Jean Grey’s death

Jean Grey

Sure, Jean Grey’s a character that tends to make a bigger impact dead than alive, but that doesn’t mean we’re okay with her suffering a death that removed all of her agency and put it in Wolverine’s clawed hands. In the comics, Jean’s sacrifice was of her own doing, for the betterment of the universe; Last Stand turned all of Jean’s pain into fodder for Wolverine, and then gave the hirsute hero the killing blow. We know that the movies make every story about Wolverine, but that shouldn’t be done at the expense of the female characters. Jean Grey needs to come back to life, with full control of her Phoenix powers, and be the hero fans have grown to love.

Rogue’s everything


While we’re not sure how much screen time Rogue’s actually getting in X-Men: Days of Future Past, we still have our fingers crossed that her limited involvement will undo make up what The Last Stand did to her. Rogue’s known for her sass mouth, brawling nature, and unflappable confidence; the movie Rogue’s only been shown fretting about her powers and swooning over Iceman. That culminated in Last Stand, where Rogue subjected herself to the mutant cure and wrote herself out of the final act of the movie. If Rogue can get one line of dialogue in the new film that conveys both confidence and take-charge gravitas, we’ll consider it a step in the right direction.

The Juggernaut


The X-Men films have a villain problem, in that they almost consciously steer away from A-Listers in order to adapt minor threats like Stryker and Lady Deathstrike. The big name, non-Magneto villains they do adapt get makeovers that make them almost unrecognizable (see First Class‘ weird take on Sebastian Shaw). They turned the unstoppable Juggernaut into an oafish Brit only because they cast Vinnie Jones in the part, not because they thought the change would make the character more unique or compelling. They also removed his relationship with Charles Xavier, a trait that defines him in the comics and has made for a number of compelling stories. No, Juggernaut’s not a criminal mastermind (Mastermind – another major X-villain given the shaft on film), but he could have been handled a lot better.

The bleak tone


It’s hard to leave a movie that includes the death of three major X-Men with a smile on your face, as X-Men: The Last Stand proved. Between the major sacrifices and generally dour tone, Last Stand zapped any positive vibes out of the X-Men film franchise. X-Men: Days of Future Past doesn’t exactly look like a laugh riot, and the title of 2016’s X-Men: Apocalypse doesn’t seem all that sunny either. But Apocalypse will be set in the 1980s, not in the time period depicted in Last Stand or X-Men: Days of Future Past‘s post-apocalyptic future. All X-Men: Days of Future Past has to do is show that this time-traveling caper pays off, and that the bleak future that started in Last Stand was eradicated. Just imagine a post-credits scene reuniting James Marsden and Famke Janssen with Hugh Jackman, Anna Paquin, and Halle Berry for a light-hearted, heroic bit of super-powered, colorfully costumed action, thus showing that all is well in the X-Timeline circa 2014. Just give us a glimpse of something positive, and we’ll be truly happy.


  • Doug_101

    I don’t think we’ll see Marsden or Janssen, but I have a feeling we’ll see Cyclops and Jean Grey played by younger actors if not at the end of DOFP, then definitely in Apocalypse. I also – and this pure speculation – think that Logan is going to get trapped in the past so they can stick him in the next movie too.

  • Jack Goodman

    I seriously still feel retconning Last Stand and Wolverine Origins is the only answer. Nothing of worth in Last Stand at all and Origins at least finally cast Sabertooth right even if the rest of the movie was so horrible I daily wish I could forget I ever saw it. I had written a treatment for pulling a Dallas…like an Xavier dream or what could happen…and having a trilogy that was much more faithful to the original source material. Jean’s sacrifice spat in the face of good story that was tremendously executed in the original comics.

  • Doug_101

    Yeah, if they ever bring Sabretooth back, it’s gotta be Liev Schreiber again.

  • Lee James Gannon

    They really messed up the character of Psylocke even her accent was wrong.

  • Fistigons

    What about Magneto being depowered?

  • Mr November

    cardinal sin… wait Psylocke was in the x-men films?

  • Eric

    I agree with the title of this article — “The Last Stand” was a goddamned mess — but a lot of the author’s finer points are debatable. Cyclops is derided by fans for the “moral center” of the X-Men? The man who ditched his wife and infant son to get back together with his resurrected ex-girlfriend? The man who KILLED PROFESSOR XAVIER? No. Cyclops IS a key member of the X-Men, but Cyclops is also an asshole. A brilliant tactician and a hell of a fighter, but he is a dick. Boring isn’t his problem.

    I get taking issue with Juggernaut having his connection to Xavier erased. But complaining that he’s British and an oaf? He is pretty much an oaf. British? Not so much. But hardly that big a deal in the long run.

    As for the bleak tone, the X-Men universe has been overwhelmingly bleak for decades now. Literally. Whenever it gets lighthearted again that’s yanked away within issues. This is not a feel-good book. It’s a comic-book soap opera. “Bleak” and the X-Men have gone together since before I started reading the books in the late 1980’s. They are sometimes punctuated by brief moments of levity, but it is an overwhelmingly angsty property — and you could argue that’s a big part of what made it so popular.

  • Mr November

    Im sorry but Cyclops was so painfully bland in the first 2 x-men films you could easily forget he was there. That’s not a problem with last stand specifically put a problem with the franchise in general. it doesn’t matter who directing or writing they cannot seem to make Cyclops relevant to film.

  • QueerJock2

    I have to disagree. Not on the problem with changing them; that I agree with. I disagree with the sentiment that it’s a “problem” they used lesser known villains other than A-listers.

    First off, most of the audience has no idea who these characters are so saying anyone save for Magneto could be considered A-list is a stretch. Second, X-2 is probably the best X-Men movie period, despite having a supposedly small name villain as the main antagonist. That just seems to me like fanboyism.

  • X-men!

    Thank you! Cyclops is one of my favorites and I think James did a great job; he just needs a chance. Plus Rogue and Anna Paquin really don’t mix. CAn’t believe Kinberg actually admitted to the film’s shortcomings. Origins was a decent movie, not great, but decent.

  • J.p. Ducey

    It’s refreshing to hear a studio be honest about how they totally screwed up a big Superhero movie instead of defending themselves and their creative direction to the nth degree. The only good thing to come out of X-Men: The Last Stand was Kelsey Grammer as BEAST.

  • Zarathos No Daimaōh

    In my opinion , Cyclops was never actually in the movies (same goes with a few badly adapted x-men members) . While in the past , even in the comics , accused of being a bland taste compared to a few weirder and more loud xmen characters , he was never so utterly useless , such a second fiddle , so lost and unable to display any tactical sense , or leadership .

    In the movies , he was the “jealous and almost cuckold” husband , the butt of Wolverine’s joke . Add in the overall abysmal display of powers compared to comics … and you get some dude most except comics fans didnt even miss . SO you wanna bring him back , fine , but it’s the “Bryan signer” sidekick and joke version , n even with a new and younger actor , what’s the point ?

  • vk at nyte

    i agree xmen 2 was the best in tone,and character after the stupid first film..but the third should’ve progressed more with the characters then adding 6 more characters to the mix and screwing up those characters in the process..trying to appeal to the wants and needs of fans ruined the franchise with the third film..First Class was a breath of fresh air- a return to the tone of the second film, and building on characters as well as introducing other characters..the down side: a lack of and mixup of characters who should’ve been in the film-cyclops,the real angel, iceman..and an ending cameo of jean grey arriving at the school would’ve been cool..but instead we have a misplaced Havok-no Polaris or Vulcan or Changeling, a diffferent Angel-a character from Morrison’s run in the books and a really young Banshee? wtf. Also I agree with an earlier comment, its supposed to be a comic book soap opera. The fact that Azazel was introduced in First Class helps but Fox clearly for some stupid reason doesnt want any character connections in their films-a clear fan frustration of the series as a whole. Azazel>Mystique>Nightcrawler, Mystique>Rogue,Mystique>Sabertooth, Cyclops/Havok, Xavier/Juggernaut, Magneto>Rogue, Rogue>Gambit,Wolverine>Storm,Angel>Psylocke…etc

  • Underground Anthem TX

    Let’s not bother addressing the problems within ALL the movies, only Last Stand. Forget that the first X-Men movie destroyed the Wolvie/Sabretooth history, the second one mutilated the GOD LOVES MAN KILLS storyline and Lady Deathstrike, X-MEN: Origins Wolverine ruins Gambit, Emma Frost AND Deadpool in one fell swoop, then First Class comes along and confuses EVERYTHING (The first class doesn’t include Cyke and Jean? Mystique is Professor X’s age? A different Emma Frost? Moira McTaggert never ages?).

    A bunch of internet fanboys, including the writer of this article, who worship Cyclops– THAT’S why X3 is hated so much. James Marsden is a terribly milquetoast actor, and the movies were simply better suited with Jackman as the protagonist. In X3, Jean ALLOWS Wolverine to kill her. That IS sacrifice. Why can’t some fanboys get over this? Sorry The StarJammers didn’t show up– space-faring sci-fi was never the tone of these films. They are sci-fil ground in reality, for better or worse.

    ALL of the movies are different than the comics, and you can nitpick them all to pieces. Go read Uncanny X-Men again or watch the cartoons if you want to experience the exact same story. The movies have always, and WILL ALWAYS, change things. Accept it or live your life amidst constant outrage.

  • Lee James Gannon

    She was one of the brotherhood who captured Dr. Rao during the final battle.

  • hardcoalstudios

    One problem that I had with these movies was that from the very beginning it was established that they take place in the near future. That is, the near future as of 2000, when the first film came out. There was no reason it had to take place in the future, and nothing in the films seemed futuristic, save Cerebro I guess. Plus it was in the future yet it maintained Magneto’s ties to World War Two. I wonder if DOFP will deal with this at all.

  • Mockingnerd

    They should change things by making Kitty Pryde the lead of DoFP, first.

  • Guest

    I think you’re 100% on point. If X-Men: Apocalypse takes place in the 80s, I think we’ll be dealing with our First Class cast, plus Cyclops and Jean, plus a younger Logan— who will be the only one to “remember” the original timeline.

  • Guest

    I’m starting to think the original X-Men movie all the way through “The Wolverine” are getting effectively wiped out.

    If there’s a sequel to “The Wolverine” my guess is that it will either take place in the new timeline, or before the events of Days of Future Past— in order to retain Yukio, if only for one more movie.

    Amazing how complicated they’ve made all this.

  • kalorama

    Scott Summers often gets saddled with the “bland” adjective . . . because he’s bland

  • Guest

    Given what we know, it sounds to me like a whole lot more than The Last Stand is getting wiped clean.

    I think the whole timeline is being rearranged, with the only surviving element from the previous films being Logan’s memory.

    All the characters are still in play for future films, but they’re going to get younger, join the team sooner, and played by new actors.

    I also have a suspicion that Logan is going to kill Stryker in the past, wiping out X2 and X-Men Origins in one go.

    Meeting the X-Men early already sort of wipes out the original X-Men film.

  • Guest

    We may see Marsden or Jansen in cameos during the future sequences. We got Jansen in “The Wolverine.” Plus, there are rumors of a Kelsey Grammar cameo.

  • Guest

    I think that element will be dropped.

    First Class is the only film so far to explicitly link it’s whole storyline to a specific time.

    Even X-Men Origins only took place vaguely in the 1970s— and you can only conclude that by deducing from the art direction and the story’s context.

    The the X-Men films are going to go full-on Avengers-level in scope, then it’s pointless to ground the film in some sort of “this could happen in the near future!” idea.

  • RobertDWatterson

    Cyclops is derided by fans for the “moral center” of the X-Men? The man who ditched his wife and infant son to get back together with his resurrected ex-girlfriend? The man who KILLED PROFESSOR XAVIER?

  • Beast

    You realize they already said that the film isn’t meant to change any of these things or even clean up continuity. It’s just pulling a Star Trek and creating a divergent reality from the X-Men: First Class timeline.

  • joe

    At least Cyclops is consistently on the side of mutants and never killed his own children… Looking at you Wolverine.

  • joe

    There have been plenty of times where a character not in their right mind has killed… Jean and Scarlett Witch come to mind. Scarlett Witch committed mutant genocide… and let’s not forget about Beast screwing with the space time continuum just to get back at Scott. Scarlett Witch, Beast, and Wolverine are all hypocritical assholes… Only difference is the Avengers give them a pass.

  • Kioko Mulli

    Um… they can keep Helle Berry off that reunion LOL

  • Theo Kabala

    i think the whole x-men live action franchise (even singer and vaughn’s films) all have their problems. i think ratner gets a lot of flack (rightly so) but at the same time singer and vaughn also made a lot of mistakes. for one singer ruined cyclops long before ratner got his hands on him, and not to mention what he did with storm in the first two films.

    in fact storm had a much bigger role in the last stand than she did in the two previous films, the only time we saw her trully fight was in the last stand at jean’s house and then at alcatraz island. it’s singer’s fault that the x-men films have basically become about wolverine and to a certain extent mystique, so sick of those two characters and them constantly being shoved in my face.

  • Theo Kabala

    i say the same exact thing, to me the bigger culprit is singer who ruined cyclops and storm long before ratner came along. there was nothing much ratner could do with cyclops after being non existent for the first two films, and in fact it was he who actually gave storm something do in the last stand. we got to see her be a part of the plot of the film, and she actually used her power more than for a few seconds.

  • hardcoalstudios

    Yeah I was presuming Origins took place in the 70s because of 3 Mile Island. I was assuming the final battle there was covered up, and the cover story was the near accident we had in real life. That’s just my own conjecture the movie does nothing to suggest that. Other than that I don’t know what else would indicate it was in the 70s.

  • Jack Goodman

    Especially with how complicated it already is in the books and I’m a X-Men nut. I mean just look at the Summers family line. Dead lord. I’m sure we are just waiting for a story from Garth Ennis showing they are all related. Ewwwww, lol jk

  • jaydenrobins08

    Last I heard the one scene that Anna Paquin was going to be in got cut. That leaves Rogue out of the picture. Storm also has very limited screen time. I hope that they make this movie right and try to salvage whatever is left from The Last Stand but the future looks grm and I’m not getting my hopes up.

  • jaydenrobins08

    At the end of The Last Stand there was a scene that showed Magneto sitting on a chair with a chess set in front of him. As he tries to move the metal chess piece, it nudges a little bit. This scene hinted at the fact that the cure was ineffective and didn’t properly rid the mutants of their powers.

  • jaydenrobins08

    Juggernaut wouldn’t have lost his powers while he was near Leech because he isn’t a mutant. He has an amulet that gives him is power. The whole scene was stupid because it was incorrect. He wouldn’t have had an issue escaping with the boy because his powers wouldn’t have been affected.

  • MegaGearMax

    Mystique is older than that in the comics. Her shapeshifting powers retard her age.

  • Zorianff9 .

    I agree with everything, especially about Cyclops. He is more than just Xavier’s first recruit and leader of the X-men.
    His parents were captured by D-Ken of the Shi’ar Empire, and the father becomes Corsair leader of the Starjammers. His brother Havok serves as leader in other teams (X-Factor, Uncanny Avengers…). His union with Jean Grey who turns out to be the Phoenix was certainly fate, since he’s oddly attractive to other Psychic mutants (Psylocke, Emma Frost), and their bloods mixed produced Cable capable of defeating Apocalypse (the most ancient and dangerous mutant).
    Each member of the Summers family was born with a heroic destiny.
    Even the 1st mutant born after M-Day who restored mutant kind, was adopted in the Summers family.
    That makes Cyclops more special than Wolverine.
    He should have been the main character, like he was in the very beginning of X-men.

  • Zorianff9 .

    1) It was other writers who created X-factor to reunite the original X-men and caused an untenable structural situation as it was out of Cyclops’ character.
    2) He was under the Dark Phoenix influence, surely you know he was out of himself like Jean was, and it’s not the first time Xavier dies.

  • Chris

    don’t forget that the early 70’s setting of days of future past means it’s before wolverine loses his memory anyway and there’s nothing in the first x-men film that explicitly says that xavier, magneto or mystique DON’T remember wolverine

  • Zorianff9 .

    My Idea to have Cyclops back is:
    Wolvy meets Havok in the past, and identifies him as a member of the Summers family (distant relative), and tells him how his relative will be an important member of the X-men and will “apparently” die, so Havok says he’d show up at that moment, and then Cyclops gets a cameo appearance ALIVE at the end in the new future, revealing that he never died for Havok witnessed he suffered another fate and needed help to return.

  • Underground Anthem TX

    Wasn’t the Destiny storyline retcon done very recently, like a few years ago?

    Regardless, my point still stands that due to the half-assed reboot attempt of First Class, it made things even more confusing for the movie franchise. Yes, it had more style (I can watch Fassbender kill Nazi’s all day long), but it caused way more damage than X3, continuity-wise.

  • Scott D

    They should just stop titling these movies “X-Men” and call it what it really is: “Wolverine and the X-Men”, since they are hell-bent on making him the central character. Every story have been about Wolverine and how the X-men rely on him to get them out of jams. I guess collossus’ invulnerability and strngth would not have stopped the humans in X2, right? It had to be Wolverine who did it. Cyclops of has a lot of rich backstory, but he gets relegated to 2nd tier so they can feature more Wolverine. Until they change that, they might as well stop making X-Men movies, and just expand the Wolverine franchise.

  • Underground Anthem TX

    I agree with a lot of your points, with the exception of Ratner deservedly getting hate. He was working off a script that the producers and the entire cast had extolled at the time as the best script they had yet, and storyboards that Vaughn had overseen before he bailed. He was literally a last minute hired hand. Under those circumstances, I think he did a serviceable job. He directed the second best fight scene of the franchise (the house battle), oversaw the best score of any of the movies, and actually tried to do SOMETHING with Storm and Colossus. For that, I’m willing to give him a pass.

  • Nick Bazzano

    I guess I’m too old school an X-man fan, but I prefer the brutish animalistic Sabretooth (ala Tyler Mane), over the sophisticated and suave Sabretooth that Origins gave us.

  • Jack Goodman

    It definitely isn’t an old school issue. I’ve been reading since I was 6. 30 years. Tyler Mane was just flat and a horrible actor. I have no problem with a more feral Sabertooth. I just want him to be portrayed by someone that is not an ex-professional wrestler. But we each have our opinions. :)

  • demoncat_4

    if we were going to see both Marsden and Jansen they would have been revealed as being in the film by now. unless they are keeping them under wraps.but mostly do away with cyclops and jeans lame deaths.

  • vrm

    But that was a cameo. Even if she was credited as psylocke on the end credits, her participation was irrelevant enough to we ignore (like Bill Duke’d Bolivar Trask).

  • AtomR

    I agree. They will use this time travelling story to reset the timeline and be able to bring in younger actors to play all these characters. I am 99% sure this is the last time we’ll be seeing the cast of the original trilogy as X-Men.

  • James

    Agreed but dont worry I dont think a whole lot of people notice so its something that can be easily ignored

  • arcee

    While I liked the first 2 X-Men movies I avoided the third thanks to that 5 minute Cyclops death scene and the overall underlying and gradual pussification of his character throughout the series at the expense of other characters.

  • pete

    90% of these comments are so stupid and nonsensical. These movies can not and should not cater to fanboys who want a word for word interpretation of the comics.

  • penguintruth

    The only problem with Cyclops’ death was not getting to see it all on screen.

    Nobody (of value) likes him, why should we want him back?

  • SageShinigami

    Continued proof that fans are terrible.

  • SageShinigami

    Meh. If I had my way Disney would just get X-Men back. Then we could do the recasts that this series will need in a couple years anyway. And probably get some more great films like First Class out of it, while also being true to the comics. Contrary to what some people believe, you CAN do both.

  • Aristo Kratte

    Nobody wants a word for word interpretation. And its interesting…what movies stuck to the source material the best? The Dark Knight, Iron Man, Captain America (both of them), Spiderman 2, X2, The Avengers, Superman. Which films didn’t? Last Stand, Spiderman 3, Ghost Rider, Green Lantern, Hulk, Catwoman, Batman and Robin, both Fantastic Four films.

    Simply put, there’s a reason why comic book movies do better sticking to the source. The material has been around for over 1/2 a century. You don’t need to mess with success.

  • Jay Dunckley

    It may sound crazy but Triple H should have been cast as Sabretooth.

  • Jay Dunckley

    Triple H=Sabretooth.

  • Gambit352

    I thought they were entertaining but so far from the books I have grown to love.
    Rogue as Logan’s sidekick….Jubilee was his sidekick.
    Live Schreiber played a pretty good Sabre tooth more so than Taylor Mane.
    But the original team was always, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Iceman, Beast and Angel. Only after the Giant size annual did we meet Wolverine, Banshee, Thunderbird, Collosus, Nightcrawler and Storm. Rogue came much later and as an evil mutant who stole Ms Marvels power of flight and invulnerability.
    Also with Blink and the rest of X-Force how than are they going to explain Cable/Nate Grey? BesidesBlink was from the Age of Apocalypse timeline.
    They really cannot fix their mistakes and we just have to go along for the retelling of one of the best comics ever made.

  • Jay Dunckley

    Crystal of Cytorakk to be precise.

  • Jay Dunckley

    Kitty Pryde was Wolverine’s sidekick first.Jubilee is one of the worst characters ever created.

  • Fierre

    If you think Quicksilver & The Scarlett Witch. I don’t know what to say about em. All I know is that they are Magnetos kids who somehow got captured by Hydra who knows how long ago an Hydra gave them powers. What seems odd is how Magneto didn’t give them any powers. But I’m still trying to figure out how Hydra took them. An then they let them back

    In the world. Their in the 1st post credit scene for Captain America 2. An they will be in the Avengers next year. An also in the 1st wolverine movie how the hell did Emma Frost get captured by Striker? But First Class does explain how Angel & Wolverine fit into it. Mostly because he rescued her from some bad guys. But its sad to see his own brother tried to kill him after working with Magneto. So much for “We’re brothers”. is complicated then you got more to think about. 2 names :

  • archangel

    So what about the descrepiences in xaviers injury and age

  • Mike Bailey

    I thought xmen 3 was way better than the first two. Fist class has been the best over all. I think Origins: Wolverine was really cool even with the fact they fucked up deadpool. If I would change anything from the films it would be to erase “The Wolverine” I thought that movie was horribly boring and it took away the only thing that made Wolverine cool. The adamantium. But in all reality. Id love to see Marvel get all rights back to Xmen, reboot it with most of the same actors and do it justice by not changing key plot and characteristic elements. Again just my opinion, im not stating it as a fact like 90% of the assholes in the world.

  • William Parson

    Never kind the fact that in Last Stand, they portrayed Juggernaut as a mutant!! Which he is definitely not!! Idiots at Fox! Do your damn homework and put the characters out correctly. This is the main reason why fans have had doubts about your ability to satisfy us with the MARVEL characters that are unfortunately under your control.

  • Aliciamasters

    The Gem of Cyttorak, to be more precise. ;)

  • RG

    so true

  • Jack Goodman

    You know….I could see that. But Triple H can talk. He has ring presence within the WWE. So that I could buy.

  • RG

    Why does everyone assume Disney/Marvel would rock the X-men? It’s not like Fox doesn’t consult with people familiar with the X-men universe. And Disney/Marvel have made as many missteps with their properties. Iron Man 2 was lousy, Cap’n America 1 had a horrible director and could have been much better. I guess the grass is always greener.

  • RG

    Agree. His character is actually amazing because he’s so focused and decisive in the comics, often at the expense of friendships.

  • Joe

    while Schreiber made a good Sabertooth, one of the most epic fails ALL the “X” movies have made is to have Wolverine be 6’whatever” tall… I cannot begin to verbalize how irritated I was at all the fight scenes in Origins where Logan was actually taller than Victor. WTF? If they can make a friggin hobbit the right size they can make the hairy li’l fire plug and Sabertooth the right daamn size.

  • SageShinigami

    Mostly it’s that if the property went to Disney, we could get a full-on reboot without making things complicated. Then maybe we could get some costumes back, which is one major benefit.

    And, “as many” missteps? Depends on where you’re sitting. Iron Man 2’s the only Marvel film I ever disliked, and it wasn’t a BAD film it just tried to sell me the same plot as the first one. Cap was good. Winter Soldier was amazing. Avengers was great. I loved IM1 and 3. Even Thor had some great points.

    By contrast, I’ve only ever liked First Class. Singer’s X-Men didn’t appeal to me.

  • Jack Goodman

    See…that kind of stuff doesn’t matter to me. It is like the black Johnny Storm or organic web shooters. It is all peripheral. My complaints have more to do with poor acting or story. A lot of things just don’t matter. Hell…they could make Wolverine a woman and I wouldn’t care (and yes I know about X-23) just as long as the story is good and the acting is good. I mean great examples of changes in the books that people hated but were actually great were Miles Morales, Superior Spider-Man, and Avengers Arena. The last one killed me and I kinda become a troll over it but later apologized. The Jackman thing came down to selling movies. No one was going to buy Glenn Danzig, Peter Dinklage, or Danny DeVito as Wolvie. Not that they wouldn’t do a good job, but you can’t market that kind of thing as a love interest to Jean Grey. American viewers love pretty people on screen with a few exceptions (Steve Buscemi). I loved Schreiber because he had humanity and given more space in that movie I think it could have been great for him. Now Deadpool….don’t even get me started. WTF man. :)

  • Jaime

    Like everyone else I agree too :). I have been thinking too (and have a feeling) that both younger versions Scott and Jean will appear in Apocalypse.

  • James

    I think it will be too difficult finding the “perfect” actor that resembles a comic book character size, shape, facial feature, ect. It really is a one in a million chance of that happening. Personally as long as they character correctly to its comic counterpart I am Ill for it.

  • Kevin

    Thats the whole point though. By creating a new timeline they free themselves from any kind of restrictions. This way they have the freedom to do what they want. Instead of trying make something work because the continuity from the older trilogy is preventing them from doing it. Its just like in the comics.

  • RG

    Singer has acknowledged he wished he’d handled Cyclops’ character better (you can find his comments in the internet). I think he’d get it right the second time. But you’re dead on about the overall abysmal display of Cyclops’ powers in the movies. Those optic blasts should cut a swath of destruction, not open jammed seatbelts and break Toad lugis.

  • Steel_Man

    In the comics, Jean didn’t kill herself – that was a clone of her that the Phoenix inhabited. The Avengers still found her real body on the floor of the ocean. The movie could have gotten it right if they’d just read a few more comics.

  • Doug_101

    Well, except for Jackman, probably.

  • samuel

    Just make it exactly like the cartoon was. that is all…..that’s what I loved as a kid its disappointing to see it different

  • samuel

    wolverine movies are soo cake, and boring beyond measure

  • Andre Lee

    I understand everyone else’s ideas on x men apocalypse but what I think they should do for the wolverine 3 IS bring Sabertooth back. But for x men apocalypse my team mutants would be gambit,nightcrawler,jean grey,cyclops,storm,beast,professor x,magneto,mystique,and wolverine etc. And the last thing x men days of future past should explain is the start up of the weapon x program like show scenes were Stryker is looking for members

  • Chuck777

    I don’t know if Disney would really touch their X-Men properties if they got them back. They already have a good thing going with the Avengers. Most likely, they would just add Wolverine and call it a day, sadly.

  • Chuck777

    Yeah, Cyclops is the second most important X-Man alive after Xavier. Yes he is a pushy do-gooder but that doesn’t lessen his importance.

  • Chuck777


  • Chuck777

    Simpler solution is to just have Future’s end alter the timeline and, essentially, give the X-Men franchise a soft reboot.

  • Chuck777

    1) Blame editorial. They always muck things up. Although the original X-Factor was a lot of fun…

    2) The Phoenix Force messed with Scott. No one blames Jean for doing horrible things with the Phoenix Force but Cyclops doesn’t get the same pass?

  • Chuck777

    He’s the opposite of bland.

  • Chuck777

    Which should have been used way more often. He’s getting old! No one else really suits Beast quite like Kelsy Grammer!

  • Chuck777

    Which movie was Psylocke in…? Oh god, was she in X-3?

  • Mr. Palmer

    I guess he wrote a 5 prong plan of what needs to fixed in X3 because it would take a 150 prong plan to fix all the things wrong with First Class, and that’s too long to write about. At the end of the day, it is what it is, different directors with different visions of the X-Men, sprinkled in with Fox and its need to keep up with the trends. Let’s not forget that despite, the shade that is constantly thrown at X3, the series was far from perfect and mostly just average. I personally think X3 was more exciting to watch than any of the other X-Men movies. All of Singer’s work lacked passion, vision, imagination, and actual X-Men that were not overshadowed or watered down by or for Wolverine and Magneto. First Class seemed to be a thought that begun in a writers head but the story seemed to be written by a marketing team. However, it was still one of the weakest in the franchise as its sells were one of the lowest. This is one of the many paradoxes of the Fox X-Men universe that I do not understand, that is, X3 is vocally hated but silently it made the most money in box office and DVD sells, while First Class is loved vocally, but the love is silent in sells. Moreover, judging from the predecessors it would seem that First Class should have been the movie to be hated more, but that’s subjectivity. The numbers are in the favor of X3. As, I stated before I liked X3 the movie and thought it was quirky for the trilogy, but was not so out of context that it did not fit into the franchise. I thought First Class was a reboot with the complete wrong roster to try and carry an X-Men movie. I thought it would have worked better as Magneto and the X-Men, Magneto Origins, or an X-Factor movie.

  • Mr. Palmer

    If your beef is with characters not being accurately adapted, then you probably should stop watching Fox’s X-Men, because about none of the X-Men are accurate. Almost none of the X-men in Fox’ movies are portrayed to be from their countries of origins in the comics. It seems like some of them are accepted like Professor Xavier who is American but has a British accent (Patrick Steward is Xavier so I can see why this is so easily over looked), Wolverine is Canadian but seems way more American, Magneto is Jewish with a British accent, Storm is African, but is Halley Berry (in her defense the writing in these movies sucked for any character that was not Wolverine or Magneto) Pyro is Australian but American, Colossus is Russian but American. You just have to get over the thought that Fox is going to ever do the X-Men accurately or correctly and you will be alright.

  • Nick

    Wolverine wasn’t as quick to heal before the movies made him that way,Magneto and Mystique are mainly villains and not First Class members, my point being it is obvious that Fox is going to change a little or a lot about the characters when they adapt them

  • Rick James

    You speak a great truth about the FoX-Men franchise that most people hate to admit!!!! Thank you!! I believe that the films need to be truer to the comic but I accept your comments because you, just as I, see and state that the entire series has its mess ups, some worse than X3 (First Class, origins, x1) but most would love to blame X3.

  • Rick Jame

    So is captain America or superman in the hands of the wrong writers such as the FoX-Men writers. Cyclops has lots of history and could be portrayed as every bit as cool as Captain America is in Avengers.

  • Rick James

    Okay maybe he is not the center but he is the heart without a doubt or debate. He is there at the beginning and he will be there at the end. Currently he is also the brain. I really don’t care for how they wrote Cyclops off as the bad guy and made it seem like Wolverine was right all along in X-Men vs. Avengers, but that is writing. You have to take the good with the bad. I would have loved to see Cyclops blast Captain America and Wolverine right off of Utopia, but that wasn’t in the writer’s plan.

  • Rob

    I agree that the above were all problems with the Last Stand…but I think you misunderstood what the producers meant with that quote. They were saying they screwed up one iconic storyline so they were going to go out of their way to present days of future past correctly. They aren’t going to literally fix what they screwed up. They’re just going to give us a great film to make up for the bad one.

  • Big Black

    Idk about that, when done right, there is a butt-load of money to be made from the X-Men, and do not think for a second that Marvel would not capitalize off of this to the fullest. Granted, Marvel would probably wait a 5-10 year period before they make an X-Men movie after getting the rights back. It is proven via the numerous tv shows that X-men has, that it is the most marketable, aside form Spiderman. It actually took the movies to make Ironman marketable to audience that did not read comics.

  • Tommy Rankin

    It’s ironic that after x-films Paquin became more well known by playing a character on TV that was closer to comics Rogue than the character she played in movies. At least that character had a southern accent if nothing else.

  • Tommy Rankin

    I’m not a fan of any of the x-films but to in their defense I have to admit that changing Juggernaut (and Deathstrike) into mutant was acceptable since the tone of the trilogy was pretty realistic, there were no super-advanced weapons or cyborgs or magical gems. It was essentially a real world with the addition of superhuman minority. Same with changing Phoenix from a cosmic being into an alternate personality. Given the context those were acceptable changes. But erasing connections between characters like Juggy not being related to Xavier isn’t an acceptable change since there is no reason for it other than they just wanted to change it.

  • Tommy Rankin

    How does Cap 2 relate to X-Men films? Their in different continuities. Sure Quicksilver is going to be in X-Men films now but they are two different versions of the same character

  • penguintruth

    Being lame always lessens his importance.

  • penguintruth

    Cyclops and Storm have a long history of being bland, even in the comics.

    Storm SHOULD be interesting, what with her controlling weather, but there hasn’t been a good story written about her since the 80s. Scott Summers is… well, he’s Scott Summers. You can’t polish that turd enough.

  • Judgement

    I agree more than 100 % Jean Grey can rise again which really much more powerful as White Phoenix of the Crown ( Famke Janssen ) and i think Charlize Theron would be so best as Emma Frost

  • Bruce Wayne

    stop making it Wolverine and Friends

  • MikeHeXt

    Fox doesn’t care. They just want to milk the name.

  • Jay Dunckley

    It’s Crystal.Read his origin.He finds the Crystal of Cytorak in Korea while in the war with Xavier.

  • carol

    the movie messed up on a few things in first class the best was covered in hair now hes not and if Charles Xavier dies then how did he send logan back and magneto and mystiqe rnt mutants anymore so how they now and y wasnt magneto kids in the other xmen movies and they should have it to logan rembers everything like hes old friends and he brother and that just a few things

  • Jeff

    Juggernaut his powers because in the movie, he was a mutant. How a character is portrayed in a movie is all that matters. What happened in the comics does not.

  • Jeff

    Juggernaut being related to Xavier was not important to the movie at all. How would that have advanced the plot?

  • Jeff


  • Jeff

    First Class was set in the early 1960’s. If Cyclops was in that film, he would be in his sixties or even seventies in any film with a modern setting. That wouldn’t work at all.

  • Jeff

    You are confusing characterization with continuity. The comic movies that work best are the ones that stay close to the characterization of the characters from the comics. That’s why films like Dark Knight & Iron Man have done so well. And it’s one reason why films like Catwoman did not.
    What too many fanboys want is movies that stick closely to comic continuity. They quote the backstory of characters and expect all of that baggage to be part of the movies. Comics are convoluted. That’s what happens when characters have been around and continously used for 50 or more years. Most of that stuff has to be swept aside to make a clean film that most moviegoers can relate to. The good films use the best and most important parts of those characters (the essence of the characters) to make the characters true to the comic but relatable to movie goers.
    One other thing, in regards to sticking to source material. If you look back, very few comic book story lines have been used in comic movies. Just the occasional bit or piece. Almost all comic book movies, good or bad, had stories that borrowed little from actual comic storylines.

  • Jeff

    It was a film about mutants. In the X-Men movie universe, the only people with powers are mutants. How else do you use Juggernaut if he isn’t portrayed as a mutant?

  • Jeff

    Why does where any of these characters from matter at all in the movies? Would Wolverine being Canadian actually change anything about the movies?

  • Jeff

    None of the studios care (including Marvel Studios.) It’s not about making art, and it’s not about pleasing fanboys. It’s about making money. That is why all of these films exist.

  • Jeff

    First, do you know spelling and grammar at all?
    Second, did you actually watch X-Men 3 or X-Men: First Class? Beast had hair for the final act of First Class. Xavier’s alive because his consciousness was moved to another person at the end of X-Men 3. Magneto also got his powers back at the end of the film.
    Also, Mystique has her powers because both First Class and the new film are prequels to X-Men 3, they take place many years before that film.
    As to the rest of your post, I have no idea what you are trying to say.

  • Alex Hayden

    i agree with everything said, but most of it can be “fixed” just by changing the past to erase the future. Juggernaut’s about the only thing that can’t be “fixed” without saying “just ignore that detail.”

    As bad as a movie as X3 was, the real problems in ongoing narrative and connectivity with the franchise start with the Wolverine movies and drastically increase by joining First Class – a movie that worked well enough as a reboot – to all of the other movies, because it presents very different facts of the world and the history of things that appear in the other movies. The very fact that DofP exists in the manner that does is the largest problem of all and a problem created by the tool that’s supposed to fix things.

  • Scratch89

    I think he’s pointing out that Beast, in DOFP, is all of a sudden “hairless” in the trailers. I believe Springer explained that Beast’s new thing is that he basically Hulks out.

  • j

    “since they are hell-bent on making him the central character”
    Yeah, such a deviation from the comics.

  • SenorApplesauce

    Can they fix the Scott and Alex Summers problem, too?

    If they make him his dad or something I will be greatly disappointed.

    Just make up some story about how Alex got sent back in time as a little kid (a little cut scene to let them know it is possible to do) and that’s why he had so many “issues” growing up as an orphan in the past.

  • bouchdon85

    Logan needs to be recast as well. I realize that this won’t happen soon but it needs to happen. I honestly wished for an old man logan storyline to send off Hugh Jackman (obviously story would lack Hulk) but I believe that would be a great send off for Jackman.
    And with DOFP wanting to reboot the time line I would think it’s a great time to include wolverine in on that as well. Will it happen? No. But it will eventually happen. Also just to add in another bit. Sabretooth has always been part of wolverine ‘ s life and storyline. Victor provides great character development for Logan…..He needs to be brought back. Would of been nice for him to have a small cameo or a run- in for the Wolverine movie. And I prefer the brutish Sabretooth compared to a smooth/suave (sp) one

  • Zorianff9 .

    It would be indeed outrageous to make him the father, cause there’s Corsair who’s an important character.
    If I could fix the problem myself, I’d put Alex as a distant relative of Scott.

  • david diaz

    honestly the x-men would have been cancelled in the 70’s without wolverine ….wolverine is the top hero in the x-men and is in the a-class of superheros…he’s up there with spider-man hulk cap superman batman ,,,he’s actually the last superhero to reach that level of popularity i believe …so all those people who complain sound crazy to me ….the x-men aren’t as popular as they once were wolverine still is very popular …although hes been watered down in the comics ….imagine how lame the x-men movies would be without wolverine ….first class was great …but a sequel needs wolverine lol

  • JC

    I’d just behappy if they scrapped the whole franchise and rebooted it into something more recognizably X-Men. With the exception of Stewart, Jackman and McKellan, the whole thing has been terrible and unfulfilling since movie 1.

  • Seth

    Yea, what he said.

  • Seth

    And they could redo Nightcrawler.

  • Alex

    I actually REALLY like the new Cyclops in the comics right now. They really gave him a new purpose and it literally has shaped the entire Marvel Universe recently.

  • Sha95

    Marsden already confirmed that he won’t be appearing in DOFP, so that’s that. Janssen hasn’t confirmed or denied an appearance/came, but I doubt one from her as well. SPOILER ALERT!…if you want to believe it or not, younger versions of Cyclops and Jean are supposed to appear as apart of the past. Also Logan is supposed to be trapped in the past in a comatose like state, so that he can be featured in Apocalypse and possibly as one of his first horsemen.

  • Sha95

    Except for Wolverine (of course) and most likely present day Professor X, he hinted recently at a return for Apocalypse, but being as though Singer stated that this film will focus mainly on the “First Class” cast. I wouldn’t expect nothing much from the original trilogy, except for like MAYBE a cameo or two from other ones..maybe…

  • Sha95

    I don’t believe they’ll redo him. Just may feature a younger version of him, but the same Nightcrawler and his story from X2 will apply and they may address him/Mystique’s “Mother-Son” relationship in Apocalypse.

  • Alex

    Well, I think it’s sort of like the younger brother being jealous of the older brother syndrome that you are seeing when comparing Fox versus Marvel/Disney.

    World-wide Revenue:
    X-Universe has made $2,302MM so far YTD across 7 films.
    Avengers has pulled in $6,321MM so far YTD across 9 films with one still in theaters.
    Spider-Man has made $3,246MM so far YTD across four films.

    Wonder which one is the odd man out. Obviously, Fox’s decisions have probably cost them a few trillion dollars in revenue if they had properly done it instead of falling in love with just a few characters (i.e.: Wolverine). I’m not going to blame Singer as it was well chronicled that Fox executives were pressuring him to finish the movie faster, on a smaller budget, etc. I do wish he had stayed a bit more faithful to the comic series (such as keeping Cyclops around, I mean c’mon …).

  • Sha95

    The sequel to “The Wolverine” will take place after the events of DOFP, I believe bc they’re waiting until after Apocalypse to shoot it, in order to more than likely see how his fate is determined there.

  • Sha95

    It doesn’t matter if it was a cameo. Singer said he wasn’t ignoring the X3 continuity and Psylocke wasn’t just a cameo in TLS, she was featured in more than once scene and was even killed by Phoenix in the final battle. X3’s version of trask on the other hand doesn’t necessarily credit him as Bolivar Trask, so just bc he shared the same last name doesn’t mean that that’s how whoever casted him had him in mind.

  • Sha95

    Yes. She was apart of the Omegas who joined the Brotherhood and was one of the three killed by Phoenix in the final battle (along w/ Spike & Arclight)

  • Sha95

    Juggernaut is a mutant in the movie universe tho, so it’s not stupid or incorrect. Just different from his comic origin, but oh boy let’s not do that bc it’s SO awful…

  • Sha95

    In Singer’s version of X3 Phoenix was supposed to eventually become a cosmic being in the end, so I guess you could say if Singer stayed on board, the whole “realistic” thing would have been nudged a little.

  • Jay Dunckley

    D’oh.You’re right.My bad.I really thought forever it was Crystal.Crimson Gem of Cytorak.The crimson threw me off.Again,my bad.

  • Doug_101

    Exactly right. If you look at all the guys who have played Batman (in live action, everyone knows that they’re all second to Kevin Conroy), the guy who probably looks best in the cowl is Clooney – it’s the chin. But, of course, he was a part of the worst Batman film.

  • Doug_101

    Technically Bill Duke was Stephen Trask, but your argument can also be made for the Hank McCoy cameo in X-Men 1.

  • MarvelFan_1

    Reboot, reboot, reboot just sick of hearing, seeing that word, we’re what 6 films in including the Wolverine solo’s and you want them to scrap the entire library of films and do origin stories all over again? yeah …… no thanks.
    What they are doing here is actually the smart thing, they are doing a continuation which A) allow’s them to somewhat do a reboot without erasing the history of films already done and B) Tell a story which is inline with the comics anyway.
    I’m not a fan of Singer and the Fox crew but this is one decision they got right ……… now about Quicksilver?

  • MarvelFan_1

    Marvel cares, its their material, are you telling me Stan Lee and co don’t care? one of the main reasons they started Marvel Studios is because they thought the others were hashing up their characters and they knew they could do a better job, of course its about money as well, you wouldn’t have a Marvel Studios if they didn’t make money.

  • Emiliano Babarah

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  • DarthTigris

    I haven’t seen it in a long time, but you can’t really believe that it works despite not being explicitly stated. Implications are huge enough to show it falls apart.

  • Jeff

    They didn’t start Marvel studios because they thought others were “hashing” their characters. They did it because they saw how much money was being made off of those films & they wanted more than the small amount they were getting through the licensing deals.

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but at the corporate level, no one at Marvel cares about the “art”. It’s only about making money and raising the stock price. It’s the same reason Disney bought Marvel. They saw that there was money to be made.

    By the way, Stan Lee hasn’t worked at Marvel since 1998. His only regular involvement now is cameos in the movies.

  • MarvelFan_1

    Marvel themselves said one of the reasons they started their own studio was because they thought they could do a better job of representing their characters also don’t tell me that all those guy’s Marvel hired from in-house don’t care about the comics they’ve been reading / writing for years, as they said “we are fans just like the audience” and their knowledge of comics show’s they are.
    You can be a cynic all you like but don’t make statements as if their fact and you have the first clue because you don’t.
    Lastly everything in life to some degree is about money since when was that news?

  • Jeff

    The Marvel Studios movies don’t show a dedication to the characters anymore than the Sony or Fox movies do. They treat the history and characters the exact same way, they use what works for them and discard the rest. If not, why would so many Marvel fanboys be so up in arms about the way the Mandarin was treated in Iron Man 3?

  • Charles Veiman

    Thank you Mr. White! you said a lot of what many X-men fans out there are thinking.
    Personally I think it is, in part, the producers devotion to Wolverine that has led these movies to make grave mistakes.
    Scott has barely been notisable in the films in spite of his importance, and he is not the only one lacking screen time.
    Whilst I dont object to Wolverine and rather praise the great job Jackman has done in the interpretation of this great character, it appears the spot light is solely on him diminishing the role the other X-men play and making these Wolverine rather than X-men movies.
    Perfect example of what I mean is the fact that its Wolverine and not Kitty Pride who will be starting in Days of Future Past. Kitty Pride is an amazing character with tremendous potential, writting her off and giving her only a minor part in the movie is herald to yet another Wolverine movie passed of as Xmen movie.

  • MarvelFan_1

    That was the Directors idea (who was stupid) but if you’ve watched “All hail the king” Marvel short film, they’ve corrected that, there is a “real” Mandarin, and why was this done ……… because Marvel listens to the fans.
    Marvel show’s a lot more dedication to the origins however you have to change some aspects due to squeezing 50 yrs of history into films being made now.
    Kevin Fegie even stated that Disney didn’t even want to do a 1940’s version of Cap because they thought the audience wouldn’t get it but Kevin and Marvel put their foot down about it being an essential part of Cap’s character (thank god).

  • Charles Veiman

    I myself would favor a reboot.
    Lets face it, with the exception of Profesor X, Magneto and Wolverine, the mayority of characters have been poorly excecuted and not by the actors, but rather by the writers, director and producers.
    Also it cant be denied that, aside from Xmen First Class, all these have been Wolverine movies passed off as Xmen movies.
    So Im sorry MarvelFan, but I must agree and firmly add my vote in favor of a reboot even if that will mean Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman get their walking papers.

  • Charles Veiman

    Let me see if I get this clear.
    this is a world in which a guy invents ultrapowerfull giant robots, in which women walk through walls and men shoot lasers from their eyes, in which adamantium is injected into bones to make them impervious to anything, But somehow its utterly ridiculous that a mere human gets virtual invincibility from a mistic stone? or that he could be the stepbrother of the greatest mutant in the world?

  • Charles Veiman

    Disney has had a stellar record representing Marvel characters. The Avengers and the movies leading up to them have been regarded as some of the best superhero representation in movie ever.
    On the meantime Fox has made little else than a dunderhead out of Juggernaut, one of the most iconic comic book villains in the marvel universe. They has dropped the ball with Havock, making him one of the first xmen and with no apparent relation to Scott.
    They made Cyclops a backup dancer rather than an important figure in the Xmen trilogy. They made Silver Samurai a robot suit.

    The list goes on and on, but it demonstrates why Disney would indeed ROCK the X-men movies where Fox continues to deface them.

  • Tophman

    I agree. They should’ve given the reigns to someone other than Bryan Singer. Didn’t Fox see what he did when he tried to bring back Superman?!?

    I see DoFP as Singer’s attempt to both placate die-hard fans as well as correct his ‘mistakes’. Hopefully the Fox execs (if they were the reason the original X-films turned out the way they did) learn to step back and let the filmmaker run with it.

    Btw, I also enjoyed First Class and saw so much potential for its expansion into a new X-franchise (despite the whole Alex Summers thing & his band of B-list mutants, not counting Hank McCoy).

  • Tophman

    Ungh… Beast ‘Hulks Out’…. oy vey.

  • Tophman

    Watch the Marvel One-Shot (a bonus feature in “Thor: The Dark World”s Blu-ray release) called “Hail to the King”. Marvel made up for IM3 imo. ;)

  • Aristo Kratte

    Nope. Continuity is: the unbroken and consistent existence or operation of something over a period of time.

    You’re confusing continuity with plot. We want the PLOT to stay the same because that is what made the stories great. Characterization is what makes the characters who they are, which I agree is also important. But continuity exists within each medium separately. You can’t have continuity from a comic or book to a film, because the film doesn’t follow the book chronologically in the story. The film is a new adaptation, which always has its own continuity.

    You say most of the plot has been swept away, but it hasn’t from good CBMs. Spiderman 1 and 2 both stuck to the plot of the comics quite well. Yes, some things were added to streamline things, but the spider bite was there, Uncle Ben’s death, the wrestling, Mary Jane, Doc Ock’s accident. When did the movies get bad? When Sandman was responsible for Uncle Ben’s death, when they didn’t give Eddie Brock enough time to actually hate Spiderman and Parker, when they tried to turn Harry Osborne into Spidey’s ally. Namely, Spiderman 3.

    X-Men: Once again 1 and 2 did a decent job. The God Loves, Man Kills story was changed a little, but the plot was essentially the same. When did things get bad? When Cyclops and Professor X died, when Juggernaut was dumbed down. When they went too far off plot.

    Fantastic Four went off course right away when they didn’t let Doom be a foreign tyrant and dictator, when they didn’t let him be into magic.

    Green Lantern made Parallax less powerful, made Sinestro not make sense (why would he think fear is more powerful when Hal just took down the entity of fear with willpower only), took away all of Hal’s training. That’s plot driven mistakes that were not in the source material.

  • Fierre

    I guess it relates because at the end of the post credit scene it looks like Hydra gave Quicksilver an the Scarlett Witch their powers or new powers. An that a new villain told them something big was about to happen. But after seeing the movie it just makes you wonder how the hell

    Was Hydra able to get to them. Most Marvel movies somehow tie into each other. An I guess now when you see Quicksilver you think of Hydra. Unless the next x men movie shows more about him we will just have to wait till may next year. But in the x men preview I saw on TV he looks the same age as he did in the post credit scene. I just know somewhere

    Hydra knows about the x men. They may be from 2 different films but that end scene tied 2 movies together:)

  • Benverine

    Fierre, although they are both using Quicksilver, the Avengers franchise by Marvel Studios is not at all tied to the X-Men films by Fox studios. Marvel Studios can not call them mutants or mention Magneto, and Fox’s X-men franchise cannot refer to the Avengers.

  • Jay Dunckley

    Black Johnny Storm is blasphemous.Heimdall,Kingpin.They don’t have the history the Torch has.Also,explain to me how he has a white sister and if you say adoption you’ve never read a FF comic in your life.It’s terrible and ridiculous.There are so many Black superheroes begging to be brought to life on the big screen.Black Panther,Luke Cage,hell I’ll take Blue Marvel.Even Falcon was awesome.Hopefully the movie will tank after all the previous 3 were terrible,then Marvel can get the rights back and make the FF movie poeple want and deserve.

  • Marcus

    I doubt that. Singer has always said he did not believe in the outerspace aspects of the comics. He said in X1.5 in some of the comments of production. I am sure the Phoenix we got is all a product of Singer’s imagination, it seems straight out of his playbook.

  • Michael

    I don’t think either Storm or Cyclops is uninteresting. I really enjoyed the Team Storm and Team Cyclops storyline they did not too long ago. You are really the only person I have ever heard say Storm was boring. On the other hand you are one of many who refers to Cyclops as boring. I think he is very interesting, people just prefer Wolverine because he is an insubordinate asshole. I really wish Cyclops would have blasted him through a wall. I actually think Wolverine is boring there is something that’s just not exciting about someone who really can’t be hurt. not to mention I absolutely hate how they tried to make Wolverine the good “I told you so” guy in Avenger vs. X-Men. I have really disliked Wolverine ever since X1 the movie where they made him seem like he was the only relevant character.

  • Jack Goodman

    I agree with everything you say here except that first part. And also remember the characters you mention besides Black Panther are still owned my Marvel Studios. Johnny Storm being black is really no different than Dr Octopus as Spidey or for that matter Miles Morales. If they tell a good story and are faithful in spirit to the source material that is all that matters. I don’t allow myself to get caught up in fanboy nonsense anymore and just allow myself to judge the material on its own. I agree the last two movies were horrible but everyone that is behind the scenes on this film has my utmost faith because of what they’ve done before. I would challenge you instead of pointing fingers and name calling to watch the movie and then judge. It isn’t even out and already people are wanting to burn people at the stake. Things will always change from the source material because they make movies out of these properties not only for those who read comics (I’ve been collecting and reading for 30 btw…including FF) but for a much broader audience. Frankly, it was just a good move on their part to expose these characters to a wider audience. There are some great African American characters for sure and Marvel is working on putting them out through the new NetFlix series being developed and I’m sure additional films on the way in the cinematic universe. Let the proof be in watching it. Not just jumping to conclusions. I love FF as much as the next guy but look at the core of what has been behind Marvel stories since Jack and Stan: pushing the envelope on what can be done in graphic form. I’m not saying this will be perfect but I think a lot of people are freaking out without even giving it a chance. And if it is adoption it won’t matter. For that matter what I’ve read they may not be family at all which I’m sure gets your ire up but seriously man…you are taking this way too much to heart. Watch the movie. If it sucks you were right. Right now neither of us know.

  • Jack Goodman

    Couldn’t of said it better myself. Just like Spidey will never go swinging through Avengers New York because Sony has part ownership of the character. Yes…even in print. This was all done to get their heads above water during those dark bankruptcy days. I have hopes some will revert some day back to Marvel but for now don’t think too much about it. Just be glad you have these characters you love on screen. As long as they are done well that is. If the movie is bad it just is, we get way too caught up in the little details. The first 2 FF movies, both Ghost Riders, Daredevil and Elektra, and, DEAR GOD, Origins. Now those were horrible Marvel movies. But we all know they are horrible. While I wish Vaughn was still on board for these next films I still trust Singer’s vision. And I know…Last Stand came from his notes but it was also directed by Brett Ratner who is the Scott Lobdell of Hollywood. Notice he has kinda disappeared from the industry. That little boy from long ago that first picked up Hulk and Conan is excited to see some of his most beloved characters on screen. Unless they screw them up. And for me how someone got their powers, what color their skin is or sex, and what their suits look like are just things that don’t matter. How does any of it really affect what could just be a solid story. As I said below…give it a chance.

  • Mr. Palmer

    Yes believe growing up in different place gives you different outlooks on life. Magneto being Jewish is something that makes his character. In the movie they actually do establish at some point the Wolverine is Canadian. Would it make a difference if he wasn’t idk. I personally have accepted that they will change many things about my favorite group of superheroes I just can’t accept that when they change them it is not for the better or to make the character more interesting.

  • Jack Goodman

    Wow Doug. I’m glad I’m not the only one. While that movie made me all sorts of sad, Clooney had the Bruce Wayne/Batman look down. Except the nipples of course. lol jk

  • Seth

    I thought I read somewhere that in the movie universe, he was not the son of Mystique.

  • DSK_Daniel

    If the next X-men movie is set in the 80s then they could introduce Cyclops and Jean Grey, and as long as they aren’t in current time it doesn’t matter if they died. Or it could be undone. Either way.

  • Sha95

    He may not be, but you should make sure your source is accurate and not just coming from some fan boy who feels it should have been directly addressed. If it hasn’t been confirmed by any of the directors for the X-Films or Fox then don’t assume it, they could still throw it in there somewhere

  • Sha95

    It wasn’t though. Singer confirmed in an interview that he would have done X3 differently and his intention for the 3rd film was too focus soley on the “Dark Phoenix” storyline. You can tell by the end of X2 when Jean sacrificed herself and she had the whole fiery corona, red eyes and even the semi Phoenix-Bird in the end that he probably wouldn’t have mind going in that direction, even if just for the next one.

  • mrspencer22

    i feel like colossus needs more airtime in dofp

  • Tommy Rankin

    No it wasn’t and it wouldn’t have advanced the plot so they instead made him unrelated to Xavier but that’s the problem. If they weren’t going to use Juggernaut/Xavier connection then why include Juggernaut at all? He wasn’t very important to the plot overall so leaving him out wouldn’t have changed much and if they necessarily wanted to have a big strong guy then they could have used some other random mutant that fits the description for that and save Juggernaut for later. But then they couldn’t have done the “I’m the Juggernaut bitch!” internet meme joke

  • Tommy Rankin

    Well that sounds a little out of place to me but hard to say since we never saw how that would have turned out.

  • Sha95

    It sounds a little out of place bc it’s not how it ends in the comic book, but that’s the idea that one of the screenwriters for X2 who was going to do X3 before Singer left had in mind as an ode to the comics, but I agree that since we never saw how his version would have turned out it’s hard to say, being as though other writers were involved, plus Singer and Fox changing ideas.

  • Lee James Gannon

    She survives in the novelisation by teleporting using the shadows.

  • Sha95

    Cool to know, but in the movie universe she is deceased.

  • Fierre

    True. Don’t forget that Viper & The Silver Samuri (from the wolverine movie) were actually Hydra and that ties between fox and SHIELD stuff. Which could explain the movie a little better. Just look it up:) I guess it explains the movie better because maybe they needed wolverine for A future hydra project. But putting quicksilver in movies with 2 different backgrounds is more confusing than Idk what. so yes but if the X Men people cant refer to the avengers type movies then why put Quicksilver in the post credit scene looking somewhat younger then the new X-Men movie captured by hydra? an if they cant tie in tell me why the wolverine movie had 2 hydra agents? marvel should of just had either fox or sony own it all instead of splitting up. that’s like splitting 2 kids up on different sides of the globe. even though they cant mention anything it seems very confusing how in the 70’s we see Quicksilver running fast yet in the Cap 2 scene its obvious Hydra gave him his powers. the only question is how hydra got him. why have 1 character in 2 different movies?

  • Rob

    Well I hope you’ve seen the new movie and you’re as happy as I am.

  • Doug_101

    Indeed I am – GREAT ending. My theory didn’t play out, but the theory floating around online about the fate of Wolverine for the next film is FAR more interesting.

  • Rob

    Agreed. I admit, I got teary eyed… I figured they’d fix things but I’m glad we saw what we saw. As for Wolverine… I think we all know Mystique has worked for a number of people in her time. I think we know what horse he’ll be riding in on next movie.

  • Doug_101

    Well done. :)

  • Kujo

    Why all these points are not the fault of the movie, so people should stop bringing them up:
    1) Cyclops’ death was due to the actors conflicts with Man of Steel. Fox wanted to start the movie with Scott killed in between X2 and this one, but the director knew that would make fans angrier, so what we got is better than what could have been.
    2) Jean dies in this by her own doing too. Wolverine couldn’t do it and Jean told him to, hence sacrifice for the good of the universe.
    3) Rogue’s character was built up this way throughout X-Men 1 and 2. She didn’t want her powers and they were a curse not a gift. If Singer gave her the awesome flying and strength powers from the comics we’d be having a different conversation, but realistically the way Rogue was built up it would make no sense for her to NOT get the cure. She even explains it to Bobby in the movie, but I’ll explain it again, she did it because that’s what she wanted.
    4) I enjoyed the Juggernaut. There, I said it. No, in this movie where he is a side character they are not going to explain how he got his powers by magic, while every other character with powers is a mutant. Anyone that complains about this clearly doesn’t understand anything about film. In a world where everything is at least scientifically plausible and in the realm of science fiction it’s absurd to think they would waste so much time introducing magic into the series just to get one detail right. They also never explicitly said he isn’t Xavier’s brother. That’s still plausible. Maybe he gets out so frequently in this universe that he and Xavier don’t need to acknowledge each other every time they see one another.
    I’ve also seen a lot of complaints about his costume and also people saying it’s fallic shaped… He’s wearing a helmet, just like Magneto, Just like he does in the comics. And the rest of his costume makes him look like a gladiator, it doesn’t really look bad.
    5) is a matter of personal opinion and I can’t argue against you not enjoying a darker film

  • Erick the Redd

    Well this is an old article now but I think it’s safe to say DOFP addressed and fixed all those problems except Juggernaut, which can be done later. Scott is back, Jean is back, Rogue had a cameo that seemed to imply she had her powers, and I sure left with a smile.

  • frey02

    “The problem with x-men movies is that, you are seeing these because you are expecting alot of actions from it, yet, got more drama.”

  • TKB

    The writers of X3 I pray never even read an X Men comic because it was so bad that I wonder if these people had even read a book. Thank God Days Of Future Past erased that poor excuse of those poor characters.

  • Wolverace

    What if you could make Dark Phoenix The Trilogy?

  • rosie1843

    These complaints about X-MEN 3 are really pathetic. First fans got their panties in a twist because Singer didn’t direct the film. Then they got outraged because Xavier, Scott and Jean got bumped off. That’s their real problem . . . not any continuity issues.

    And by the way, “X-MEN FIRST CLASS” and “X-MEN DAYS OF FUTURE PAST” didn’t solve jack shit. All Bryan Singer and Matthew Vaughn did was wrecked the franchise’s continuity beyond repair.