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New ‘Godzilla’ Trailer Reveals a Veritable Monster Mash


If, like many Godzilla fans, you’ve been thinking there’s a bit too much crying and screaming in the promotional footage for director Gareth Edwards’ franchise reboot and not quite enough monster mayhem, then this new trailer from Asia should be right up your alley.

While most of the U.S. promotional materials have focused on the human side of characters played by Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ken Watanabe, Elizabeth Olsen and Juliette Binoche, this one is all about the monsters. In addition to sneaking a few looks at the terrible thunder lizard, fans also get some glances at his kaiju opponents.

Godzilla debuts May 16.


  • Tophman

    This could be epic … or a train wreck. As a fan of the classic Japanese monster movies, I’m hoping for the former but am suspending my expectations accordingly. All things considered… it has very big shoes to fill, namely Del Toro’s fantastic “Pacific Rim”.