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Fox Cancels ‘Almost Human’

Almost Human, you almost made it.

Deadline reports has canceled the freshman sci-fi drama, which starred Karl Urban as a human police officer paired up with an android partner, played by Michael Ealy. The show came courtesy of J.J. Abrams and his partner on Fringe, Joel Wyman.

The news is a bit of a surprise, as Almost Human wasn’t a ratings disaster, even if it didn’t perform quite as well as Fox executives were surely hoping for a show stamped with the Abrams brand. But Deadline contends the network likely passed on the show for a variety of reasons, including the upcoming arrivals of new dramas like the Batman-inspired Gotham.


  • AirDave

    Huh! Imagine that! Fox cancels a show NOT called American Idol. I am TOTALLY surprised that Fox would cancel a sci-fi show. Did they at least air the episodes out of order?

  • Banon

    Too bad. I really liked this show. It had a lot of potential for future seasons. And they totally did air the episodes out of order. This show never had much of a chance, sadly. It had such a great cast, too.

  • Dean Simons

    Maybe Netflix might pick it up. I’m surprised a tv station in this day and age would show a tv series out of order. It just seems incompetent and a public lack of confidence in the production by the network that funded it…

  • BlaqMaq

    Well. This is bullshit.

  • mel

    Maybe ABC will pick it up?
    Abrams is working for Disney and They own ABC, so….

  • Tophman

    It’s sad that reality TV has taken over the airwaves. Considering how cheap these shows are to make compared to scifi shows (which more often than not require a bit of digital f/x), these networks aren’t in it to produce quality entertainment anymore (I’m not only looking at Fox, I’m looking at you, SyFy -imo, the one that started this downward spiral). They’re just in it to make a buck.

    That said, I do hope “Almost Human” does find another home. The overall quality of the series (cast, storyline, sets, & f/x) is second to none. Perhaps HBO, AMC, Netflix, or Amazon would be interested? Since it’s co-produced by Warner… perhaps the CW? Please, Bad Robot… don’t let this series die!

  • Etain

    When Karl Urban was here for the Salt Lake Comicon Fan X he stated that he didn’t like being away from his family for so long in order to film the show. I got the impression that even if FOX wanted to renew AH, Karl might not have been on board. It’s a shame since the concept was amazing and the chemistry between Karl and Michael was brilliant. I disagree that airing the episodes out of order was a problem since the show wasn’t very serialized to begin with although it was noticeable somewhat in Kennex’s attitude towards Dorian.