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Lou Ferrigno Claims a New Hulk Film Will Follow ‘The Avengers: Age of Ultron’


Despite early and repeated rumblings following the release of The Avengers that Marvel was developing a new Hulk film, actor Mark Ruffalo insisted last spring that a solo outing was “not in the works right now.” He did, however, try comfort fans whose hopes he smashed by adding, “One never knows what the future will bring.” Is it possible that future is now?

Latino Review draws attention to comments made Thursday on a Minnesota radio show by Incredible Hulk TV star Lou Ferrigno, who said Ruffalo’s Green Goliath emerged as the star of 2012’s The Avengers and “saved the day.”

“Now, because he saved the day, they’re making another solo Hulk movie after the second Avengers comes out,” said the comics convention staple, who lent his voice to the Hulk in The Avengers and presumably will again in next year’s Age of Ultron.

Whether Ferrigno has insider knowledge or is simply going by the same rumors everyone else has read, of course, remains to be seen. But his comments certainly give Hulk fans something more to look forward to from the Marvel Studios presentation at Comic-Con International.


  • Bilal Mian

    It was reported that the Marvel Sniper tried to silence Ferrigno, but the bullet stopped in its track and returned to the gun knowing it did not want to make Ferrigno angry.

  • Katja

    Hopefully it’s along the lines of Indestructible Hulk. They have the perfect Bruce Banner with Mark Ruffalo, so it would suck if they waste him.

  • J.p. Ducey

    When has Latino Review been credible on these things? They once claimed that Marvel was developing Black Panther for phase 2 or 3 and then claimed there would be a end credits scene for IM3 with a GOTG easter Egg.

  • beppo

    Mr. Louis Ferrigno, the Hulk from television.

  • fpsantangeloswingman

    Latino Review is reporting on what Ferrigno said. LR isn’t making the claim, Lou is.

  • ComicFan
  • Tomi Hanzek


  • David Speranza

    Planet Hulk movie after the Avengers 3.

  • Joe Stuber

    He said it on my podcast, Comic Book Central, first:

  • AirDave

    I would think that another Incredible Hulk film is inevitable. Mark Ruffalo can carry it as Bruce Banner. Ruffalo is the most “Bixby” since Bixby. CGI Hulk, with Ferrigno in another cameo.

  • Jason M Bryant

    Lou Ferrigno is a bit like Stan Lee. He’s very enthusiastic and optimistic, but sometimes that makes what he says a little unreliable. As the article said, he might just be repeating the same rumors we’ve heard elsewhere.

  • kirsten863

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  • J.p. Ducey

    Regardless, their credibility is still bad

  • zach634827

    Yea he must of over heard a marvel executive talking about it . . .

  • Tophman

    I actually loved Ed Norton’s “Incredible Hulk” which brought back the Bill Bixby-esque Banner (in spite of the whole Abomination thing). I do have to hand it to Mark Ruffalo as he did take to the role and stood his own amongst Marvel’s big Cinematic Trinity.

    That said, do I think he can carry another full length movie? It’s tricky. The whole thing about Banner/Hulk is his Dr Jeckyll/Mr Hyde dichotomy … one is a brilliant & mild-mannered man tormented by his struggle with an inner demon that could destroy the world (a perfect vehicle for an introspective drama)… the other is a no holds bar take no prisoners monster with a heart who just wants to be left alone and destroy anything that makes him angry, not out of malice but just a knee-jerk reaction (the perfect monster movie along the lines of Godzilla). So making a movie that caters to both aspects is difficult to turn into a financial success (something I thought “Incredible Hulk” was able to do).

    Realistically speaking, unless you make it a huge disaster movie where Hulk wrecks a ton of stuff and put his struggles in the back burner it won’t work on the big screen. Let’s face it… that’s what we want to see … and it’s what we most remember about him in Avengers… not Banner’s inner struggles but the monster within getting to SMASH (‘puny god’… inevitably stealing the show with Loki). So bottom line: I’d love to see another Hulk movie (specially introducing Rick Jones to the MCU) but I’m not holding my breath that it’ll happen anytime soon.

  • Gilberto Edwards

    I want say if they do another Hulk solo they need to add another actor to play Bruce Banner instead because if they use Mark Ruffalo Bruce Banner the Hulk film might fail because of Mark Ruffalo character is not fitting the role of Bruce Banner.

  • Gilberto Edwards

    They need to keep the Hulk in the Avengers still as the supporting role instead of carring in the own movie.

  • Gilberto Edwards

    The Hulk in the movies is not able to carried his movie because of the first two Hulk movies with Eric Bana and Edward Norton fail in the box office. It’s better to see the Hulk back on television instead of the movies. The actor playing Bruce Banner on TV will last along time than the movies.