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NBC Cancels ‘Community’


Those dreams of six seasons and a movie have been dashed, as Deadline reports NBC has canceled Community.

While it doesn’t come as a surprise, that doesn’t make the news any easier for fans of the comedy, who weathered the firing of creator Dan Harmon and a rocky Season 4, only to be rewarded by his return and a greatly improved fifth — and now final — season. Alas, while its ratings improved, the final 13 episodes averaged just 3.7 million viewers (which, as Deadline notes, still outperforms the returning Parks and Recreation).

Entertainment Weekly points out, however, that his may not be the end of the Greendale gang: Sony Pictures TV is searching for a new home for Community on cable or a streaming service.


  • ImpostirEvil

    Haters gonna hate, the Mutineers episode was amazing and i wanted to learn to play d&d thanks to them. “Do not go gentle into that good night”

  • Thedude3445

    Well, at least it looks like they’re still going to fulfill the six-seasons-and-a-movie promise, whether it be at NBC or somewhere else. That’s a definite positive.

  • LightningBug

    Netflix to the rescue? Please…

  • TheotherBluth

    So I guess this means a meteorite hit the planet Earth and destroyed all human life. That’s canon!

  • Angelina Monique Malone

    I love Community. More than most shows. I sad.

  • nyrf

    Harmon came back strong and I was very excited after the first few episodes of his return; it was like community was back!…… but they quickly spiraled down to unwatchable. Treasure hunts? a cartoon episode?? yikes….

  • Charles Veiman

    Certainly doestn come as a suprise NBC is one of the dumbest networks in existence. Community is a fanfavorite and one of the most creative shows out there. Guess they preffer the tipycal done to death sitcoms to actual innovation.

  • RobotShlomo

    “Haters gonna hate” is a meaningless and banal internet platitude. All it shows is that you can’t put together a cogent argument. Then again this isn’t the place for meaningful discourse. After all it IS the internet.

  • AGirlNamedSven

    Hell yeah! Netflix can pick it up! NBC was always too myopic for Community anways

  • Hugo Faust

    I personally love Magnitude. First because of the overt “one-jokeness”
    of his character, but I really started loving him when that was called
    out by Professor Kane and he started to question his life — “You know
    they’re laughing at you, right?