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Nicolas Cage Unleashes ‘Rage’ in New Trailer

“How deep is Hell?” It’s a valid question, especially when asked by Nicolas Cage in the new trailer for Rage, director Paco Cabezas’ revenge-driven action thriller.

Cage stars as Paul Maguire, a man with a dark past that finally catches up with him when his daughter is kidnapped in the middle of the night. Maguire has to tap into his inner Liam Neeson to find his daughter and seek gun wielding vengeance against her captors. He’s willing to go all the way to Hell to save her life — a good thing, too, as Cage has some experience with that damned territory.

Check out the trailer for Rage below:

Also starring Danny Glover, Peter Stormare and Rachel Nichols, Rage is available On Demand on June 10, and hits theaters on July 11.


  • Monica Marie Fioretti

    My BIGGEST wish in the world is to meet Nicolas Cage and possibly have a small speaking part with him in one of his movies. His talent is absolutely amazing!!!