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The CW Axes ‘The Tomorrow People,’ Passes on ‘Supernatural’ Spinoff

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The CW delivered a mix of good and bad news on Thursday: On one hand, the network ordered The Flash and iZombie to series but on the other, it canceled the freshman sci-fi drama The Tomorrow People and passed on the proposed Supernatural spinoff Bloodlines.

A remake of the 1970s British series of the same name, The Tomorrow People followed a group of young people who have developed psionic abilities as the result of human evolution. It was developed by Arrow co-creator Greg Berlanti, Julie Plec and Phil Klemmer.

Focusing on the clash between hunter and monster factions in Chicago, the backdoor pilot for Bloodlines aired April 29 as an episode of Supernatural. Clearly, it didn’t take long for CW executives to decide it wasn’t the right fit for the upcoming lineup. However, Entertainment Weekly reports the network isn’t closing the door to the possibility of another spinoff down the road.

Freshman series The Tomorrow People got cancelled. The series, which focuses on super-powered members of society, is a remake of the British series of the same name that ran in the 70s.

The network also renewed The 100, Beauty and the Beast and Hart of Dixie, and canceled Star-Crossed and The Carrie Diaries.


  • matevenodos .

    No supernatural love for Chi-town pity! the backdoor pilot was seven shades of awesome ! I guess it didnt have enough teenagers running around to justify giving it a chance!

  • Donna

    VERY disappointed in the cancellation of The Tomorrow People. It was a good show and has a lot of potential.

  • ImpostirEvil

    Turrible Decision on TTP CW, jus turrible

  • Mel

    I really hope they bring the Tomorrow People back I’m very disappointed in the cancellation.

  • Will Sobel

    The Tomorrow People was so important you had to mention it twice?

  • Marc Sinclair

    Cancelation of the tomorrow people would have been fine after the founder was destroyed but having John get his powers back and assisting judicial made the series Cancelation very disappointing to all of us who enjoyed the series.

  • J.p. Ducey

    Supernatural is one of my favorite shows on TV, but I’m sorta happy CW didnt pick-up BLOODLINES. I didn’t like the idea of Monster Mob families in Sam and Dean’s World. The Monsters of Supernatural have never been “Organized” like the Mafia. They mostly hide among humans and sometimes gather to form packs. And if Chicago is run by 5 Monster families, whose to say other cities aren’t as well? And if they were, I think Sam or Dean would have heard about it by now. Bloodlines just doesn’t fit with the rest of SUPERNATURALS Mythos. It would have made more sense on Angel, Buffy, or a stand alone show.

  • Demitri Allaxul

    THANK GOD they passed on Bloodlines. That backdoor pilot was horrible.

  • Dan

    The pricks at CW don’t know a good show when they see one…The Tomorrow People is a very good show I hope that some other network, maybe the Sci- Fi channel will be interested in picking it up!!!

  • Marie Juarez

    Im on CW everyday. I watch their shows non stop. Im so pissed the cancelled The Tomorrow People that for the first time ever, I turned my TV off and for the first time I didn’t want to watch any CW shows! #boycottCW


    I knew this was about to happen, that’s why I didn’t get too attached. I really knew star crossed wasn’t gonna last. The 100 is gonna get canceled it’s second season too. LOL at the heart of dixi still airing though. people in the south must really love that show.


  • Claytalian

    Im pissed. Tomorrow People was awesome and now we r stuck with a clifffhanger

  • hybrid

    Its not fair to cancelle The Tomorrow People and give Beauty and the beast (which has the lowest ratings) and Heart of Dixy a new season especial when they have a lower ratings then the Tomorrow people that’s messed up.

  • Ani


  • Landomando

    Cancelled Star Crossed and the Tomorrow People?? Fuck CW…I am not watching another new series on that fucking Network….Emily Owens M.D. great show so many places to go with plot lines same with the Tomorrow People and Star Crossed, get hooked watch every week then get fucked with a ridiculous cliff hanger ending on too many shows….The should at least make a 8-9 episode wrap for all 3 of those shows…Fucking stupid….from now on no first year watching for me, it just leaves me as a viewer unsatisfied.

  • Jay Gerding

    The thing is, there was already a series about monster families in Chicago. It was called “The Dresden File”, created by Jim Butcher. The series continues today in print. I watched the pilot, and felt it was a rip off of the original, in other words nothing original here.

  • digigenocide

    Damn it. The tomorrow people was a pretty solid show. Just bulk watched the entire season. I loved the original and only found out about the remake this week. Maybe the CW should do a better job of advertising.

  • Sarah

    wow how can they pick the 100 over star crossed? The 100 has a cool storyline but it just isnt good. Also super pissed about Tomorrow people, that show got really good. It started off slow but it should’ve been given a chance, because with each ep it got better and the ending was awesome. I dont get why Beauty and the Beast keeps getting renewed its really really bad.

  • lol

    I cant believe all the shit shows the renewed but didnt renew the tomorrow people right when it was getting really fucking good.

    The cw is full of fucking idiots

  • thetomorrowpeople!

    All they do is cancel the great shows I mean come on the tomorrow people was really great it had a good storyline and could have been put for another season all they are doing right now is pushing fans away. Star Crossed was such a great and romantic story it talked about aliens and pretty much maintaining a life with atrians come one I can’t believe they canceled them !!!

  • jack daniels

    fuck cw, that station is full of dumb asses, how the hell do you renew beauty and the beast but cancel the tomorrow people. What the fuck where they thinking, seriously terrible decision on their part.

  • John Smith

    Thank god for Arrow.

  • John Smith

    noooooo tomorrow people is cancelled

  • Jennifer Sunshine Sheil

    Sad about Star Crossed as I was really enjoying it. The same can be said for the Carrie Diaries. Why they kept Beauty and the beast is beyond me. At least I’ve got the Flash to look forward to :)

  • Jennifer Sunshine Sheil

    oh and I watched the first few episodes of the 100… what is that show about? far too much background music.

  • jgelling

    Renewing Beauty and the Beast, Hart of Dixie and The 100 and passing on TTP and a Supernatural spinoff is ridiculous.

    It’s no wonder the network gets worse ratings than a juicer infomercial.

  • BloodType:Coffee

    The CW is really sucks for cancelling awesome shows, like TTP and Ringer!

  • robi11234

    You know what this US show remake of the tomorrows people would be cancelled anyway and besides BBC and some British television company should have truly reboot the tomorrows people faithfully with a remake of its own theme

  • john

    ya i loved the tomarro people it was a really good show i watch almost human to very pissed all the good shows i watch are cancelled

  • Hannah Wisdom

    The Tomorrow People had such potential and I really enjoyed the episodes we did get to see. I am very disappointed with the decision the CW made by canceling it :”(

  • Anonymous314159265358979323

    Why is it that as soon as some decent Sci-Fi gets on the air the studios can’t wait to axe the programs. Both The Tomorrow People and Star Crossed were well written and very entertaining. The CW needs to rethink their audience and their decisions or they will become another “could-a been” media outlet.

  • Anonymous314159265358979323

    I guess the idea of dealing with such thinly disguised “racial” questions was not what the conservatives at CW wanted. This was a terrible decision. The “CW” must stand for “Could-a Worked” if they had a clue.

  • Hannah Wisdom

    Oh and coming back to this I just realized we will never know what happened to John and if he ever remembers Cara and the rest of them… Ugh that just made me really mad. Why??? -_-

  • klepp0906

    Sometimes I wonder if these networks are up to date on cutting edge tech such as the fabled…. Dvr.

    Obviously no shame in making it blatant that $$$ comes far before fan loyalty or passion. They continue to cancel great shows because the kids or simpletons don’t watch them by the millions.

    Sigh. Idiots. Overpaid idiots all of them.

  • David E. Rozier Jr.

    SERIOUSLY, you guys are IDIOTS! Canceling The Tomorrow People was the last straw that broke the camels back. I am not just pissed off, I am REALLY PISSED off! I will never watch another CW show again and that includes Arrow, The 100, and your crap shows. How can you cancel The Tomorrow People but keep crap like Beauty and the Beast on the air. Good day, I wont be turning on my TV anytime soon unless its to play my Wii which is almost never. As people have said before me, you guys are idiots, all of you

  • daniela

    I was just tired of Supernatural from S6 and they do a spinoff? and cancelled The Tomorrow People? I can’t believe that! I’m even tired of vampires

  • JordanB

    I’m raging about the cancellation off this show it’s one of my favorites so far the fact they’d cancel a good new shoe that has so much potential for a show which don’t get me wrong i do like beauty and the beast but pardon my language it’s shit now same story over and over nobody cares if Kathrine in love with Vincent or that other one. The tomorrow people was worth saving and my gosh that ending was ridiculous, guess al have to use my imagination to imagine what Jed is getting up to with Rodgers powers. ARGHHHHHH what a piss take. plus TVD is also shit now no story line would rather watch TTP than TVD just saying.

  • chelsey reid

    #SaveStarCrossed #SaveTheTomorrowPeople. Starcrossed is awesome and has lots of viewers here along with ttp it’s so unfair that only US views are considered with renewing shows. We are only upto the 7th episode here in Australia of ttp.

  • R PACH

    The ratings are so misleading. The Tomorrow People following is such a diverse group. Not just kids watching their favorite show after a mediocre school day. I’m a working stiff that has to sneak in each weekly episode on a 13 hour shift via a WiFi connection or flash drive. Then that file is filtered down to everyone in each department that risks getting into hot water for watching it on their monitor or mobile device. It has been a truly dynamic show that leaves one wondering what will happen next. The characters and their acting skills really have you guessing the fate of all parties in question. Who will survive? Who will prevail? Cancel The 100 instead. The only question there is who is Octavia going to make out with in the next episode. Not worth an entire season. Truly trash TV.

    Originally posted:

  • JohnRed

    So Tomorrow people gets cut off but shows like The 100, Beauty and the Beast and Agents of Shield keep on living. God damn it Hollywood.

  • JohnRed

    Sci-Fi channel? Hell no!

  • S

    I watched the original series in the 1970’s and was enjoying this version as well. What a shame!


    Tomorrow People is one of the best tv shows. Every character is unique and interesting, people are loving them. CW YOU DID A HUGE MISTAKE

  • RaiaNicole’

    Pleeeessse bring back The Tomorrow People !! I live for that show. I really can’t believe that you guy would really cancel it. How about you cancel The 100 and bring back Tomorrow People. Please.

  • Darren

    Heart of Dixy ? o.o the show is dribble !

  • Michael Barton

    I tried watching the 100 or whatever – couldn’t. It was beyond horrible. But then I tried out TTP and was impressed. Not sure what is going on at the CW. Should cancel beauty and the beast, 100 and some of the other crap that’s on the station. Bring back TTP or sell it to SyFy or Fox.

  • AbsolutGrndZer0

    Well, budget is also a factor. Having a lower budget (it’s filmed entirely on the WB studios back lot, the whole town probably isn’t bigger than your local grocery store) means that Hart of Dixie can get away with a lower rating than a higher budget show like The Tomorrow People. I hate that Tomorrow People was canceled, but I actually do like Hart of Dixie, so I wish they both could have been renewed, not just one.

  • James smith

    Yall are completely fucking stupid for canceling tomorrow people for other shitty shows, arrow was once good but they have ruined it now and the tomorrow people was set up for a great season 2!!!! Fuck tv and fuck CW