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5 Questions We Want Answered On The “Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.” Season Finale

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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will air its first season finale this Tuesday on ABC, thus bringing to a close the very first season of television from Marvel Studios’ very first TV series. It’s been a turbulent first season for Coulson and his crew, especially since the very status quo name-dropped in the show’s title was dismantled by Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The ragtag team still got to go on a number of missions as agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. before Hydra revealed their master plan, and while those bad guy of the week episodes may have left critics a little critical early on, fans have pretty much unanimously praised the last few post-Winter Soldier episodes for taking chances, upping the stakes, and kicking the show’s spy game up a few notches.

The show’s even done a solid job of pulling the curtain back on a number of big mysteries. The Clairvoyant’s been revealed, as have both Agent May and Ward’s statuses as sneaky double agents (May for Nick Fury, Ward for Hydra). But even with a number of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s secrets exposed, there are still a few that we hope get answered in this week’s finale. We’ve narrowed the list down to these five.

Will Fitz come clean to Simmons?


Agents Fitz and Simmons have been inseparable since the very first episode; in fact, they’ve been so inseparable that their names tend to blend together into one – “FitzSimmons.” This bond seemed to be strictly platonic at first, with the two S.H.I.E.L.D. officers bickering back and forth like a science bro and sis, but the introduction of Agent Triplett in the last few episodes as both a new member of the team and potential love interest for Agent Simmons has placed Fitz on high alert. Suddenly the feelings that were ever so slightly hinted at in the first few episodes have come screaming to the surface, with Fitz stifling them as best he can. That hasn’t stopped Simmons from noticing a change in their relationship. Now that the pair is in big time peril, will Fitz feel compelled to tell her how he feels?

What’s up with the blue tube guy?

Tube Guy

While searching for the truth behind Coulson’s miraculous resurrection, the gang stumbled across a secret S.H.I.E.L.D. base and project T.A.H.I.T.I. The base itself got blown up real good, but not before Phil got a glimpse of what brought him back to life. With the rest of his team scrambling to get to their jet in time, Agent Coulson came across a dead humanish life form in a tube. We have to say humanish because the guy was incredibly and totally blue. The show has since name-dropped the Kree, Marvel’s most prominent species of blue extraterrestrials, which makes us wonder if Agent Coulson has some intergalactic blood running through his veins. The same serum pulled from Blue Tube Guy now courses through Skye and Garrett, so this question’s answer now pertains to almost half the cast.

Will Graviton come back?


We could also ask, “Will Dr. Franklin Hall take on the super villain name Graviton?,” but first thing’s first. The character debuted in the third episode as an unassuming scientist developing gravity-altering weapons, a far cry form the cape-wearing comic book villain he was based on. But at the end of the episode, Dr. Hall found himself trapped inside a big ol’ chunk of gravitonium. That sounds exactly like a super villain origin if ever we heard one, and it seems like Hall’s poised for a big comeback. That return was hinted at in episode eighteen, “Providence,” when Garrett and Ward overthrew a S.H.I.E.L.D. prison called the Fridge and dropped that hunk of gravitonium into their Hydra shopping cart. Will Garrett be unleashing Graviton on our heroes in the season finale?

Did they really kill Victoria Hand?

Victoria Hand

The high-ranking S.H.I.E.L.D. agent’s death may have seemed like a done deal when it happened at the end of “Turn, Turn, Turn,” but we have to remember that this is a comic book show we’re dealing with here. Hand was off-screen when Ward shot her, most likely because ABC didn’t want to overdo it on the graphic violence involved with shooting someone multiple times at point blank range. But after seeing Captain America: The Winter Soldier, we now know that fake-out deaths happen in the MCU, especially where S.H.I.E.L.D. is concerned. It would make sense for the show-runners to leave a little of wiggle room with Hand’s death, especially if they want to reveal Ward as a double-double agent and try to get him back in the audience’s good graces. If that’s the case, then we might learn that Agent Hand faked her death in order to keep Ward undercover as one of Garrett’s operatives.

Who are Skye’s parents?


We learned right at the start of the season that Skye’s an orphan, and the mystery of her true parentage has only grown since then. We now know that infant Skye was rescued by S.H.I.E.L.D. from a destroyed village in China, a village that the most recent episode revealed to have been destroyed by Skye’s own “monstrous” parents. This mystery’s been around from almost day one of the series, and the revelation that it was Skye’s parents that wanted her dead came just last week. If that’s not a sign that the show’s prepping us for a big reveal, then we’re going to have to reevaluate how we watch and analyze television.


  • mel

    Skye’s parents are the real Mandarin and Fin Fan Foom.

  • David Francisco

    When they mentioned Monsters my first thought was the Deviants

  • lewis4510

    Skye’s origins will likely have some connection to GotG. Since it premiers just a few months after the season finale. And a month or so after the shows season premier.

  • Andy Nystrom

    “Hand was off-screen when Ward shot her”

    The first of the three shots was onscreen and she was groaning after that shot. I grant that she could have been wearing a bullet-proof vest, but she was definitely shot onscreen once.

    “It would make sense for the show-runners to leave a little of wiggle room
    with Hand’s death, especially if they want to reveal Ward as a
    double-double agent and try to get him back in the audience’s good
    graces. If that’s the case, then we might learn that Agent Hand faked
    her death in order to keep Ward undercover as one of Garrett’s

    There’s a couple problems with that. The first is that Ward’s turning has been generally well received and him turning back would likely alienate more people than who would welcome him back. Second, we saw in the last episode that Ward was recruited by Garrett at age 15; having SHIELD planting him that early to attract Garrett is a bit of a reach.

    It’s possible, however unlikely that she is still barely alive, but if so it’s more likely she’s faking it out of self-preservation than out of maintaining Ward’s cover.

  • Starleafgirl

    I have to wonder if the person who wrote this article saw the part with Hand’s hair and blood on the floor between Ward and Garrett as Garrett told his story. She was shot three times, presumably at least one in the head because Ward is a professional, and left to bleed out. She’s dead.

  • Joe Fernandez

    I know he’s a DC character but the blue guy in the tube is Dr. Jon Osterman better known as Dr. Manhattan from The Watchmen. Possible universe crossover?

  • Mikey Sallabank

    Plot twist. Skye’s parents are hydra. She is Spider-Woman.

  • Calvin Teague

    I think the guy in the tube is from the Breakworld. an alien race created by Joss Whedon on his Astonishing X Men run. Who have a history of reserection. (i.e. Colossus)

  • Rubicon

    Ward killed Eric Koenig in cold blood. That’s not undercover! Ward’s a traitor, just accept it already!

  • Michael Pullmann

    The blue tube guy is a Kree, and Skye’s parents are Inhumans.

  • xnef1025

    Spider-Woman would be too big name to use on this show. I’m thinking her parents were Inhumans. That would tie into the Kree and GotG as well as the most likely way they are going to explain the Maximoff twins in Avengers 2 since mutant is a no-no word. Skye has no powers because she was never exposed to Terrigen, but leaves it open for them to start giving her powers as there could have been traces of it in the Kree blood they saved her with.

    It also makes sense with the big push Marvel is making with the Inhumans in the books right now and solves the problem of how to get more random super powered people into a universe with no easy mutant gene.

  • J.p. Ducey

    1) I’m not interested in seeing a Fitz/Simmons love story. At least not yet. What’s more likely is that one of them dies before they ever get together in true Whedon fashion.
    2) We already know it’s Kree and we now know how Coulson was brought back. Save the KREE revelation for next season. It’s most likey Sky’s father, so maybe her Mother could return.
    3)Yes Gravitron should return, NEXT SEASON. I have to admit I dont like the actor.
    4)Hopefully Victoria Hand was a LMD. The show can get sooo much more mileage out of hr character.
    5) See #2

  • J.p. Ducey


  • Dr. Bowman

    Has Jessica Drew made an appearance? I’m surprised if she hasn’t appeared in any Marvel production since she’s so prominently on the page in most Avengers related tales of late, including the superior spider-man arc. Who owns the rights to her on screen character?

  • Rob Warner

    I am leaning towards Skye being a Deviant.

  • Joe

    If they follow the comics, Hand is not dead. In the comics she is a triple agent and killed not only in a different way but much further into the future

  • Oculus Orbus

    My guess was that he’s a Kreeman (do they still say “Kreeman?”) and that he’s the gateway character into Guardians of the Galaxy.

  • Gabe

    He would be a triple agent, not a double-double agent

  • Oculus Orbus

    Skye’s parents are Ben & May Parker.

  • Chris Rhoads

    Look at the casting for Skye, specifically look at her looks. Now she has mysterious “monstrous” parents. I am betting it ends up her parents are monsters in the twisted “Mengele” sort of way and I would not be surprised if her birth name is Jessica Drew. Would make sense, in the comics, Drew’s parents were scientists working for Hydra. Going back to her looks, don’t you think Chloe Bennet would make a darn near perfect looking Spider-Woman?

  • Charles Veiman

    If she was Spider-Woman (which I hope she is), how come none of her powers have kicked in.

  • King Chibi

    Uh Hand thing is over dude….. shes not a LDM… dead. end of story. And the blue thing is a Kree -fact. What Kree? Have to wait and see but the chances of Mar-Vell would be a big jerk off moment.

  • Webhead22

    Plot twist: The amazing Spider-man 2 crossover happens in season 2 and Skye leaves the team to fight crime with her brother Peter Parker

  • Tu_Vieja (DerKopf)

    Answer 1: No, they’re not gonna let Fitz-Simmons go clean. Where’s gonna be the fun with them in season 2? Besides, I’ll like to see Simmons turning to HYDRA in a twisted “let’s-find-what-about-the-alien-drug”, and after that… Fitz goes bannanas.

    Answer 2: The origin of the blue man (group) it’s gonna be developed in season 2. If the the drug it’s called GH by Guest House (They said that on an episode) and it have the number 325… where are the others 324 Guest Houses? ;)

    Answer 3: Surely, he’s gonna back in full form, not just his hand like we see at the end of the introductory episode. And that would be a cliffhanger to season 2.

    Answer 4: I’m pretty sure that after shooting 2 times, Ward put the third bullet in his head. Besides, in the next episode they show some blood in front of Ward, while he’s sitting in the plane.

    Answer 5: (And this is my theory, which btw I don’t have see it around).
    Givin’ the fact that SHIELD was ruled by HYDRA and Nick Fury goes undercover… that resembles a lot to Secret Warriors.

    What if… Skye it’s actually Daisy Johnson?

    This it’s from the marvel.wikia:

    “Daisy Johnson alias Quake was at first believed to be a mutant with seismic (earthquake-producing) ability, her powers come from her status as the illegitimate daughter of Calvin Zabo, the supervillain known as Mister Hyde. He took the Hyde Formulawhich provided him enhanced speed and strength. Zabo had regular “business’ with a prostitue named Kim Johnson, who immediately gave her up for adoption.”

    So… Flowers said that his parents were monsters… Mr Hyde it’s a monster. Maybe, his mother Kim after givin’ baby Daisy into adoption was forced by his husband to reveal where Daisy was. So he give the formula and she become a monster. Then the history told by Flowers come into place…and Daisy turns to Mary Sue Pots. (Mary Janes + Sue Storm + Pepper Potts? :B)

    Then… after that considerations, maybe the GH 325 + Hyde blood on the body of Skye, reveals his latent (seismic) powers. And when Fury shows up in the season finale, he would reveal something of that… or say:
    “Hey Coulson, I want you on my team”?
    “A new secret organization?”
    “No… my Secret Warriors”.
    Aaaand… that’s my theory, Skye IS Daisy Johnson.

    Any question?

  • See Hen

    If memory serves Hand handed Ward the side arm he used to “Kill” her. The first few rounds could have contained simunition or blanks and she could have been wearing squibs or blood packs to explode as needed simulating her death. She had to be suspicious with Ward being one of Garretts understudies or she wouldn’t be a very good agent. Just saying it is easily explainable.

  • See Hen

    They are called Kreepersons got to be PC and all lol.

  • StarLord

    1. FitzSimmons – I don’t want them to declare love immediately. It’s nice to see Fitz going all bananas and stuff.

    2. The Blue Tube Alien Dude – Definitely a Kree, who will transform Skye into a Ms. Marvel.

    3. Graviton – This is very likely. When I saw Hall’s hand in the gravitonium, I knew it meant something, it has to mean something. We just have to wait until Quinn unleashes it – if he ever gets it.

    4. Victoria Hand – I wouldn’t be surprised if she is not dead. And I think Ward cares about Coulson’s team even though he feels obligated to Garrett. He could have forced his way to kill FitzSimmons but he choose to float them instead – giving them a chance to escape.

    5. SKYE – As said in #2, she is probably going to be Ms. Marvel. Her powers will kick in in season 2 or so. On that note, Raina, is like Skye. That’s why she wanted the Clairvoyant to know what they’d become.

  • StarLord

    The most pressing questions though (besides the Skye one) would have been:

    1. All these groups – Garrett | Ward | Quinn | Raina | Cybertek | Centipede | HYDRA – they all have different agendas, but using one another. What are they all up to, really? The only “villain” who we really understand is Deathlok (Mike Peterson). He has no choice. The rest?

  • bibleverse1

    He shot the other 2 agents in the head.

  • twincast

    1. A romantic FitzSimmons seems like something that should still be quite a way off.
    2. My money’s on the Kree and on not getting any substantial new info before next season.
    3. Since they’ve recently been talking about it again, he’ll likely come back next episode.
    4. Ward may well be redeemed and come back to the light side once he fully shakes off his loyalty to Garrett overriding his moral compass, but he was most definitely full-on dark side when he shot Hand multiple times. So, a waste of a good character as it may be, Hand is dead as a rock; just accept it.
    5. Skye’s parents didn’t want her dead, they wanted to have her back and killed everyone being even remotely in their way of getting to her! And I keep picking her as Jessica Drew partly because of all this.

  • SharlzG

    I definitely agree with you on Agent Hand.

    My thoughts when a) Ward volunteered to go with her and she thought that was a great idea and b) she then presented Ward the opportunity to kill the real clairvoyant, was exactly that – that Hand and Ward had planned that to occur, and that she had set it up the way she did to make it more believable to Garrett.

    Let’s think about it. First Hand is a total by the books person – for her to suggest killing Garrett goes against everything that her character has been shown to be. eg whatever her feelings about Coulson and his team, she could not provide the extraction they needed because she was so implicitly following orders. Second, why would she so implicitly trust someone that she knew Garrett had trained from very the beginning – his perfect protege? In reality he’d be one of the people that she’d have high on her interrogation list, not the man that she be handing a weapon to – well…not unless she was really daft.

    Hand is definitely on my list (yes list) of epic reveals for this series (as was the Garrett/Ward reveal)

  • MominMD

    Want to know who the “blue guy” is, and Skye’s parents. The rest I can live with for season 2!

  • rob benter

    I’m thinking Kree

  • Andy Nystrom

    At least a couple of people have mentioned Hand handing Ward the gun. Memory’s a funny thing; sometimes one “remembers” things that weren’t shown; happens to all of us at one point or another. It was Ward’s own gun. From the show’s own YouTube stream

  • Dave Morris

    IF there IS a season 2.

  • elisabetta negro

    uhm. considering that when it was recorded, the show wasn’t sure to come back for a second season, we may get a big reveal about skye’s parentage and/or power-set…

  • ABasketOfPups

    It’s already renewed.

  • Jason Wright

    Memory doesn’t serve. I just re-watched it yesterday. I had remembered same as you that she gave him the gun too, but she just asks if he wants to shoot him and he uses his own gun and they show that he shoots the other 2 agents in the head. I didn’t buy it at first but since then they’ve shown him shooting other agents with Garret at his side and shooting police officers (plus beating up a bunch of them as well) – apparently killing Agent Koenig, ejecting Fitz / Simmons into the ocean, and flashbacks showing that he was a Hydra mole before he even joined S.HI.E.L.D. + he shot the fake clairvoyant who he knew wasn’t the clairvoyant, and was apparently a victim set up to be killed.

  • Jason Wright

    I agree with all of this except the Fitz/Simmons one. I don’t care about that. It would be nice but I’d much rather know why Fury went to such lengths to bring Coulson back, using tech that Coulson himself had asked Fury to never use, and knowing that Coulson would likely never be able to reveal that he was alive or risk pissing off the Avengers. We know how he did it…but the why has not been explained and with Fury in the finale I’m hoping for some closure on this dangling plot thread.

  • James

    This show is so shit. I stopped watching the first 5 or so eps. It was just too bland.

  • Dave Morris

    I must have missed the announcement of that. I hope we’ll see a couple of decent mainstream super hero guest appearances in the next season. Sif and Fury were ok, but what about a cameo from Cap? or maybe Reed Richards?

  • Nobodey

    Apparently you have not read the 3850214954 articles talking about how the show got better. (shrug)

  • JC Lebourdais

    Simmons has the hots for Triplett, who is the son of Gabe Jones.
    Fitz has the hots for Ward; Their mission together in Russia mid-season was as much a coming out as any for Fitz.

  • Andy Nystrom

    Reed is unlikely because they’d have to make a deal with Sony (who has the FF license) to do that. $$$

  • Paul T

    Um, what? Skye’s parents wanted her dead? Where was that said? The show just said they slaughtered a village and killed SHIELD agents looking for her.

    As for Ward being a triple agent, if he ends up being one, it will be a huge plot hole. Him being a triple agent = people knew about Hydra infiltrating SHIELD = what? Fury would’ve known anything anybody else at SHIELD (the non-Hydra parts anyway) below him knew. But Fury only learned about the Hydra thing in the film – which is set well after Ward is on the team. There’s just no way to make it make sense.

    And Chloe Bennet revealed the alien was a Kree.

  • Paul T

    Inhumans actually.

  • Paul T

    Also it doesn’t make sense since to plant him it would mean SHIELD knew about Hydra well before the events of Winter Soldier – but we see Fury just finding out in that movie.

  • Paul T

    Or they could just explain the Maximoff twins by calling them what they did – miracles. You can’t own mutants as a concept, it’s so general. Just the word and the particular characters and trappings are not allowed. It would be a mistake to make them Inhumans, which are very distinct. It’d be a major alteration to their characters. (In the books, Quicksilver marries an Inhuman, and believe me, they are not interchangeable.)

  • Paul T

    Glad someone’s paying attention.

  • Paul T

    You think Skye’s father was a blue alien?

  • Paul T

    I think it’s almost a lock she’s an Inhuman rather than Jessie Drew, but points for correcting the ‘her parents tried to kill her’ nonsense. No they didn’t.

  • Paul T

    Hand’s by the book? She’d been going around the Hub with a goon squad testing everyone they came across and presumably executing those who didn’t pass the test.

    If Hand isn’t dead or Ward isn’t really a double agent, the show becomes awful nonsense immediately. Ward cannot be a triple agent because no one in SHIELD is supposed to have known about Hydra prior to Winter Soldier.

  • Matt

    Actually, its Fox who own FF (and X-Men), not Sony. Sony owns Spider-man

  • Paul T

    Also, the blue alien was Kree, and Skye and Raina are either Inhumans (90% chance) or involved with the High Evolutionary (10% chance). No other possible reveals on those two at this point, nothing else could square with all the information we’ve gotten. And Graviton (at least the substance) will be in the finale according to a preview clip, so probably the villain as well.

  • Phil Clark

    So, Brett, you want them to wrap up everything interesting about season one in the finale leaving NOTHING left to explore in Season 2, meaning they have to start building all new story lines to get us interested in the show again? I think that they knew a while back that they were going to at least get a season two, and as such planned on NOT wrapping everything up in a nice, neat little package, so that they could have things to keep the show going in Season two without having to create a whole lot of new plot elements. It makes for more interesting stories if they leave some of it for the new season. IMHO.

  • Andy Nystrom

    You’re right, sorry. Still, my basic point stands: Reed is more than likely off limits.

  • J.p. Ducey

    Since Skye is an “084-Object of unidentified Origin” it makes sense for her to have some kind of Alien heritage. The two most likely are the Kree (The Guesthost), or the Inhumans (a science experiment done by the Kree thousands of years ago to artificially produce evolved Humans with varying powers)

  • Boom San Agustin

    I like your theory. But, why did her parents destroy an entire village? I thought the Inhumans were good guys.

  • Boom San Agustin

    Could she be the daughter of Draxx (Batista’s character) that Thanos was supposed to have taken? I know that it’s not consistent with the comics; but, it could have been rewritten for the MCU.

  • Boom San Agustin

    I would love that Skye be actually an Inhuman; but, I have one tiny problem with that theory… Why did her parents destroy an entire village? I thought the Inhumans were good guys.

    Hmmm… Then again, that village could have been populated by Skrulls.

  • xnef1025

    I’m almost certain Fox does own Marvel’s version of “mutant” for use in movies. Pretty sure that was part of the deal when they bought the rights to the X-Men franchise. The Inhumans are a separate concept, but to non-comic readers would be nearly indistinguishable from mutants if they use a similar concept to what is being done to introduce new characters in the Inhumans book right now but leave out the societal parts.

    “There are people that are genetically susceptible to an alien created substance that, when exposed, gives them super powers,” isn’t that far off from, “There are people that are born with a genetic abnormality that gives them super powers.” There is much more to the Inhumans than that of course(just as there is much more to the X-Men), but for the purpose of tying in the TV show, movies, and books to a non-scientific-accident super powers origin that doesn’t step on Fox’s license rights, it really kind of fits.

  • Juan Alejos

    in what way? i mean marvel cant even get sony or fox to cross over their own characters you expect to crossover with another entire universe?

  • ryus

    No. Jessica Drew is a blond with green eyes and British (she dyes her hair black) and quite tall. Chloe Bennet is half Chinese with brown hair and brown eyes and kinda short. Their likeness is bare to not existant.

  • Juan Alejos

    have you ever considered that she might be a frost giant? the kree doesnt fit the blue alien apart from being blue…. the blue alien is huge and the thor world has already cross overed twice

  • J.p. Ducey

    It’s already been confirmed by Chloe Bennett that the Guesthost was a Kree and it also had a tattoo on his chest which is identical to the marking on Ronan the Accuser’s armor in the upcoming GotG movie.

  • Juan Alejos

    yeah i saw that video too but she might just be speculating… i still think that the size means something i mean he looks like 8ft tall and ronan doesnt look that much taller than batista who is like 6’5″ so the blue alien might be a frost giant

  • ozip

    The inclusion of the alien Kree is an obvious point to the addition of Captain/Ms. Marvel to the MCU.

  • Stephanie Press


  • Stephanie Press

    Marvel sure made a lot of effort to connect the super soldier serum to pre-SHIELD, HYDRA (Cap 1) as well as all of the Tesseract tech (Avengers). I’m betting that it’s all based on the Kree experimenting on humans for ages, since that’s already in the comics.

    Marvel sold the movie rights for mutants off to Fox, they can’t even use the word. I’d say they’d risk the word “inhumans” for that.

  • Stephanie Press

    The Kree are pretty racist (pink vs blue Kree), and they experiment on earthings because they view them as lesser life-forms. I think they are definitely introducing the inhumans to cover their mutant bases.

    My guess as to how they get around this is the Kree were definitely experimenting on Skye’s parents, but it didn’t work on Skye because she’s Mantis (she shares pretty much all of Mantis’ origin elements). So, Priests of Pama hid her back in the village and her parents and their Kree minders came looking for her.

    Also would be wild if Coulson is Mar-Vell and was one of the Kree minders and ended up with SHIELD (so that was his body in the Guest House and his current one is a sophisticated LMD, which would also pave the way for the Vision in Avengers 2). Ultimate Captain Marvel’s human alias was Phil Larson, incidentally, and he was a SHIELD agent.

  • Stephanie Press

    Mantis. Born in an Asian country. Check. Kree connection. Check. Powers include empathy and finding weaknesses (exploits). Check. Raised by a religious order. Check. Mysterious DNA. Check.

  • Paul T

    I am aware of all that. I was pointing out the absurdity of suggesting a white human looking petite girl was fathered by a giant muscular blue alien. In the comics there are pink-skinned Kree, but we haven’t met or heard about one yet in the MCU, and anyway the one we saw certainly wasn’t.

    Further, if she were a Kree (or even half-Kree), it would make the ‘comic book science’ not make any sense, even by comic book science standards. Why would the substance regenerate (and even supercharge) a Kree or half-Kree in Skye, but not have saved the dead Kree or rebuilt him and revived him over time? It really only makes sense if Skye has something to do with the Kree or Kree genetic manipulation, but isn’t Kree herself. Which is the Inhumans. Which is what she is.

  • Stephanie Press

    Not necessarily. I think they’re using the Kree and the inhumans concept to replace mutants, since they gave those rights to Marvel.

    This is all carefully planned. Cap 1 and Avengers both deal with the origins of the super soldier serum and the Tesseract power coming from alien sources.

    Erskine’s serum was first developed for HYDRA and the Nazis, producing the Red Skull. The Skull had already been hunting everywhere for this technology. The fact that it created powers that “make the good great and the bad worse” seem to suggest unlocking human potential, rather than mere genetic enhancement. They even tie the Hulk in to the recreation of the serum, but adding gamma radiation. Iron Man had Extremis. By the time we get to AoS, we have CENTIPEDE. They keep adding on to it in an attempt to recreate Captain America.

    The Tesseract powered all of HYDRA’s tech in Cap 1 and was the source of Stark’s innovations for SHIELD and created Iron Man. It’s also what drew the attention of the Chitauri/Thanos. We see in AoS and Cap 2 that HYDRA infiltrated SHIELD after WWII. At the end of Iron Man 2, we see Fury started the Avengers Initiative. He uses the events in Thor as an excuse for the project, but it’s quite possible he was planning it further back.

    What AoS has shown us that none of the films have, is that SHIELD has had a Kree, and had contact with them, and lied about it. They’ve also maybe had it for a long time. My guess is that Coulson is Mar-Vell (Ultimates Captain Marvel) and the Avengers Initiative, TAHITI and the Tesseract experiments in Avengers were all his ideas.

  • Hutchimus

    Or a Frost Giant…

  • Tophman

    Hmmm, wrapping up stories at the end of a season… now that would be a novel idea. Considering that the show is already picked up for a 2nd season, it would be a great disservice to audiences to end season 1 on a cliffhanger.

    Naturally, leaving a few threads dangling in the end isn’t a bad thing… just don’t make us have to wait months to find out what happened at the end. That said… here’s my take on the ‘loose ends':

    FitzSimmons -like many fans, this is pretty much ‘meh’. Same thoughts on Graviton… I doubt they’d do the flashy Earth-shattering comic version of the villain… so moving on…

    Blue guy in Tube -the Kree angle is interesting as well as the prospect that they’ve come to Earth in the past and SHIELD (or Fury) is keeping it under wraps.

    Hand & the double-double agent -if this happens, it would be a major disappointment in what is shaping up to be a good series. I’d prefer Hand be dead (or brought back as a Deathlokette) and Ward stay the villain (even if he has some semblance of a heart where the team is concerned) so I hope he doesn’t make it past season 1. After everything he’s done, there’s no coming back and working for Coulson & his team.

    Skye -this one’s tricky… perhaps she’s from Jotunheim and the Frost Giants were the one who took out a town looking for her… so related to Loki?!? (hahah… that would be so bad —not in a good way). I’d like her to be a Skrull, her parents members of the royal family who were on the run from the Kree & hiding on Earth. Perhaps Skye & Flowers are related… human-Skrull hybrids. :D

  • Victor Acosta

    Could also be Skrulls, they look more monstrous than the Kree.

  • Topher

    I didn’t think take it that the monsters wanted Skye dead, so much as they tore the village apart looking for her, because she was stolen/taken from them.

    Why would you assume that her parents want her dead?

  • blu girl

    Not always. Some Inhumans believe in selective breeding and they will kill new Inhumans who they believe are “unworthy” to be Inhumans.

  • J.p. Ducey

    Well, Water does magnify, which could explain why he looked taller. IMO he didn’t really have the appearance of a Frost Giant besides being blue. The mark on his chest compared to Ronan’s seals the deal for me on him being KREE related. We’ll just have to keep watching next season to find out

  • J.p. Ducey

    I suggested she could also be an Inhuman or something else entirely, just that Kree and Inhuman are looking like the two most likely candidates at the moment. I don’t think we can really question the comic book science of the show at this point. You can always make stuff up to explain things down the road. When I said the Guesthost was “most likely” her father, I might have been overstating things. The report said there were two “Monsters” looking for their child in China 20 years ago something. Monsters could mean anything, but I just think there’s a chance that her father was the guesthost which would tie her and Coulson’s relationships even closer together.

  • Tommy Rankin

    I really really hope that they don’t make Coulson MCU counterpart to Mar-Vell! Mar-Vell is one of my favorites and Phil Coulson is just… Well an average joe working as a SHIELD agent who was brought back to life. Funny at times but not very interesting and certainly he shouldn’t be a counterpart to any pre-existing chracter. But I doubt they’d go that way. I think they might reveal that the blue guy in a tube is Mar-Vell, after all Mar-Vell was a Kree soldier sent to study earth so maybe he got captured by SHIELD somehow or something.

  • Tommy Rankin

    Are you suggesting that Fury brought Coulson back because he has hots for him? Hmm, interesting idea you’ve got there, lol

  • Tommy Rankin

    I just recently checked a couple of old issues of Mar-Vell that featured Mantis as an Avenger and after reading more about her she actually matches that perfectly! I think that could be it. Skye is Mantis, though her parents being monsters doesn’t really match Mantis’ mother being some random human woman and father being Libra of Zodiac but she’s much more likely choice than MsMarvel/Carol Danvers or SpiderWoman/Jessica Drew

  • Tommy Rankin

    She’s a relatively minor character so her background/death being changed wouldn’t be impossible.

  • Tommy Rankin

    That’s a good question. I don’t think that anyone outside of Marvel and Sony knows for certain. She has used the Spiderwoman name which probably belongs to Sony along with Spiderman but Jessica Drew as a character hasn’t been very involved in Spiderman comics so she could be her own entity just as well or part of the Avengers. So in the end she might be able to appear in MCU if she’s not called Spiderwoman. But now that I think about it Sony is looking to make their own universe for their movies so if they had rights to Spiderwoman I think they’d already talked about giving her a movie of her own

  • Tommy Rankin

    I think Skye’s looks are because Whedon just loves petite brunettes with brown eyes. Just look at all of Whedon’s work and you notice that many women, especially those that have worked with him on multiple projects share those similar traits. It’s either the reason why Kitty Pryde is his favorite character or because Kitty Pryde is his favorite and they look like her. He based Buffy on Kitty and when he wrote X-Men first thing he did was bring back Kitty to the X-Men and used her as his point of view character a lot.

  • Tommy Rankin

    If Ben and May are Skye’s parents then that makes her Peter Parker’s cousin (and adoptive sister)

  • Tommy Rankin

    Wait, the blue guy was in water? Atlanteans are blue skinned too and obviously live under water. But yeah, haven’t seen the episode in question so I’m just throwing that out there for speculation. Probably it was Kree since that’s more likely and if the actor even confirmed it already

  • Tommy Rankin

    Actually his original identity was Walter Lawson and in ultimate it was Phil Lawson. And he was just infiltrating SHIELD (NASA in original comics)
    But I really don’t like the idea of Coulson being Mar-Vell, it’d be awful decision and I think it’s unlikely too.

  • Tommy Rankin

    Except Breakworld was created for X-Men and appeared in x-books mostly so they’d probably be tied to Fox.

  • Tommy Rankin

    That seems unlikely. It would be a HUGE change to her background and character from what I know so her being Moondragon is unlikely. I’d go with Mantis whose background matches almost perfectly with Skye’s AND she’s a lesser character so little changes to her background (and parentage) probably wouldn’t be that big of a deal

  • Tommy Rankin

    Like blu girl said they’re not all good and besides when their powers are activated by terrigen mists they can react violently to it. And if they were searching for their kidnapped daughter then they could pretty easily try to kill humans whom they thought responsible for kidnapping their kid.

  • ryus

    They’d have to update her powers… Sorry but Mantis’ planet stuff is just too high budget. Though her powers are perfect spy/shield powers, including telepathy, empathy(can sense hidden emotions in others, aka a lie detector), astro projection (she can teleport, save Fitzsimmons with?), pyromancy, precognition, healing powers and she has enhanced durability. So just enough firepower with tons of stealth powers.

    Problem is she’s more gotg and avenger than shield… But different universe so whatever.

    Not sure i want… But it seems more likely than Jessica Drew whos just too big a name to not eventually get into the films instead.

  • Stephanie Press

    Perfect tie in for GoTG without having to go off planet. Mantis was an Avenger first. What if Raina is a Cotati? She’s got the flowers thing and has used the machine she put Coulson under suggesting she needs to restore her memories. Mantis also has the Cotati thing.

    I think it’s most likely Skye is an Inhuman, but I just think it’s so odd that she is very much like Mantis in terms of her origin story.

  • Stephanie Press

    Personally, I love it. What if Coulson knew he was Mar-Vell pre-Loki-stabbing and it was a big secret that SHIELD had a Kree on its team all those years?

    TAHITI forced them to wipe his past. But TAHITI, the Avengers Initiative, the Tesseract experiments, all were Coulson’s own ideas that he gave to Fury to pre-empt a Kree invasion. It’s just that the Chitauri got there first.

    I keep thinking how they are going to get out of Fury looking like a major @hole in all of this, and that’s the way. It was all Coulson feeding him tales of the Supreme Intelligence and his plans for the Earth, that the Kree were experimenting on humans, etc.

    It just makes sense with his eccentricities, his attachment to Captain America, retro stuff. He even looks like a MIB. An alien in love with Earth.

  • Stephanie Press

    Yeah, but Mantis is the “Celestial Madonna” she has flawless human DNA. So, it would make sense if the Terragen mists didn’t alter her DNA, just like the Kree juicing didn’t.

  • Stephanie Press

    So, Coulson doesn’t remind you of Ultimate Mar-Vell what with his obsession with Captain America, retro culture, spycraft, his strange quirks, how he’s always involved with alien technology?….Phil Larson….?

    He was running TAHITI. Where the Kree body was. Hmm…. He was involved in the Avengers Initiative., messing around with the Tesseract. Hmm…. Fury’s one good eye. And Fury has been shown to be obsessed with one thing: defending Earth from extraterrestrial conflict.

    You don’t think it would be a hilarious spin on all his appearances in Iron Man, Avengers, etc., to find out that SHIELD had a Kree officer the whole time who was helping them develop technology to defend Earth?

    Can’t you see Coulson as an alien who fell in love with Earth and abandoned the Supreme Intelligence?

  • José Ignacio Suárez Armas

    How is she supposed to become Mantis? From what I remember, Mantis is an insect-like alien and Skye for sure doesn’t look like that.

  • Stephanie Press

    Mantis is an Earthling from Vietnam. Her green appearance and antenna (which just started out as her hair) are when she later absorbed the Cotati essence, which are an alien race associated with the Kree.

    She original was Asian with black hair that was raised by the pacifist Kree sect the Priests of Pama in secret to protect her.

  • José Ignacio Suárez Armas

    I have to keep saying: Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch are not Inhumans. I can’t really remember who said it, but I think it was Kevin Feige himself. As much as I want Marvel to start with an Inhumans cinematic franchise, I don’t think it would fit in making Skye one of them. Also, Spider-Woman is not that big of a name since they’re actually developing 4 series based on superheroes, and trust me, Spider-Woman just fits TV. Also, another thing that wouldn’t work is that Raina wouldn’t have used the word “Monsters” if Skye’s parents were Inhumans because they look pretty much like normal humans. But I think Skye’s heritage will tie S.H.I.E.L.D. to Guardians of the Galaxy somehow.

  • José Ignacio Suárez Armas

    As much as I believe it is and want it to be a Kree, do you know how an autopsy is made? That wasn’t a mark or tattoo, was a scar, because S.H.I.E.L.D. is obviously going to look at what’s inside of it if it’s an alien.

  • Mixxmaster Shawn

    Was not a fan of the Agent Ward being a double agent twist. He risked his life for the team in several earlier episodes, which goes against someone with a hidden agenda. Perhaps he’s a double double agent?

  • J.p. Ducey

    Check out this link. I know that they “Y” scar across the pectorals and down the abdomen is from the autopsy to “see what’s inside”. I’ve been referring to the mark in the middle of his left pectoral. The link also includes a shot of a toy figure for Ronan from GOTG with a strikingly similar mark on his armor. That’s what I’m basing my opinion on.

  • Paul T

    No, there’s no making anything up to make that one make sense. Material derived from a dead Kree can’t rebuild Kree, or he wouldn’t have been a dead Kree. That’s not a comic book science issue, it’s a common sense issue.

    And they’re plenty tied together already, a dead creepy alien being her dad wouldn’t bring them together any more than that or anything.

    Monsters probably refers to the (powered) Inhumans who came looking for her. When weirdos (who may or may not have been visibly mutated) with powers start slaughtering everyone, monsters is a word to use.

  • Paul T

    The Inhumans aren’t good guys in the Marvel U, and if they exist in the MCU they certainly aren’t. Think about it – they have superpowers and hide. They also have a rigid caste system in the comic books. They’re weird. Not villains, but not exactly heroes, at least not by nature. And a lot depends in this case on how Skye wound up in that village. Hard to imagine they just misplaced a baby (and perhaps a royal baby at that). If you kidnap an infant from a group of secluded superpowered people, expect the worst.

  • Paul T

    Shorter version: Why did the village have the baby? Why did the entire village hide it? Kidnap and hide a baby, get destroyed. Sounds fair.

  • Paul T

    You cannot own such a general concept. You just literally cannot. There is no contract possible to own that concept. That’s just not how these things work. It’s a very general concept and in fact has been seen here and there throughout movies and TV (WB just cancelled their X-Men knockoff show, before that there was Alphas) without anybody suing anybody.

    The Inhumans as we know them in the comics do not work as a mutant replacement and if we get them as that, all it means is we’d get nothing like the Inhumans from the comics. But if they keep the alien connection and the mist, they’d also lose what was good and interesting about the mutants (in the comics). This decision would basically be the worst of both worlds – you’d lose all the good of both ideas in mixing them.

  • Paul T

    It’d be their loss. The Inhumans are awesome. Everything we’ve heard so far or seen about it (ie, Skye’s parents hunting her down that way, the Kree connection, Marvel’s early movie idea for the Inhumans) indicates they’re keeping most of the Inhumans normal details – ie, their secludedness. If they keep the secludedness and the mist (which a line by Raina, + Skye and Raina not already having powers indicates they will) I don’t know how they’d use them as mutant replacements. Unless of course they do the stupid “bomb the world with Terrigen Mists” story, which again would deprive both the Inhumans and the ‘mutants’ of their specialness.

  • Paul T

    Actually, some Inhumans do not look human. But even if they did, superpowered people who slaughter the whole village would be likely to be described as literal monsters. Just one or two episodes ago Mike Peterson was described as a monster on the news after his South American assassination. Plus, early reviews of the finale say it introduces something ‘game changing’ to the entire MCU, which Spider-Woman wouldn’t do but Inhumans would.

    I also think Spider-Woman is a pretty big name, even if people don’t know who she is herself. It’s like Supergirl.

  • Paul T

    I think you’re the other guy I replied to about this already, but anyway, they’re not ‘good guys’ per se, and anyway they would presumably have destroyed an entire village because someone kidnapped their kid and the entire village helped to hide it. We don’t know enough yet to say for sure.

  • Stephanie Press

    Because they can use all of the mutants with ties to the Avengers and link it to everything else they’ve built in the Movieverse. They like everything being connected, that much is clear.

    I think the Inhumans work, because it’s going to connect the Kree with experimentation on Earthlings and absolutely justify Fury wanting to have a nuclear option as a preemptive strategy against alien invaders. It’s why I think Coulson is Mar-Vell and has been helping Fury all along, because he knows what’s up with the Kree and doesn’t like it, he prefers Earthlings. Even his love of Cap, the underdog thing, the multi-racial Howling Commandos. It makes sense.

    I mean, that Kree biz is some racist stuff that makes HYDRA look like a marching band. The Kree basically treat Earthlings like the Nazis treated people they experimented on, and they’re inherently racist with their own blue/pink Kree issues.

    This makes Fury look like much less of a douche, it makes Coulson totally interesting and adds another layer to him, and sets up the Inhumans to be rejected by Earthlings because they remind them of what the Kree intended for humanity, which is much like the core fear issue of X-Men.

  • Stephanie Press

    I take this to mean that they are not genetically altered by the Kree off world, but are the result of being born with “gifts”, like mutants. They are first-generation gifteds, kind of like how Franklin Richards is technically a mutant because his science-hero parents had their genetics altered, given them powers.

  • Jason Rye

    The being monsters thing with her parents still works with the Jessica Drew theory, given their close ties to the High Evolutionary before she was born in the comics.

  • Jason Rye

    But you are forgetting the close ties Jessica Drew’s parents had with the High Evolutionary, who’s creations could be considered monsters. She could be the result of his work as well as Raina, who comes off very much like him.

  • Kirk

    Mantis would be great. I hope your guess is right.

  • Calvin Teague

    Yeah but it was only used in that one X-Men story arc and never used again, so I’m thinking it would fall into that open territory that either studio can use.

  • Paul T

    Hope you didn’t hurt your back with that stretching.

    I didn’t say the Inhumans don’t work – the Inhumans are awesome. I said they don’t work as a mutant substitute. And they don’t. And Marvel probably won’t use them that way.

  • Paul T

    Also makes no sense because the Inhumans are as racist as the Kree, if not more so. Their racism and caste systems intentionally mirror each other.

  • Stephanie Press

    Shall we wager?

  • Stephanie Press

    That nullifies nothing. They’re copying the culture that influenced them.

  • Tommy Rankin

    I think SWORD might as it’s related to SHIELD just like STRIKE but I’m pretty certain that Shi’ar and Breakworld, like Captain Britain and Starjammers are tied to X-Men too closely for Marvel to use.
    And Breakworld inhabitants appeared later in x-books after Whedon’s run apparently, I haven’t read those stories myself but so I heard.

  • Tommy Rankin

    That would be a triple agent but no, I love the idea that he is a double agent, it finally brings something interesting into this show which for me at least has seemed like its cast is really bland. So making Ward a triple agent would be big mistake and goes against the idea that not even Fury knew about HYDRA infiltration. And what comes to Ward saving others, showmakers have already commented on the fact that he might have grown close to the team during his time with them so him saving them isn’t that impossible. Plus they can maybe redeem Ward later a bit making him an antihero if they want to but they shouldn’t and can’t reveal that he was a good guy all along.

  • Tommy Rankin

    I just can’t see Coulson as an alien soldier and don’t really want to, that’s all. I prefer the idea that he’s just an average joe working for a spy organization. And honestly as a fan of Mar-Vell (616, haven’t read ultimate comics a lot) I want to see him be “cooler” or “more badass” than what Coulson is.
    Fury wanting Coulson to live may have to do with pretty much anything, he might have some valuable info or maybe Fury sees him as an irreplaceable asset or just a good soldier and a friend. In 616 comics Fury, Jr. and Coulson are old army buddies so maybe they’re close in movieverse too.

  • Stephanie Press

    That might be your preference, and I think a lot of people will share it.

    But, Fury flat-out said Coulson was an Avenger last night.

    Fury also could’ve felt okay subjecting Coulson to TAHITI (despite Coulson trying to shut it down) because the Kree in the tube was Coulson. It just makes sense to me.

    Coulson wouldn’t remember before TAHITI. But at the end of the episode, he’s writing in Kree all over the wall.

  • Stephanie Press

    That might be your preference, and I think a lot of people will share it.

    But, Fury flat-out said Coulson was an Avenger last night.

    Fury also could’ve felt okay subjecting Coulson to TAHITI (despite Coulson trying to shut it down) because the Kree in the tube was Coulson. It just makes sense to me.

    Coulson wouldn’t remember before TAHITI. But at the end of the episode, he’s writing in Kree all over the wall.

  • Tommy Rankin

    Well it could be that they used something derived from Kree genetics to bring him back and Fury saying that Coulson was an Avenger doesn’t mean much, it could and probably was just to say that Coulson was just as important and equal member of Avengers as Cap or Thor or anyone. I doubt Coulson is Mar-Vell but we’ll just have to wait and see what they do with it

  • Stephanie Press

    Fury is manipulative, so I guess it could just be a throwaway thing in the end. Some guy claiming to get early scripts said they were considering him being Mar-Vell. And when interviewed, Gregg said Coulson is unconscious when he’s writing on the wall at the end of this episode. This person said months ago that he’s Mahr-Vell in his subconscious, and Coulson’s soul is gone, but he has some of Coulson’s memories. This also sounds very Whedonesque.

  • Tommy Rankin

    Wow, I guess it could be. Though I don’t really like it.

    Some of the Whedonesque things actually bother me as I’m not one of the people who likes everything he does and some of his trademarks bother me because they are everywhere. Like Skye being a petite, brown eyed brunette. You find major character who has the same appearance in every show Whedon has done. I know it’s not a big thing but his Kitty Pryde hard on just rubs me the wrong way sometimes, lol

    But back to Coulson/Mahr-Vehll it’s still hard to be sure, if someone got the early script and then blurbed it then I could see Marvel changing it and of course they might not want to go that route anyway. But we’ll see when the time comes. I’ll say that I’ll be conflicted if they do go about making Coulson Mar-Vell, especially since comics might follow the suite after that.

  • Stephanie Press

    Yeah *BuffyAngelSkyeWard* cough. Anyway, did you know that Ultimate Mahr-Vell was a SHIELD agent who loved pop culture and whose human alias was Phil Larson?

  • Tommy Rankin

    Yes, those relationships too!
    And I’ve read his backstory in Ultimate Comics from online, including that his human alias was Phil Lawson. (616 version’s was Walter Lawson) I haven’t read the comics themselves since I had some issues with the way most heroes in UC were depicted as being just as unlikable and unrelatable as the bad guys. Every hero was a racist, cannibal, drug addict, psycho, rapist, homophobic, incestuous or otherwise an unlikable asshole. I think Spidey was the only one that didn’t have characters like that as the main characters or heroes anyway and it’s the only title to continue selling still while others are being relaunched for the fifth time.
    But long story short (too late for that, lol) Yes, I knew about his UC counterpart and now that I checked it again I have a strong feeling that you might be onto something as there seems to be an awful lot of similarities between Coulson and Mahr-Vehll’s UC human alias. I’m still not sure if I like the idea of making Coulson into Mahr-Vehll but it would seem like a strong probability.

  • Stephanie Press

    Agree with you about the Ultimates, mostly scumbags. But we got a toned down version of Ultimate Nick Fury. Wonder if they would introduce Carol Danvers via the Talbot connection? Since Coulson is basically making Secret SHIELD/Avengers and I presume they will be hunted by the other letter agencies and military. I don’t think Coulson would retain the powers, anyway, I think they’d give them to her as one of their flagship female characters.

    It also seems a little tempting for Team Whedon: a character whose premise is somewhat similar to Angel/Angelus. And I don’t mean darksided, just questions like what it means to lose your soul, what is your real identity – is it the man who was Coulson, is it Mahr Vell? I mean, they do love those tropes.

  • Tommy Rankin

    It’s good that MCU Fury so far isn’t such an asshole as UC one was and I hope that Marvel will stay far away from UC characterizations, only other elemnets from there.

    And I’m honestly surprised that we haven’t even heard many rumors about Carol Danvers in MCU or her own movie since Marvel seems to be pushing her a lot in the comics department. (Even if that might be more in order to retain the rights to ‘Captain Marvel’ name)

    But have to agree that Coulson/Mahr Vehll connection seems all the more likely given that Whedon is at the helm as he seems to love that stuff.

  • Stephanie Press

    Clark Gregg named dropped Captain Marvel in an interview recently, as characters he’d like to see. I’m sure he’s talking about himself, though, and just talking. But it also makes me think he knows Marvel has some kind of plan for the character, just not what ;)

    I could see it being very easy to use Coulson to hand off the powers to Carol Danvers for her own film or Avengers 3, and as a way to reintroduce Coulson in the movieverse. I think they’ll announce a film for her at some point.

  • Tommy Rankin

    Well the blue guy in the tube is Mahr-Vehll with 99.9% certainty so they kind of have already introduced him and thus Clark Gregg and co probably know that there will be some developments with Captain Marvel, whether it might be Mahr-Vehll or Carol. But I think we’ll know much more once the GotG movie comes around since Ronan the Accuser will appear in it. And probably other Kree as well. Damn I can’t wait, so anxious to see more of Kree in MCU!

    It’s incredible that we have 4 Marvel films in a year. And so far DofP and Cap 2 have both been my favorites within their respective continuities/franchises.

    I thought that Marvel had already kind of announced their plans for movies at least up to AoU if not further? They included BP and Ant Man and others but no Carol/Captain Marvel so far

  • Stephanie Press

    Yeah, I wonder if Nova Corps will name drop Mahr-Vell as part of Quill’s origin in GotG.

  • Tommy Rankin

    Would there be some specific reason for that? I don’t think that Starlord & Mar-Vell have connection to each other?
    But they could mention Mar-Vell in relation to Nova since Mar-Vell was bonded to Rick Jones for a long time and Rick Jones was the UC Nova. I wonder which Nova they choose, Rick Jones from UC or Dick Rider or Sam Alexander

  • Stephanie Press

    Nova Corps are paramilitary, galactic peacekeeping. If the Kree were experimenting on Earthlings, Nova Corps. probably have intel on it and on their operatives. We know Quill was taken from Earth in the 80s.